Grimposium April 11-12, 2014

Dan Seagrave
Born in Worksop U.K in 1970, and growing up predominantly in the
village of Ravenshead. The close proximity to the City of Nottingham
provided an experience of both rural and urban life for Dan. Schooled
in the neighbouring coal mining village of Rainworth during the
decline of the industry. The time spent there made little positive
impact. Nonetheless, he continued to work diligently at home on his
art. At age 17 He produced an album cover for a local thrash metal
band who landed an indie deal. As more commissions followed, these
albums found their way onto the desks of other Record companies,
most notably Roadrunner Records in New York. Dan was increasingly
being commissioned to create works for the growing Death Metal
music revolution at its core era.
From 1990 he began to spend time in Canada, making friends in
Toronto, eventually gaining residence status for the country.
Aside from commissions for bands, Dan works on his own personal
projects, which can be a time consuming process, spending up to a
year on some paintings.
He often works in a meticulous style to convey epic scenes such as
with the Temple series. Evoking themes of greed, isolation,
depersonalization, and evolution.
In recent years Dan has been working with the moving image and
visual effects.

Nelson Varas-Diaz
Nelson Varas-Díaz, Ph.D., is a Social Psychologist and Professor at the
University of Puerto Rico. Varas-Díaz’s work on social stigma and
communal identities has appeared in the Interamerican Journal of
Psychology, Qualitative Health Research, American Journal of
Community Psychology, AIDS Education & Prevention,
Qualitative Report, and Global Public Health. His research has
focused on the social stigmatization of disease (i.e. HIV/AIDS,
addiction), marginalized groups (i.e. transgender individuals) and
cultural practices (i.e. metal music, religion). Dr. Varas-Díaz is
currently the principal investigator for the first systematic study of
the heavy metal scene in the Caribbean island of Puerto
Rico. Publication stemming from the study will appear in press this
year in the International Journal of Community Music and the edited
book "Hardcore, Punk, and Other Junk: Aggressive Sounds in
Contemporary Music".

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Grimposium April 11-12, 2014

Ian Campbell
Natif de Rouyn-Noranda, où j'ai été le promoteur des
shows Métal de 1997 à 2002. Cette scène est une des plus
vivante et dynamique au Québec. J'ai tenu pendant 2 ans
un fanzine, Extreme Radiophobia Magazine, qui traitait de
la scène Métal Québécoise du début 2000.
J'ai joint, en tant que chanteur, le groupe Montréalais
Neuraxis en 1999. J'ai enregistré avec eux 3 albums (A
passage into forlorn - 2001, Truth beyond - 2003, Trilateral
progression - 2005) et fait des tournées au Canada, USA,
Europe, Japon. J'ai quitté le groupe en 2007 pour joindre
Descend into nothingness avec qui j'ai sortis un EP
(Empowerment of the oppressed) en 2007. J'ai quitté le
milieu pour des raisons personnelles et médicales.
En 2012, j'ai recommencé à booker les shows à Rouyn-
Noranda sous le nom Les Productions Ça Bûche. Je
collabore avec Félix B. Desfossés à l'ouvrage qui traite de
l'Évolution de la scène Métal
Québécoise. Je suis étudiant à l'Université du Québec
en Abitibi-Témiscamingue afin de devenir enseignant
au Secondaire.

Eliut Rivera-Segarra
Eliut R. Rivera-Segarra is a Clinical Psychologist in training at the
Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Puerto Rico. His
research work focuses on the stigmatization of serious mental
illnesses, the social determinants of health and heavy metal studies
(HMS). His work on HMS has focused on communities, politics,
identities, religion and moshing; and has been published in several
peer-reviewed journals and edited books. He has also presented this
work at national and international conferences such as the Heavy
Metal and Popular Culture International Conference, the EMP Pop
Conference, the Annual Convention of the Puerto Rican Psychological
Association, among others. You can contact Eliut at: and follow his work at:

