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Plans for photo-shoot

Theme Cover 1; Hats Cover 2; Bright colours Cover 3; Jackets Cover 4; Formal Props

Cover 1; a hat Cover 2; Perfume bottle

Models Cover 1; Chloe Dunne Cover 2; Jasmine Goldstein Cover 3; Rhys Moor Cover 4; Daniel Newby Costume

Cover 1; Casual, nothing to over the top Cover 2; Bright coloured lipstick and eye shadow Cover 3&4; none

Cover 1; Cream, knee high, roman style, floaty dress Cover 2; Bright t-shirt and patterned leggings Cover 3; Suit jacket, Collared t-shirt, Black tie and skinny jeans Cover 4; Jacket, plain t-shirt, skinny jeans

Cover 1; Straight and down Cover 2; down and back combed Cover 3; Normal Cover 4; Normal Equipment required A digital SLR camera is required to take each of the photos, blue screen and lights. Location Cover 1; my bedroom Cover 2; my kitchens, plain back wall Cover 3; PA16 Cover 4; my kitchens, plain back wall

Location Recce Pictures of each of my locations. Schedule Cover 1; Cover 2; Cover 3; Cover 4; Contingency Plans Place Cover 1; Parents bedroom, back wall Cover 2; Any plain white wall I can find Cover 3; Room P1.9 or any plain white wall I can find Cover 4; Any plain white wall I can find Models Cover 1&2; If I cant get one of my models I will use the same person twice, in replace for the one which cant make it. If I cant get either of my models I will use my cousin Dominique Crowley. Cover 3&4; If I cant get one of my models I will use the same person twice, however If I cant get either of my models I will ask around college for a volunteer to take their place.

Legal considerations
Copyright law Definition; The legal right, given to the originator for a certain number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material. I will make sure that I ask the product owner of the branded clothes I place on my models if Im able to use their logo within my modelling images. Also, I will make sure all the images I take and use are my own and dont include any form of other products which are branded.

Discrimination Definition; miss treating, different categories of people such as; race, age, gender, sexuality and religion. I will make sure that Im not racial in any form and respect people and not exploit them within my magazine. Obscenity Definition; The state or quality of being of the portrayal or description of sexual matters, such as offensive or disgusting by accepted standards of morality and decency.

I will make sure that there is no nudity within my magazine or any unreasonable words used and I will make sure that everything within my magazine is appropriate for my target audience teenagers and not indecent.

Trespassing law Definition; To not enter someones property without permission The areas in which Im capturing my images are in my house, and in college therefore, I have permission to access the land. Ethical considerations Definition; To be morally good or correct within work and not offend anyone including age, race, health, gender, and sexual preference but also to make sure no complaints will be filed in. Also, you must not stereotype. I will make sure none of my poses of the models are inappropriate, and that theyre dressed suitably but also I will make sure the meaning of my magazine doesnt offend anyone. I will do this by including appropriate cover lines which are suitable for anyone who reads my magazine especially my target audience.