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1.) Corporate objectives To ensure the increase in low selling products like sunscreen and others. Extension of line because soap is at maturity stage To make customers more loyal To become more technically sound Aggressive advertisement to attain first position again. 2.) Divisional objectives Lux continuously strives to improve product quality and implementing various quality control checks. Controlling all vertcals from raw materials to manufacture retailer 3.) Marketing objectives Lux is dedicating huge sum to advertising generally.

Product and brand strategy 1.) Customer targets Women of age group of 16-35 Lux as a name suggests gives the impression of beauty so targets customers is surely girls who wants to look beautiful. Each of the soaps in the range has milk cream, with the active ingredients of rose extracts, sandal saffron, almond oil and fruit extracts. These create an experience in pampering indulgence and luxury designed to bring out the star in every woman. The product has also been positioned by REFRENCE GROUP by using celebrities.

2.) Competitor targets(vivel,lifeboy,cinthol) Ingredients of rose extracts, sandal saffron, almond oil and fruit extracts differentiated the product on the basis of ingredients other than on the basis of perfume and colour. Hiring of movie stars to promote the product New ways of communication to target the ego/projection of the regular girl Attractive prices in lux soap like GOLD COIN attracts the customer which gives them competitive advantage. Cost leadership 3.) Product features

Classic collection Having pampered generations of women this classic collection is now enhanced with state of the art silk protein extract for silky skin like never before. The range come is two variants Lux Strawberry & Cream and Lux Peach & Cream Mood Enhancers This range is crafted with the icy freshness of cooling mint and the invigorating power of sea minerals to transform your skin from dull to vibrant in an instant. The range has one variant Lux Fresh Splash Skin Perfectors This range is crafted from effective ingredients which work to enhance the skins natural glow and perfection. This range has one variant Lux Sandal & Cream Fine Fragrance Elixirs This stunning range of body-washes is crafted with spell binding fragrances and exotic ingredients to produce a magical bathing experience which leaves your skin soft, perfumed and pampered

4.) Core strategy a.) Product positioning. Luxderived from the word luxury was launched in 1899 as a laundry soap in the UK. In 1925, the brand was extended to the toilet soap category. It was positioned as a beauty soap in India Soap colour, packaging, liquid soaps, moisturising bars has helped the brand keep consumers excited and the competition at bay. Hiring of celebrities helped the customers to relate to their idols The advertisements show not the star, but the actress in the character of an ordinary girl or woman, which any woman can identify with. This positioning has helped the brand in striking a chord with the target consumers.

Monitor and controls

1.) Marketing matrices BCG Matrix BCG matrix method is a portfolio management tool developed by Boston Consulting Group .It is a method based on the product life cycle theory that can be used to know what priorities should be given in the product portfolio of a business unit.To ensure value creation ,a company should have a portfolio of products that contains both high growth products in need of cash inputs and low growth products that generate a lot of cash.There are 2 dimensions : market share and market growth.Placing products in the BCG matrix results in four categories in a portfolio of

a company: Star : High market growth and high market share Cash cows : Low market growth and high market share Question marks :High market growth and low market share Dogs :Low market growth and low market share Innovation seems to be the main theme of the Indian soap industry in 2008. With the entry of ITC, the stage is all set for a major tussle between the new entrant and existing players in the Rs 6,500-crore branded toilet soaps sector in India. The soap industry is seen to have a market growth rate of about 10%. This shows that industry has a high growth rate. HUL is a market leader in the industry and its soap Lux enjoys a market share of 17 % in India. So according to the concept of BCG matrix any product which has high market growth and market share is classified as STARS. The major objective of products coming in Stars is to maintain their high market share. HUL comes up with various variants in LUX quite frequently in order to maintain their position. Ansoff model for Lux: The Ansoff Growth matrix is a tool that helps businesses decide their product and market growth strategy. Ansoffs product/market growth matrix suggests that a business attempts to grow depend on whether it markets new or existing products in new or existing markets. Current Product New Product Current Market Market Penetration Strategy Attract users : Gold coin offer Gold coins hidden in soaps selectively 100 gm contained 3-gm gold coin 150 gm contained 5-gm gold coin Product Development Strategy Product Reformulation: Introduced variants with different ingredients Honey, chocolate, strawberry, etc Product feature addition:Lux Crystal shine (with sparkles) Product line extension : addition of small size (Rs 5/-,45 gms) NewMarket Market development Strategy A new variant called Lux Nalangu pindi was introduced in Andhra Pradesh. Diversification Strategy Related Diversification : Introduction of body wash 2.) Secondary data


Financial documents

Profrorma income statements

As we can see the net income is decreasing every year and on the other hand operating and nonoperating expenses are increasing so budget should be made which helps to decrease the expenses. Only those expenses will be added which gives benefit in future. Advertisement expenses also be low down to enjoy the smooth cash flow.

Product feature matrix

Product Health security Fragnance Flavours Leather forming

Lux soap low high high high

Dettol soap high moderate low moderate

Cinthol moderate moderate Low low