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Divine Mother the bestower of Prosperity
quench its thirst only when rain falls. The utter

Stars this week
There is a reference in Mooka Panchasati
that Goddess Kamakshi caused a shower of gold in helplessness of the poor householder is indicated by a
Tundeeram (Tondaimandalam) to relieve the comparison to the fledgling of chaataka. To meet the
sufferings of the people. This allusion is substantiated possible objection that the householder’s present
by the existence of a place which goes by the name of plight is the consequence of his past wrong deeds
Pon Vilainda Kalathur in the Chingleput District. There (dushkarma), Sri Sankara says that this prayer, on his
is also a tradition that Sri Vedanta Desika, the renowed behalf, should be sufficient to absolve him of all his past
While the other verses in this stotra are all in
For the week Oct. 18 - Oct. 24 2009
praise of the Divine Mother, this particuolar verse alone
contains the request for wealth. In the same way as ARIES
showers relieve the parched condition of the scorching
summer heat, he prays that the cooling grace of the Bachelors in search of suitable partners may
Mother should relieve the sufferings of the poor make a wrong choice due to a debility-prone Mars,
householder. their marital star. Better wait and watch.
“Ishtaavisishtamatayopi yayaa dayaardra- Drshtyaa
trivishtapapadam sulabham labhante;
Vrshtih prahrshta kamalodaradeeptirishtaam
Pushtim krsheeshta mama pushkaravishtaraayaah

Geerdevateti garudadhwaja-sundareeti Ascending Venus makes it a positive week.
Sakambhareeti sasisekhara-vallabheti; Good ties at work will be your priority. With employers
Srshti-sthiti-pralaya kelishu samsthitaayai patting you, a good time ahead.
Tasyai namasstribhuvanaikagurostarunyai”.

In the first of the above two verses, also
occurring in Sri Kanakadhaaraastavam, Sri Sankara
prays for the bestowal of desired prosperity (Ishtaam
A chaotic week, you will be changing or
pushtim), wealth, crop, family, etc. Here Sri Sankara
indicates that even those who perform the prescribed cancelling engagements and juggling commitments.
rites to qualify them for a place in heaven, can attain But a keep a sensible head.
that status only when the benevolent glance of the
Divine Mother, seated on the lotus, falls on them. The
second verse indicates the true nature of the Mother. It CANCER
also teaches that the Divine Mother, known by different
names as Saraswati, Lakshmi, Saakambhari & A blind faith in your infallibility makes you
Parvati, are but manifestations of the same Supreme deny that someone else could also be right. But don’t
Divinity, who is none else than that Creative Energy, be so rigid warn your stars.
who forms part of the static Paramatma (Tribhuvanaika
Guru), both together constituting the Father and
Mother of the universe, and to whom creation, LEO
preservation, and destruction are mere sport (keli).
If we too recite this Sri
Sarvatantra Swatantracharya, who established the Kanakadhaaraastavam with devotion, we shall be Virgoan sun sighted by Jupiter indicates a
Vaishnava Sampradaya, prayed to the Goddess of relieved of poverty, sufferings and afflictions and sins huge professional turnaround. You will be aiming for
Wealth, Sri Mahalakshmi, by composing and reciting (daaridrya, taapa and paapa). new goals.
Sri Stuti and obtained gold for giving it to a
Brahmachari. This Brahmachari is said to have been
sent by some people envious of Sri Vedanta Desika VIRGO
and this youth begged for gold so that he could get
himself married. This incident also seems to have
taken place somewhere in the region known as An exalted Mercury will make you cash the
Tondaimandalam. goodwill of a high up. You will also get closer to a few
VOL: 2 ISSUE 18 October 18, 2009
Sri Kanakadharastavam of Sri Sankara others higher ups.
