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1 a i. Sublimation 4
ii. Condensation
iii. Freezing
iv. Boiling/evaporation

b The process that absorb heat: 3
i. Melting
ii. Boiling/Evaporation
iii. Sublimation

The process that release heat:
i. Freezing
ii. Condensation

c Absorption of heat/ liquid changes and becomes gas. 1 8
2 a Conduction 1
b R→P→Q 1

c i. Rod R 3
ii. The material is a poor conductor of heat
3 a i. P 1
ii. Dull and black surface absorbed heat better than shiny 1
b Through radiation 1
c. A white surface is a poor absorber of heat ( 1 ) Therefore, by wearing 2
a white shirt on a hot day, he will not feel too hot ( 1 )

d i. Paint the house with bright /white colours. 2
ii. White or bright colour is a poor absorber of
heat. The white or bright colour prevents the
houses from being too hot by reflecting the
heat away from the house
4 a Manipulated variable : Type of sheet material 2
Responding variable : Final temperature

b X = 76  celcius 2
Y = 84 celcius

c X = 24 celcius Y= 16 celcius 2
d Materials 1

e Iron sheet 1
f i. 70 celcius ii. Cooper iii. iron 2
5 a Through conduction 1
b i. R , P ,Q 1
ii. Time taken for thumbtack Q to drop is less than time taken
for thumbtack P and R // Thumbtack Q drop first
compare to thumbtack P and R. 2
c i. aluminium 1
ii. aluminium can absorb heat better/ faster . 2
6 a i. Student in Situation A received heat more than student 1
in Situation B.
ii. he black color is the best heat absorber than the 1
white color.
b i.
Tin Initial Final 2
X 28.60 C 350 C
Y 28.60 C 60o C

Tin Initial Final Rise
X 28.60 C 350 C 6.4o C 2
Y 28.60 C 60o C 31.4o C


Manipulated: Type of surface color//surface color
Responding: Thermometer reading//temperature reading//the
rises of temperature
Control : Volume of water//initial temperature//the distance 3
of bunsen burner//

d The darker the surface the higher the heat absorbed 1