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(Since 1988)
Institute of Community Empowerment & Micro Finance
Registered Under Society Reg. Act 1860 & 12 A & 80 G under Income Tax Act


Net work
Member :
PAHAL Executive Director Mr. Islam Hussain
with Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Mohammad
Yunus in a Micro Finance Conference in New
Delhi in March 09
Microfinance Platform Planet Finance, France
Micro-credit Campaign, USA
Sa-dhan- New Delhi
Credibility Allience Mumbai
-:Managed by :-
Institution Gola Barrage Road Kathgodam, Nainital, Uttarakhand, INDIA
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3. Pahal Community Education Support Services
4. Pahal Community Capacity Building Services
Two another services will commence next phase
for community transport & marketing of SHGs
farms & non farm produce.

PAHAL PAHAL has carried out following work in 2009
(Since 1988) PAHAL Community Micro Finance SHG
Registered 12 A & 80 G under Income Tax Act
Member: Sa-dhan , Credibility Alliance
Microfinance Platform Planet Finance, France & Micro- PAHAL has Promoted 525 Self Help Groups & JLG
credit Campaign, USA Credit linked 325 so far in following areas
1. Haldwani -Kathgodam semi urban & rural
Annual Report 2009
AHAL is a voluntary Non Government

P Organization working in the field of
social welfare, Rural & Slum area Sustainable
Development, Environment Protection with the
tool of Self Reliance, Micro Saving, Micro-
Financing, Capacity Building of needy people,
especially women, awareness programs co-
operation & co-ordination. We are working in Community Meeting in Haldwani Bock
2. Bhimtal & Jeolikote Rural & semi Urban
125 Villages and slum areas of Four Districts of
3. Kotabagh Rural
Uttarakhand & one Districts of UP State reaching
4. Jaspur semi urban
more than 12000 families. This year we are
5. Purala & Naogaon Block (Uttarkashi)
targeting the community with consolidated
6. Rampur (slum area)
approaches for the holistic development. Also the
About Rs.400 lakh ((1000000 $)) has been mobilized as
organization has been restructured and all
saving, internal landing, and bank credit. These groups
community services from now onwards will be
are being used for social Mobilization also.
undertaken under the aegis of PAHAL- Institute
For Community Empowerment & Micro PAHAL Community Micro Finance
Finance & we will offer our services to We are providing Microfinance to SHGs & JLGs
community under following heads- under the aegis of "PAHAL Community Micro
1.Pahal Community Livelihood support Services
finance Services". Till date a total of 100 lakh
1. Pahal Community Micro Finance Services
micro credit have been disbursed to the 1200
2. Pahal Community Health Support Services
livelihood initiatives in these areas. We have identified
the following activities for livelihood:
a. Shopping Bags/Envelope making
b. Candle making
c. Embroidery work
d. Crochet work
e. Sweater weaving
f. Vegetable dehydration
g. Dairy & Poultry
Restaurant in Haldwani Slum supported by PAHAL
h. Stone Crafts
Community Micro finance Services
Members with the support of SIDBI, Nainital Bank, i. Wooden crafts
ICICI Bank, NMDFC & UMFI. j. Kids garments

We have developed new design shopping Bags using
A women tailor in Haldwani Rural area supported by news paper for carrying variety of goods with carrying
PAHAL Community Micro finance Services
capacity of more than 2 Kg. We are constantly
Micro Insurance
Pahal is facilitating micro insurance product of well providing Paper Bag training to interested SHGs
established & reputed Insurance company like LIC of members to start production.
India, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company &
Birla Sunlife Insurance Company to our clients for
securing their life against any unprecedented

Livelihood support Services
We have observed that a majority of our clients are
facing acute livelihood problems & not coming out
poverty due to their uncertain income & vulnerability.
To overcome this problem we are implementing
Women SHG members are under training for making paper
Shopping Bags by PAHAL Trainer in Bhimtal Block
Rozgar Mela
Under the Community Livelihood Support Services we
have organized Rozgar Mela in Haldwani area where
hundreds of unemployed women participated. PAHAL
team facilitated them to select appropriate employment
and more then 200 SHG members got registered and
are now contributing livelihood & income generations
support to their families from PAHAL Community
Livelihood Support Services

