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Leadership That Gets Results

Achieving Outstanding Business Outcomes

Varna 7 June

Is this a wake up call?

Report leaders fail to achieve business goals


Report that leadership development Solutions need to be more business driven and targeted by leader level
Source: Bersin & Assoicates HILD 2011


Organizations operate in a VUCA world

Do I have the right leadership talent and if not, what to do about it? Can I count on them to help execute our business strategy and 'win' in my industry? Are effective dialogues taking place between them to ensure alignment, growth and superior results? And, does my organization have the right leadership culture and architecture to attract, retain and develop next generation leadership?

We Live In A

VUCA World..



The only function of economic forecasting is to make astronomy respectable

John K. Galbraith 1908-2006



Brief History of Leadership


Application of Reason - Enlightenment

Man is free at the moment he wishes to be Voltaire

Conscious and Unconscious

The conscious mind may be compared to a fountain playing in the sun and falling back into the great subterranean pool of subconscious from which it rises.

Sigmund Freud

The Dawning of Leadership

Contingent Leadership

Some Popular



Everyone Can Be A


Leaders Deliver
Business Results

People Who Get To The Top Are Leaders..

Leaders Are


Leadership: definition
Moulding the behaviour, attitudes and values that
inspire others to work together with commitment and enthusiasm to achieve the organisations mission.

Leadership & Management

Management controls complexity Leadership produces useful change
John Kotter A Force For Change: How Leadership Differs From Management

Getting the balance right

People are our GREATEST assets!

Leadership Drives Peoples Performance

Lead Get commitment Build trust Attract Develop Retain Productivity Customer value Cost reduction Efficiency Effectiveness Best in class

Leadership Excellence

People Excellence

Operational Excellence

Commercial Excellence

Business Case for Employee Engagement



Source: The conference Board

Leadership Strategy
Surveys of CEOs show that they believe the one factor that will enable strategy execution and long term growth is the quality of their leadership talent. Leadership Strategy A leadership strategy makes explicit how many leaders we need, of what kind, where, with what skills, and behaving in what fashion, individually and collectively to execute strategy

Effective Leadership Strategies

High Performance Alignment with business objectives

Passion to deliver
Courage to innovate

Leadership is INOS Leaders are in the hub of multiple interactions and influences between Individuals, Networks, Organization and Stakeholders

Getting The Balance Right

Requires attending to BOTH those who are developing AND the context within which they develop Individuals, Networks, Organization, Stakeholders This is the INOS approach


Leadership Strategy

Leadership Architecture

Effective Leadership Dialogues

Leadership Development Solutions

Business Strategy Alignment

Business Strategy

Business Objectives

Revenue Growth

Leadership Strategy
Leadership Development

Customer Satisfaction

Leadership Goals

Bench Strength


Leader Engagement

Development Solutions:

Support environment

Leadership Architecture - Example

People People Excellence Excellence
Strategy ( Launch November 2011) Marketing ( Launch November 2011) Finance Process Mgt Process Management People Engagement Engagement People

Business Business Excellence

Strategy Strategy Execution Execution &Change Change Finance Finance Value Drivers Drivers Value Value Customer Customer Creation Creation & Innovation Innovation Service Service Delivery Systems System Managing Managers

Organisational Excellence
Global & Local Change Global & Local Change Drivers Drivers & Strategic Sustainability Customer Centric Customer Organisation Organisation Engaging Engaging the the organisation organisation

Business & Customer

Integration Day


People Skills Skills (2011): LeiderschapsTraject People Skills Refresh Leadership Skills Interview Skills , Evaluatiegesprekken Refresh People Skills Loopbaangesprekken, Interview Skills

People Skills Skills (2011): Toegang tot alle Building Effective nieuwe Modules Teams Building Effective Teams ( Pilot AS)

People Skills Skills (2011): Toegang tot alle nieuwe Modules Building Effective Teams ( Pilot AS)

3 4

Building leadership muscles is a team sport

Leaders should be proactive in establishing leadership dialogues with their key stakeholders: - Individual dialogues with each team member - Team meetings on hard and soft factors - Line management - Stakeholders across and beyond the organisation

The Value Proposition

Establishing EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP DIALOGUES Through holistic leadership development solutions Based on a coherent leadership development architecture In line with a consistent leadership strategy To serve the business strategy

Effective Leadership Dialogues: Moments of Truth

The best indicator of effective leadership strategies is the quality and frequency of effective leadership dialogues between leaders, their teams, their peers, their stakeholders

On-the-job Dialogues


Leadership dialogues: situation

Regular leadership dialogues between leaders and their

teams or networks are the cornerstone of strategy execution Leaders are ill equipped to establish those dialogues In spite of huge investments being made in leadership development Leadership development has a low ROI Because they focus essentially on individual development and often ignore the team co-responsibility They are disconnected from any leadership strategy Leadership dialogues do not take place as they should resulting in Misalignment, lack of effective feedback, low trust, low innovation, resistance to change, conflict, lack of learning, poor collaboration, lower performance, .

