January 22, 2014
ANNOUNCEMENT: Adequate notice of this meeting held the 22nd day of January has been provided through resolution adopted by this Board at its Stated Annual Meeting held at the Administration and Records Building on January 4, 2 !4 through electronic mailing of said resolution to the Star "edger, the #aily Record and the Record, through posting on the $ounty %ebsite, and by filing a copy of same %ith the Morris $ounty $ler& and the $ler& of this Board' ROLL CALL: D r!"#$r Ma%#ran&!'$ D!(u#y D r!"#$r S"a( "") $ Fr!!)$'*!r Ca+ana Fr!!)$'*!r C!%ar$ Fr!!)$'*!r D!F '' (($ Fr!!)$'*!r ,r "-u% Fr!!)$'*!r Ly$n

SALUTE TO THE FLA. 4:/0 (010 2RO.RAM: M$rr % C$un#y Su(!r B$3' 2r!(ar!*n!%% S"$## D . ra'$1$, D r!"#$r La3 4 2u+' " Sa5!#y J!55 2au', OEM D r!"#$r Ca( #a' Bu*&!# 2r!%!n#a# $n 2RO2OSED RESOLUTION: Dra5# R!%$'u# $n In#!r!%# Ar+ #ra# $n Ca( ADMINISTRATOR6S RE2ORT COUNTY COUNSEL6S RE2ORT Fr!!)$'*!r D!(u#y D r!"#$r S"a( "") $


FREEHOLDERS6 RE2ORTS 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 9 CORRES2ONDENCE: R$a* O(!n n& 2!r1 #: !4( 2 ) J' A' *eary +,cavating $orp' to open -est .anover Avenue in Morris /lains for storm drain connection and curb replacement' 0not a ne%ly paved road ( paved 12!2 !3 DISCUSSION: *one CLOSED SESSION: I*!n# 5y T$( " 2ERSONNEL LABOR NE.OTIATIONS S#ra#!&y : 2BA 2;< = C$rr!"# $n% O55 "!r% A22OINTMENTS On! = H!r #a&! C$11 %% $n On! = I1(r$>!1!n# Au#)$r #y T3$ = Mun " (a' U# ' # !% Au#)$r #y S ? = M$rr % C$un#y O(!n %(a"! Tru%# Fun* C$11 ##!! On! = Y$u#) S!r> "!% A*> %$ry C$11 ##!! CONTRACT NE.OTIATIONS 2$#!n# a' C$n#ra"#%: .r!y%#$n! 2r$(!r#y C$'u1+ a Turn( -! 2URCHASE, LEASE OR AC@UISITION OF REAL 2RO2ERTY 2ENDIN. OR 2r$(!r#y A"Au % # $n = B Cana' S#r!!#, R$?+ury = Br *&! "$n%#ru"# $n an* r!'a#!* !a%!1!n#%0 ANTICI2ATED LITI.ATION MATTERS FALLIN. WITHIN THE ATTORNEY CLIENT 2RI8ILE.E

S#a#u% $5 B2U Ra#! A((' "a# $n H!ar n&%
4A** # $na' n5$r1a# $n a+$u# any r!%$'u# $n $r $r* nan"! #)a# a((!ar% $n #)! a&!n*a "an +! $+#a n!* +y "a'' n& #)! $55 "! $5 #)! M$rr % C$un#y C$un%!' a# ;B/:<2;:<0C00

