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March 13th 2011 To whom it may concern, After four and a half years of undergraduate study at the Vietnam Maritime University, I feel completely satisfied with my decision to choose engineering as my career option as it has revealed most pragmatic and down-to-earth with my life. My enthusiasm coupled with scope for innovations and opportunities available in the civil engineering has motivated me to opt for further studies in order to contribute to the field through meaningful research. I sincerely believe that graduation at this University will be an ideal step in this direction. My decision to become a civil engineer was the result of my desire to contribute something beautiful to the society and development of my country. oundation was my childhood, where I had great admiration for my father who was a civil engineer. I was always so e!cited and in"uisitive whenever I used to visit his building construction. I had my first formal e!posure to the structural engineering during the study degree #Mechanics of Materials$. This sub%ect introduced me to the fundamental tenets of structural behaviour which ignited my interest in this field. To strengthen my concepts I pursued courses on basic and #Advanced&tructural Analysis$ this enabled me to study elastic analysis of structures using fle!ibility and stiffness approaches. 'esign courses such as basic and #Advanced - 'esign of (oncrete &tructures$, #'esign of &teel &tructures$ and #Analysis and 'esign for )ind and *arth"ua+e *ffects$ e"uipped me with ade"uate tools to begin wor+ing. ,aboratory courses helped me consolidate the fundamentals and reinforce my theoretical bac+ground. I armed myself with the +nowledge of basic geotechnical engineering in #-eotechnical *ngineering I$ . #II$. These courses have given me sound grasp of the fundamentals. /umerous visits to construction sites enhanced my practical understanding, while the elective sub%ect # oundation *ngineering$ gave vital insight into design of shallow and deep foundation in clayey and sandy soil. I also too+ credited sub%ect such as #Materials of (onstruction$, #0uilding (onstruction and *"uipments$ and # unctional 'esign of 0uildings$ which included the latest in construction technology and management methods. #(onstruction Management$ highlighted the importance of effective team coordination for pro%ect e!ecution in "uality construction practice and e!posed me to a plethora of applications of 1perations 2esearch for pro%ect management.

In the previous years I have paved a way to shape my career but I have realised that undergraduate education has given me only glimpse of +nowledge in this field. My decision for Master of Urban management and planning or construction management is an effort to "uench my thirst of +nowledge and contribute to the field through positive research. rom consultants of my professors, guidance of my seniors and careful perusal of web-pages at University, I am convinced that my career will be in the best possible hands at your University. /ot only was I attracted by its distinguished faculty, e!cellent laboratory facilities and high reputation but also by the continuous "uality of research. My choice of this specialisation is motivated by its multidisciplinary nature which will broaden my hori3ons and give me fle!ibility in professional practice. As technical specialist of (onstruction activities management division 4aphong (onstruction 'epartment, I had the opportunity to study and wor+ in the various aspects of construction activities. 4owever my academic pursuits have not prevented me from participating with interest in various e!tracurricular activities. As Vice chairman of the 4aiphong *nglish (lub, which is the oldest and most traditional in 4aiphong city and I have en%oyed wor+ing in a team while planning for the organi3ation5s many activities. I am applying to your university because of the e!cellent reputation of your school. In addition, your splendid facilities are also a ma%or attraction to me. In my e!perience as a student I +now for certain that good facilities can ma+e a huge difference in a student5s life and learning e!perience. I hope you will grant me the privilege of pursuing my Masters 'egree at your prestigious university. I than+ you for tal+ing the time to consider my application and would be happy to answer any further "uestions that you may have. 6ours aithfully,

Nguyen Quang Anh *mail7 "uanganh89:; Address7/o 8<8A lane 8=8 ,achtray &t., /go"uyen 'istr., 4aiphong, Vietnam. (ell phone7 >?@AB ><B =CD CC: CD: