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Dear First Grade Team, At 5pm we started the discussion about the walk out/walk in on Nov. 4th. Throughout the discussion, I felt as though Mr. Grant was in support of teachers and stated, "teachers do need to take a stand, but they need to figure out the most affective way to send a message. Also, whatever is done will have the most impact if all teachers participate." I asked about the support of the PTA and he said he would contact the PTA leaders and get their input. He also said he would share this information with each grade level to help them make their decision. K-5 SIP members offered up questions and concerns about a walk out. It did not seem as though any grade level had made a final decision. Mr. Grant said if we decided to walk out, we need to fill out a leave form, and NCEA was putting out information on whether teachers should take sick leave or a personal day. He wants to meet with SIP members on Friday @ 3:15 to continue a discussion on what each grade level has decided. I will be absent on Friday and we will need someone to attend this meeting on our behalf (He said it wouldn't last long????). Catherine, Mr. G also compare our walk out with the federal shutdown (you shared similar feelings). Just one more thing... He did not think we would be penalized if we walked out, or held a rally. However, he did say he would appreciate knowing our plans so he could prepare for the safety of the students. During our Wednesday meeting, we are to look at standard based grading and come up with assignments that will allow students to demonstrate level 4 work. We are not expected to look at all standards, but he wants us to start somewhere (math??). We also had an overview of school-wide data collected in Mclass and EVAAS. Next meeting, he wants each teacher on our grade level to take a survey on our opinion of best teaching practices and hold a discussion. This can be done at a later date (maybe next week or the week after). Check out the SIP minutes for detailed information. Hope this overview is helpful. BB


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