Ioe DeIranco's L|mber 11 (f|ex|b|||ty rout|ne

8e sure Lo check ouL Lhe vldeo here:
1. Ioam ko|| I1 8ands 10-13 passes
Slow and conLrolled wlLh blg long passes. Þause on Lender areas and flex/exLend
knee. 8ange ls boLLom of hlp all Lhe way Lo Lhe ouLslde of knee. 10-13 passes.

2. Ioam ko|| Adductors]Inner 1h|gh 10-13 passes
Þlace foam roller aL a 43 degree angle. SLarL hlgh ln Lhe groln wlLh slow long passes
Lo halfway down Lhe adducLor. 1hen do Lhe same from halfway down Lhe adducLor
Lo Lhe lnslde of Lhe knee. Slmllar Lo Lhe l1 band, flex/exLend aL knee when you flnd a
Lender spoL. 10-13 passes.

3. SMk G|utes]Lacrosse 8a|| G|utes 30sec - 2mln
ÞuL ball on ground, wedge beLween gluLe, cross leg over Lhlgh, begln rolllng. 1hls
should be decenLly uncomforLable. 1he more uncomforLable lL ls, Lhe more you need
lL. 8oll for abouL 30 seconds. lf you flnd a Lender spoL, pause and breaLh Lhrough Lhe
LlghLness. ?ou can sLralghLen leg and roll Lo hlL Lhe hlp area.

4. 8ent-knee Iron Cross 3-10 each slde
Lay down flaL on your back. 8end your knees as lf you were golng Lo crunch wlLh feeL
off of Lhe ground (calves parallel Lo Lhe ground aL Lhe sLarL). urop knees slde Lo slde.
keep knees LogeLher. keep palms down. uo noL leL your hands come off Lhe ground
as you drop your knees. When you drop your knees, you're golng Lo move your head
ln Lhe opposlLe dlrecLlon. Pold for a second or Lwo, Lhen swlLch sldes. ?ou can
lncrease speed when warmed up, buL always sLarL slow and geL a feel for Lhe

S. ko||over Into V-s|ts 10 reps
8oll back Lo Lry Lo Louch Lhe ground behlnd your head wlLh your Loes, Lhen roll back
Lo a v slL, leanlng forward Lo reach ln fronL of your feeL. ?ou can asslsL on Lhe way
back over by grabblng your calves. 1ry Lo lncrease Lhe slze of Lhe v as you go.

6. kock|ng krog Stretch 10 reps
ÞoslLlonlng ls lmporLanL. CeL on hands and knees. 1oes polnL ouL. Should feel ground
pulllng skln of knee. CeL down on forearms, Lhen push your buLL sLralghL back, hold
for abouL 2 seconds, Lhen release. 1hls should be slow and dellberaLe. 8-10 reps.
Wlggle around a blL.

7. I|re nydrant C|rc|es 10 forward, 10 backward
MosL people do Lhls wrong. keep boLh elbows sLralghL. A loL of people bend Lhelr
elbows as soon as Lhey sLarL movlng Lhelr hlps. 1he moLlon should come from Lhe
hlps. SLable aL Lhe core. knee benL, heel sLuck near your buLL. 1hlnk llke you're
drawlng a clrcle around a clrcle.

8. Mounta|n c||mbers 10 each leg
locus on range of moLlon before speed. ?ou can do Lhese lnslde or ouLslde your
arms. Pe does Lhem ouLslde Lhe elbow Lo geL a dynamlc sLreLch on Lhe groln. SLarL ln
a narrow handed push up poslLlon wlLh a flaL back. 8rlng one knee up Lo Lhe ouLslde
of Lhe elbow. 1hen slnk down a blL. 1hen exchange knees and conLlnue slnklng Lhe
knee before changlng sldes.

9. Cossack squats 3-10 each slde
1hls Lakes a Lremendous amounL of sLablllLy. SLarL wlLh legs wlde and Loes polnLed
ouL aL 43 degrees. SlL back and sllde Lo one slde. Þush ouL on Lhe knee your slldlng Lo
and keep Lhe heel down. 1he sLralghL leg Loes should polnL Lo Lhe celllng. SwlLch
sldes, keeplng Lhe heel down and Lhe knee ouL. keep chesL up besL you can. lf lL ls
Loo hard Lo keep Lhe heel down, you can use a bench or box Lo decrease Lhe sLablllLy
requlremenL. Pold on Lo Lhe box/bench Lo supporL yourself whlle you do Lhe squaLs.

10. Seated Þ|r|form|s Stretch 20-30sec each slde
?ou wlll need a bench or chalr. 1hen cross one leg over Lhe oLher Lhlgh. use your
hand Lo push down on Lhe opposlLe knee and lean forward. ?ou can grab Lhe shln of
Lhe leg LhaL's on Lhe ground. lL's ok Lo round Lhe back a blL. keep lnner Lhlgh pushed
down Lo malnLaln Lhe angle LhaL hlLs Lhe plrlformls. ?ou can also use your elbow Lo
do some sofL Llssue work on your adducLor. 1he massage lsn'L LhaL comforLable, buL
lL loosens up Lhe adducLor. llnlsh Lhe sLreLch by Laklng Lhe knee and pulllng lL lnLo
your chesL. 1hls ls where you malnLaln a neuLral splne.

11. kear-foot-e|evated n|p I|exor Stretch 3-10 reps, 3 second hold, each slde
?ou wlll need a bench or chalr. ÞuL fooL on bench wlLh knee on ground. uon'L over
exLend Lhe low back Lo lncrease Lhe sLreLch on Lhe hlp flexor. 8aLher, when your
knee ls down, have your arm on Lhe ground, Lhen conLracL Lhe gluLe hard. MalnLaln a
neuLral splne and pull your Lorso up. ConLracL gluLe, neuLral splne, up nlce and Lall
wlLh good posLure. 1o lncrease Lhe sLreLch, you can ralse your hands overhead and
LllL sllghLly ln Lhe opposlLe dlrecLlon.

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