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Entry Form
Closing Date: Friday, 16 October 2009

Please email completed entry form to: with the subject: REVERIE: Cirque on Ice “Search For A
Star” or post it to: Marketing & Corporate Communications Department, Singapore Indoor Stadium, 2 Stadium Walk, (S)

All sections of this entry form must be completed.

Full Name

Date of Birth Age on 20 Oct 09 Insert colour passport

size photo here or
bring photo to the
Citizenship (pls circle) Singaporean/ PR/ Others NRIC/ Passport No. audition


Postal Code Home No. T-Shirt Size

Mobile No. Email

Qualification (must be
Ice Skating Club
Freestyle Level 3 and above)

Prior Experience (if


Declaration: I am an eligible skater and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the audition entered. I am fit to skate in this
audition and that there is no medical reason which prevents me from skating in this audition. I compete in this audition at my own
risk and hereby release Singapore Indoor Stadium and their personnel and volunteers from all liabilities whatsoever howsoever
arising. I also declare the information on this form is true and accurate to the best of my belief. I understand that any false
information may cause my disqualification from the audition.

Publicity Waiver: I consent to the above information being stored on computer for the use of this audition. I hereby acknowledge
and consent to the use of my name, biography and likeness on or in connection with any television or radio programme, video/
DVD, print media or the advertising and publicizing of such programme as may be designated by Singapore Indoor Stadium and
waive all rights to remuneration or otherwise in connection with the above.

Liability Waiver: Under no circumstances shall the Singapore Indoor Stadium, their employees, agents and/or servants be held
responsible or liable for any loss, damages or injuries whatsoever or howsoever caused or suffered by the skaters or officials. As a
condition of and in consideration of the acceptance of the entries or participation therein, all entrants, their family members and
officials shall be deemed to have agreed to assume all risk of injury to their person and property resulting from, caused by or
connected with, the conduct and management of the competition, and to waive and release any and all claims, which they may
have against Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Signature of Skater: ___________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________

Signature of Parent/ Guardian: __________________________________________ Date: ______________________________

(if skater is under 18 years)

For Official Use Only Date Entry Received Number Assigned


1. WHERE: ARINA Stadium Waterfront

2. WHEN: Tuesday, 20 October 2009
3. TIME: 5.00pm – 7.00pm
4. CLOSING DATE: Friday, 16th October 2009. Any entries submitted after this date will not be
considered for the audition.
5. QUALIFICATION: Must be Freestyle Level 3 and above as at closing date.
6. This competition is open to females aged 7-12 years old as at 20 October 2009.
7. REQUIREMENTS: All skaters to be in possession of own skates. Dress code for skaters will
be REVERIE: Cirque on Ice t-shirts provided by organisers and black leggings (skaters’ own).
8. To be eligible, skaters must have submitted their entry forms by the closing date. All skaters’
parents to sign entry forms.
9. REPORTING TIME: All participants are required to report to the venue at least ONE hour
prior to the commencement of the audition. No latecomers will be entertained.
10. Entrants will be shown a short routine by a professional skater and be given 30 minutes to
practice. She will then be judged on how well she performs.
Skating skills 20
Technical Elements 20
Presence 20
Overall Performance 20
Music Interpretation 20
Total Score 100
12. A second audition may be held if necessary.
13. COMPLIMENTARY SHOW TICKET: Participants who are not selected to perform in
REVERIE: Cirque on Ice will receive a voucher that is redeemable for ONE REVERIE: Cirque
on Ice show ticket at SISTIC counters islandwide.
14. Entry forms are available on our website at
15. Entry to the audition will be FREE of charge to the public.
16. Selected participants will receive:
a) An opportunity to perform in REVERIE: Cirque on Ice (est. max of 15mins)
b) Training by a professional skating choreographer
17. Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
18. Singapore Indoor Stadium, all employees, related parties, or other organizations associated
with the event shall not be under any liability whatsoever to the participants, in respect of any
loss, damage or injury suffered by the participants arising from or pursuant to his/ her
participation in the audition or for any loss, damage or injury to life or property sustained by
the participant at any stage of the audition.
19. Singapore Indoor Stadium will not be held responsible for any expenditure incurred by any
participants of the audition.
20. Singapore Indoor Stadium reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations without prior
21. Selected entrants would need to commit to a minimum of five shows throughout the period of
th th
27 November to 27 December 2009.
22. Participation in the audition implies acceptance of these rules.