Socialist Fight Group Public meeting

Saturday 22 March, 7.30 pm, Calthorpe Arms, 252 Grays Inn Road, London.

What way forward for the revolution in South Africa?

Peter Banda, Acting General Secretary of the General Industries Workers’ Union of South Africa (GIWUSA) Shaheen Khan, chief co-ordinator, Bolshevik Study Circles, Johannesburg (ex-Revolutionary Marxist Group). Latief Parker, Critique journal Editorial Board Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) Gerry Downing, Secretary Socialist Fight Group Chair, Laurence Humphries, Socialist Fight Group CC
Socialist Fight Group PO Box 59188, London NW2 4LJ

Following the Marikana Massacre on 16 August 2012 the peaceful two stage National Democratic Revolution con-trick by the ANC is unravelling. Numsa has split from Cosatu and the ANC so now the socialist revolution is back on the agenda. After the massacre at Marikana the world was shocked and outraged at this slaughter of workers but the NUM, ANC, SACP and Cosatu endorsed the police actions and condemned the miners. The unholy alliance of the ANC/SACP/ Cosatu had to support what they felt was necessary to ensure a cheap and compliant workforce for capital. Although Cosatu had, through its general secretary (Z. Vavi), spoken in favour of propoor policies and had even dared to criticize the ANC government, they succumbed to reaction and supported the Alliance position. There has been in the past and there is now bitter infighting within the constituent members of the Alliance but the leaders were all singing from the same hymn sheet. Except for Vavi who raised the alarm re the escalating rate of inequality there was no one else to speak for the poor. The Alliance was and remains a means to enrich oneself and to hell with the producers of the wealth. Speaking truth to power had caused Vavi to acquire enemies in high places and Vavi played right into their hands by becoming embroiled in a scandal in which serious charges have been laid against him. These are charges for which Vavi must be censured. His enemies are hoping to get rid of him from the political scene, but with elections coming in May Vavi has popularity among the masses. Erwin Jim of NUMSA has welcomed the Marikana miners so new alliances are being forged. But are Vavi and Jim the revolutionary leaders the South African Revolution needs?

Marikana miners commemorating the Massacre; the continuing terrible conditions of their lives is etched in all their faces.

Shaheen Khan speaks of their work with the Workers and Socialist Party (WASP): “Some of our comrades in the North are members of WASP. Our relationship with WASP starts off with the work our comrades did in the mine workers strike of 2012. Two of our comrades were part of the mine workers committee in Rustenburg and one in Carletonville, and other comrades regularly attended the WASP meetings in Johannesburg. I have been asked to do Marxist classes with the youth in the Socialist Youth Movement as well as the National Transport Movement. We have also hosted WASP in Potchefstroom where they addressed Civic and Youth groups. Our view generally is that we support the WASP in the forthcoming elections and will participate actively to promote a vote for the WASP.”

Socialist Fight Group PO Box 59188, London NW2 4LJ