Sipping From the Well:
•  •  •  •  Revenues down but customer engagement up 6-person social media team Centralized coordination of 50 department reps Using social media to engage customers, solicit feedback, and develop innovative products/ processes Offline and online channel integration Value proposition to customers:
–  Starbucks listens and responds to feedback, ideas –  Invites customers to help with the company’s mission –  Utility: Check card balance, eCommerce

•  • 

11 Channels
1.  2.  Blogs (Ideas in Action) Branded community (Starbucks V2V) 3.  Content distribution (Facebook Connect, ShareThis) 4.  Discussion forums 5.  External social network presence (Facebook) 6.  Photo sharing (Flickr) 7.  Innovation hub ( 8.  Wikipedia 9.  Ratings and reviews 10.  Twitter @Starbucks 11.  YouTube (Starbucks Vote Ad)
•  Online suggestion box •  Members submit, vote, comment on ideas •  Ideas reviewed by 40 Idea Partners •  Featured moderator manages community •  77,000 ideas submitted (prize is being heard) •  Implemented ideas have built-in buy-in

•  Customer engagement and feedback channel •  Took over user-created communities •  Built from 200,000 to 4.1M fans (6% weekly growth rate) •  Exclusive promotions (Free pastries with drink) •  Part-virtual coffeehouse, part-impromptu focus group •  Tone/voice of channels consistent with brick-andmortar ethos •  #1 brand page

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