Bhagavatpada is a widely known composition. The
circumstances which led to thecomposition and With Agni and Prithvi LIBRA
recitation of this prayer is interesting. After his The successful launch of two advanced
Upanayana, performed at a very early age, Sri versions of the Prithvi-II nuclear-capable missiles on
Sankara rigorously followed the injunctions of the Monday with a strike range of 350 kms marks another You have to tackle over work and rising prices
brahmacharya life and lived on the food obtained by achievement for scientists. The two missiles hit their simultaneously. You will have no time for relaxation
begging or biksha. In the course of his daily biksha respective targets with clockwork precision. This, and festivities.
rounds, he stood at the threshold of a poor Brahmin, though heartening, is only a small step in gaining
one day, and asked for alms, by uttering the prescribed
formula, Bhavati bikshaam dehi. The master of the
parity with the recalcitrant Pakistan which, taking
advantage of clandestine import of nuclear missile SCORPIO
house, who himself lived on the charity of his technology from China and North Korea is being seen
neighbours, was away and the lady of the house, who as having stolen a march over India in recent years in
possessed a magnanimous heart, wanted to give A debility-prone Mars makes you distrust
this field. Evidently, the Nuclear Command Authority friends, which is your weak point. Change this outlook
something to this child with a divine countenance. Her set up in 2003 with the Prime Minister and the tri-
search resulted in unearthing only a small amalaka service Strategic Forces Command to ensure proper and mend your reputation.
fruit. This she deposited in the begging bowl devoutly, command and control structures, has fulfilled a long-
her heart melting at the thought that she had nothing felt need for a unified strategic initiatives structure. SAGITTARIUS
better to offer. Sri Sankara divined the situation and With the 700-km Agni-I and 2,000-km-plus Agni-II
realised that the small gift came from a heart as ballistic missiles still to be inducted into the armed
expansive as the sky itself. He composed and sang the Do not have any link-up with a Taurean or a
forces, the advanced version of Prithvi is currently the Geminian. However, Cancerians and Leos can be of
18 verses, which go by the name of Sri mainstay of SFC and consequently, its progress is
Kanakadharastavam. Sri Mahalakshmi responded to immense help to you.
vital to India’s missile programme.
the prayer and showered golden fruits inside the house Pakistan reportedly possesses between 30
of the poor Brahmin couple and banished their poverty. and 70 nuclear warheads, as well as short- and CAPRICORN
Incidentally this was also the first composition of Sri medium-range ballistic missiles. In addition, it is
Sankara. currently developing nuclear-capable Ghauri-3 Lives of Saturday-born will be full of hope.
There is internal evidence in the stotra itself intermediate-range missiles, which are designed for Others will follow them. But Sunday-born, shouldn’t
to substantiate this story. The verse providing this long-range strikes against civilian and military targets
evidence is : expect others to fight their battle.
deep inside India. Recently, the US had accused
“Dadyaat dayaanupavano dravina-ambudhaaraam
Pakistan of illegally modifying American-made
missiles to expand its capability to strike land targets
Asmin-akinchana vihanga sisau vishanne in India. It has also emerged time and again that
Dushkarma gharmam-apaneeya chiraaya dooram Pakistan has been a ‘rogue state’ trading nuclear As Virgo, Saturn and Mercury line up, all eyes
Naaraayana-pranayinee nayanaambuvaahah”. technology with states like North Korea, Libya, Iran
and China. In the circumstances, it is imperative that are on you. Your weakness is a brash attitude. Don’t lie
In this verse, Sri Sankara prays that impelled the world takes notice of nuclear proliferation by low when others are leading.
by the wind of kindness (dayaanupavano) of Sri Pakistan and the US stops looking the other way with
Mahalakshmi who is the beloved of Sri Narayana
(Naaraayana pranayini) the cloud of her glance
Pakistan pursuing its designs.
However, India can ill afford to leave its
(nayana-ambuvaahah) should shower (daadyaar) the flanks uncovered while placing undue reliance on
rain of wealth (dravina-ambudhaaram) driving away to other nations. Work on the Agni programme needs to A debility-prone Jupiter may dampen your
a distance (apaneeya chiraaya dooram), the scorching be speeded up alongside the development of Prithvi spirits. Don’t bid on a blind horse. Remain alert on
heat (gharmam) of the past sins (dushkarma) of this missiles so that we are duly prepared for any Thursday.
suffering (vishanne) fledgling (vihangasisu). The bird adventurism by Pakistan with China’s overt or covert
referred to here is the mythical chaataka, which can - Dr. Anuj Vikram Sharma
October 18, 2009 Alpha Times Page 3
Police and fire service on Accolades for Kalamandir
red alert as Diwali nears students in D zone sportsmeet
With the city effect from this morning, In the District also praised M.
level D’ Zone Athletic Rukmangathan, PET for
sports meet Kalamandir training the children to
Matriculation Hr. Sec. get district level prizes.