Leadership dialogues: solution

Organisations need to support their leaders

and their teams in engaging valuable dialogues

To optimise performance and guarantee continuous and sustainable improvements within the teams

They need to design a coherent leadership


To serve the business strategy Taking into account the individual, team, organisational and societal components influencing people performance

They need to create a leadership architecture

involving leaders and their teams

For effective and sustainable impact on the frequency and effectiveness of the leadership dialogues

Aspects of leadership

Strategic leadership

Competitive position

Inspirational leadership

Task focus

Transactional leadership

By me

With others

Strategic leadership: Identifying the right things to be done (vision, values, strategies) Inspirational leadership: Energising others to take action (engagement, role model, connecting) Transactional leadership Getting things done through others (performance management) Task focus Personal work (tasks, administration)

Short term

Long term

Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?

LEADERSHIP QUALITIES: Inspirational leaders (vision, energy, authority, strategic vision) Rely heavily on intuition Manage with tough empathy Reveal their differences

Selectively show their weaknesses

Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones

Inspirational leadership

Treat a man as he appears to be, and you make

him worse. But treat a man as if he were what he potentially could be, and you make him what he should be.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832)

Emotions drive people

NEO CORTEX Thinking cap - Thinks
LIMBIC SYSTEM Seat of our emotions - Feels

REPTILIAN BRAIN Primitive system Decides

EQ or Emotional Intelligence
The capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, for managing emotions well in ourselves and in our relationships.

EQ: The Five Dimensions

Self Others


Self awareness



Self Regulation

Relationship Management Self Discipline

What does it mean?

Self awareness
The ability to recognise and understand your moods, emotions

and drives as well as their effects on others

Social awareness
The ability to understand the emotional make-up of other people

Skill in treating people according to their emotional reactions

Self management
The ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods

The propensity to suspend judgement to think before acting

Relationship management
Proficiency in managing relationships and building networks

An ability to find common ground and build rapport

Self discipline
A passion to work for reasons that go beyond money or status

Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence

Leaders at all levels

Executive Team Members

Exemplary Leaders

Middle Manager All Employees

Front Line

60 Second Recap
A business

strategy needs a coherent leadership strategy

Leadership is INOS

Inside Out

development of leadership skills

The Spirit of Leadership




Thank You!

Executive Profile
Pasquale Mazzuca has developed a distinguished career as a leadership and talent management strategist. Prior to founding Hamilton Davenport partners, he was Human Resource Director of a major Belgian telecommunications company where he worked very closely with executive committee in building leadership capabilities amongst the top 200 executives, and helping to implement major change initiatives. Prior to that Pasquale held leadership positions with A.T. Kearney Management Consultants where he was vice president and managing director of the executive search practice. Prior to that with a global talent acquisition firm, as manager of the Belgian operations and before that with the Anglo-French Group, Schlumberger Industries. Pasquale has just over 25 years professional experience, he has advised numerous international Fortune 500 and European companies on their executive talent strategies, partnering with line management and human resources, particularly in the areas of; executive coaching, organisational change, and workforce mobility, talent management employer branding, retention strategies, and performance management Clients include, for example: Areva T&D, Kone International, BAT, Mobitel Bulgaria, Schlumberger, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Getronics, Johnson and Johnson, Eurocontrol, European Patent Office, Management Centre Europe, Stanley Black & Decker, Artinus Pet Packaging, C&A Group, Wabco, AB Inbev. O3b Networks His areas of expertise include; leadership development, team dynamics, senior executive coaching talent management processes, employer branding strategies, and rewards management. Pasquale has lived and worked in Europe, the Far East, West Africa and the USA. Pasquale holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Cum laude) from the University of Wales, UK. He has completed post-graduate programs in Human Resources at I.E.S.E in Barcelona, and INSEAD in France. Pasquale is qualified to use the MBTI Step I instrument. He was also a faculty member at Management Centre Europe, and vice chair of the American Chamber of Commerce Communications Committee from 1998-2003. Pasquale is also a speaker at high-level conferences and events. He is fluent in English and French with Italian