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midheaven synastry soul mates

Nov 9 2012

Soul Mate Astrology

There are several synastry aspects to look out for if youre searching for your soul mate. These connections show significant attraction and compatibility between the two people, which can easily last a lifetime. Sun-Moon contacts Soul Mates generally have strong Sun-Moon connections in the synastry chart. The conjunction and opposition are the most power ul. The trine and se!tile are also power ul. "ith this aspect comes a strong eeling o support and understanding. This aspect is particularly potent when it is the woman#s Moon in aspect to the man#s Sun. Sun-!enus or !enus-!enus contacts Sun-$enus contacts are highly touted %y astrologers& and or good reason' "hen this aspect appears in synastry& the couple eels a ection and love or one another. ( these contacts do not show up in synastry& $enus-$enus contacts can %e su%stituted. "hen one person#s $enus contacts another person#s $enus& your love styles are similar. )ou easily get along& and instinctively *now how the other person wants to %e loved. The conjunction and opposition are most potent& and the trine and se!tile are power ul& as well. !enus-Mars This aspect is an indicator o passionate love. There e!ists a great deal o se!ual and physical attraction %etween you. The physical attraction and se!ual chemistry is li*ely to last a li etime i this aspect shows up in synastry. !enus-"luto in synastry This is a very potent aspect in synastry. This is an indicator o *armic& trans ormative& o%sessive love. +ven i the couple separates& they will remem%er each other or the rest o their lives& due to the depth o passion they shared. This aspect is especially potent i it is mutual ,i.e. -erson .#s $enus aspects /#s -luto& and /#s $enus aspects .#s -luto0. #odal connections "hen Nodal connections are ound in synastry& the connection is power ul. 1ontacts to the South Node demonstrate a past-li e connection that has lasted into this li e. The two o you have come together to wrap up un inished %usiness. There e!ists a haunting chemistry %etween the two o you that can easily last a li etime. North Node conjunctions are e2ually intriguing. The planet person possesses the 2ualities the Nodal person needs to develop in order to grow spiritually. There is a tremendous attraction %etween the couple& as well as a eeling o 3going somewhere4 with each other. S2uares to the Nodal a!is are very common in synastry& particularly rom the Sun or the Moon. (n this case& there is a eeling that the couple eels as though they were destined to %e together& %ut the union is a challenging one. This indicates a *armic relationship in which %oth o you need to wor* out past-li e issues that is preventing your soul growth.

!erte$ contacts5 The $erte! is li*e a second 6escendant. "hen touched %y transit or progressions& ated events are li*ely to occur. Similarly& when someone#s personal planet& .scendant76escendant& (17M1& or $erte! aspects your $erte! %y conjunction or opposition& a ated relationship is indicated. This is the *ind o relationship that will change your li e. Saturn contacts Saturn in synastry is a %inding orce& ensuring the longevity o the relationship and a eeling responsi%ility to one another. 8ard aspects %etween one person#s Saturn and another person#s important planet or point are %oth challenging as well as %inding. (n act& hard aspects rom Saturn to another person#s Sun or Moon are very common in the synastry charts o married couples. %on&unctions to the angles "hen one person#s inner planets& Nodes& angles& or $erte! conjunct another person#s .1761 or (17M1 a!is& a strong %ond is indicated. The .1761 is a relationship a!is& while the (17M1 a!is represents your private and pu%lic lives. "hen another person#s planets or points conjunct any o these angles& the two o you are heading in the same direction in li e. There is a eeling o 3going somewhere4 together. 1ontacts to the .1 shows a strong physical attraction9 contacts to the 61 indicate the planet person possesses the 2ualities you loo* or in a partner. 1onjunctions to the (1 indicate a nurturing& protective %ond& and the two people desire to have a home and amily together9 1onjunctions to the M1 show mutual admiration and appreciation or each others goals.