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Grimposium April 11-12, 2014

Natalie Walschots
Natalie Zina Walschots is a promiscuous wordsmith, cultural critic,
poet and editor based in Toronto, Ontario. She regularly contributes to
National Post, Quill & Quire, The Globe & Mail, Toronto Standard,
Canada Arts Connect, Hellbound, About Heavy Metal, Angry Metal Guy,
Game Dynamo, Torontoist and Exclaim!. Her work has also appeared
recently in HuffPost Music Canada, NOW Magazine, broken pencil, This
Magazine, Gameranx, Toronto Film Scene, The Coastal Spectator and
The Walrus Blog.
Natalie is the Reviews Editor of This Magazine, and the Section Editor
of Aggressive Tendencies (Metal & Hardcore) in Exclaim! She
is responsible for the weekly column about feminism and aggressive
music, "Girls Don't Like Metal," hosted on Canada Arts Connect
Magazine. She is known for her postcard-length, poetic album reviews,
which have appeared in Hellbound and Toronto Standard. She is also a
member of CWILA (an organization devoted to building equitable
critical culture in Canada) and a member of the board for Meatlocker
Natalie's second book of poetry, DOOM: Love Poems For Supervillains,
was published by Insomniac Press in the Spring of 2012. Her first book,
Thumbscrews, won the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry
and was published by Snare Books in the Fall of 2007. Her poetry and
fiction have recently been featured in Everything Is Fine, Little Brother
Magazine, Joyland, Matrix, dead (g)end(er), Carousel,
and broken pencil. Natalie earned her MA in English Literature and
Creative writing from the University of Calgary. She writes about arts
and culture, comic books, video games, combat sports,
sadomasochism, feminism and difficult music.
Twitter: @NatalieZed

Sigrid Mendoza
Sigrid Mendoza has an MA in Social Community Psychology from the
University of Puerto Rico and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in the
same program. She works at the University of Puerto Rico in the
Puerto Rico Heavy Metal Studies Project alongside Dr. Nelson Varas-
Díaz. She presented a paper in the Heavy Metal and Popular Culture
Conference on traditional Latin American and Caribbean female
norms and the heavy metal scene as a possible space to transgress
these social norms. Her research work includes topics such as: gender
dynamics and feminism, heavy metal studies, ethnography, social
construction of sexuality and neo-tribal community theory.
Contact: University of Puerto Rico, Center for Social Research, Río
Piedras Campus, P.O. Box 23345, San Juan, PR 00931-3345.

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Grimposium April 11-12, 2014

Amelia Ishmael
Amelia Ishmael is an independent writer, curator, and
artist based in Chicago, IL. Her specialization is in visual
art’s transdisciplinary relations with Black Metal and
experimental musics.
Since 2003, Amelia has written for numerous
international and regional arts and culture
publications. She is currently an editor-in-chief at
Helvete: a journal of black metal.
To give experiential form to her research, Amelia
curates video and film screenings and gallery
exhibitions for venues across the US, Europe, and in
print. They include the screenings "Prelude: The Breath
of Charybdis" (2013),
“.blacK~SSStaTic_darK~fuZZZ_dOOm~glitCH.” (2013), “Black Thorns
in the Black Box” (2012), the journal portfolio "The night is no longer
dead; it has a life of its own" (2013), and the internationally-
recognized exhibition “Black Thorns in the White Cube” (2012). Her
most recent exhibition is Charlemagne Palestine’s solo installation
“divinitusssanimalusssacréusssorganusss” (2014).
Amelia has been invited to speak on visual and aural arts at
conferences and symposiums throughout the U.S. and Europe.
Additionally, she has led college courses in Modern to Contemporary
Art. Her accreditations include a Master’s degree in Modern Art
History, Theory, and Criticism after studies in Chicago, and a
Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art after studies in Photography & New
Media in Kansas City and New York.
Image credit: Nadine Hilbert

