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Prophetic Brief
Insight and Analysis for the 21st Century

An Analysis of the Financial Crisis in the United States - 14

God is Shaking the Heavens and the Earth
Hebrews 12:26 which is but for a moment, is
The Afghanistan Once more I will shake not only the working for us a far more exceeding
Briefs earth but also the heavens." 27
e words "once more" indicate the
and eternal weight of glory, 18
while we do not look at the things
remoing of what can be shaken- which are seen, but at the things
that is, created things-so that what which are not seen. For the things
cannot be shaken may remain which are seen are temporary, but
the things which are not seen are
We are in a time when God is shaking the eternal.
heavens and the earth, and things are being
removed and re-shaped in the unseen realm.
We know that God cannot shake Himself so
when it says He will shake things in the
Afghanistan continues to be in the heavens He is speaking about principalities
news with new troops, a renewed and the structures of wickedness that seek to
push against the Taliban and keep the earth locked in darkness and
increased deaths. The month of July mortality. It is a day of massive tectonic
movements in the heavenly realm, and we
has seen the highest death toll of are feeling the results as core structures in
Amer ican soldier s since the the unseen realm are being shaken and
beginning of the war in 2001, and removed
the total may increase still more
before the month is out. One result of the shaking in the heavens is
the demise of capitalism which I wrote
about in a previous newsletter. e system
In a series of short video briefings, which has endured for hundreds of years was
Paul made it clear that there is an unseen
S c o t t We b s t e r a d d r e s s e s architecture to the universe, something
removed in a few short months because
behind the obvious, which we must focus
Afghanistan from the perspective of unseen principalities – which goern the
our attention on and seek to understand. We
the Word of God. Included in the thinking systems of man through principles –
are commanded to look at the things which
video sessions are: are being shaken and removed. It would be
are not seen; the word is skopeos and it
easy to misperceive the natural results – and
  many who feel strongly about defending or
means to consider carefully, to observe, to
1. Why Be Aware attacking a specific ideology, institution or
contemplate, to exert effort in continually
acquiring understanding. In other words
2. The Formative Process system will in fact misperceive – while being
without intense scrutiny and appropriate
3. U.S. Involvement completely blind to the fact that behind the
attention, the unseen realm will be missed
4. Key Players economic and political events that we can see
entirely by intelligent and rational people
there is a catalyst that can’t be seen.
5. What Does the Future Hold whose eyes are fixed on the illusory and
6. Kingdom Insights deceptive realm of physical life.
e Primacy of the Unseen
Visit, Realm e verses also indicate that if a focus on
temporal reality produces weak people who
where these videos will be available 2 Corinthians 4:16 erefore we
are incapable of changing the earth, but
for viewing soon. do not lose heart. Even though our when we have sight into the invisible
outward man is perishing, yet the architecture, we are empowered to stand
inward man is being renewed day strong and rule even in the most difficult of
by day. 17 For our light affliction, circumstances. ere is a spiritual design



Hebrews 12:26-27
26 Once more I will
shake not only the earth
but also the heavens."
27 The words "once
more" indicate the
removing of what can be
shaken-that is, created
things-so that what
cannot be shaken may
that governs all of life on the earth. ose United States will be less dominant,
who see it are elevated above the blindness coherent and stable b) the system that is
inflicted by carnal responses and motivations replacing socialism & capitalism will be I know that many are
to situations. ose who see it come to a more oppressive.
place of absolute conviction concerning expending massive energy
God, His nature and His purpose and gain
the power to represent Him.
A) e U.S. will be less dominant, coherent
and stable. It just makes sense that if the
dealing with their political
spiritual reality behind the systems of the and social concerns that
Hebrews 11:3 By faith we U.S. has been shaken and removed, the
understand that the worlds were nation will be less powerful relative to other America is moving towards
amed by the word of God, so that nations, and that life in this nation will be
the things which are seen were not both less stable and the nation itself less a more socialist construct,
made of things which are visible. coherent (coherent means to stick together).
Reduced dominance will manifest primarily
but they will not ebb the
in the economic realm, with several points flow of events because that
of manifestation including: a) the U.S. dollar
All of the prophets understood the seamless
connection between the visible and the
being replaced as the world’s reserve is not the point. When
currency, probably by a basket of currencies
invisible. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s
sometime in the next 20 years – I think it Pharaoh taxed all Egyptian
dreams and delivered prophetic insight
about the next 14 years of economic indices
will be sooner rather than later b) domestic
difficulty in funding projects and necessary
farmers 20% and increased
and he made it clear that natural events in
the nations are not simply the result of
budget items that can no longer be fully the federal bureaucracy by
financed by a system which is going
normal or rational processes and physical
outcomes. Joseph knew that there are
bankrupt c) increased dependence on appointing a new
foreign sources of financing and production,
spiritual realities which lie behind: a)
etc. e U.S. will remain the most dominant Department of Agriculture
economic cycles, b) political processes, c) the
emergence of nations on the world scene, d)
military power but will face an increasingly
difficult series of trade-offs regarding which
with Joseph as the
administrative systems, e) natural disasters,
etc. ese spiritual realities must be
weapons systems and wars it can afford to operational head, many
finance, while at the same time some other
discerned and understood; therefore the
greatest requirement is for a fresh
nations increase their military capabilities. within Egyptian society
understanding of the Prophetic in the earth.
e removal of the unseen architecture could have wondered about
We are faced with the reality that in our day
God is shaking the heavens and the earth,
which sustained life in the nation will
produce greater social instability and a
the swing of power towards
and we have to know what that means.
decreased level of coherence within the greater federal involvement
nation also. Among the possible outcomes of
Implications of the Shaking this instability and incoherence are: a) social and authority which directly
e shaking in the heavens that removed and ethnic groups becoming more diffused
capitalism also has implications for life in and antagonistic, perhaps even breaking off intervened into private life.
the future in two primary areas: a) the regions of the U.S. into new ethnic enclaves



