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The right path
Helping customers
into employement
Cash back
Benefit cheats brought
to justice
Life in plastic
This month’s hobby is
child’s play

100 not out
State pensions
celebrate a
century of serving
senior citizens
Your DWP staff magazine
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04 14
News in Brief Puzzled by pensions
News from across the Are you ready for
Department retirement?

06 16
Pathways to Work Happy 100th birthday
Helping customers into DWP state pension
employment celebrations

07 17
Leading the way Living Doll
How DWP’s leaders are Hobby of the month
making a difference is child’s play

08 18
Straight to the point Back for more
Your welfare questions Leigh Lewis returns
answered to the floor

10 20
Working for wellbeing
How staff at Bolton Letters
Jobcentre Plus are Staff views on everything
staying healthy from history to time travel

11 23
Rhys remembered Busted!
Friends and family take No excuses – Busted!
part in charity run brings fraudsters to justice

12 26
Gaining insight Quizzes
How DWP is working to More chances to win
improve customer service

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News in Brief

Learn more about Lean
FIND out more about Lean in Lean
Lite, the new e-bulletin.
Making IT
To read the latest copy visit the DWP
intranet A-Z and select Lean. better
RESULTS from the second annual IT
Reducing emissions and telephony survey show a varying
A NEW report from the Office of picture for staff over the last year.
Government Commerce has shown
The survey follows the replacement of
that DWP is doing well to reduce
much of DWP’s IT infrastructure over IT Director General Joe Harley says:
carbon emissions.
the past two years. The results show “I’d like to thank everyone who
Read an overview of the report at: this has had a positive effect on staff’s completed the survey. I take your experience of IT – with 74 per cent views seriously and will use them to
8572 saying they think IT provides effective target IT and telephony improvements
support for their job. that will make your jobs easier.”

Changes to optional On the downside, satisfaction with the Find out more about the IT and
software requests performance of some IT applications telephony survey:
used by many staff is still not as high http://intralink/1/corp/sites/psd/centre/h
OPTIONAL software for desktops or
as it should be. eadline_news/dwp_t408519.asp
laptops should now be requested
by completing an OAA30 form.

Access the form at: http://intralink/1/corp
dance/forms/dwp_t410531.doc Letters reward you
THE DWPeople team All staff need to do to get
Resource Management want to know what you their points heard is email:
changes for line managers think about the
THE process on Resource Management
As an incentive DWPeople
(RM) has changed for line managers
Whether it’s a feature is offering a £15 Marks &
when a member of staff leaves DWP.
you liked or loathed, Spencer voucher for each
Read more about the changes: something you’d like to month’s star letter.
http://intralink/home/news/headlines/200 see in the future or just a
8q3/20080731_employee_leaver.asp general comment about Let your fingers do the
anything at all – why not talking and let us reward you.
write in about it?
Gearing up for the Olympics
THE Olympic torch has been handed
over to Great Britain – signalling the
Someone to watch over you
start of London’s official preparations THE new DWP NightWatchman system leave at the end of the day, as this
for the 2012 Games. is helping the Department become is the best way of helping us reduce
more sustainable by automatically energy consumption.”
DWP is now stepping up its plans to turning off PCs earlier in the evening
make sure employees and volunteers For any staff working past 9.30pm
at 9.30pm.
are in place to support the Games. the system won’t automatically shut
Head of Sustainable Development down while they are working – they
More information is available on Richard Fountain said: “This change will have the option to tell the
Jobcentre Plus’s Olympics intranet site. to the NightWatchman system will software to shut their computer
Visit Jobcentre Plus A-Z and select create vital energy savings. down later.
Olympic Games 2012.
“However, staff should still make Read more about Sustainable
sure they shut down their PC and Development at: http://intralink/1/corp/
4 | dwpeople | September 2008 turn off their monitor when they sites/finance/ced/sustdev/index.asp
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News in Brief

One time only Donate across DWP
TELL US ONCE is a new cross- running
government programme hosted four pilots
by DWP. together
with local
It looks at the feasibility of customers authorities,
being able to inform central and local HMRC,
Government just once when they DWP and
have a change of circumstance such other
as birth, bereavement and change government departments.
of address.
From October these will extend to THE annual Lifeboat Appeal needs your
The programme aims to develop a regional Pathfinders, covering more help to collect donations from across
service that will fit in with existing than three million people across DWP this autumn.
processes and re-use established the country.
infrastructure such as IS/IT systems. The Lifeboat Fund supports the work of
Look out for more updates about Tell the Royal National Lifeboat Institution
The Tell Us Once team are currently Us Once in future issues of DWPeople. (RNLI) and is the official charity of the
Civil Service.

The RNLI are dedicated to saving
lives at sea around the coasts of
We could be heroes Britain and Ireland.

A NEW set of awards have been over the Leigh Lewis has thrown his full support
launched to recognise team and country to behind this year’s campaign. He said:
individual excellence across DWP. our partner “For more than 100 years we as Civil
organisations Servants have been helping the Lifeboat
The Excellence Awards are based on and to each Fund to save lives. I hope DWP staff will
the four departmental values. There other. It is continue this support.”
will be individual prizes for ‘Respecting time as a
People’, ‘Making a Difference’ and Department Nick Cheetham of Corporate IT’s
‘Looking Outwards’, and a team title that we celebrate our excellence.” Strategy and Architecture team is
for ‘Achieving the Best’. There will also co-ordinating this year’s appeal.
be a volunteers category. If you know anyone whose
dedication to helping people and Staff who would like to help the fund
Permanent Secretary Leigh Lewis serving DWP deserves special praise, and raise the money to provide new
said: “Everyday members of our why not nominate them? Keep an lifeboats and fund crew training can
staff provide outstanding services, eye on Headline News for details of email Nick at: CITStrategy.Architec
advice and support to customers all how to enter the Excellence Awards.

Get ready for Older People’s Day
LOOK out for the next issue Staff, customers and voluntary groups
of DWPeople, which will will all be out in force to celebrate the
include a special section on role older people play in society.
Older People’s Day.
As DWP’s official staff magazine,
The Department has organised DWPeople will be there to capture
a series of exciting events to all the news and staff stories from
mark the day on 1 October. the day.

Do you have any news for inclusion
in DWPeople? Email your story September 2008 | dwpeople | 5
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PATHWAYS to Work first became available in
The Pathways to Work service has already
a small number of districts in 2003, helping to helped more than 64,000 people back
deliver support for people claiming incapacity
benefits. into work. DWPeople takes a closer look
In April it became available across the whole
at the success stories
of England, Scotland and Wales, and now
delivers tailored support and help to people
who need financial, employment and health
advice across the country.