Design work shop
Office of Development commissioner Handicrafts has
sanctioned a design workshop to provide design inputs
to our women Patchwork embroidery artisans. We have
conducted this workshop in Haldwani & provided
design technical support to 30 women artisans. We are
continuously extending support to our artisans in
respect of any technical inputs, raw material
procurement & marketing.
These beautiful stone crafts developed in MEDP Training
MEDP Programme workshop Prograame was supported by NABARD

This year PAHAL conducted Micro Enterprise Health & Pulse Polio
Campaign/Immunization Awareness
Development Programmes for our SHG Members. This PAHAL is constantly working in health related issues
programme was sponsored by NABARD Dehradun like Immunization, RCH, Pulse Polio etc. PAHAL‘s
Regional office, worker keep in touch with the women SHG members
and motivate/guide and advice them when required
Mahila Shramirdhi Yojna
With the support of National Minorities Development
& Finance Corporation, Delhi PAHAL conducted two
skill up gradation training programme for patchwork
embroidery crafts persons. Herein 40 women artisans
got the relevant training and also got marketing support
from us. NMDFC provided opportunity to exhibit their
where 50 beneficiaries of different SHGs were provided
embroidery product in India International Trade fair
with Stone crafts training. We are also making efforts
New Delhi. PAHAL handled all logistic support for the
for linking marketing channel to off load their
production. artisans etc from placing orders to direct sales
Marketing of SHG’s Products Community Capacity Building &
This year NABARD has sanctioned a rural Mart for We believe that community must take their own
marketing of our SHGs produces. We have started Mart initiatives rather than seeking intervention from
in the name of Kota Fresh. This mart is managed by our others, and for this to happen we are acting as
sponsored Kota Doon Self Helf Group Federation. We
facilitator for providing initial support system, so
are also running a marketing outlet in Saras marketing
that the community can access to the resource.
Centers Haldwani for marketing the products & farm
Under the concept of Community Capacity
produced. In addition.
building support PAHAL has taken concrete steps.
We have arranged exposure visit, on site training
technology transfer programme etc
We have also organized awareness regarding
livelihood, income generation government
development initiative, schemes & programme like
NREGA, SGSY, PMRY, etc. Here we have
focused on PRI related issues in gram panchyat,

PAHAL Craft stall in IITF New Delhi, supported by Block level Panchyat & Distric level Panchayt,
NMDFC for marketing of SHG products BPL facilities, Indira Awas Yojna, Serva Shiksha

We have also participated in various shows and melas
Abhyan & National Rural Health Mission..

organized by different agencies for marketing of SHGs
products. in IITF Delhi, SARAS Mela in Mumbai &

Sustainable Agriculture
Pahal is working in the field of sustainable agricultural
Awareness Camp in Rural area regarding Developmental
development. We believe that for development of rural work running by developmental agencies
India there is a need to increase the agricultural
productivity. In this view we are continuously working Apart from it we have also arranged awareness and
to increasing productivity of rural masses. We are training camp with the support of Pantnagar
providing capacity building, Technical Training & Agriculture & Technical University for farm and
support, increasing capacity to access different
non farm’s technology transfer to the small and
agriculture related services, providing micro credit &
marginalized farmers
so on.
Technology Transfer Programme resource, new sowing technique, new varieties of

This year PAHAL is working in liaison GB Pant seed of different crop etc.