Osvaldo González
Originally from Bayamón, Puerto Rico, Osvaldo González-
Sepúlveda is a Clinical Psychology student as well as an awarded
filmmaker. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the
renowned Department of Drama of the University of Puerto Rico
in 2003. In 2008 he received the award for Best National Short
Film for his film “The Dead Man” by the San Juan Cinefiesta Film
Festival at the Puerto Rico Museum of Art. In 2009, he completed
his first fiction feature film entitled "Let Bygones…" which
premiered on the world famous Havana Film Festival and was
praised by the critic. As a postgraduate Clinical Psychology
Student in the Ponce School of Medicine an Health Sciences, he
currently works as a research assistant for the Puerto Rico Heavy
Metal Studies Project which, as a team effort, produced the
documentary “The Distorted Island”.

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Grimposium April 11-12, 2014

Vivek Venkatesh
Dr. Vivek Venkatesh is Associate Dean of Academic
Programs at the School of Graduate Studies and
Associate Professor in the Department of Education at
Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Vivek's
current collaborative research looks at the development
of individual and social identities in the global extreme
metal scene. Grimposium is Vivek's ode to the extreme
metal scene - a ritual offering that Vivek is making to the
men and women who define, redefine and stretch the
artistic boundaries of what this niche scene has become.
Grimposium features key members of the global
extreme metal scene including filmmakers, musicians,
journalists, visual artists, authors, creative writers,
musicologists and academics. The event will feature
film screenings, book launches, panel sessions, art
exhibitions and much, much more. Stay grim, posers.

David Hall
David Hall is a filmmaker, record label owner,
publisher and professional troublemaker. After
graduating from Concordia University’s Film
Production BFA program in 1999, he worked with
producer Kevin Tierney for two years, wrote spec
scripts and episodic television - via The Characters
talent agency - and taught editing and post
production at community college. Through his
company, Handshake, Inc., (founded in 2008) he has
produced videos and/or films for: Brutal Truth,
Venom, Hail of Bullets, Jucifer, Woods of Ypres,
Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Decibel magazine, Total
F*cking Destruction, Thou, F*ck the Facts, Today is
the Day, Righteous Pigs, Phil Anselmo, Rwake, Castle,
Dragged into Sunlight, Wolves in the Throne Room,
Pentagram, Church of Misery, Sigh and Bastard
Noise. He has also produced, directed and edited
three concert films shot at Maryland Deathfest, and
published/released “DTV,” a novel by Andrew
Bonazelli, and “Extremity Retained: Notes from the
Death Metal Underground,” by Jason Netherton. He is
currently in pre-production on a feature, narrative film,
which will be scored by Luc Lemay of Gorguts, and has
an exclusive distribution deal with Sony RED. David
Hall lives in London, Ontario Canada with his wife, two
children and vinyl collection.

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Grimposium April 11-12, 2014

Dan Greening
 Joined speed-core band OCD in May 1988
 OCD changed monikers to Necrosis in 1989, because OCD sounds
more punk, whereas Necrosis sounds more metal
 Changed name of band to Gomorrah in 1992, because there were
too many bands named Necrosis, then changed name to
Cryptopsy when another band named Gomorrah came to light
 Recorded demo and three albums with Cryptopsy, and
contributed lyrics on two other albums
 Left Crytopsy in April 2007, and became a private ESL instructor
 Graduated (with honours) from Concordia in August 2010, in
 Joined Rage Nucléaire in July 2011, and recorded two albums on
the Season of Mist label

Jeff Podoshen
Jeff Podoshen is Associate Professor and Chair of the department
of Business, Organizations and Society at Franklin and Marshall
College in Lancaster, PA, USA. Jeff’s area of research relates to
dark consumption and dark tourism practice, and he often blends
and bridges theory from a variety of disciplines (such as marketing,
social psychology and sociology) in order to explain phenomena
and build theory. One of the early pioneers of the use of
netnography in social sciences research, Jeff utilizes a myriad of
mixed method and cutting edge qualitative techniques to distill
complex data into more easily defined categories that allows for
greater introspection on specific subcultures. Jeff has been
listening to extreme music since 1982.