And from October, the introduction of the Richard Mckenzie
Employment and Support Allowance (ESA),
will follow on from Pathways in its approach YEARS on benefits left Richard with a lack of confidence
to helping customers. in being able to find a job. After receiving help from Tina
Bannon, a disability employment adviser at Wolverhampton
ESA is a key part of plans to reform and simplify Jobcentre Plus, Richard got a job working as a kitchen
the benefit system. porter in a nearby pub.

It looks at what customers can do, instead of what Tina put Richard, who has learning disabilities, in touch with
they can’t, and concentrates on providing support the Pathways to Work programme. Tina says: “Richard has
that is built around the customer’s individual needs. gained confidence and is an inspiration to others in moving
off benefits and into work. He is already going from strength
DWPeople spoke to some of the customers to strength in his new job, and we wish him every success for
that Pathways to Work has already helped the future.”
back into employment.
Richard says: “Since I started at the Bradmore Arms my
confidence has gone up in leaps and bounds. I’m working hard
and getting on well with everyone. I’d like to thank Tina for

Anna Rayner helping me find a job that I really wanted and enjoy doing. My
life has changed so much. If I can do it, anyone can!”
AFTER years of claiming Incapacity Benefit, Anna
Rayner found help through the Pathways to Work
programme. Finding that alternative therapies
helped to cure her stress-related illness, she visited
the disability employment adviser at her local
Jobcentre Plus who introduced her to the Pathways
to Work scheme.

Anna has made incredible progress, gaining the
relevant qualifications and experience she needed to
find a job, and even starting her own business.

Anna says: "I was able to access courses in my area
and gained confidence working as a voluntary Richard and Tina and his friends at the Bradmore Arms
Reiki practitioner. The additional support I have
received from them has been invaluable in giving
me the determination and information to forge
ahead as an entrepreneur.”
Read a detailed summary of ESA
6 | dwpeople | September 2008
in the Directorates section of the
Jobcentre Plus intranet site.
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Leading the way
Laura Turvey hears how DWP is helping leaders make a difference for their teams
WINSTON Churchill, Nelson pilot event. He said: “People are key in businesses and corporate
Mandela and Gandhi are just the success of any organisation, and it’s centre. They explored how
some of the names that spring leaders who influence the direction of different styles can impact on
to mind when talking about the Department. morale and performance. Staff
great leaders. were then given the opportunity
“We recognised that we needed to to influence the characters and
But what defines great leadership? give this opportunity to the people improve their overall
Lots of philosophers and who drive our organisation – so that performance.
consultants claim to have in-depth they can shape and develop those
knowledge of what it takes to around them. That is the purpose and There were also lots of
become an outstanding leader, but power of this event.” opportunities for staff to share
there is one quality that stands out their views and opinions on all
from the rest – the ability to make aspects of their ways of working
everyone around you better. and leadership including taking
part in interactive voting.
This is a difficult skill to master,
but DWP’s Making a Difference Pat Wall from Work, Welfare and
programme has been introduced to Equality Group in London took part
take on the challenge and help the in the day. He said: “I’d been
Department’s first line and middle hoping that a leadership
managers become great leaders. programme appropriate to my grade
would be introduced, so when I saw
The programme focuses on Leigh Lewis speaking at the event the email for nominees to take part
helping leaders acquire the skills in the event I jumped at the chance.
and confidence to work better with During the first pilot staff watched
their teams, and starts with a ‘Flood’, a multi-part play looking at “I was very impressed by the thought
one-day launch event. different types of management styles that had gone into the day and how
in DWP. Actors took on the roles of it was tailored around us as leaders. It
DWP Organisational Capability different fictional leaders and staff made a lot of sense and gave me a lot
Director, Jerry Arnott launched the first from across the Department’s to think about in my role as a leader.”

Actors bring the leadership styles to life
September 2008 | dwpeople | 7
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Straight to the point
Catherine Chan puts your welfare reform questions to the experts
DWP’S latest welfare reform plans
have caused quite a stir, appearing
in every major newspaper and TV Every Jobcentre Plus district also has a
news programme across the UK. DWP wants to
get more parents into childcare partnership manager that
works with the centres.
Staff have been just as keen to find work.
out more about the Green Paper and What are we doing about Chris: Since 1997, more than £21
how the proposals will affect them. childcare? billion has been invested in childcare.

In the last issue of DWPeople (pictured By 2010, there will be 3,500 children’s
below), staff were invited to send in Maria: Nationally, there’s a lot of work centres across England and the
their questions about welfare reform. going on with children’s centres to Government wants every school to be
help parents get support in the an extended school by 2010 with
DWPeople put them to the experts: community. longer opening hours.
Chris Burston from the Work,
Welfare and Equality Group and
Maria Doust from Jobcentre Plus’s Chris: We’re planning to pilot this
Benefit Reform team. scheme with customers who have
been on Jobseeker’s Allowance for
The media has said more than two years.
will need to work for They’ll be required to work full time,
their benefits. and DWP will work with providers
to make sure everyone is supervised
How will this work?
and supported.

For these customers, many of whom have
serious barriers to finding work, this will
be a valuable chance to get work
experience and develop new skills.

Maria: Other countries, such as the
As featured in July’s DWPeople
More online: Chapter two of the USA, have run similar schemes and we’ll
Green Paper – “Work for your benefit” be learning from their experiences.

Points of view THE Department’s ministers are entire families who think it’s
holding a series of visits to talk to acceptable to stay on benefits.
staff about the welfare reform plans.
Here’s what staff thought of Minister
The regional events give staff the Stephen Timms’ visit to the North-East:
chance to tell ministers what they
think and to find out how the plans Nichola Burt,
could affect their work. Newcastle
Contact Centre
No topic is off limits. Debates have
already included the need for more “It’s not every
affordable childcare and how to tackle day you get to