School students have The school principal
won medals and

To Advertise Call
99400 24556

gearing up for Deepavali a safety awareness
celebrations, the city programme was
police and theSouthern conducted for the rail
Railways have put in commuters at stations
place a tight security including Egmore today.
cover across vital and Watch towers
vantage points where have been erected in championship. Master L. also presented a gift to
t h e r e w i l l b e areas like Ranganathan Pavithran of Std XI has Master L. Pavithran for
preponderance of Street and G N Chetty won the championship in his championship in the
people. Road in T Nagar. 400 mts running and athletic meet.
All railway Policemen are longjump. Master
stations the city with also engaged in alerting Srinivasan . R of Std XI
emphasis on crowded people through public has won the 2nd place in
places like Chennai address system in major the 800 mts running.
Central and Egmore are shopping areas. The Gnanapradeep and
under increased crowds are also being Rameshkumar of Std XI
surveillance. monitored using powerful has won third place in
Simlarly police binoculars. longjump and discuss
are on the alert at the Metal detectors throw respectively.
shopping locations like have been erected at the The winners
Ranganathan Street and entry points of all shops. were congratulated by
Arcot Road. Shoppers are being the school secretary Ln.
Deployment of subjected to frisking to Dr. Shivjeyaram Sharma
dog and bomb-disposal avoid any untoward and the Principal Mrs
squads, and constant incidents, said another Rajharajeswari. They
vigil at railway stations senior police official. The
are some of the security entire strength of city
measures taken by the police from all the three
police ahead of the
festival of lights. CCTV
wings traffic, law and
order, crime and Armed
Watch Movie
cameras have been
installed inside long
Reserve force are
deployed to man all
Aadhavan through
distance trains to prevent
crackers from being
important road junctions.
‘We have
Radio One fm
carried in trains. deployed additional
Commando posse of policemen on Radio One fm
forces are also the road and visible 94.3 has booked the
maintaining vigil at policing will certainly entire theatre for a special
railway station and are deter many miscreants’, screening of Aadhavan
conducting random a police official said. on Sunday 18th @ 9 am.
checking. With the ban Similarly fire and rescue This is one big thing for
on carrying inflammable services are in full our listeners and our
materials like kerosene, readiness to meet any valued advertisers. For
petrol inside the train eventuality, he said. the listeners Radio One is
coming coming into distributing tickets thru an
SMS contest and give
Send your news and events to people who send SMS a
chance to win Saturday and Sunday show tickets.

To Advertise TTDC fair from
Call December 15
4269 The annual
trade fair hosted by the
official press note stated.
A special attraction would
Tamil Nadu Tourism be a replica of the
7393 D e v e l o p m e n t
Corporation (TTDC) will
begin on Island Grounds
National Art Gallery at the
Egmore Museum. The
TTDC expects the fair to
99400 here on December 15.
The 80-day event will
feature cultural
draw an estimated 20
lakh visitors, three lakh
more than the previous
24556 programmes, music and
folk performances, an
Page 4 Alpha Times October 18, 2009

Significance of Diwali
Deepavali is a t h o u g h t o f b u r s ti n g your little chain of needle- Narakasur was to be Olden days in
festival where people crackers, which sized crackers? Does the killed, Lord Krishna the joint family system it
from all age groups symbolizes the killing of boy next door have more asked him his last wish. was celebration with
participate. They give the demon king crackers than me? Narakasura replied that much fan fare and geity.
expression to their Narakasur. Competition is he wanted to enjoy the Now the methodology
happiness by lighting It is one time in stiff, and even the little girl last day of his life in a may have changed, the
earthen 'diyas' (lamps), the whole year that in silk frocks and their grand manner and Diwali numbers in the home
decorating the houses, children volunteer to finery are watching out was celebrated. That was diminished, the
bursting firecrackers and leave their beds long for the best sparklers and the beginning and the environment different but
inviting near and dear before the day begins. In flowerpots, the rockets practice continued. Deepavali is a time for
ones to their households fact, the traditional oil a n d Vi s h n u c h a k r a s , During Thalai rejoicing, for celebration
for partaking in a bath at 3 a.m, is the only which light-up the night Deepavali, the newly and enjoyment.