5he public informal %or& session of the Board of $hosen 6reeholders of the $ounty of Morris %as called to order by #eputy #irector Scapicchio at 478 p'm' on January 22, 2 !4 in the 9no, $onference Room, Administration and Records Building, $ourt Street, Morristo%n, *e% Jersey' #eputy $ler& of the Board Susan Allard read the open public meeting announcement as to the scheduling resolution and the publication of notice as required by la%' Fr!!)$'*!r% In A##!n*an"!7 6reeholder $abana 6reeholder $esaro 6reeholder #e6illippo Fr!!)$'*!r% A+%!n#: #irector Mastrangelo 6reeholder "yon S#a55 2r!%!n# $ounty Administrator Bonanni Assistant Administrator Buchanan $ler& of the Board 9etchum #eputy $ler& of the Board Allard $ounty $ounsel :;Mullan Assistant $ounty $ounsel Bush O#)!r% 2r!%!n#7 5he meeting %as open to the public and press 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Su(!r B$3' 2r!(ar!*n!%% Mr' /aul distributed information on his department;s preparation %or& for Super Bo%l 41' 5he Morris $ounty :ffice of +mergency Management %ill activate the Morris $ounty +mergency :perations $enter 0+:$3 for operational activities relating to the Super Bo%l event' 5he +:$ %ill be used as the base of operations for $ounty and Municipal level emergency management activities' 5he +:$ %ill maintain a unified effort of operations among all sta&eholders in order to best serve the citi>ens of Morris $ounty' .is department had a briefing on January ! for all those involved %hich includes both public and private sector participants' About !! people attended' #uring the briefing, participants %ere given three scenarios that involved7 Rage 0terrorist groups3, -hite :ut 0sno% storm3, and sic&ness' 5he $ounty has a very significant deployment strategy for the Jets campus here in Madison as %ell as in the Meado%lands' 5he Sheriff;s :ffice %ill be helping out as %ell %ith personnel' 5he emergency operation period %ill be maintained from Monday, January 2? through Monday, 6ebruary 8' 5he $ounty has set aside 2 ) 8 beds at Morris @ie% for emergencies' Sode,o is also part of the operation in case emergency food supplies are needed' Space at Mennen Arena and $$M %ill be made available to serve meals' 5he 6reeholder Board than&ed the staff of :+M for all their %or& in preparation of the Super Bo%l' 2014 Ca( #a' Bu*&!# 6reeholder Scapicchio revie%ed the capital budget' 5his is a good comprehensive budget' =t has been &ept under A2B million for 2 !4' Most recently, AB million in emergency proCects has been added to the budget' .ighlights7 ( A??B,D million in road resurfacing, a BBE increase over 2 !8 budget' ( Security upgrades including a ne% courtroom' ( Money has been allocated for the Ann St' par&ing garage' ( Additional A?B, for pothole repair equipment for road patches' Summary7 "a% F /ublic Safety =5 .uman Services /ublic -or&s $$M 5echnical School A 2'B million A !'4 A !'! A!4'2 A 2'! A !'8 #irector #i<iralomo #irector "eary #irector /into #irector Roe /ublic =nformation :fficer <arifo 6reeholder 9ric&us 6reeholder Scapicchio

/ar& $ommission Misc' A total of

A !'! A '2 A28'D million

.e reported that "a% and /ublic Safety has been %or&ing on planning for the Super Bo%l and the A6$ team practicing at the Jets /ractice 6acility' .ealth management staff continues to %or& %ith Mr' .iggins from Jefferson on the milling issue' Staff has been out to the site several times %ith *J#+/ to assess the situation' Resolution *o' 82 on tonight;s agenda is the contract for the $ounty to provide public health services to the 5o%n of Morristo%n' -e %ill no% be providing health services to Morris /lains, Boonton 5o%nship, #enville and Morristo%n' Resolution *o' 2 uses HAS= grant dollars to provide a portable field deployable %ireless net%or&' 5his system %ill be used to provide connectivity for the S&y%atch and mobile camera systems' =t is being deployed for the Super Bo%l to provide real time video feeds around the Jets 6acility and Meado%lands' FREEHOLDER CESARO .e %ould li&e to schedule a transparency group meeting in the near future for updates and ho% %e can continue to be on top of transparency' .e %ill continue to &eep open communications %ith Mr' :;Mullan;s office regarding R6/s2bids for the %ay %e do business in the $ounty' 5he Shared Services Meeting %ith Roc&a%ay 5o%nship %ill be held ne,t %ee&, January 8 , at G7 p'm' at the /ublic Safety Academy' 6reeholder $esaro noted that several to%ns in Morris $ounty have been named the safest to%ns in the state' .e brought up the idea of giving proclamations of recognition to the municipalities, possibly presenting them at the council meetings' 5his %as tabled until the t%o other freeholders %ho are absent can give their opinion' FREEHOLDER D!FILLI22O :n January !!, she attended the program on .uman 5raffic&ing presented by Morristo%n Memorial .ospital, the Junior "eague of Morristo%n, Jersey Battered -omenIs Shelter, $ornerstone and several other groups' She found it to be both frightening and educational' 5heir %hole effort is to raise a%areness about this issue, especially during the Super Bo%l' She questioned %hether there is a component %ithin the county that handles this' =t %as noted that the $ounty;s .uman Services division %or&s in coordination %ith outside