8 | dwpeople | September 2008
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Will DWP
The Green Paper says ban violent
Jobcentre Plus is world class or disruptive
Again this is a minority group, either customers?
but we need to work more
long-term customers or those who
with private and voluntary need specialist support because
groups. What’s going on? they’ve got more barriers to work. Maria: Personal safety is a major
issue for Jobcentre Plus staff and it’s
Chris: I agree too – Jobcentre Plus a tiny percentage of customers who
has won international acclaim for are violent or disruptive.
its success in delivering cutting
edge services to thousands of We’ve already got procedures in
customers every week. This isn’t place for banning violent customers.
Maria: Jobcentre Plus remains at the about taking work away from However, this also means they can’t
heart of our services and I definitely Jobcentre Plus. access our services.
agree that our advisers are world class!
It’s about making our services We’re currently looking at other
However, we have to tailor services to even better, for example by working sanctions, such as stopping their
meet customer needs. This may involve with other groups to meet local benefits for a week.
working with private and voluntary needs or provide specialist services
groups who can offer more help. for customers particular requirements. More online: Chapter two of the Green
Paper – “A stronger sanctions regime”

scheme for customers to develop
How can we help young work-related skills. We’re looking at
people get the right skills GO ONLINE:
whether this can be replicated with
and avoid a life on benefits?
the Premier League. The Green Paper
“No one written off:
Chris: Regardless of age, we know reforming welfare to
that skills are important for the job reward responsibility”
prospects of our customers. is available at
We’re introducing skills checks for noonewrittenoff
customers and bringing in skills
accounts, which will help them to
fund training. We’re also developing
a careers service, which could be Staff still have time to give their
located within jobcentres. views on the Green Paper. Email
Maria: There are schemes for young
people – for example 16 Scottish More online: Chapter two of the or comment via Speak Up on the
football clubs have joined up to run a Green Paper – “Work Skills” onwards. Jobcentre Plus intranet homepage

meet the people who are leading the in a Green Paper consultation and “I was really impressed that the
changes across the Department. the whole experience has been Minister listened to everyone’s views.
very interesting.”
“I was especially keen to find out more “I think the event was an opportunity
about how we’re going to encourage Timothy for him to learn from the shop floor,
partners to look for work. Oxnard, so to speak.
“I think that if someone is able to Benefit “I was pleased that I got to have my
work, they don’t have a right to stay Delivery say. Hopefully change can come from
on benefits. Centre sessions like this because it’s staff that
really know the businesses.”
“This is the first time I’ve been involved “The event was tremendous!

September 2008 | dwpeople | 9
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Staff at Jobcentre Plus Bolton reach for wellbeing

Staff at Jobcentre Plus Bolton are enjoying the fruits of their labour
after leading the way with the first DWP Wellbeing Focus Group
WELLBEING is the buzzword of the Notice boards were put in the canteen Shahida Muhammad, a financial accessor
moment, and staying fit and healthy with recipes for staff to refer to, at the Jobcentre Plus, says: “We also had
has shot to the top of many people’s including family meals for less than five a Fruit Festival, which was one of the
priority lists. pounds from Sainsbury’s. Wellbeing most successful things we’ve done. We
reminders were also put on the board, asked members of staff to bring in some
Staff at Jobcentre Plus Bolton are including tips from remembering to fruit that you might not eat on an
joining together to take positive steps drink enough water to sun safety and everyday basis. Staff enjoyed trying
to lead a healthy lifestyle with their healthy foods to eat. something they may not have had the
Wellbeing Focus Group. chance to try before.”
One member of staff researched the
Members of the group meet every six prices of different types of fruit, Staff at the Jobcentre have kept up
weeks to discuss enjoyable ways to checking the cost at the market across the good work. Drawers are piled
stay healthy, happy and relaxed. the road from our office. high with fruit, alarm clocks are being
set an hour early for some staff
Barbara Hunt, who is the manager of She produced a list of the fruits that members to exercise before the day
the Jobcentre, attends the meeting were on offer and how much they begins and there are smiles all round
with 11 people, representing more cost. Staff even contacted the local as improved health, moral and
than 150 staff. college to find out how much different teamwork have created an invaluable
wellbeing treatments cost. sense of wellbeing.
The group was set up in December
2007, and kicked off in January this

year to coincide with the post-
Christmas rush for all things healthy.

We put up a notice board with
healthy recipes, as well as the We have so much

Barbara says: “It brought people
group’s contact names. choice of fruit and
together from different parts of the
office. Everyone has been so positive vegetables we can
and enthusiastic about it. At the first buy. We have a
meeting the group was bursting with Joanne Stubbs – customer support officer market that’s just
ideas of what to do. We could have across the road
been here for a couple of days going from the Jobcentre

through them all!

It brought the office that sells lots of
together. Because we’re exotic fruits.
“Originally it was called the Managing
Attendance Focus Group, but we felt on different floors,
Dotty Snelson – customer service manager
that wasn’t reflective of the true aims of quite often we don’t
the group so the name was changed to get to see the other For tips and advice on health and wellbeing

the Wellbeing Focus Group.” people on each team. visit the wellbeing portal at: http://intra
Anne Pearson – personal adviser link/1/corp/sites/employeebenefits/well
10 | dwpeople | September 2008
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A year after his murder, the memory of Rhys Jones builds hope for his community

Run for Rhys
RUN for Rhys, which took place in join a team, not a gang. “They’re strong lads and they do
Croxteth Hall Country Park on 14 things that would terrify most
September, saw people from all over Rose Rigby, the mother of Rhys’s adults, but because it’s for Rhys they
the country take part in a 5km run friend James Rigby, who works in take a deep breath and go for it.
to raise money for the Liverpool Corporate IT Service Delivery for They want their friend to be
Unites campaign. DWP, says: “The Liverpool Unites remembered and want to help
campaign is looking to raise make Liverpool a better place.”
The campaign, which is run by the £100,000 to build a youth centre.
Liverpool Echo newspaper, aims to Rhys’s friends and family are now
show that Merseyside’s residents “They want to call it the Rhys Jones looking forward. They can’t wait for
won’t tolerate gun crime. Memorial Youth Centre so that his the youth centre to be built, so that
name can live on in the community the kids around Croxteth can be
Money raised will go towards and encourage young people to use encouraged to spend their free
building a youth centre in Croxteth, the sporting facilities instead of time the way Rhys did – playing
Liverpool, where 11-year-old Rhys hanging around and potentially football, enjoying friendships and
Jones was shot dead when walking getting involved crime. staying out of trouble.
home from football practice in
August 2007. “A concert was also held on 15 Find out about Liverpool Unites and
August. There were lots of big Run for Rhys at:
The tragedy of Rhys’s murder has names in attendance, including Tony
echoed through Britain ever since. Christie, Richard Fleeshman and
His image has become a symbol of Barbara Dickson. The boys were
how innocent lives are taken in the asked to go up on stage and accept
gun culture that has swept across a cheque on behalf of the Liverpool For advice and support on a range
parts of the country’s youth. Unites campaign. of issues, including bereavement,
contact the Employee Assistance
Rhys’s family and friends remember “I think the boys are really brave Programme (EAP), provided by
him as the friendly and energetic getting up in front of thousands of Right Corecare. They’re available
boy that he was. His five closest people. Last October they helped kick any time of day or night, free of
friends, who he met on his first off the Liverpool Unites campaign. charge and in complete confidence.
day of nursery school, share their They went onto the pitch at Goodison For the Counselling, Advice and
memories of Rhys on a website Park – home ground of Everton Information helpline call 0800
they set up to celebrate his life Football club – in front of more 652 3304, or go to:
and emphasise their message: than 40,000 people.