Agriculture & Technical University Pantnagar for PAHAL staff has also got an in-house master

providing technical training to our marginal farmer training at University campus itself.

clients, Department of post harvest technology of
Pantnagar Agriculture & Technical University has
provided technical support for enabling better
output of their agriculture produce.
They are also providing support for food
processing including vegetable fruits, pulses etc.
Department of Poultry of Pantnagar Agriculture &
Technical University has provided technical
support to rear Ginny fowl to 30 such women
Farmers Training & technology Transfer Programme members. These members got in house training on
in Bhimtal Block
Department of Irrigation & Drainage Engineering the course how to rear highly income generated
College of Technology G.B. Pant University of Ginny fowl.
Agriculture & Technology Pantnagar has Department of Poultry has also provided 20 chick
conducted several training camp in Kota bag, Ginny fowl of each of our participant to start
Bhimtal & Haldwani Block for PAHAL clients. In Ginny fowl rearing.
these camps expert has provided technical inputs PAHAL is thankful to Pantnagar Agriculture &
to the small & marginalized farmers to increase Technical University for their active support in
farm productivity by using effective irrigation this regards.
Our SHGs’ members & other farmers also attended
10 days training camp and got exposure to
Advance agricultural work developing in
Agriculture University.
The training was focused on providing the farmers
with expert inputs for enhancing agriculture
productivity. They got proper training on optimal Farmers Training & technology Transfer Programme
utilization of available resources including water in Kotabagh Block
Micro Save Support & Training visited PAHAL operational area & suggested

Programme valuable inputes for sustainable micro finance
operation under the concept of market lsd micro
Leading International Micro Finance Organization
Micro Save has provided technical support to
PAHAL to stream line Micro Finance operation
under their Programme.

PAHAL Representative with other participants in Micro
Finance Training organized by Micro Save in Lucknow
Micro save Expert Ku Sonmani in PAHAL for
staff orientation training programme Micro save has also prepared operational manual,
Before providing any technical imputes Micro save process manual, account manual, Internal control
has conducted a rapid appraisal of PAHAL’s micro & audit manual,& Human Recourse Manual, We
finance operation t access our need & capacity. felt these manuals are vary use full for over come
After rapid appraisal Micro save included Pahal in to internal lapses, strengthening the structure &
his fold and extended support In first step Micro smooth running of action plan & achieve the target
save has prepared our strategic business plan, with led under business plan.
the active participation of PAHAL team, Four
member team including board of director &
management staff designated for this whole
process & prepared a aggressive business plan for
microfinance activities for next five years. After
preparation of business plan Micro save has
provided us another training use full for micro
finance operation & institution.
PAHAL Staff has attended training programme for
PAHAL Representative Ku Lubna in Micro Finance
account, audit, operation, internal control, Training organized by Micro Save in Lucknow
governance etc.In second phase Micro save team
Advocacy on Social Issues programme social activists, women groups,
We are continuously working towards social issues like PAHAL’s staff & volunteers & house women
child right, women right, Indigenous people right, collectively shared their experiences, success,
prevention of domestic violence, female feticide, problems etc returned back with great enthusiasm
NREGA etc. and sprite to overcome all odds.
Women Empowerment Conference/Training participated
PAHAL is working to strengthen the marginalized PAHAL Staff & board Member have participated
section of society. We believe that women in every in following training programme, Workshops,
section of society are comparably weaker, so we Seminars & events
are not only providing these services to the women • BIRD Training/workshop
group of marginalized section but to the society as • Micro Finance Insight workshop
a whole. • Micro save Training in Lucknow & Jaipur
• India Micro Finance Conference
• Sa dhan Micro Finance Conference

Women Groups are participating women day as a mark of
PAHAL annual day in Village Ginti in Kotabagh Block
We are actively involved in sorting out various PAHAL Executive Director Mr. Islam Hussain & Honey
Islam with Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Mohammad
legal right based issues relating to these women
Yunus in a Micro Finance Conference in New Delhi in
group. Support to women to over come their socio March 09

economic problems, Our organization have
Fellowship programme
mentored women & groups on different issues Well known organization volunteer has placed

related to various socio-economic problems. volunteer from different discipline in PAHAL. We