sumptuous feast. The chore that stands sky like a thousand stars. weds go to the bride's It has become
lighting of lamps is a way between them and the Grown-ups are the soul parental home for revelry. a ritual before dawn bath
of paying obeisance to pre-dawn adventures. of generosity. Festive Taking blessings from the and then call all the
god for attainment of They emerge, scrubbed bonhomie abounds. elders, they burst the first handful of relatives and a
health, wealth, clean to get into their But before that comes crackers of the day. hoard of friends as ask
knowledge, peace, valor festive attire, and light up Lehiyan, the bitter Usually a vast range of each other now in R. Karthikeyan, 99411 16677
and fame. little oil lamps, candles concoction, to cleanse crackers is bought, with anticipation of the
Deepavali celebrations a n d s c e n t e d the system of its festive costs running into festival, “Ganga snanam
begins early in the sticks(agarbathis), the over-eating! Then to the thousands of rupees. The aacha”…’Have you had 4269 7393
morning. The eldest wherewithal for setting crackers. Diwali Celebrations the Ganga snan?”
family member applies alight crackers and A puja is include a visit to the H a p p y
sesame oil on the heads sparklers. performed for the family temple, gifts of clothes Deepavali and may the
of all the family members. Who shall set deities in the morning. and jewelry, gorging on values of Truth,
Then, it's off for a bath, off the first chain of Breakfast consists of sweets and receiving Goodness and Beauty
beginning with the crackers that go boom, murukku , a sweet dish blessings of elders. The Light your way this year
youngest in the family. bang and vroom? and and, of course, idli or groom's parents, and in all the years to
They emerge with new who is the owner of the dosa . brothers and sisters come.
clothes and a look of 10-minute 'banger' that Some communities come down to join in the - SR
anticipation at the steals the thunder from believe that when celebrations.

Diwali Special Recipes Try these recipes this Diwali gentle heat till the
mixture leaves the sides
3/4 cup Sugar of the pan.
ALMOND SEERA Few silver vark for decoration Pour evenly
Preparation : 1. Heat milk in a large pot and add sugar. into a buttered dish.
Ingredients (Serve 4-6) Allow to cool
1 cup of coarse Flour Wheat 1-1/2 cup of 2. When it starts bubbling remove from stove and add
cashew powder little at a time. Mix well making a thick and set. Cut into
Blanched Almonds 1 teaspoon of Cardamom Powder squares.
¼ teaspoon of Crushed Saffron Strands 1 tablespoon form. You may add more powder if needed for making
thick. Sprinkle the
of Warm Milk 8-10 blanched Almonds, finely chopped nuts and serve.
into slivers 1-1/4 cup of Ghee 3 cups of Water 1 cup of 3. Pour the mix on a wax paper or thali. Press and
Sugar spread with your palms for making thin burfi.
4. Put silver vark on top if you wish.
Preparation : 1. Dissolve the crushed Saffron in the
warm milk and keep it aside for some time. 2.Now dry 5. Let it cool completely before cutting in burfi shape.
Kara Boondi
6. Put in a airtight container and keep in a cool place. Ingredients:
and make a powder of
Gram flour(Besan)- 1 cup
blanched almonds.
Rice flour- 1 spoon
Save 10 almonds for
the purpose of Choclate Barfi Chilli powder- 2
garnishing. 3. Melt Water- 1 to 2 cups
some ghee in a large Ingredients: Makes 18-20 pieces
1/2 cup cocoa powder Crushed Garlic- 5 to 7
and heavy pan. 4. Add Crushed ginger- small
some flour to the 1 tin condensed milk
ghee. Stir and fry the 50 gms. Ghee (Clarified Butter)
Curry leaves- few Raw peanut- 1/4 cup (optional)
mixture for about 2-3 100g chopped nuts Salt- to taste Oil- for deep fry
minutes. 5.Add some 3/4 cup sugar Recipe: Batter preparation: Mix Gram flour, Rice flour,
almond powder to the Preparation: Chili powder, Salt and 1 to 2 cups of Water in a vessel
mixture and again stir and fry the mixture till it becomes P o u r without any lumps. The batter should be little watery and
golden and gives a nice aroma. The mixture should be condensed not so thick.
stirred continuously. 6. Add some water and again stir milk into a For frying: Heat little Oil in a pan. Add Garlic, Ginger, Curry
and cook it. 7. Add some sugar to the mixture. 8. When t h i c k leaves and Peanuts, fry till Peanuts turn into dark in color or
the ghee starts to exude then add some cardamom and bottomed till Peanuts are cooked. Kept this aside.