is memory
Rhys’s friends honour h
Fun run:

Donate to the Rhys Jones Memorial Fund by going to
September 2008 | dwpeople | 11
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Gaining insight
Laura Turvey finds out how the Customer Insight team is helping
DWP improve customer service
ONE way or another – we’ve all and the DWP Customer Insight there are already many good
experienced it – whether it’s the team are working hard to help the examples where customers are
miserable shop assistant, the Department understand the level being effectively engaged across
stroppy waiter or the disinterested of service customers expect. the Department.”
tour guide, bad service can really
put a dampener on your day. DWP Customer Insight director Customer Insight is already being
Katherine Courtney said: “Customer applied across the businesses with
But it’s the times when you’re insight is about thinking like a customer, positive results and benefits for
delighted by really great customer understanding their experience and staff and customers.
service or surprised when someone putting yourself in their shoes.
goes the extra mile for you that
really stand out and make you “Policies, strategy, service delivery
feel good. and communications that are based Find out more about
on insight are much more likely to
ring true with the customer and
how the central
Achieving this level of customer
service is part of DWP’s bold ambition successfully influence their responses Customer Insight team
to make sure it achieves its and behaviour. are supporting these
Departmental Strategic Objectives.
“Insight into the people we are approaches in future
One of these is to make DWP an trying to reach should inform editions of DWPeople.
exemplar of effective service delivery everything we do in DWP and

12 | dwpeople | September 2008
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:22 Page 13

Case study

The move
from working
to pensions
PETER Brown is from the Customer
. He said: “Throug h my work
team in Stockton
onsible for
in Customer Insight I’ve been resp pler.
projects to benefits to pensioner benefits sim
involving customers in a range of
develop our customer understand e people
The team then went back to the sam
ly to disc uss the
me, we they interviewed original
“Working with the Change Program find out if this wou ld
e from wor king-age benefits planned changes and
looked at the mov
erience a address their issues.
to pensioner benefits and the exp
as they
customer who turns 60 or 65 gets
centre Plus to the Pen sion, Peter added: “Customers were very
move from Job thought it
ers Service. “ enthusiastic about the changes and
Disability and Car ld definitely like to
was something they wou
see put into practice.
The feedback Peter collected from
staff and customers was used by been drawn
me to dev elop a “As a result high-level plans have
Change Program forw ard and begin
t up to take the project
revised and simplified process tha nge s.”
e from wor king -ag e implementing the cha
makes the mov

Local customer insight
JULIA Kury works within the Marches “Due to the ever-growing diverse New Deal and Pathways, so that we
District Customer Insight team that customer base we are dealing with, we can create a customer journey map to
was set up to drive customer insight can no longer be driven by a one-size help identify where we can make
work forward on a local level. fits all approach. We want to find out improvements.”
more about our customers’ different
Julia said: “Our team is made up of needs, especially regarding access and “From here we need to do more to
various staff from across the district. information requirements. inform staff and get them on board.
We all share a common desire to Along with Lean, this will really embed
find out more about our customers “We collect feedback from customers Customer Insight into our business and
in order to improve their experience as they go through all the common help us achieve even higher levels of
and our performance. DWP processes, for example Flexible customer service.”

For more information about customer insight visit the
Customer Insight website: http://intralink/1/corp/sites
September 2008 | dwpeople | 13
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:22 Page 14


Puzzled by pensions?
Catherine Chan
finds out if DWP’s Nearing retirement with caring responsibilities
own staff are geared
Name: Ken Burns
up for retirement Location: North Shields Jobcentre Plus
The big news for Ken: From 6 April 2010,
carers who spend at least 20 hours a week
IT’S a common assumption – looking after a severely disabled person(s)
if you work at the Department may receive weekly National Insurance credits.
for Work and Pensions, you
must know a thing or two
about saving for retirement. “I’m planning on taking partial retirement in about 18 months.
I’ve decided to do this because I’ve also got responsibilities
But with new reforms on outside work – I’m a carer for my elderly mother.
the way, it can be difficult
to keep up with changes “If these carer credits had been introduced earlier, it would
while doing the day job. have made a massive difference to my family. My wife had
to effectively give up work to look after my mother.
DWPeople speaks to three
members of staff to find out “I’m pleased that carers will get more help
how the State Pension reforms with their State Pensions in the future.”
are going to affect them…

“I’ve got two children, aged three and 16. So
The working mum when these credits come in, I’ll only get them for
my youngest one.

“The best thing about the change is that it’s
automatic. If you’re already claiming Child Benefit,
you don’t need to do anything to get the credits.
Going up “Like a lot of people, I should think more about
The State Pension saving for retirement but that’s hard to do when
age is currently 60 you have children. You’re more inclined to think
for women. about the mortgage and making sure your children
Name: Emma Davis have got everything they need.
Between 2010 and Location: Whitley Bay Jobcentre Plus
The big news for Emma: From 6 April “You tend to put yourself at the back of the
2020 it will gradually 2010, parents getting Child Benefit for queue so any help with my State Pension will
rise to 65, the same children under 12 may receive weekly be welcomed.”
as for men. National Insurance credits. These will
replace the Home Responsibilities
By 2046, it will be Protection scheme, which currently helps
68 for everyone. parents protect their State Pension.

14 | dwpeople | September 2008
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Information about
State Pensions
State Pension age but going strong  Visit the pensions
reform intranet site –
Name: Alma Richardson find it in the A-Z on
Location: North Shields Jobcentre Plus the DWP intranet
The big news for Alma: From 2010, everyone will  Visit www.thepen
need 30 qualifying years to receive a full State Pension.
to find out when you
Currently, men need 44 years and women need 39.
will reach State
Pension Age and
“I’ve been at the Department for 49 years but I took a break from how much you can
work to have a family. expect to receive

“I think it’s great that the number of qualifying years is coming down Information about
because that means more parents will be able to reach that target. Civil Service pensions
“Before I reached 60, I got a pension forecast from The Pension Service  Find out more at
so I knew roughly what I was going to get. www.civilservice-
“I enjoy working. I’ve scaled down my hours to three days per week but
I’m simply not ready to retire.”

September 2008 | dwpeople | 15
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:22 Page 16

Cover story

Happy 00th birthday!
Catherine Chan reports on DWP’s celebrations
2008 DWP staff and customers have been celebrating a special milestone –
State Pensions were introduced 100 years ago.

Back in 1908, older people had to reach 70 before claiming their first
pension. Not an easy task in its own right, as life expectancy was 49
for men and 53 for women.

