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HEAD NURSE Duties and responsibilities of a head nurse? What kind of leadership do you possess?

As a Head Nurse, what have you ontributed to the hospital so far? !or the nursin" division in "eneral#

$%ANN&N' When it o(es to developin" and s hedulin" pro"ra(s, how do you develop your plans? How do you present your plans? &n what way do you i(ple(ent your plans? How do you evaluate your plans? What were your si"nifi ant ontributions to establishin" the work environ(ent for people? )&*E *ANA'E*EN) How do you (ana"e your ti(e despite of your busy s hedule? How do you prioriti+e? Usually what do you prioriti+e? ,UD'E)&N' How do you prepare a bud"et? ,ud"et for a unit? Do you have different bud"ets in ea h unit? ,ud"et of whole hospital? Annually? *onthly? S)A--&N' What type of (ethod used? ! onvention, y li al, forty hours./days, seven days off.0days on# How (any nursin" staff for ea h unit? How (any head nurse, staff nurse, and (idwife? Avera"e ensus in a ward?

How (any va ation leaves are allowed per year1per (onth? Si k leave? Workin" hours? !2ours 3 the staff# SE%E4)&5N 5- $ERS5NNE% Recruitment? Screening? Interview? Process of hiring a personnel Probation period? How many months? What are some strategies you might use to retain the quality employees you have and to recruit others to want to be a part of your team? 5R&EN)A)&5N Who orients new nursing employees? If youre a part of it how do you orient and encourage them? SU$ER6&S&N' Have you ever had problems in getting your subordinates to accept your ideas or department goals? What approach did you use? How effective was it? What do you consider the most important qualities for a supervisor?

*5)&6A)&5N What!s your secret to getting your employees"subordinates to follow you? How do you motivate employees? #escribe how you motivated a group of people to do something they did not want to do$ If any$ How do you motivate yourself personally? %o wor& harder$

S)A-- DE6E%5$*EN) How do you develop your staffs? 're you requiring conference seminars %raining etc$? #o you provide the budget? What are the ma(or training and development needs of the people in your department? How did you identify them? What are you doing about them?

What rewards do you give to your subordinates? What are the corrective measures do you usually do as a way of punishment? How do you prevent organi)ational misdirection? How do you monitor your employees progress and performance? Was it successful? What are you loo&ing for in an employee to get promoted?

ADD&)&5NA% 7UES)&5N !-or o(i 8relief# If I called a member of your current staff and as&ed them to tell me about you what do you thin& they would say?