that seek to insert their interest against the protect themselves and in trying to create a
rest of the nation b) increasing disorder or secure society they will produce greater The Architecture of
inability to control and police society, infringement of civil liberties. As nations
leading to parts of cities or states which are seek to stop the economic meltdown they the New Dimension
controlled by gangs or militias – this will be will plunge their nations into greater debt
especially true if there is a food or water and long term instability and the economic A revolutionary
shortage c) some states will begin to realm will become more unequal and unjust. new look at
seriously consider succession either because We can see this already since one result of prophetic
their ethnic base demands unique rights or the meltdown is the consolidation of reality as it
because the economic advantages of being financial institutions into fewer and larger exists in the
one of the states in the union are no longer banks which now have increased power. 21st century
attractive, or because they disagree with the church.
direction of the federal leadership. Source of the Events is Spiritual
e source of the oppression is not human get this book>
ere will be notable events that occur for we know that the enemy has come to
during this time including acts of terrorism steal, kill and destroy ( John 10:10). e
and some natural disasters, but more origins of these movements are not natural
important than the events themselves is the but spiritual, and as we journey towards the
fact that American society will generally Finish of all things he will unleash
trend towards more instability and everything within his power to oppress
incoherence. ese are trends for the future humanity. Even with people praying and
based on movements in the invisible exerting maximum effort the oppression of
dimension and they cannot be reversed; they the system will still occur – it is inevitable
are inevitable because the unseen reality that because it is part of the pathway towards the 2778 Cumberland Blvd
sustained things in the past has been
destabilized and replaced.
End. It would be a mistake to assign the Suite 163
source of the oppression to a political
agenda or one administration’s policies Symrna GA 30080
B) e system replacing socialism and because the engine that is driving the change Tel: 678.302.3052
capitalism will be more oppressive. e is not political, it is spiritual.
system that is replacing that which has been
shaken is not ideologically based, it is
I know that many are expending massive
utilitarian and functional which is why I energy dealing with their political and social © 2009 Scott Webster Ministries.
subtitled our newsletter on each system as concerns that America is moving towards a All Rights Reserved.
the death of ideology. If we refer back to more socialist construct, but they will not
Table 1 in a previous newsletter which ebb the flow of events because that is not the
describes the two primary economic point. When Pharaoh taxed all Egyptian
philosophies, we note that the actual result farmers 20% and increased the federal
of each system was oppression. Under b ure au cra c y by app o inting a n e w
communism the oppression was a state Department of Agriculture with Joseph as
oligarchy, and under capitalism it was a the operational head, many within Egyptian
private oligarchy (oligarchy means a small society could have wondered about the
number of persons who have all the power). swing of power towards greater federal
involvement and authority which directly
e new non-ideological system of Market intervened into private life. Others might
Socialism will merge the worst elements of have questioned the immigration status of a
each and produce a time of great oppression foreign people – Joseph’s family – who
and darkness. ere will be things the state received favorable treatment under one
does that are more and more totalitarian as administration but who were later to be
situations arise that require a response and enslaved by a different Pharaoh. Even
administrations from both sides of the aisle Pharaoh’s perspective of God enriching his
will enact strategies that lead towards more nation in the short term was limited and © 2009 Copyright by SWM, copy and
oppression. For example, in a time of duplication without permission is prohibited.
ultimately missed the point that God had a
increased terrorism nations will try to purpose that required Him to visit the



Empire with destruction in the future and famine, and then enslaving and exploiting conservative because the danger is to
wreck the Egyptian economy to break the them for centuries. is is a God who is over interpret political, military, economic and
slaves out. prosperity and disaster, over slavery and social happenings in lieu of natural factors
liberation. Certainly He is over Barack when in fact God is enacting Divine
Only Joseph correctly perceived that God Obama, the G-20 and the Great Recession purpose. As God is shaking the heavens and
was sovereignly managing the nations which and we are required to see His working in the earth it has never been more important
required Egyptian prosperity in the short the earth just as Joseph did. to have a belief system that stands outside of
term and then brutalizing the nation in the time, and to have sight and perspective that
long term. God’s purpose involved the saving erefore we can say that there has never is not rooted in a political or economic
of Jacob and his sons with food during a been a worse time to be a liberal or a ideology.

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