To receive a pension, older people had to have an income of less than 26
pounds and five shillings per year. They also needed to pass a ‘character
test’ – if someone hadn’t worked enough or had been in prison, they
received nothing from the scheme.

Jane Whittington from The Pension Service
in East Sussex meets Beatrice Hurlock, 100

Elizabeth II
Edward VII

1908 V 2008
Life expectancy: Life expectancy:
49 for men and 53 for women One in four babies will live to 100

Any excuse to dress up in the North East! State Pension age: State Pension age:
70 65 for men and 60 for women

Rates: Rates:
Between one and five shillings for The basic State Pension is £90.70
a single person (5p and 25p in but pensioners may also be eligible
today’s money). Married couples for additional funds such as pension
got seven shillings and sixpence credit and winter fuel payments.
(about 38p).

Look out for October’s DWPeople,
which includes a special section
DWP minister Mike O’Brien presents 100- celebrating Older People’s Day
year-old Nora Morris with a cake in Dudley
(1 October).

Photos courtesy of the National Archive
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:22 Page 17


Living doll! LIKE most things in life, toys go in and out of
fashion. From Dinky cars in the 30s, the Hula Hoop
in the 50s and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in
the 90s – whatever the generation, the nation is
always being struck with a new toy craze.

But for Juliette Gregson from Blackpool Jobcentre,
Sindy dolls became a passion which started in the
70s and never went away.

The first contact officer’s hobby was inspired by her
aunt Anne who gave her a Sindy doll as a present
back in 1977. Soon after, aged four, she took her
pocket money to Hamleys toy shop and bought the
next doll in her collection.

Since then she and Sindy have been the best of
friends and Juliette now boasts a collection of well
over 300 dolls.

Juliette said: “Sindy was created as a friend to kids
without brother or sisters. She had an exciting life
John Pinching finds out with clothes, accessories, furniture, cars, horses and
why plastic is fantastic even houses.

for Juliette Gregson “It’s part of my childhood and now I’ve got an
entire room full of Sindy collectables.”

Before the introduction of eBay, Juliette spent her
time searching high and low for a new Sindy to add
to her collection. She said: “I would look through
charity shops, conventions, collectors’ fairs and car
boot sales. Some of the rarer Sindys can be worth
hundreds of pounds.”

Juliette restricts her hobby to a very specific
period and will only accept merchandise up
until 1986, when the makers started to change
the original formula.

But after 31 years of collecting she has no plans to
stop and continues the search to complete her set.

Sindy trivia: Did you know that Sindy had a friend
called Paul during the 1960s. He was based on Sir
Paul McCartney. After the Beatles split up, however,
he was removed from the shelves.

If you need more time to devote to your hobby
why not sign up to HASSRA, DWP’s official
provider of sports, social and leisure activities.
For more info go to DWP Intranet> A-Z > H >
HASSRA or visit

September 2008 | dwpeople | 17
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:23 Page 18


B a c k f o r m o r e
As Leigh Lewis makes his second trip Back to the Floor, DWPeople charts his progress
and investigates a new parallel leadership scheme, Through the Looking Glass

INTRODUCED last year in response to Eager to try to do the job himself, Leigh showed in the mechanics of crisis
disappointing Staff Survey results on started taking Crisis Loan application calls loans was appreciated by the team
senior leadership, more than 200 senior on his second day at the BDC. He also as he learnt the whole process
managers have now taken part in Back got a taster of how difficult it is to judge rather than just asking a few
to the Floor. whether loans should be granted, getting questions. I also think that he
first-hand experience of the complex was quite surprised by some of the
The scheme aims to help bridge the cases that can come in. reasons for crisis loan applications.”
gap between senior leaders and staff,
and give leaders a true picture of the Leigh describes his experience in his Leigh writes about what he gained
issues faced by staff in delivering DWP Back to the Floor diary: “Like last year, I from the experience: “Going back to
services to customers. had more than my fair share of the floor is genuinely valuable. I think
butterflies at the idea of actually doing that our staff do want to see their
Many of the Department’s senior the job myself. But probably not half as leaders trying to do the jobs that they
leaders are now planning their second many as those colleagues in Jobcentre do day by day and experiencing both
Back to the Floor placements, and Plus who have been deputed to be my the highs and lows of doing so.”
Permanent Secretary Leigh Lewis led manager and mentor for the week!”
the way recently by going Back to the Back to the Floor has also given
Floor at Jobcentre Plus in the During his time taking calls with Roy Leigh some points to consider
North East. Baldwin, a social fund officer at Newcastle further: “We must, of course,
BDC was Leigh’s mentor and coach, Roy always have a system which helps
Leigh had an enlightening week during was impressed by the depth of those who are in most need in
his second Back to the Floor week, understanding that Leigh gained: “We our society. But I am not sure
tackling Social Fund Crisis Loan were left with a sense that he had been that we have the balance of this
applications at the Cobalt House given a real insight as to what Crisis Loans system entirely right.”
Benefit Delivery Centre (BDC) in were all about, rather than a fleeting
Newcastle. He rounded off his trip by glimpse of simple, straightforward cases.” You can read Leigh’s full diary,
making payments at Newcastle City and more news about the
Jobcentre Plus, and with visits to Carolyn Mason, who is a crisis loan scheme on the Back to the
Middlesbrough Contact Centre and decision maker at Newcastle BDC, Floor site, available through
Stockton Benefit Delivery Centre. says: “I think that the interest that he the intranet homepage.
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:23 Page 19

REVERSING the idea of Back to the Floor, Leadership Chris Hulme, who also works at the unit, enjoyed the pilot:
Through the Looking Glass gives operational staff the chance “I learned that senior managers have to be very adaptable.
to experience life as a senior manager. In a recent trial, four The decisions I made were received well. The staff in
willing Pensions, Disability and Carers Service staff took two Charlie’s area work well as a team and I thoroughly enjoyed
days away from their usual roles to manage Charlie Ritchie’s my time with them.”
change pipeline and business design team.
Not only did the experience have a positive impact on the
Ellen Pinto-Hazell, from the disability and carers processing staff who worked as managers, the change pipeline and
unit, got a better idea of the management process: “Charlie business design team also gained insight. Team Leader
was a great mentor for the day. I realise that though I always Charlie Ritchie says: “The whole thing helped me get some
looked at the wider picture, it wasn’t quite wide enough. It perspective – it made me reconsider the way I do my job,
has been a great insight into the processes that have to be and I was surprised by just how much information had to be
done before it reaches the shop floor.” exchanged with the new people.”
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:24 Page 20


battle ever fought on English soil. If
the medieval chroniclers are to be
believed then it’s possible that 28,000
men died that day.
Put your feet up
This brings me to my main reason for
AS THE Department is celebrating writing in . Your article stated that the
Older People's Day on 1 October, I Wars of the Roses was fought between
trust this celebration will include the people of Yorkshire and Lancashire,
members of staff who are, shall we sadly this is not so.
Your history is poor
say, of a more mature disposition?
I JUST wanted to say how much The Yorkists drew much of their support
Personally, I am looking forward to my I enjoyed the article on Jennie from the South and West of England, the

younger colleagues peeling grapes for Haynes and her Lancastrians from the North and East. We
me as I relax, my feet gently soaking role in recreating know that the City of
in a warm footbath, whilst medieval life in
Your article stated that York sent 1,000
handmaidens (or should that be the times the Wars of the Roses archers to fight
handpersons these days?) attend to of the Wars of was fought between for the Lancastrians
my every whim. the Roses. at Towton.
the people of Yorkshire
and Lancashire, sadly

