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Vegetable oil presses

Cylindrical presses for manufacturing cold pressed vegetable oils

Cold pressing oil seeds are known as the gentlest method to gain vegetable oil. Special about the Vegetable oil press of the ANTON FRIES Maschinenbau GmbH is the posibility to press the rape-seed twice without having to warm up the seeds beforehand. This technique makes it possible to obtain a gain of approx. 34-38% oil, depending on the oil content of the seed. It also garuantees a natural, high-quality vegetable oil without any added chemicals, extracting agents and solvents. Compared to oil pressed using the warm press method, it still contains all of its wholesome ingredients, such as vitamins, essential fatty acids, lecithin, enzymes, trace elements and flavours. In addition, another advantage of the new development, there are very small quantities of solids left in the pressed oil, making the processing of the oil easier, faster and cheaper. The cylindrical press is constructed to manufacture cold pressed vegetable oils, like canola oil, sunflower oil, cameline oil, linseed oil, hazlenut oil, walnut oil, almond oil etc. Thanks to the incomplex machine layout it is possible to change the seeds being pressed rapidly and it is easy to clean the machine.

Oil drain Can be installed on the left or right

Screw conveyor

Press cylinder with press head

Anton Fries Maschinenbau GmbH - Deutzring 6b - Meitingen Herbertshofen

Vegetable Oil Press P500R

The feeding mechanism, frame, heating and funnel are made out of stainless steel. The screw conveyor, press head and press cylinder are made of highquality, hardened tool steel. They are produced in our own manufacturing plant, using latest equipment and technologic know-how. The electric motor is supplied by the german firm SEW. Engine speed can be regulated with a frequency inverter. Power demand (pressing rapeseed) 0,5 - 0.9 kW. Output approx. (depends on type of seeds being pressed, the size of the press nozzle and machine settings) Current/Frequency Nominal Voltage Electric power rating Engine Speed Size 12-30 kg/h (26-66 lb/h)

Approx weight

50 Hz 400 V 1,5 kW 5-95 rpm Length 800mm (31,5 Inch) Width 520mm (20,4 Inch) Heigth 440mm (17,3 Inch) 86 kg (167,5 lb)

Now with energy-efficent motor! (Class EFF1)

Possible output of 50,000 to 60,000 litres (13,200 Gallons 15,800 Gallons) per year.

Bayrischer Staatspreis 2004 Rewarded with the State Award of Bavaria 2004

Cracker Head It can be used to set the length of the pellets

Press Cylinder with Cracker Head

Anton Fries Maschinenbau GmbH - Deutzring 6b - Meitingen Herbertshofen

The press cake that remains when using the cold press technique is a valuable additive-free feed. The first pressing produces versatile, high-quality nutritional oil; wich can also be used as fuel for engines that run on vegetable oil. Oil from the second pressing can be used to improve low-energy feeds.

Cover ring for the oil leak

Break stem safty Protects the machine from damage when it is overloaded

Optional magnetic seperator Extracts iron particles in the funnel

Funnel with safty grid

Oil draining from the press cylinder

Press nozzles in various sizes for different

Anton Fries Maschinenbau GmbH - Deutzring 6b - Meitingen Herbertshofen

The vegetable oil is purified by sedimentation and filtration and can be used as an absolutly CO2-neutral fuel for modified engines. In the cheaper process you can combine sedimentation devices with storage tanks and the filter candle to percolate the oil.To achieve the best results and filtration rating we suggest the use of sedimentation devices and a chamber filter press.

3-step sedimentation device to pre-refine by sedimentation Tank capacity 270 l (71 Gallons)

Plastic filter case with cartridge

Chamber filter press with 20 or 30 chambers made of stainless steel Filters about 1,000l (264 Gallons) or 1,500l (400 Gallons) a day. We dont use any additives for filtering. The filtering process runs fully automatic. The filters need to be cleaned after approx. 10,000 to 25,000 litres (2,650 6,600 Gallons)

Chamber filter press with 10 chambers made of stainless steel Filter about 500l (132 Gallons) a day The filters need to be cleaned after Approx. 5,000 to 10,000 litres (1,320 2,650 Gallons)

Recently developed eccentric screw pump to transport and pump the vegetable oil

Anton Fries Maschinenbau GmbH - Deutzring 6b - Meitingen Herbertshofen

Modular installation of presses. Each plant can be flexibly upgraded.

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