Bridges, roads and $ounty $ollege %ill receive some offset money from the state and federal governments' 2 !4 $apital Budget /aving 5rends 0$ounty $ost3 • 6or 2 D the cost %as a little under AB , %ith 2 ! through 2 !8 incrementally increasing, and 2 !4 the biggest increase %ith A2,!D ,? being spent' -e need to &eep the roads in good passable condition' 6unding #ebt7 2 ! A88'2 million 2 !! A4 'D million 2 !2 A2D'2 million 2 !8 A2!'B million 2 !4 A24'B million FREEHOLDER ,RIC,US =n 2 ! legislation passed to place a 2E cap on police and fire interest arbitration a%ards' 5his %ill e,pire in April, 2 !4, and he %ould li&e to adopt a resolution to support legislation that %ill e,tend the cap' 5he Board concurred and a resolution %ill be prepared for tonight;s agenda' ADMINISTRATOR6S RE2ORT Mr' Bonanni reported that the =nsurance 6und $ommission meeting scheduled to ta&e place yesterday had to be re(scheduled to January 2? due to the sno% storm' .e reminded the 6reeholder Board that 6riday morning at !!7 a'm' the Sheriff has a dedication for t%o former Sheriff;s :fficers' After that, the $hamber of $ommerce has a luncheon at the .anover Marriott' .e distributed information to the Board on tipping fees, prepared by Mr' Sch%ei>er, since this issue has come up again' .e than&ed the $ounty staff for helping %ith the storm yesterday' +veryone stayed on top of it' COUNTY COUNSEL .is department revie%ed 8G resolutions for the meeting' 5here are t%o ordinances that %ill be introduced for tonight;s meeting7 a $apital =mprovement 6und :rdinance for A?B, to purchase asphalt hot bo, trailers for road patch repairs and a A4,2B , Bond :rdinance for $$M capital improvements' FREEHOLDER CABANA

agencies such as the Jersey Battered -omen;s Shelter' She attended the January !8 *J5/A reorgani>ation meeting' She %as afforded an orientation %ith staff that afternoon' 5homas #e<ise from .udson $ounty %as elected $hairman at the meeting' .er Morris $ounty $ommittee assignments %ill include the /roCect /rioriti>ation $ommittee and the 6reight =nitiative $ommittee' January !4 %as the Morris $ounty .eritage $ommission reorgani>ation meeting' Mr' -oodruff has resigned due to illness' Mr' 6ast %as elected to $hair' $urrently, the .eritage $ommission archives are being stored in t%o locations, at the $ultural $enter and on the 8rd floor of Morris @ie%' =t is requested that materials at Morris @ie% be returned to the $ultural $enter no% that a sprin&ler system has been installed and the MHA is moving out' She supports this request' :n January !4 the 6reight Railroad Advisory $ommittee met' $urrent initiatives include the 9envil 5eam 5rac&, Bridge =nspections and the #over and Roc&a%ay2.igh Bridge Rehabilitation' 5he 9envil 5eam 5rac& proCect has an anticipated start date in the spring, assuming all goes smoothly %ith the bid process and #:5 revie%' 5he bridge inspections %as an unfunded mandate' 5he final report should be available shortly to identify and plan for repairs' :ne bridge %as identified as needing immediate repair %or& and repairs %ere accomplished' 5he #over and Roc&a%ay2.igh Bridge Rehabilitation has grant money available for replacement of ties and rail but due to length of time since the estimate %as completed 0a%ard %as in 2 ! 3 the #:5 thought the bid %as too lo% no% and the $ounty %ill need to rebid, thus, delaying the proCect' She %as part of the January !B $apital Budget $ommittee meeting' As liaison to .uman Services she toured Morris @ie% on January !4 and the :ffice of 5emporary Assistance on January !B' She is impressed %ith both facilities and has an appreciation for the hard %or& that staff accomplishes' 5he nursing home is seeing an increase in population due to the efforts to reach out to the community and their efforts to be on insurance list0s3' She believes Morris @ie%;s reputation and 9athy <oldberg 0%ho heads up admissions

