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08/18/09 Start Reading Journal

08/20/09 Black Board Course 1 Document…Critical Thinking in Everyday

Life…take notes…familiarize yourself with Costa’s Level of
Thinking…Start Novel…Paraphrase: I am not what I should be but
if I study more I could improve my thinking…Critical thinking is a
process to develop

1. Use “Wasted” Time.

2. A Problem a Day.
3. ________________
4. Keep in Intellectual Journal. (A Random Act of Kindness)

08/25/09 Read, Just Walk on By on Black Board. Critical Thinking…what

is it and why it counts…write down 1 or 2 paragraphs (George
Collons)…2 level two questions and 2 level 3 questions and
support it…Google or research Costa’s Level of questions.

08/27/09 Summarize Essay (Draft) of poem Just Walk on By…1.4 size of

essay…find what’s important…the authors point of view…the
author Brent point of view…no details…lead to he later talks
about…do not quote the test…1st Draft On the Subway

09/01/09 2nd Draft of poem Just Walk on By of what Brent Staples the
author reveals to us…the summary unfolds itself…Summary
should begin with opening statement that follows this forma-In
the (article, essay, chapter, novel, poem, etc…) a) title b) the
author full name c) argues, explains, notes, discuses, examines,
etc…) d) thesis e)________________ Objective an complete
meaning leave out opinion.

09/03/09 Absent…3rd Draft of Just Walk on By …Print and fill in Black Men
and Public Space…2nd Draft of On the Subway…Do a practice
summary from the Course Documents-just one on summarizing…
Fill in the blanks and write down the definition of the word next
to it…Start E-Portfolio…Start saving work on Flash Drive…
Summarize a story which is different than an essay.

09/08/09 Work with partner to create PowerPoint slide show on Love

09/10/09 Absent…Read Salvation…summarize it and interpret

09/15/09 Read On the Reading River…Rewrite the section through the
eyes of Elroy (his point of view) pgs. 48-62…What did they do
together…Start out with they first met…listen from Tim O’Brien
and turn it around to say what would Elroy say or think-what’s
going on in Elroy’s mind…write about the different events that
took place

09/17/09 Ask people who read your writing to locate your topic sentence
without you telling them…if they cannot tell you, then you don’t
have one.

09/22/09 Take what we have read so far: Essay, Just Walk on By, author
Brent Staples, On the Subway by Olds, Slowest Car in Town,
and the Light of Darkness and connect each one together…
how they relate

09/24/09 Write a Draft of your individual P.O.V. version of the story as

seen through the eyes of Elroy Berdahl and pass it on the
Discussion Board by Tuesday-September 29, afternoon…Next
you will work with a partner to combine your two versions of the
story…you will create a PowerPoint Presentation, create images
to present the different scenes, the characters, and any other
features of the combined stories…You will both receive the
same grade for the work…Look up MLA format

09/29/09 Were given sample of an E-Portfolio by Omar, one of Mr. Yeong

last semester students…made notes…went over to lab to start
Critical Thinking and Reading Assignment group assignment…In
a similar fashion as Tim O’Brien your group will create a
“character” based on a real person.

10/01/09 Worked on the Group Assignment in the lab…confirmed appt. for

next week…set up appt. with Diversity Company to meet next
week on Thursday- September 08, to go over or combine
individual project

10/06/09 Absent: Missed my appt. with instructor…no class just work on

group assignment.

10/08/09 No class…see Ryan for appt and take a quiz….meet with

Diversity Company to go over completed work for assignment.