MARCH 4, 2014

NR # 3395

OFWs and Seamen’s fees to be waived for one year
Lawmakers want required fees of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and seamen from provinces devastated by calamities be waived for one year. Reps. Emmi e !esus and Lu"viminda #la$an (%artylist& 'abriela) filed (ouse Resolution )*+ ur$in$ t,e (ouse -ommittee on Overseas Workers .ffairs to direct t,e %,ilippine Overseas and Employment .$ency (%OE.) and related a$encies to waive for a year t,e collection of fees of processin$& members,ip& /edicare& seafarer0s re$istration certificate and seaman0s book of OFWs and 1eamen from provinces affected by t,e 2yp,oon 1anti& t,e +.3 ma$nitude eart,quake and t,e super 2yp,oon 4olanda. 52,ese fees pose an additional burden to t,e calamity survivors w,o are in t,e process of rebuildin$ t,eir lives. /uc, ,as been said about t,e survivors of last year0s calamities and it is about time t,e $overnment furt,er e6tend a ,and to ,elp t,em rebuild t,eir lives&7 #la$an said. #la$an said t,e /aritime #ndustry .ut,ority (/.R#8.)& an attac,ed a$ency of t,e Office of t,e %resident (O%)& collects fees like& 1eafarer0s Re$istration -ertificate at %9: for new re$istrants and %;9: for lost 1R-s. 5/.R#8. also collects %<:: for t,e t,ree=day processin$ or %;9:: for one day processin$ of t,e 1eaman0s >ook&7 #la$an said. #la$an said t,e Overseas Workers Welfare .dministration (OWW.)& attac,ed to t,e epartment of Labor and Employment ( OLE)& also collects ?39 contribution upon enrollment from OFWs for insurance& ,ealt, care& loan $uarantee& education and trainin$& social services and family welfare assistance. 5For an OFW to be issued an Overseas Employment -ertification& a processin$ fee of ?;:: or its peso equivalent& OWW. members,ip fee of @1?39 or its peso equivalent and OWW. /edicare of %*:: are to be paid&7 #la$an said. Last October 3:;A& 2yp,oon 1anti devastated and submer$ed 2arlac& >ulacan& 8ueva EciBa& %ampan$a& Cambales La @nion& Duirino and .urora provinces killin$ ;A persons and dama$in$ a$riculture estimated at %A billion. #n October 3:;A& a +.3 ma$nitude eart,quake wreaked ,avoc on t,e Eisayas Re$ion particularly >o,ol and -ebu& leavin$ 333 dead& < missin$& and *+) inBured.

e !esus cited a report of t,e 8ational isaster Risk Reduction /ana$ement -ouncil (8 RR/-) on t,e October ;9& 3:;A eart,quake t,at more t,an +A&::: structures were dama$ed& of w,ic, more t,an ;F&9:: were totally destroyed. e !esus said super 2yp,oon 4olanda rava$ed t,e FF provinces of Re$ions #E=.& #E=>& E& E#& E##& E###& G& G# and -ara$a affectin$ ;)&:+<&;<; individuals& leavin$ millions ,omeless and displaced. 52,e 8 RR/- stated t,at )&;99 individuals were reported dead& 3<&)3) inBured and ;&+<9 are still missin$&7 e !esus said. 5 ama$es to infrastructure and a$riculture were pe$$ed at a total of %A)&)*:&<<3&F*+.3+& and reconstruction& re,abilitation and rebuildin$ of lives will take t,e survivors more t,an one year to ac,ieve& t,e 8 RR/- reported&7 e !esus said. (A:)

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