As a member of the It still amazes me
Towton Battlefield this is not so how many people
Society, I am also drive up and down
interested in this period of history. the A1 not realising that such a
Towton is not well known to the public significant event in history occurred on
even though the battlefield is largely these now quiet farm fields.
the same today as it was in 1461.
Dave Skillen, Improvement
Situated just south of Tadcaster it Programme Team, Delivery
remains the biggest and bloodiest Directorate

Naturally, I am only doing this out of a Wrong turn the location of a street, or the
sense of duty to, as the Department direction of another town.
says: “create a positive view of later I THOUGHT I would share my
life by tackling outdated stereotypes.” thoughts on giving directions. Please consider the mental wellbeing
of the motorist.
I can hardly wait. At this time of year, with many people
travelling to visit new parts of the If you do not know the direction and
Al Smeaton British Isles, one is often stopped by a feel unable to help them you should
Business Continuity, Risks and passing motorist enquiring as to the not tell them this.
Planning manager whereabouts of a particular attraction,

What do you think? Send your letters on any subject to:
Each month’s Star Letter wins a £15 Marks and Spencer voucher

20 | dwpeople | September 2008
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:24 Page 21


confident in asking another passer-by Time traveller
for directions again.
LIKE many people, I spend countless
Ken Bradshaw hours on public transport in order to
Incapacity Benefit, Bury St. get to work each day.
I am curious to find out from other
staff what sort of difficult or lengthy
The way you make me feel journey they endure every working day.

I HAVE just started working at DWP My daily experience starts when my
and I am amazed at how much I alarm wakes me at 4:30 in readiness of
I am enjoying my new job! catching the 5:33 train from my local
station (Broadstairs).
I have never been a civil servant
before and do not have much I reach London Victoria around 7:20
benefits experience. and catch the tube to Embankment
Rather you should put a big smile on station – arriving at work (The Adelphi,
your face and instruct them that they The job has changed my views on the DWP HQ) at 7:30.
are travelling in the correct direction way benefits are delivered and also
and the locality they are looking for is our customers.
just another four hundred yards down
the road. I was also pleasantly surprised with the
flexible hours policy. Being a mum, it is
The driver will immediately have a an amazing privilege for me to have
sense of satisfaction, the passengers this.
will have confidence towards the
driver and the occupants of the So thank you to DWP for giving me a
vehicle will be animated and excited at job which fits in so well with my life.
the anticipated approach to the end of
their journey. Hannah Seal
Hastings Jobcentre Plus
Beware, for if you answer: “Sorry, I
don't know,” an atmosphere of
sadness will ensue. Namesakes

The driver will be confused as they SO MANY of us at DWP share the I finish for the day at 15:45, and catch
attempt to decide whether to ask same name and work in different parts the tube to London Victoria and catch
someone else or to continue, perhaps of the country. the 16:03 train back to Broadstairs.
in the wrong direction.
Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we met our After arriving in Broadstairs at 17:51, I
There is a chance that your directions name namesake? finally arrive home at 18:05 – this
are correct and nothing more needs to generates a four and half hour round
be done. We would all (probably) look very trip each day.
different, this would be a fantastic
If however, your directions are example of DWP Equality and Diversity. And so it continues…
incorrect, after five or six hundred
yards, the driver will presume that they Denise Robinson – Hemel Gary Jordan,
have merely missed the turning and be Hempstead not Glasgow! The Adelphi, London

September 2008 | dwpeople | 21
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:24 Page 22

Achieving the best

Well done to the Print & Associated Services Solution (PASS) project team

“We also appointed iON to work with us to make the
necessary improvements.

“Although a few customers have experienced some
difficulties and poor service, I am confident that the service
is improving and that the new arrangements will serve us
well in the future.”

The project’s Finance Team manager John Lavery says:
“The project team came up with some really innovative ideas.
For example we have put in place a risk/reward system.

“This encourages iON to get the best possible prices for our
Team members with their Government Opportunity Award products – the more they do to help us spend less the more
they are rewarded.”
THE next time you’re ordering some forms or leaflets, give
a thought to the PASS project team. And the team’s combined efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.
Earlier this year they scooped a Government Opportunity
The team was set up to improve the way DWP buys all its Award for team excellence.
printed materials – no mean feat as there are more than
10,000 different items available across the Department. Mike says: “We were absolutely delighted to win this award.

But despite being based at several locations, the PASS team “It just goes to show that when you don’t need to be
– with support and input from key customers – have pulled based in the same office to work successfully as a team,
the service together, creating an award-winning solution. and I include our many business stakeholders in that
definition of team.”
Head of the Strategic Sourcing Programme Mike Day says:
“When the PASS team was set up we had dozens of Head of Strategic Sourcing John Michalski says: “The
suppliers, too much waste, some poor quality products Commercial Directorate is extremely proud of the team’s
and a supply chain that didn’t give us value for money. achievements.

“We set about changing this and the team delivered a “This was the culmination of many months of hard
project that will put simpler processes in place for work both within the Commercial Directorate and
ordering and delivering items and at the same time make various businesses across DWP – the team fully deserve
significant savings. this recognition.”