saffron to the mixture. pan. Add Making boondi: Heat Oil in pan on medium flame. Pour
9. Now stir and place the prepared dish into the serving butter, sugar the batter over the perforated ladle(ladle with small round
and cocoa holes) and rub it with another ladle which makes the batter
dish. Garnish it with the chopped almonds. to fall through the ladle holes evenly. Cook till it turns into
powder into
crispy. Drain this from oil and repeat the same for the whole
KAAJU BURFI OR KAJU KATLI the pan. batter. Now boondi is ready.
Ingredients : S t i r Finally mix the boondi, fried items(from step 2)
2 cups of finely grounded Cashew powder constantly on and little Salt.
1/4 cup Milk -Sushma Trivedi
October 18, 2009 Alpha Times Page 5

Now platinum level
Anything interesting happening
in your neighbourhood please mail to us:
for test in English Wishes a very Happy Diwali
proficiency by Pearson
After gold scored online practice
standard quality by rivals test with results on the
to test English proficieny, same day.
global leader in ''The test has
technology and been developed through
assessment for worldwide field tests
education Pearson involving more than
brings to India the 10,000 international
platinum edge to students and would
academic test of English deliver measures of test
language proficiency for takers' proficiency to
those seeking admission higher education
in foreign universities. institutions, government
To be launched departments and ther
at nine centres across the organisations requiring
country by year end, and academic English,'' he
another six by next year, said.
the first centre of Besides, he
'Pearson Test of English said Pearson has made
Academic' (PTE elaborate arrangements,
Academic) in Chennai like self-studying details
takes off next month, on website and online
Pearson vice-president resources library, to
(EMEA & India) Joseph prepare students willing
R o s p a r s t o l d to undertake the test as
mediapersons here. ''we want them to
''With us the succeed at the very first
emphasis is on integrity go''.
and for this biometrics is
being used to prevent any
sort of tampering. We are
adamant about the Send your news and events to
security aspect that is
why we wish to conduct
the tests only at either our
own centres or with those
with which we sign up.''
Aimed at serving the
growing need of
universities to measure
English language
proficiency of students
and recognised by more
than 800 programmes
around the globe, the
Pearson test uses
automated scoring
technologies to provide a
test that accurately
measures the English
listening, reading,
speaking and writing
abilities of non-native
speakers, he said.
''We aim at
achieving the critical
mass of 2,000-2,500
programmes by 2010,''
he said adding that the
PTE Academic is
endorsed by the
Graduate Management
Admission Council
(GMAC), owner of the
Graduate Management
Admission Test (GMAT).
Informing that
the test fee would be 160
US dollars, Mr Rospars
said the test's USP lies in
that it could be completed
in a single three-hour
session, scores could be
received online in
maximum five days, can
be scheduled at a time
and date that suits the
student, send score
reports to as many
institutions without any
additional fee and
practicing with a fully-
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Ageless diva Rekha turns 55
55 is just a a lot of things that suit her none of which
number. To her millions of psyche as an actor. She succeeded, so she has On Call Service Rs. 75/-
fans, she was a diva and is a very genuine, warm withdrawn into herself,”
continues to remain one. and a very sensitive says noted film historian Computer THINK of Brahmin alliance!
The iconic figure of Indian person... And no denying Gautam Kaul. Think of us. Chennai Sai
film industry, Rekha Service
the fact a very Sankara Matrimonials, 7
turned 55 recently. good learner. It & Laptop (15/2), 9th Avenue, Ashok
The way she has been an Service. Nagar. Ph: 2471 6920, 98403
climbed the ladder of a m a z i n g 3 0 5 3 1 . W e b :
Software Installation on Latest
success from being an experience to
ordinary looking actress Rs. 75 charts, astro services
work with her; she
to a sensational female of is a perfect SM Computers available. Best Wishes-
Bollywood is remarkable. actress,” says Panchapakesan.
According to film critic Muzaffar Ali.