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Grimposium April 11-12, 2014

Félix B. Desfossés
Félix B. Desfossés is a journalist specialised in Québec’s music
history. He just finished writing a book about Metal music
history in Quebec (1964-1989), in collaboration with Ian
Campbell, which will be out during the fall of 2014. He is known
for his work with Radio-Canada/CBC’s Bande à part radio
show/website, where he worked for 8 years. He also is a
regular contributor to the PM radio show on ICI Radio-Canada
Première where he has been prensenting rare vinyl records
from his collection since 2011. Among other things, he
published a web project about Hardcore music history in
Québec, writes a blog named Vente de garage dedicated to
60’s music history since 2008, he is co-founder and first
researcher of Le Musée du rock’n’roll, and participated in a few
television episodes of MusiMax’s music history show Les

Jason Netherton
Jason Netherton is a PhD student in the Faculty of Information
and Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario. His
research focuses on the production and consumption of media
and information in contexts of social acceleration, speed, and
immediacy. Additionally, he researches subcultural print
history, primarily the DIY underground culture of punk rock and
metal 'fanzines' of the 1980s and early 1990s. He is also the
author of the forthcoming text Extremity Retained: Notes from
the Death Metal Underground (2014). Additionally, he is the
bassist, lyricist, and vocalist in the band Misery Index, which
since 2001 has produced 5 full length albums.
Twitter: @JasonIndex

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Grimposium April 11-12, 2014

Albert Mudrian
Albert Mudrian is the founder and editor in chief of
Decibel Magazine, North America’s only monthly metal
publication. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of
the magazine, as well as his first book Choosing Death:
The Improbable History of Death Metal and Grindcore, a
work possessing a mercifully self-explanatory title. He
thoroughly detests writing about himself in the third

Duncan Schouten
Duncan Schouten (b. 1983) is a Canadian composer and
musician. His work draws upon a wide variety of styles,
including electroacoustic, heavy metal, and jazz. He is
currently pursuing a Doctorate in composition with
Professor Philippe Leroux at McGill University, where
his research is supported by the Social Sciences and
Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Canada
Council for the Arts.
His previous studies include a Master of Music at McGill
University, where he studied with Professor Sean
Ferguson, and both a Bachelor of Music and Diploma in
Sonic Design from Carleton University, where he studied
with Professors Deirdre Piper, James Wright and
Michael Bussière.
He is the recipient of several awards, including the SCI
Student Commissioning Competition, the Robert
Fleming Prize from the Canada Council for the Arts, a
SOCAN Young Composers award, and the Graduating
Medal in Music from Carleton University.
His works have been performed by, among others, le
Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Architek Percussion Quartet,
l’Orchestre de la francophonie, the McGill Wind Symphony,
the McGill Percussion Ensemble, and the University at Buffalo
Percussion Ensemble. His upcoming engagements include
new works for the Sixtrum Percussion Ensemble and Ensemble

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Grimposium April 11-12, 2014

Zeynep Arsel
Zeynep Arsel received her PhD from University of
Wisconsin-Madison in 2007. Currently, she is Associate
Professor of Marketing at John Molson School of Business,
Concordia University and Distinguished Visiting Professor
at Aalto University. Zeynep was the 2011 recipient of
Petro Canada Young Innovator Award in the Strategic
Research Cluster “The Person and Society,” and 2012
Sidney J. Levy Award.
Zeynep’s research investigates consumption, taste and the
culture(s) of marketplace. Her work has been published in
academic outlets such as the Journal of Consumer
Research and Journal of Marketing but also was featured
in popular press including the Harper’s Magazine, Wall
Street Journal, Globe and Mail, WIRED, Psychology Today,
Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun, The Fader, Flavorwire,
Yahoo News, numerous blogs and a music video by the
Finnish electronica band The Cup.
Twitter @zeyneparsel