What the judge said Nominate now!
e of the judges at the
Grahame Steed was on
y Awards. Here’s what DWPeople would like to hear from teams that
Government Opportunit
PASS team: have demonstrated at least one of the DWP values:
he had to say about the
en achieving the best, respecting people, making a
ject could only have be
“It was evident the pro exc eptiona lly high difference or looking outwards.
rking to an
achieved by a team wo
standard. In no more than 300 words, tell us how many
sitivities of the project, people are in your team, why you should be
“Given the potential sen ke ho lders
t a number of sta considered and which values you’ve demonstrated.
panel was impressed tha pliers .
ged, including sup Email your entry to
had been actively enga
sets a
winner – and one which
“This was a deserving s.”
entrants in 2009’s award
very high standard for

22 | dwpeople | September 2008
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:24 Page 23

Back Backstage
Catherine Chan
reports on how DWP
gets its cash back
A BENEFIT fraud case doesn’t end
when the judge delivers a sentence.
Above: Amanda Hillman (left) and Harsha Nanavati
There’s still the small matter of getting
back the money – and that’s where the house value goes up, we can go after back goes to the Treasury but DWP
Financial Investigation Team steps in. that money too.” also gets a percentage to invest in
anti-fraud measures.
Amanda Hillman is in charge of the Once the investigators have a
team: “In many cases, we’re not just reasonable figure (see panel), it’s up “The judge can also award comp-
pursuing the overpayment. to the judge to decide how much ensation to the Department as the
that person should pay back. ‘victim’ of the crime.”
“The law gives us the power to look
at someone’s whole lifestyle and all Amanda says: “A confiscation order Amanda adds: “We’re responsible in
their assets over the past six years. gives a person six months to repay the way we go after our money and
us and they may have to sell their try not to force anyone into poverty.
“This means someone can end up assets to raise the money. If they
repaying much more than they don’t pay up, they may go to prison. “It’s inevitable some people will find it
originally defrauded. For example if difficult to repay us but that’s the cost
they’ve bought a property and the “Most of the money that is paid of committing a crime.”

ACCREDITED financial Investigator Step 4
Harsha Nanavati is based at Neasden The individual is given the chance to tell
Jobcentre Plus, North London. us where the unexplained monies came The big payback
from. They usually dispute our figures! Here are some real examples:
Here’s how she builds up a picture  £51,000 overpayment =
of someone’s finances: Step 5 £85,000 confiscation order
We end up with a benefit figure (the  £40,000 overpayment =
Step 1 overpayment plus any unexplained £100,000 confiscation order
We start off with the intelligence money) and an asset figure (what they
we’ve gathered such as bank account currently hold in their bank balance and One of the biggest confiscation
and property details. equity in property and vehicles). orders was based on a £644
Step 2 Step 6
We’ll then approach the banks to hand We give these figures to the judge, DWP investigators uncovered
over more information, using production along with other evidence, and they a life of crime and the offender
orders. This process involves going to decide how much needs to be repaid. ended up paying back £245,000.
court and making an application before
a Crown Court judge. Step 7
Once the verdict has been given, we log Find out more about Debt
Step 3 the details on our database and work Management in a future
We check through the bank statements with colleagues in Debt Management Busted! Backstage article
to identify any unexplained income. to monitor the repayment.

September 2008 | dwpeople | 23
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:24 Page 24


Running into trouble
Benefit cheat Stefan Dudek can run…but he can’t hide from DWP
STEFAN Dudek was passionate about The evidence included secret footage
keeping fit. of Dudek working at an Everton
match. The three-hour video shows
The Liverpudlian was a big fan of Dudek doing his job without any
long-distance running and completed obvious discomfort, clearly at odds
five 10km races, often crossing the with his claims that he could
finishing line in under 50 minutes. barely walk.

He was also a regular at his local In total, Dudek fraudulently claimed
gym and filled his home with heavy £48,652 in Incapacity Benefit and
dumbbells and exercise equipment. Disability Living Allowance between
1998 and 2007.
But he soon found out there was
nowhere to run to when DWP Dudek admitted two counts of
exposed him as a benefit cheat. fraudulently claiming benefits, with
241 similar offences being taken
Dudek, aged 51, from Ash Grove, into consideration.
Wavertree, started receiving benefits
in 1989. At that time, he had genuine Judge Mark Brown said: “I am satisfied
mobility problems and his claim since 1998 you abused the system in a
was legitimate. deliberate and serious way.

His health improved greatly over “As a result, you obtained a large
the years but he neglected to tell amount of public money which
the Department about the change. would have otherwise gone to
more needy individuals.
He also failed to report that he was
working as a doorman at a nightclub “The public pot is not exhaustive. There
and as a steward at is a limit on what
Everton FC. can be spent.”

Liverpool Crown Judge Brown
Court heard how sentenced Dudek
Dudek was caught to one year in
out by Operation prison and DWP
Big Wing, a joint has started (Above) Dudek is photographed
operation by proceedings taking part in a 10km race
DWP and to get the (Right) He also worked as a steward
Merseyside Police. money back. at Goodison Park

24 | dwpeople | September 2008 DWP staff can report benefit fraud using the PPQ form on the desktop
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:24 Page 25


C H I L D ’S
P L A Y...
lands couple in court
Running, jumping and playing is all
in a day’s work for this dodgy duo
LOOKING after a group of kids can be The Department were alerted
an exhausting job – just ask Sharon to the case by an anonymous
and Kenneth Coulthard. tip-off.

The couple, from Garston in Liverpool, Investigators started
ran an after-school club and regularly surveillance and filmed the

supervised dozens of youngsters. couple taking part in physically
demanding activities.
They had their hands full: playing with
the children on a bouncy castle, taking Mrs Coulthard – who claimed
Sometimes I think
them quad-biking and supervising trips she couldn’t stand up and ‘why me?’ Why
to Chester Zoo.

But the Coulthards weren’t all they
appeared to be – they were benefit
needed almost constant care –
was even filmed riding a horse.

Liverpool Crown Court heard
not those people
who have done

cheats who defrauded the system of the couple started claiming bad in the world?
nearly £103,000. benefits legitimately in the
early 1990s but had not told
Despite her job, Sharon Coulthard, the Department that their Judge David Swift said the couple’s
aged 55, claimed Disability Living conditions had improved. benefit claims were “quite inconsistent
Allowance and Incapacity Benefit with reality.”
totalling £76,763. The couple pleaded guilty to seven
charges. Mrs Coulthard was sentenced He added: “That money is intended
Husband Kenneth, aged 47, was to a year in jail and Mr Coulthard was for people needing it. When there
also on the fiddle and claimed given a suspended sentence. is dishonesty on this scale, it is of
£26,223 in benefits. great concern.”

Above: Sharon Coulthard
is caught on camera. The
quote is from her 1993
benefit claim form

Left: just some of the
activities the Coulthards
took part in while claiming
benefits (library photos)

The public can report suspicions on the National Benefit Fraud Hotline (0800 854 440) Septmeber 2008 | dwpeople | 25
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:25 Page 26

Quiz time

State 5. State Pension age for women is
currently 60. What is the average 11. The Basic State Pension is not means

Pension age that women finish work?
55 58 61
tested – meaning people get it regardless
of how much other income or savings
they have.

quiz 6. On average, people retiring today are
better off than people retiring 10 or 20
years ago.
True or False?