Omar Qureshi, “Rekha is
Over the
a diva... In fact, the term years, Rekha has
diva (in India) was coined b e c o m e a
for Rekha. The way she r e c l u s i v e
has metamorphosed personality. She
herself from what she now loves to be
was when she came into with herself; you
the industry is mind can catch a rare
blowing.” glimpse of her at
Men don’t forget t h e a w a r d
to swear by her enduring, functions where W i t h a n
she walks unfathomable persona,
in as a Rekha is a legend. She
quintesse has acted in more than
n t i a l 150 films and still
Indian continues to do rare
beauty projects. But she’s best
donning a remembered as the
g a u d y elegant ‘Umrao Jaan’, a
banarasi role which many India
saree with actresses dream of
o p e n , repeating.
rumpled Showering
hair and praises on her, TV
down-to- actress and item girl
timeless beauty. The earth persona, even as Rakhi Sawant feels that
‘Khubsoorat’ lady is not the onlookers gawk at her Rekha should have a
only known for her beauty in awe, amazed by her wax statuette in Madam
but also for her fashion charm. Tussaud’s museum. “For
sense and glamorous “ S h e i s me, she is the perfect
image. She is enigmatic, enigmatic... because she style icon,” says Rakhi.
believes filmmaker is hard to get. She only As she adds
Muzaffar Ali who directed moves in a small circle of another year to her life,
her in the poetic drama senior film people and we wish India’s Greta
‘Umrao Jaan’. she shuns the media. Garbo a very Happy
“She is a That's also because she Birthday.
dreamer... she lives in her is a tragic figure with
own world. She imagines failed relationships... This space
Orientation programme at Award for the best kolu costs
Rs. 200/-
Sitaram Vidyalaya A team from
Bank of Baroda visited
colourful dolls
An orientation
representing the theme, only
professional courses the Kolu in and around and a globe was placed
West Mambalam area to signify the same.
during the Navarathiri Sitaram School Kolu was

programme was which can be pursued by
organized for parents and Commerce students and
students of Std XI and XII the ever growing demand
to motivate and create an for such professionals at
awareness and bring a national and global level
sense of focus among the was the highlight of the
Commerce students in programme. Principal Celebrations. Sri Sitaram selected one among the
SSRV on Oct. 1. Mrs. Leela Parthasarathy Vidyalaya Mat. Hr. Sec. best in that area and prize
Mr. K. Shivram, appreciated the students School teachers had was awarded for the
Course Director Fulcrum and their enthusiam extended their same by Madurai S.
conducted the shown towards the participation in arranging Balasubramanian,
programme and unique integrated a Kolu in the place V i o l i n i s t M r s . V. P.
highlighted how to decide programme. allotted for them at Lakshmi, teacher of
upon the right career E a r l i e r, M r s . Ayodhya Mandapam. SSRV received the same
options in commerce Lakshmi Devi Commerce T h e t h e m a t i c on behalf the school at
stream after passing teacher welcomed the representation of the Kolu Bank of Baroda, West
class 12. Useful gathering. was universal peace and Mambalam Branch.
information about various brotherhood. Many
October 18, 2009 Alpha Times Page 7
Chocolate, water can
melt away your pain
E a t i n g heat stimulus that However, drinking water
chocolate or drinking normally caused the still caused a reduced
water can relieve aches animal to lift its paw off pain response, indicating
and pains, a new study
has shown.
the floor.
Mason and Foo
that drinking water was
considered a positive
Questions about life
A team of found that rats were experience while ill.
researchers says the much slower to raise By selectively T H E culture. TV serials like sacrifice to gain popularity?
distraction of eating or their paw while eating or inactivating a region in MAHABHARATA is an KBC have made this type The renunciation of which
drinking for pleasure acts drinking, compared to the brainstem called the inestimable treasure- of intellectual exercise thing does not plunge him into
as a natural painkiller. tests conducted while raphe mangus – an area house of knowledge and popular. If Yudhishthira grief? Which surrender
Although the they were awake, but not previously shown to blunt wisdom based on ancient was an exceptionally makes him prosperous and
findings come from eating. pain during sleep and
India’s historical, knowledgeable person surrender of what makes him
studies on animals, the S u r p r i s i n g l y, urination – Mason and
scientists believe the the researchers found no Foo were able to remove religious, ethical and and the answers he gave an exuberant man?
same effect takes place difference in the delayed the effect of drinking p h i l o s o p h i c a l to yaksha were so apt The renouncing of
in people. paw-lift response water on the rat''s pain perceptions. According to and illuminating that we pride leads him to popularity.