PAHAL celebrates women day on 8 March as its have provide in house training as well as direct

foundation day and annual day. The Organization’s intervention on community development

secretary and other social activist have organized programme run by PAHAL & other Governmental

women’s day programme in Kotabagh, In this & non governmental agencies
Exposure visit Programme Awards & Facilitation
We have conducted in house SHGs formation & micro 1- PAHAL is recipient of "Micro Finance Process

credit landing training to our Staff , NGO partners & Excellence Award -2005" & "Micro Finance

also arrange exposure visit to Kolkata to learn ground Continuous Process Excellence Award -2006" by

level modalities of direct lending to JLG Model . ABN Amro Bank and Planet Finance for Micro
Finance services
2- PAHAL supported on SHG named SURABHI SHG
has been chosen as best performing SHG in
Uttarakhand by NABARD. This SHG has been
awarded by union Finance Minister Mr P.
Chidambaram in New Delhi. This award was given to
the 13 best performing SHG's in all over India.
3- PAHAL has been also facilitated by Honorable Chief
Minister of Uttrakhand Mr. Narayan Dutt Tewari and
PAHAL Team in Kolkata Slum to understand hard reality
of slum dwellers on exposure visit State Bank of India Dehradun Region for remarkable
WE are also part of Study team for study & exposure micro finance services to the disadvantage section of
on Micro credit /SHG activities in Hyderabad Andhra society.
Pradesh This Hyderabad visit was sponsored by SBI
Dehradun. We have arranged another visit to
Bangalore, Delhi & Jaipur for Exposure regarding
Micro Finance activities. PAHAL staff members
workers and associate has participated many
programmes & joined hand with other net work on
social issue, Like Himalayan issues, Women violence
& right, Land right, Achieving Million Development
PAHAL sponsored Surabhi SHG receiving best performing
Goal, led by United Nation for socio-economic equality Award from Union Finance Ministe Mr. P. Chidambaram
in universe
In House Training to Staff, Govt.
Officials & Civil Societies
PAHAL has organized in house training to NHPC
official, members of civil society NGO, staff & clients
on SHG formation Bank linkage, various aspects of
Micro Finance, other rural developmental work running Mr. Islam Hussain ED PAHAL receiving "Micro Finance
Continuous Process Excellence Award -2006 from UN country
by developmental Agencies to enhance their capacity.
Representative Dr. Olson sponsored by ABN Amro Bank & Planet
Finance in New Delhi. Pahal was also recipient of same in 2005
Glimpse of PAHAL Activities

SIDBI AGM Mr. Rawat in PMIC meeting in PAHAL
Micro Credit training of other NGO staff in PAHAL to review PAHAL’s Micro Credit Program supported
by SIDBI Dehradun

PAHAL E.D. Islam Hussain Discussing with Noted
Senior Manager SBI is providing details of schemes social activist Mrs. Ela Bhatt in a Micro Finance
run by SBI to PAHAL Staff during training in Conference in New Delhi in March 09

AGM of SBI with PAHAL Team in SBI Sponsored Mr. KC Singh BABA, MP from Nainital
Exposure visit in remote village of Andhra Pradesh in PAHAL Stall in SBI Sponsored programme
in Kashipur
Interview with media on the occasion of launching of
PAHAL JLG’s member in Meeting innovative shopping paper bags in Haldwani this Bags has
developed by Islam Hussain & promoted by PAHAL

Pahal Paper Shopping launch ceremony attended by
PAHAL SHG’s members in Meeting with Chairman & members of Municipal Board Nainital
Mr Islam Hussain in Haldwani Branch office

PAHAL Team members with ED Mr. Islam Hussain
A Tele communication Shop in Kathgodam supported In a Damuadhunga Rural Branch of PAHAL
by PAHAL Community Micro finance Services
Marketing campaign by PAHAL of innovative PAHAL SHG Patch & Embroidery Work
shopping paper bags in Nainital

Pahal Team in Environment rally in Haldwani PAHAL SHG Embroidery Work

Pahal ED Mr Islam Hussain with Block Pramukh
Purola Uttarkashi in Micro Credit programme
PAHAL Crafts displayed in PAHAL Stall in
Initiated by PAHAL
SARAS Center Haldwani