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MARCH 2014
Our future flows from our past.

Ripon Historical Society 508 Watson Street Ripon, WI 54971 USA (920) 748-5354 Betsy Stanfield, Editor

Society Christmas Open House a Smashing Success
Bill Woolley “Well, I wouldn’t call it a ‘mob scene’, but it is close.” This was how President Jeff Bumby described the size of the crowd at the opening night of our three-day Open House during Ripon’s Dickens of a Christmas Celebration in December. And they kept coming all during the two days that followed. Joyce Rudolph, our Curator of Exhibits, stated that she felt it was our most successful Open House ever. Not only did we get a large number of visitors on a very cold weekend, but many came from out of town. Our Open House featured four major attractions. First, Joyce and her colleague, Michele Benson, with some help from Bill Woolley and Ripon College student Zach Peterson, mounted a completely new set of exhibits based on Family and Christmas. One room was full of historic toys, including a display of the artistic toys produced by the Naylor Toy Shop in Ripon in the 1940s. A second room featured a variety of displays, including a wide range of Nativity sets from various countries lent to us by several people in the community for this exhibit. Decorated Christmas trees and poinsettias in all the rooms added to the feeling of Christmas Our second feature was a major working model railroad layout created by Harry Heileman and installed in our main meeting room by his colleagues in the Ripon Area Model Railroad Club. The layout was designed to model railroads in the American southwest during the last decades of the 19th century and represented years of work on Harry’s part. Since the layout normally resides in Harry’s basement, few could see it. Now it was open to the town. Happily, the complete remodeling of the Archeology Room was completed just in time for Jack Steinbring to put up an amazing array of archeological displays related to various aspects of Ripon’s history as the third major feature of our Open House. Finally, Nedra Martz and Lara Grant set up shop in the archives to help visitors find information about their families, or their homes, or their businesses. This has been a popular feature at all of our Open Houses. All this was set to music by the Ceresco Prairie Band while hostess Alice Uecker helped visitors with cookies and hot cider. Joyce Rudolph repeatedly pointed out this weekend that this success was made possible by the support of a number of members of the Society and of the community in terms of loaning us artifacts, donations of food and flowers, and help with putting up the displays. This support was greatly appreciated. -1-

RHS Interview Program Tracy O’Brien Please interview relatives or elder friends to recall their memories of growing up in Ripon. We are looking for personal stories along with stories that are connected with historic events that occurred in Ripon. Some examples might include walks to school, the Grand View Hotel fire, or the arrival of the first stoplight in Ripon. Then please present the stories in written form to the Ripon Historical Society (508 Watson St). If there is a related photograph that could also be submitted, a copy of it can be made and the original returned to you. Stories can be submitted at any of the Ripon school offices, too. The historical society will also be working with the Ripon Commonwealth Press to print some of the stories in our local paper if you grant permission with your story submission. Please become a part of continuing the stories of our rich Ripon history. Visit the Ripon Historical Society at: or ‘Like’ us on Facebook. Did you know….? The Ripon Historical Society has a Facebook page? This is a great way to stay connected with other Society members and learn more about the Society’s activities. But watch out! The Ripon, California Historical Society also has a page. Be sure to type in Wisconsin when you search! Our March program features well-known local business Join us March 20th as Kathy Conant shares the history of Triarch, Inc. Triarch was founded in 1926 by George H. Conant, Ph.D. and employs 15 people representing more than 400 years of cumulative experience in slidemaking and service. Three generations of Conants have been involved in Triarch.