12. Your National Insurance contributions
True or False? are held in a fund built up to pay your own
How does your pension State Pension.
7. State Pension age is currently different True or False?
knowledge add up? Find for men and women but the state pension
out in the State Pension quiz... age is going up for women? 13. At the moment what proportion of
True or False? working age people are not saving in a
1. On average a man who is 65 today will pension (not counting the State Pension)?
live to what age? 12% 34% 56%
8. The full Basic State Pension
75 79 85
for a single person is currently
how much per week?
2. On average a woman who is 65 today To be in with a chance of winning £15 of
£79.54 £84.25 £86.12
will live to what age? HMV vouchers email your answers together
80 88 92 with your name and address to:
9. For how may years must a man have
paid or been credited with National
3. How many women in the UK now reach Competition closes on 15 October.
Insurance contributions to get a full basic
the end of their life without having had
State Pension in normal circumstances?
any children? Congratulations to Claire Westbrook from
28 years 44 years 52 years
1 in 11 1 in 9 1 in 5 Jobcentre Plus in Purley, she provided all
the correct answers to the Fantastic Film
10. What percentage of women reaching
4. State Pension age for men is 65. What is Fact Finder (Take Two). The answers were
State Pension age now get the full Basic
the average age that men finish work? Buddy Holly, Annie, Trains, Mick Jagger,
State Pension of £82.05?
60 62 64 Art Garfunkel and Noel Coward.
12% 30% 42%

Crossword Across
1. Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay (4)
Send in your completed
crossword, details and answer
8. Railway vehicle (10) to the question below to:
9. Australian jumper....or D.H. Lawrence novel! (8) DWPeople Crossword
10. Jimmy, the popular comedian (4) Competition, David Hall, Room
12. Fish-eating hawk which builds a bulky nest (6) 650, Caxton House,
14. Number given to the second point gained by a player 6 -12 Tothill Street, London
in a tennis game (6) SW1H 9NA.
15. It has a spout and a handle and is used for brewing (6)
17. Gesture that encodes a message (6) Competition closes on 15
18. Remains of a cigarette (4) October.
19. Items on display in a museum (8)
21. Voluntary acknowledgments of the truth (10) To be in with a chance of
22. Blair, Blackburn or Bennett (4) winning please tell us what
your favourite feature in this
issue was?
Down ___________________________
2. Continuous tormenting (10) ___________________________
3. Piece of cloth flown on a ship (4)
4. Disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C (6) Name:
5. Something brought in from another country (6) ..................................................
6. Close-fitting item of hosiery (8) Full address:
7. Deborah, the female star of the movie 'From Here To ..................................................
Eternity' (4) ..................................................
Last month’s answers 11. Act of taking back a previous statement (10) ..................................................
13. Nation whose head of state is not a monarch (8) ..................................................
Across: 6. Roberts 7. Kenya 9. Lewis 10. History 16. Bloodsucking African fly (6) ..................................................
12. Switzerland 14. Performance 18. Voucher 19.
Mayor 21. Month 22. Efforts 17. Place of education (6)
18. Bean, the actor who plays Richard Sharpe in the The winner of the £15 Marks
Down: 1. Jones 2. Review 3. Sty 4. Lentil 5. television series 'Sharpe' (4)
Hydrant 8. Vinegar 11. Starter 13. Aerosol 15.
and Spencer voucher
20. Northern Ireland's most famous footballer (4) was Sarah Vaughan
Facets 16. Crayon 17. Youth 20. Eft
from Wolverhampton BDC.

26 | dwpeople | September 2008
DWPeople_September_2008:DWPeople_January_2008_edition.qxd 10/07/2008 15:25 Page 27

The instant interview
EVERY month an interviewee is
How long have you worked for Which music would you use for
selected at random from the the Department? the soundtrack of your life?
DWP global address book. This 31 years. Probably the Bridget Jones
month our subject is… soundtrack, but I loved the recent
What is the best aspect of your Abba revival and bought the CD on
job? Monday.
At present working on Summer
School engagement on behalf of What’s the best programme on
the Change Programme. Having had TV and why?
the opportunity to attend myself in Question Time. I have an interest in
2005 I can honestly say that this politics and especially when our
project has been the best I have ever ministers are on.
worked on.
What is your favourite meal?
Is there anything about your job Italian, or anything cooked by
that you dislike? someone else!
Not knowing what I don't know!!
If you could paint your office in
What’s been the highlight of your the colour of your choice, what
career? would it be and why?
Working with people, team members Definitely yellow, it’s sunny and
and customers and using my bright.
experience to try and 'make a
difference'. Do you have any hobbies?
Yes, Ceroc dancing.
What was the last film you
watched? Mamma Mia, and Sex What are you doing tonight?
and the City (loved both). I’m going to hem my trousers to go
from the Change Programme at out tomorrow night.
Tavis House in London

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ROME CITY CENTRE apartments for - 2008/9 from £450. 07821 273373 near to many others including
holiday rental each sleeping up to Sotogrande and Valderama. Tel 07802
four people. 450388 or email
10% discount to DWPeople readers. ORLANDO, FLORIDA. DWP discounts. Phone: Visit our luxurious four bedroom, three SANTA ROSA ISLAND, western end of
07749789630 bathroom villa. Two master ensuite, the Florida Panhandle, lovely two bed,
upgraded furniture, games room, two bath condo. 1520sq.ft Beautiful
FANTASTIC FLORIDA VILLA broadband, pool and spa, games white sands. Choice of two. Tel 07802
Four bed, three bath. Private, south- console in an exclusive area. All this 450388 or email
. facing pool & Jacuzzi. Games Room, within 15 minutes to the major theme
pool table, bar-football, etc. PS2, free parks. For more details go to HEATHROW AIRPORT. Comfortable
. local & international calls. Disney 10 or phone Paul on B&B in quiet country location. Holiday
. minutes. Beautifully furnished. DWP 01233 640096 parking, courtesy transport. Sue
. Jenkins (01753) 662972
Discount. From only £365pw. 01234-
. MAJOR second income opportunity
853420 07809-236358 ideal for Civil Servants. For information
pack call: 0800 781 0662 DISNEY, FLORIDA
ORLANDO. Luxury four bed villa all Luxury vacation villa. Four bed, three
with TV, private pool over-looking lake bath with two master en-suites. Pool
& games room, Disney 15 minutes. PUERTO DUQUESA, SOUTHERN SPAIN. overlooking conservation area. Tel:
Low rates for DWP employee bookings New 2 bed, 2 bath apartment. Next 01689 831146 website www.orlando-
door to Puerto Duquesa Golf club and
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