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The Tamnun application is designed to analyze and detect problems in Information

Systems. Enhances the efficiency of service, shortens system downtime, and alerts
future problems.

The System gives four major solutions:

• Reducing downtime of servers and workstations in the organization, by
detecting software problems, and enabling quicker resuscitation of the systems.
• Enhancing the efficient usage of organizational resources by giving full
information about the active use of hardware and software.
• Enhancing Security, system usage, abnormal user activities, and theft
prevention of equipment, and monitoring of un-authorized software installations.
• Supporting DRP activity by automatic collecting details about the software
installed and used on each computer. These way critical servers can be
restored, and complex workstations recovered.

2. Tamnun system attributes.

Integrated system
The Tamnun system combines the needs of IT systems management. It enhances of
the organizational productivity by detecting and analyzing problems. It allows the
user to compare between computers, and receive organizational reports, and user
activity lists.

Efficiency and Economical

• Reduce the technical support sessions, and enhances customer satisfaction.
• Manpower efficiency, of on-site sessions, by expanding the remote ability to
analyze problems.
• Allowing compatibility review of software before distribution – allows the
identification of after-effects without the need for full software component
analysis, in a computer.
• Full identification summery of malfunctions in software installations, by
detecting older versions on parts of the organization's computers.
• Monitoring installations and software usage – in support of license optimization.
• Simple and intuitive installation and operation.

Security outlook
• Monitoring of hardware changes.
• Monitoring of software installation.
• Tracking of user activities in an workstation
• Allows for detection of Disk-on-Key usage
• Tracking of software according to a defined default software list.
• Strict user management.

Transfers the information from a workstation to the technical support department,
identifies software, hardware and background processes changes. So the technical
support person can identify a current or future problem even before a support call
was made.
Tamnun Provides tools for focused preliminary problem identification. It provides a
rapid detection of differences between computers: from running processes down to
changes in file version and content. This way the causes of the problems can be
identified, even without a profound knowledge of the computer components, or a full
tracking of the ever changing configuration details.

• Report summery of all installed programs on a computer with versions, and

installation dates.
• Comparison of correctly installed programs with currently installed software.
• Comparison of software infrastructure installed on every computer.
• Summery reports of main software component activities, (services, internet and
network components).
• Comparison of a computer properties and configuration with another.
• Summery report of all major hardware components installed in every computer.
• Usage summery report from all of the systems users, in the organization or a
part of it, including information on the processing power of each of the
• Ability to receive focused alerts for any changes in software or hardware,
including user name and specific date of the change.
• Full tracking of all the active programs on a computer for every day, including
the amount of resources used by each program.
• Alerts on Usage of Disk-on-Key on a specific computer.
• Summery reports at the organization level:
o Hardware Components Summery Report.
o Installed Software Summery Report.
o Software Activity Summery Report.

Reduces support session time, reduces the system downtimes, enhances the
efficiency of the systems in an organization, allows for alerts on malfunctioning
installations or versions, that might cause future problems. A problem crashing the
main server may cause an organization major financial harm. A workstation crush or
strike in an organization cost not only the worker's time, but also the technical
support person working hard to fix the problem, the Tamnun solution reducing the
downtime will get the organization a very quickly return on the initial investments.

Background Process
The Tamnun application works in the background sampling and sending the
system's information to the system's administrator, while using minimal computer
resources, allowing continues regular work for the user with no disturbances.
3. The Tamnun System Operation Logic.

The system allows for detailed information gathering from each of the computers
online in the internal network, and compares between one computer, to a similar
computer's data. In this way any difference or change will be highlighted
immediately, allowing to analyze and identify the sources of a problem even without
the detailed review of every software component on a computer, and allows for
tracking of their correct configuration at any given moment.

Tamnun enables to get and compare the following data:

b Installed Software Analysis:

 Installed Program (“Add/Remove Programs” list)
 Shared DLLs
 Global Assembly Cache
 IIS Virtual Directories
 Directory file check, down to file’s version, size and checksum
b Runtime Environment Analysis:
 Services information and activity status
 TCP/IP Listeners (Port & program details)
 Open Connections (Ports, Process, remote IP Addresses)
 “COM+” Applications
 Running processes
 CPU Usage
b Configuration Analysis:
 Detailed Hardware list
 DxDiag (drivers and display information)
 IIS Configuration
 IP Configuration
• Alerts
 Software Installation / Removing
 Service Start / Stop
 Disk on Key Insertion / Removal
 User Activity Events (Login/logout)
 Some Event Logs, as Defined by the User.

• Company wide summery reports

 Installed Software Summery

 Program Usage Summery
 Hardware Summery

Company's Profile

Who are we?

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Company Profile
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The company's general manager and founder is Mr. Michel Gamliel.
The company was created in 1997 and was founded on the many years of
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