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BMS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY DEPT OF ECE SUBJECT:GSM 1. Explain the features of each mobile generations. 2.

Explain GSM architecture with all the interference. 3. Explain the GSM subsystem with a neat diagram. 4. Explain mapping of GSM onto OSI reference model 5. What is GSM PLMN? What are the objectives of GSM PLMN? 6. Explain GSM reference model with their entities and logical interconnections in detail. 7. Write a short note on MS Subsystem. 8. What are different types of hand off?Explain hand off with relevant figures. 9. Discuss the function of Transcoder controller in base station 10. Describe with a neat flow diagram the AMPS initialization operation. 11. Briefly explain the characteristics of 3G mobile network. 12. Write a short note on the following: i.MS Subsystem ii.BSS iii.NSS SUB CODE:10EC844

13. Write a short note on the following i.Hand off ii)Frequency reuse handoff

iii.Inter and Intra MSC

14. What are the future techniques to reduce interference in GSM? 15. Explain GSM logical channels 16. With the neat diagram explain various bursts in GSM. 17. Write a short note on channel borrowing. 18. Numerical 19. Write short note on following

i.Smart antenna

ii.Channel Borrowing

20. Mention the radio link measurements in terms of signal level and quality level used in GSM? 21. Explain mobile identification process with the help of flow diagram 22. what are the Interference reducing techniques used in GSM. Explain each in detail 23. Explain the frequency hopping algorithm in GSM 24. Explain the GSM logical channels in detail 25. Explain Mobility Management in GSM 26. Explain the frame structure of GSM for both traffic and control signal. 27. Explain data encryption process used in GSM 28. With the diagrams explain the various bursts used in GSM 29. Mention various speech coding methods.Explain the attributes of speech coder. 30. Write a short note on ITU-T standard 31. Explain GSM fall rate Lpc Rpe Vocoder with a neat diagram 32. Explain speech codec attributes. 33. Explain message flow diagram for call set up by mobile station 34. Describe Intra MSC hand off in GSM 35. Explain the objectives of bearer and teleservices. 36. Explain GSM call set up by an MS flow scenario. 37. With the illustration, explain the messages flow diagram for GSM mobile-terminated call 38. Explain Intr- MSC hand over in GSM 39. What are the security algorithms used in GSM 40. Explain the file structer with help of diagram.

41. What do you mean by token based authentication? 42. Describe te factors to be considered while designing wireless system 43. What are the models used in modeling framework for a cellular /PCS network? 44. Explain planning of a wireless network 45. Explain short notes on : i.Teletraffic models ii.Planning of a wireless network.

46. What are the fire TMN layers in M3010?Explain the pertinent three TMN layer. 47. Explain TMN management services 48. What are management requirements for wireless network?Explain briefly.

49. Explain with a neat diagram the NM architecture and interfaces. 50. With a neat diagram explain the GSM containment tree. 51. Explain mobile identification procedure in GSM.