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Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C

Serving Arboretum, Brentwood, Fort Lincoln, Gateway, South Woodridge and Woodridge

5C01 - Antonette E. Russell, Vice Chair 5C02 - Karla Butler 5C03 - Bob King 5C04 - Jacqueline Manning, Chair 5C05 - Regina James 5C06 - Mercile Banks 5C07 - Nolan Treadway, Secretary and Treasurer January 15, 2014 Fifth District Metro Police Station 1805 Bladensburg Road NE Washington, DC 20002 I. II. Call to Order Chair Manning, 7:04 PM Determination of Quorum Commissioner Russell determined there is a quorum. In attendance: Commissioners Russell, Manning, James, Treadway. Introductions of Commissioners MPD report Sergeant Herring, 5th District, PSA 503 Election of Officers a. Gottlieb Simon of the DC Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commission spoke to the meeting about the election officers and ANCs in general b. Chair Manning moves to reelect all the current officers to continue in their current roles. Commissioner James seconds. Mr. Simon oversaw the vote. Current officers were unanimously reelected to their respective positions. Those positions are: i. ii. iii. iv. Chair Jacqueline Manning Vice Chair Antonette E. Russell Secretary Nolan Treadway Treasurer Nolan Treadway 1



Approval of the Agenda a. Approval of agenda with correction, moved by Chair Manning, Commissioner James seconds.


Treasurers Report a. Commissioner Treadway presents the Treasurers Report i. We have not spent any money ii. Checking balance - $25,778.79 / Savings balance $2.03 b. ANC Security Fund participation Commissioner James moves that we take part in the program, including the $25 expense to participate. Chair Manning seconds. Unanimously approved. c. Commissioner Treadway presents the budget for FY14. There is not expected to be any disbursements from the DC Government (ie ANC 5C is not expecting any more revenues in FY14) d. Long discussion about the lack of disbursements from DC government in FY14. e. Commissioner James moves that we approve the budget, Chair Manning seconds. Budget is approved unanimously.


Approval of minutes for November meeting minutes with one correction. Moved by Commissioner Treadway, seconded by Commissioner James, approved unanimously. a. In section VII, # a. the Commissioner who stated the proposed plan disenfranchised voters was Commissioner James, NOT Commissioner King.

IX. X.

Presentations A representative from a church on Bladensburg Road (in Karla Butlers district) came and presented. He mostly wanted to inform the body they would be using some exterior speakers and having a loud event on the upcoming weekend. He was advised in the future he should present to the Woodridge South Civic Association and then come to ANC 5C. DPW representative gives an update and informs Commissioner James moves to adjourn the meeting at 7:52 PM. Unanimously approved.