EDITORIAL: Our Traditional September Project

My Favourite Teacher
Group 34-Ph students have quite a number of teachers they like a lot. Here is the collection of their confessions. Iryna Mykolaivna TKACHENKO
(seems to be the winner of an unofficial popularity poll)

Through my life I have met many different teachers. Most of them are in the Naukova Zmina Lycee. I think that it is an arduous task to identify a single favourite teacher. I was not going to mention that favourite means the best but it is absolutely true. All the students evaluate the teachers by their attitude to them. Perhaps the best you could do being a teacher is to appreciate your students’ and respect their choices. I'd like to tell about my favourite teacher. Her name is Iryna Mykolaivna and she teaches us World Literature. I adore her incredible and vivid style of teaching. From my point of view she really helps us to deal with difficult life situations. And it's one of the many very important lessons in life. What I remember most clearly from the first lessons is that you should learn it. If you are a dumb or primitive human being, you are nobody. So, there is no doubt that without being prepared to classes, you know, your studying in the lycee isn’t going to pay. Because you will always feel uncomfortable and create spontaneous decisions on the lessons of the World Literature. It is unreal! That's why I believe that her approach to the role of the teacher is perfect. She motivates me for doing important steps in my life and it makes me happier.

Anastasia BOGUSLAVSKA Irina Nikolaevna is, undoubtedly, my favorite teacher. She is the person who can make you fall in love with the World Literature. Your first steps in this unknown world are done timidly and cautiously. In the jungle of metaphorical metamorphoses, the writers are like stalking predators that want to get you into their tenacious jaws. Does literature really look like that? It has been more than two years since I started in the Lycee, and instead of the jungle and the quicksand I have discovered an oasis with a never-ending sweet water source which is able to heal any wound. Irina Nikolaevna is the universe. She is like an open portal to many new worlds: to the galaxy of modernism with its countless revolutions, to the antique galaxy of ancient myths with its forgotten gods and heroes, to the beautiful galaxy of romanticism with its marvelous sparkles of parallelism and turbulence of stormy emotions. In addition to being a great navigator, Irina Nikolaevna is a lovely woman who elaborately combines all features that were invested in the era of the notion of women by every century: femininity, brightness, attractiveness, determination and dignity. Irina Nikolaevna and her crystal-clear image will accompany me through my entire future life.


Nataliya Volodiymiyrivna MOLOCHKO Every pupil has his or her favorite teacher. My favorite teacher is Nataliya Volodiymiyrivna Molochko. She is a teacher of German. She has amazing skills and experience how to work with students. Now I am in the 10th form and during those 3 years that I have been taught by her, I have learnt a lot about Germany and improved my German language. There are some people in our life who are able to influence our ideas and personal development. It is important to meet such a person at a particular stage of your life exactly when you need those ideas, knowledge and skills. I believe that she has become the right person to awaken my interest to the German language, rich German culture, the country’s dramatic history and unique mentality of its people. Indeed, Germany is one of the oldest European cultures and it is essential to know the language of our neighbors in order to understand them better and enrich our communication and life in general. I think Nataliya Molochko is one of the best teachers in Naukova Zmina lyceum. Olexandra MARTYNOVA

Irina Yuriivna BUTAKOVA
Naukova Zmina Lycee has a really great number of eminent pedagogues/ teaching staff. They try to enlarge our knowledge, make us more broad-minded, self-assured and assertive. Our teachers play a major educational role in Ukrainian society, because they bring up its future modern elite. So, the Lycee is the place where we spend best time of our lives. Our classmates become our best friends, the teachers – our great advisers, the school experience – our guide to the adult life. As for me, every teacher of our educational institution is worthy of respect, for the reason that each of them has their own merits. Almost every person is a winner of international competitions and contests, has numerous awards and plenty of medals. In spite of their huge professional experience, they do not give up searching for the best ways and causes for pupils. The teachers of the Lycee are still excited and enthusiastic about their occupation, every morning they open classrooms in expectation of a new day full of fun and bright emotions. What about my favorite teacher? Well, I'm trying to get my ducks in a row. It is very hard to choose the ace of aces among them, as everyone is a recognized expert. In my opinion, the best teacher is Irina Yuriivna Butakova. She teaches Biology classes in our Lycee. I have made this choice because Irina Yuriivna is a cooperative individual and is always ready to assist. Her speech is constantly marked by felicities, illustrative comparisons and logia. She is consistently ready to go over and explain difficult things to her pupils twenty and twenty (countless!) times. Irina Yuriivna is honestly fond of teaching, she permanently holds up as a model occurrence from prosy and mundane everyday life so as to make our educational process much clearer and more productive. This teacher also allows us to retake our tests, but in this case she gives several odd questions to each of us. Furthermore, Irina Yuriivna takes an active part in our school life; she regularly organizes walking holidays, adventure games and campgrounds. Last year she was a curator of one of the final courses and all her school leavers passed their external independent testing with very high points, and this year Irina Yuriivna took the youngest pupils – the 5th form under her caring wing, and I am truly happy for them. Poor youngsters, they have not realized their fortune yet. The following Socrates’ quotation explains her educational principles: "I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think." And another one, by Rita Dunn:

"If the child is not learning the way you are teaching, then you must teach in the way the child learns.”

Anna GAVRILYUK Iryna Anatolievna KRUPCHINSKA Who is my favorite teacher? It’s hard to decide. As for me, I love and admire all my teachers. They are real masters, excellent professionals in their work. But still I have a favorite one. Her name is Iryna Anatolievna Krupchinska. She is a literature and Ukrainian language teacher. Her lessons are interesting and easy to remember. At our Ukrainian lessons we study our homeland language. We also try to learn all its rules, such as grammatical rules, orthographic rules, phonetic rules, etc. But most of all I like literature. Irina Anatolievna is really good at teaching it. At our lessons we learn about the great Ukrainian writers, about their difficult lives and of course we read their books. We travel to the wonderful world of literature, we meet its residents, and we live, enjoy and worry with them. But the main thing is the fact that we learn to think, learn to reflect upon their mistakes. This is so exciting!!! Polina KRASNOSCHOK

Alla Mykhailivna DEMCHENKO There have been many people who have influenced me and of course teachers are included in this list. There are a number of gorgeous instructors in my lyceum who teache us different subjects. Although most of them are quite good, there is one teacher whom I admire the most. Her name is Alla Mykhailivna Demchenko. In my opinion, she is an ideal teacher. She has all those qualities which a professional teacher is expected to have. Alla Mykhailivna is a Teacher-methodist of the Ukrainian language and literature. She

deep knowledge of the subject she teaches. I’m so glad that I have an opportunity to work with such an able and sincere person. Kate BILYK

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