Eric Smialek
Eric Smialek is a doctoral candidate in musicology at McGill University
where he is writing a dissertation that combines the study of fan
discourses with close music analysis of extreme metal. He recently
served as the graduate student representative of the Canadian
branch of the International Society for the Study of Popular Music
(IASPM-Canada) and has won their Peter Narvaez Memorial Student
Paper Prize for the last three consecutive years. Eric is currently
completing articles on musical expression in extreme metal vocals
(for which this presentation is derived), self-exoticism in the music of
Icelandic band Sigur Rós, and the role of music at hockey games to
promote regional forms of nationalism. Prior to graduate school, Eric
enjoyed a brief stint playing electric guitar, keyboards, and bass for
death and black metal bands in Vancouver, BC.

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Grimposium April 11-12, 2014

Kathryn Urbaniak
Kathryn Urbaniak is a Research Associate and has an MA in
Educational Technology from Concordia University. She graduated
with a B.A. (Hons) in Business Studies from Robert Gordon University
and P.G. Dip. in Information Technology from Stirling University. Her
research interests include online behaviours and identity in relation
to informal learning, and professional development and knowledge
management within corporations. Her teaching experience includes
teaching in 4 different countries and facilitating online learning with
participants from more than 40 countries. In addition to research,
she works as an instructional designer in Montreal and specializes in
soft skills and systems training.

Filip Ivanović
Filip is an artist/musician who works in a variety of media
that range from computer graphics to traditional art. He
plays guitar and has done vocals in various bands, has
recorded several albums, and has made guest
appearances on some other music projects. He also lends
his voice to video games, mostly monsters and mobs.
With little encouragement in the development in his early
artistic career, he fell into a discouraged depression; a
pattern that he would fight against continually throughout
his life. It was after almost abandoning art to become a
history professor that he discovered the growing discipline
of computer graphics which led him back into the art
world. Over the next couple of years he both worked and
studied in graphic design, 3D animation and Visual FX in
Filip mainly paints in oil, and paints subject matters often
dealing with a dark personal angst, but with strong social
awareness. Filip currently lives and works in Montreal as a
Technical Lead artist in a video game company. Outside of
work, he dedicates his time to his musical projects,
paintings, illustrations and album artwork.

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Grimposium April 11-12, 2014

Nathan Snaza
Nathan Snaza is a literary theorist and educational philosopher
at the University of Richmond where he teaches courses on
modern literature in English, feminist and queer theory,
vampires, and the politics of education. His current research
focuses on posthumanist thought, education, and aesthetics
and his writings have appeared in journals such as Journal of
Curriculum and Pedagogy, Angelaki, Symploké, Educational
Researcher, and Journal for Critical Animal Studies. He is the
co-editor of Posthumanism and Educational Research, which
will be published later this year by Routledge. Since moving
from icy Minnesota to sunny Virginia, he finds himself listening
to less black metal and more sludge and doom.

Jason Wallin
Jason is Associate Professor of Media and Youth Culture
Studies in Curriculum at the Faculty of Education at the
University of Alberta, Canada, where he teaches
courses in visual art, popular culture, and cultural
curriculum theory. Jason is author of “A Deleuzian
Approach to Curriculum: Essays on a Pedagogical Life”
(Palgrave Macmillan), co-author of “Arts-Based
Research: A Critique and Proposal” (with jan
jagodzinski, Sense Publishers), co-editor of Educational,
Psychological, and Behavioral Considerations in Niche
Online Communities (with Vivek Venkatesh, Juan Carlos
Castro, and Jason Lewis, IGI Press) and co-editor of
“Deleuze, Guattari, Politics and Education” (with Matt
Carlin, Bloomsbury). Jason is assistant editor for the
Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy (Routledge) and
reviews editor for Deleuze Studies (Edinburgh
University Press).

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