T h e s t u d y, between when the rat response. The brainstem its compiler Maharshi can make our lives No one comes to grief by
published Wednesday in was eating chocolate controls subconscious Veda Vyasa, just as sublime by learning them sacrificing anger.
the Journal of and when it was drinking responses such as butter in milky products, and acting upon them. Surrendering of desires make
Neuroscience by authors water, despite previous breathing and nectar in medicines, A chosen few, people prosperous and
Peggy Mason, PhD, research indicating that perspiration during Himalayas in mountains questions and answers abjuration of greed makes
p r o f e s s o r o f only sugary substances exercise. and cow in quadrupeds are being reproduced him a happy man.
n e u r o b i o l o g y, a n d were protective against " Y o u ' ' r e a re ra te d su p re me , below: What is the soul of man? Who
Hayley Foo, PhD, pain. essentially at the mercy s i m i l a r l y t h e What does not close its is his God-given friend? What
research associate "This really of your brainstem, and Mahabharata is second eyes even while asleep? is the animated spirit that
p r o f e s s o r o f shows it has nothing to the raphe magnus is part to none in the range of Who does not stir after keeps him on the go and what
neurobiology at the do with calories," Mason of that," Mason said. "It epics. He has summed having been born? Who is his best refuge.
University of Chicago, is said. "Water has no tells you, ''you''re going to u p t h e m a i n is heartless and who A son is counted as
the first to demonstrate calories, saccharine has finish eating this, characteristics of this advances with a force? the soul of man and a wife is a
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Consumer helpline proving The encounter panacea for cold and the good to all is noble and the
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to be a hit even during trial run Yaksha, in fact, is the
finest example of the quiz
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labelled as ignoble.

The Tamil Nadu private products and of Electricity Board, the S. Raghunathan
State Consumer Helpline government services like public distribution system
and Call Centre, at the insurance firms, banks, and the telephones News bytes Free access to ATMs of other
Ezhilagam complex in telephones and department. “People
Chepauk, is presently on
a trial run but it is already
transport. Consumers
can get the name of the
can also lodge
banks closes from Oct. 15
proving to be a hit. The officials, their landline complaints at the centre There would be In August, the high interchange expenses
facility is to be and cell phone numbers, which in turn will take it up limits to one's freedom to Reserve Bank of India for banks.
inaugurated by deputy e-mail addresses and with the private firm or walk into any bank's (RBI) had asked banks to Going by the IBA
chief minister M K Stalin contact address. The government agency automated teller impose the restrictions guidelines, a savings account
but consumers have software is designed to concered. Complaints machine from Thursday on third-party ATM usage holder may get five free third-
already started calling to enable callers to get the can be given through e- as third-party ATM usage from mid-October. The party transactions a month
seek information details through SMS and mail or post or in person. would carry a cap on the s t e p f o l l o w e d and could be charged from
pertaining to products email too. Presently, the Once the centre is withdrawal amount and recommendations by sixth onwards. However,
and services. According centre functions from inaugurated, an advocate the number of I n d i a n B a n k s ' current account holders might
to official sources, about 9.30 am to 6 pm. After the and a consumer activist transactions each month. Association (IBA), an not get any free third-party
600 calls have been inauguration, consumers will be available on a
received in the last one can make calls roundthe- From October industry lobby. usage.
specific day every week
week. The toll-free clock; calls received after to provide guidance and 15, a customer can take I B A h a d The short-lived
number (044-28592828), working hours will be counselling,” sources out a maximum of Rs s u b m i t t e d i t s freedom of using ATMs of
with five phone responded the next day,’’ added. Many consumer- 10,000 per withdrawal recommendations to the other banks, for services like
connections, is yet be sources said. activists in the city have from ATMs not owned by central bank last July cash withdrawals and
declared officially. Most of the calls welcomed the setting up the bank in which he has citing financial burden on account enquiries, without
“We have being received now of the call centre that has an account, and the banks due to a large being charged for the same,
uploaded details of relate to deficiency in been envisaged as a number of such number of third party was brought in force by the
grievance redressal services in departments nodal point for all kinds of transactions would be usage and small-ticket RBI on April 1, just over six
sections of about 650 like the Tamil Nadu complaints. limited to five a month. withdrawals, resulting in months back.
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