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Capitol Connection - March 3, 2014
Missouri State Capitol Room 115B 201 West Capitol Ave Jefferson City, MO 65101 (573) 751-3604 Rocky.Miller@house. Committees: * Tourism & Natural Resources * Vice Chairman of Appropriations – Transportation & Economic Development * General Laws * Utilities Quick Links To unsubscribe email request to Holly.Foster@house. Legislator Assistant

Filing for Re-Election On Tuesday of last week, I and many of my colleagues walked down to the Secretary of State’s office to sign up for another two year term as State Representatives. In Missouri, a Representative can only serve four 2 year terms for a total of 8 years. I enjoy serving the people of this area and hope to continue to do so for another two years. I believe the amount of experience I have gained already is invaluable to getting things done for the citizens in our district. Navigating the complexities of Missouri government is not easy but I enjoy learning the processes. Meeting People I was able to meet a lot of people from the district this week and even got to flip and eat some pancakes for Tourism. The Tri-County Lodging Association was in Jefferson City to share information and to meet legislators. They also set up a pancake griddle and let some of us flip some pancakes. Flipping the pancakes was fun, but I think I enjoyed eating them more. I also met Michelle Griswold and Terry Atterberry in the Capitol last week. They were here to talk about home and school health care. They work in the Eldon School District and Miller County areas. It is great to see people that dedicate their time to make sure we all live healthier lives.

Legislative Action - Tax Cuts The House of Representatives passed a couple of tax cut laws. I truly believe that you and your businesses know how to spend your money better than the government. This money will go back into the economy and will spur its growth. I like all of these bills because they are graduated and only lower taxes if the economy responds with growth. I call all of these Show-me tax cuts. They have to show us they work before they continue with cuts to our taxes. Committee Actions My bill, House Bill 1733, which deals with Mechanic Liens was voted do pass out of the Small Business Committee. This bill corrects a problem with the current lien law. Many sub-contractors are upset that they are forced to sign lien waivers prior to all their work being done and being paid for. Most sub-contractors will take an interim payment prior to the end of the project and will sign a lien waiver. Unfortunately, the sub-contractor then gives up a substantial amount of their ability to be paid for the rest of the project. The bill I presented corrects this situation. The bill still needs some work to allow for sufficient protection for the project owner, bank and title company, but we will eventually get to that point. Here’s a link to the House webpage where you can view all of the bills and track the bills actions throughout the process, Town Hall and School Visit On Friday, Representative David Wood and I had a town hall meeting in Tuscumbia at the Courthouse. A half dozen constituents were present along with some of the County officials to ask us questions. After a very quick lunch, I continued on to the Tuscumbia School and read to Kindergartners and First graders. I also spent some time just talking to some middle schoolers and their teacher. Being so close to Dr. Suess’ birthday, I got to read a lot of rhymes. It was a very enjoyable and informative day. Online Survey Available The 2014 legislative survey is available online by going to the webpage at 1d7b. As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me at or 573-751-3604 or if you are in the vicinity of the Capitol please stop by Room 115B for a visit. ###

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