and is a /remier employee3 have much to do %ith its daily census success' 5he :5A %as pac&ed during her tour' Jet the lobby %as quiet and calm' She noted that %e may see an increase in need for services because unemployment benefits ended for many fol&s' #uring both tours she identified a fe% potential money ma&ing possibilities' 5he obvious is the third floor of Morris @ie%, but another site %as the underutili>ed dining room off the &itchen at Morris @ie%' She %ill reserve ma&ing suggestions for another time' Since the last %or& session she has attended the Morristo%n -omen in Business &ic&off brea&fast, the Blue Ribbon $eremony at the M$ School of 5echnology, the Morris $ounty +conomic #evelopment $orp' Kuarterly Meeting %ith Robert "ip&a from Morris $ounty $hamber of $ommerce and Mi&e :brems&i from J$/F"' She also attended the Coint monthly M$$$ and Morris +"$ meeting %here $hief of Staff from Assembly%omen #e$roce;s office provided an update on 5renton' $ounty $ollege is offering classes for municipalities to ta&e advantage of, such as customer service s&ills' Regarding .uman Services, she noted that the *J #ept' of "abor is relocating the :ne Stop $areer $enter in #over to a better facility on Route ! ' FREEHOLDER ,RIC,US 5he budget process continues' 5hey are no% going through a second round' :ne of the items %e have discussed recently is the condition of the $ounty;s aging vehicle fleet' -e need to consider this in our capital program' 5he Budget Subcommittee had a public input meeting last -ednesday' 5here %ere positive comments given' 5he non(profits %ere pleased they are continuing to receive funding' FREEHOLDER SCA2ICCHIO .e reported on the follo%ing7

• /roposals for the professional services
associated %ith the demolition of the Ann Street <arage %ere received and revie%ed' Resolution L28 a%ards this contract'

• 5he Main Street Bridge in the Broo&side
section of Mendham 5o%nship has been temporarily repaired %ith a steel plate and repaved' All temporary barriers

have been removed' Replacement of the structure is still planned to begin in July' • 6airmount Avenue in $hatham 5o%nship bet%een Southern Boulevard and Meyersville Road %as resurfaced in 2 !8' /roblems %ith materials have lead to necessary repairs' 5he contractor is repairing the seam that has opened %ith crac& seal as soon as %eather permits' 5he sections of asphalt failing %ill be milled out and resurfaced in April' 5his is all financed by the maintenance bond %e hold %ith the contractor' • All of the $entral /ar& fields have permits for formal use beginning Saturday, March !st' And, all fields have boo&ings from March !st through the first t%o %ee&ends of #ecember' Some time slots are still available at various hours on various days' Seventeen different youth and adult, male and female groups2clubs2to%ns have been scheduled to receive multiple field permits for soccer, rugby, football, lacrosse' 6reeholder Scapicchio noted that the $ounty might %ant to consider installing a bubble over one or t%o fields for increased usage during the %inter months' Ms' "eary responded that Mr' .elmer had loo&ed into that option %hen they %ere developing Rin& *o' 8 at Mennen' 5hey decided against it due to health, safety and air quality issues, as %ell as problems %ith ice and sno% accumulating on top of it' Since this %as a %hile ago, 6reeholder Scapicchio as&ed if Mr' .elmer could loo& into it again since they may no% have an improved product' "astly, the ne,t MHA meeting is 6ebruary !!' Assistant Administrator;s Report Ms' Buchanan reported that the :ffice of /ublic =nformation is assisting :+M;s Super Bo%l preparedness by putting Mr' /aul;s blogs and t%eets on the $ounty %ebsite' 5his 6riday at ! 7 a'm' is the *JA$ $ounty *ursing home meeting' 6ebruary 8 at G78 p'm' is the Morris @ie% Advisory $ommittee meeting' Ms' Buchanan informed the 6reeholder Board that Mr' 5ugman has been accepted into the "eadership Morris /rogram' She distributed the Morris $ounty "ibrary Annual Report to the Board %hich has lots of interesting statistics to revie%' DE2ARTMENT HEADS6 RE2ORTS Ms' "eary reported that our Buildings F <rounds staff is &eeping an eye on the

