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Polytechnic University of the Philippines

College of Engineering
Computer Engineering Department
NDC Cmpd., Sta. Mesa Manila





1. Follow all instructions carefully. Failure to do so will warrant a substantial deduction
from your final score.

2. Write everything in non-red ink. No borrowing of pens, calculators, etc.

3. You are not allowed to leave your seats unless you are through with the exam. If you
have any questions, just raise you hand and the instructor or proctor will attend to
you shortly.

4. Talking to or looking at your seatmate (and his/her paper) is automatically considered
as cheating which is subject to very serious sanctions as stipulated in the student

“If there is nothing to lose, no sacrifices; then there is nothing to gain….”


TEST I. IDENTIFICATION & FILL IN THE BLANKS: Identify the following. Write you
answer on the space provided before each number. 2 points each

______________1. It is the act of relaying message in binary form between two points.

______________2. It is a channel characteristic that exhibits the fading of an electrical signal.

______________3. It refers to the physical and non-physical connection between the
transmitter and the receiver.

______________4. It is a channel characteristic that refers to the quantity of information the
channel can convey.

______________5. It is a term that refers to the part of the signal that repeats itself.

______________6. If the signal has a velocity of 300,000km/sec and wavelength of 0.3m, what
is the equivalent frequency then?

______________7. It refers to the length of time of the cycle.

______________8. What is the frequency range of the telephone system?

______________9. ____________ is proportional to the length of the antenna.

______________10. Consists of several periodic signals.

______________11. The frequency of the signal component is directly proportional to the
________ of the signal.

______________12. It is a classification of channel that signals are confined to the medium and
do not leave it.

______________13. It is considered the expensive bounded media that can be used as
transmission channel.

_____________14. Which among the following are examples of unbounded media except for:
UTP, Bluetooth, infrared.

_____________15. The older data networks cable.

_____________16. An analog periodic signal completes 10 complete revolutions after 50
microseconds. What is the frequency of the signal?

_____________17. What is the bit rate of a digital signal if it takes it 833.33 microseconds to
transmit either a logic 1 or a logic 0?

_____________18. A certain signal has a constant cycle length of 0.02m and a propagation
velocity of 320,000km/sec. What is the frequency of this signal?

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____________19. A 100KHz has a period of?

____________20. Which of the following implies multi-user sharing of data? Shared data,
shared logic or shared resources.

____________21. A digital signal with a bit rate of 125µs has a data rate of?

____________22. It refers to the unwanted transfer of energy from one circuit to another.

____________23. Which of the following does not belong to the group: satellite system, laser
transmission, submarine cable.

____________24. It is a type of bounded media that suffers from the problem of skin effect.

____________25. It is the propagation used by microwave transmission.

____________26. It is a propagation path of radio waves that follows the earth’s curvature.

____________27. It is considered the earliest and simplest type of bounded media.

____________28. What is the name for a network that connects two or more local area
networks together, sometimes across a large geographical area?

____________29. Element s of communication system that used to encode, modulate and
encrypt data.

____________30. A quantitative body of knowledge that has been established about

TEST II. MODIFIED TRUE OR FALSE. Write T if the statement is true otherwise, correct
the underlined word. Write your answer on the spaces provided before
each number. Use UPPER-CASE LETTERS only. 2 points each

__________________1. A local area network describes a network that uses WAN technologies
to interconnect computers within a larger geographical locations.

__________________2. Noise most likely affects the performance of the transmitter.

__________________3. The communication medium causes the signal to be attenuated.

__________________4. A frequency of 27MHz has a wavelength of approximately 81m.

__________________5. The human voice has a frequency range of 300 to 3000Hz.

__________________6. Television broadcasting uses the EHF frequency bandwidth in

__________________7. Another name commonly used for signals in the HF range is shortwaves.

__________________8. Signals that travel through the free space for long distances are called

__________________9. A signal with a frequency of 18Mhz has a wavelength of 18.67 meters.

__________________10. AM broadcast stations are in the MF frequency spectrum.

__________________11. Radio transmissions do not occur in the VLF and LF ranges.

__________________12. TV channels (Studio 23 and Q TV) uses the VHF part of the spectrum.

__________________13. A frequency of 1Ghz is the same as 100MHz.

__________________14. The spectrum space occupied by a signal is called bandwidth.

__________________15. A signal occupies the frequency range from 1.050 to 1.175 MHz. Its
bandwidth is 125KHz.

__________________16. In most communication systems, the baseband signal is used to
modulate a higher frequency signal called the pulse or dial tone.

__________________17. Spectrum space is a precious natural resource.

__________________18. The greatest portion of the spectrum covers radio waves.

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__________________19. Electromagnetic signals produced primarily by heat sources are called

__________________20. Frequencies above 1GHz are called microwaves.

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