Don’t forget your annual dues! Dues for 2014 are due at the time of the annual meeting in November. Many of our members are life members and don’t have to think about this. Please give your dues ($10 individual or $15 family) to Roberta Walker at M&I bank in Ripon or mail them to Treasurer, Ripon Historical Society, PO Box 274, Ripon, WI 54971. If you find an error or omission, please notify Norm Loomer at 920-748-6002 or Life members are indicated with an asterisk. Don Amsden Don & Betty Armstrong Dianne Ashley *Mary Avery *Clarence & Diane Bemis *Michele Benson *Todd & Betty Berens Margaret Beuthin *Alan Bonsen *Mary Brandt Jodi Brewster Marilyn F. Briese *Jeff Bumby *Charlotte Burr *David Busker *Thomas E. Caestecker Donna M CharleyJohnson *Jack & Bev Christ *Sarah & Ralph Colonna *Florence Conant *Audrey Conant *Linda J. Corder Richard Zimman & Valerie Cox *William & Janet Crook Bill Davis *John C. Diedrich Richard & Cynthia Diemer *Paul Dolata Joan Dorsch *Alice Doss Richard Farvour *Jean Grant Fraga *Robert Francis *Jane Frederick *Brian Wood & Tony Frommelt *Kent Gallaway Neil Giffey *Ann Marie Godfrey Pat Grahn Lara Grant *David & Judy Gray *Opal M. Griffiths *Lynn Grout Paul Karen Hanisch *Neola Hannaford *C. P. Haseltine Kat Griffith & Soren Hauge *Jon Heatley *Marilyn Henning *Dr. Dennis C. Henry Jim & Nancy Hynes *Harry Heileman & Jean Johnson *Gwen Jones *Evelyn M. Kain *Audrey Kallio Dean Katahira *Jean Keith Phyllis N. Kielisch *Beverly King Margaret Klapperich Debra & Tom Konecny Matt Koski *Aaron Kramer *Nancy Kuhn J. Gregory Lagnan *Robert & Margaret Lambert *Robert & Suzanne Lennox *Mal Linville Norman & Susan Loomer *Astride H. Lowry *Audrey Lyke *Maggie Brandt & Bert Lyons Wesley & Donna Marquart *Nedra Martz *Sue Marvin Elvice McAlpine Susan & Daniel McConnell *Sarah McGowan *Gordon & Hazel Minch David Minor *Allen J. Mortenson Darren Mueller Robert Murray *Kevan Nault *Bill & Judy Neill *Randallin Nichols *Ruth Nimz *Lee J. Ninneman *Douglas & Lynn Northrop Tracy O'Brien *Elizabeth Olson John Olson *Bernice Parfitt Dan Parks *Norman Penke *Sam Pickard, Jr *Shirley Pohlman Andrew Prellwitz Carol Prellwitz Ralph & Lois Quinney Todd Rathkamp *Rik & Helga Rikkers *Ann L. Rosenberg Nancy Royce *Joyce Rudolph Carol Sachen Arlynn & Bonnie Sanders *Louise F. Schang David & Mary Jane Schanke Mark Schowalter *Fern Schultz *Meg & Bruce Schwemmer Donna Sereda *Marylin Shaw *Grant & Betsy Stanfield Marvin & Marilyn Stark *John & Sandra Steinbring *William Stott Joel Streblow *Shelley Swan Curtis & Jody Thiel Natalie A. Tinkham *Audrey A, Titel *Michael & Norma Trump *Alice Uecker Roberta Walker *Holly Welk *Mark Weller Gary Wetzel *Ralph & Jo Wickstrom Kathryn Wild *Shirley L. Williams *David & Karen Williams *Patricia Watson Wissing *Jean & William Woolley *Eric Black & Jennifer Woolley *Pamela Woolley *Maria Vittone & Steve Woolley *Melinda Morales & Allen Woolley Thomas & Chris Worrall *Fern Zamzow Shirley Zentner


Ripon Historical Society 508 Watson Street Ripon, WI 54971 USA

The Society is planning a jam-packed year. Join us for interesting and educational programs! Programs are at the Society’s headquarters on Watson Street and begin at 7 pm unless otherwise noted. March 20th April 17th May 15th Sept. 18th Oct. 16th Nov. 20th Kathy Conant – A history of Triarch, Inc. Hutje Petty – German immigrants in Wisconsin Gary Wetzel – Ripon Knitting Works Jack Steinbring – The settlement of Ceresco Ed James – A history of Wisconsin farming Bill Woolley – Dr. George Miller’s contributions to Ripon history -4-

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