icicles hanging from the Administration and Records Building along Schuyler /lace and %ill bloc& off sections of side%al& %hen necessary' 5his issue %ill be addressed %ith the upcoming cornice capping proCect that is part of the draft 2 !4 capital budget' Mr' /into reported that Resolution *o' 22 is an agreement %ith Mufall for dental services to the veteran population' 5he mobile dental van %ill be par&ed outside the @eterans $linic and can provide service to 24 veterans in a day' 5his is at no cost to the veterans' 5he $ounty may also offer this to the homeless shelter clients if MufallIs schedule %ill permit in the future' @eterans and homeless clients can also visit the Mufall dental center in #over for a fee, but %ell belo% mar&et rates' RESOLUTIONS 5he Board discussed and revie%ed the resolutions' ROAD O2ENIN. 2ERMIT 5he Board revie%ed the permit and this %as approved to be placed on this evening;s agenda for approval' At B72B p'm' Mr' :;Mullan read the follo%ing7 -.+R+AS, pursuant to /'"' !D?B $h' 28!, the :pen /ublic Meetings Act, the Board may e,clude the public to discuss matters as are provided under the ActN and -.+R+AS, said Act provides that this Board e,clude the public from the discussion of such matters, *:-, 5.+R+6:R+, B+ =5 R+S:"@+#, that this Board hereby e,cludes the public in order to discuss such matters' 5he general nature of the subCects to be discussed is as follo%s7 !' 2' "abor *egotiations Strategy ) /BS 2D1 ) $orrections :fficers Appointments :ne ) .eritage $ommission :ne ) =mprovement Authority 5%o ) Municipal Htilities Authority Si, ) Morris $ounty :pen Space 5rust 6und $ommittee :ne ) $ounty Alliance Steering $ommittee /otential $ontracts <reystone /roperty $olumbia turnpi&e /roperty Acquisition ? $anal Street, Ro,bury ) Bridge construction and related easements' Attorney2$lient /rivilege Status of B/H Application .earings

8' 4' B'

Respectfully submitted, Susan Allard #eputy $ler& of the Board 5he meeting returned to open session at G7 ! p'm' 5hose present %ere 6reeholders $abana, $esaro, #e6illippo, 9ric&us, and Scapicchio' Also present %ere7 #an :;Mullan, $ounty $ounselN John Bonanni, AdministratorN Mary Jo Buchanan, Assistant AdministratorN and Randy Bush, Assistant $ounty $ounsel' At G7 2 p'm' 6reeholder $abana made a motion to go bac& into open session' 6reeholder $esaro seconded the motion' 6reeholder $abana e,pressed interest in doing proclamations for the Mountain "a&es 6ootball 5eam in celebration of becoming State $hampions' At G7 B p'm' 6reeholder Scapicchio made a motion to adCourn and 6reeholder 9ric&us seconded the motion' Respectfully submitted, #iane M' 9etchum $ler& of the Board

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