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Last Hardcopy Issue Of Iconoclast
Publication Expanding Services On Web not have to put in a user name and
password, or to have to pay a fee to
read what we write,” he said. “I con-
terviewers, artists, and much more,
so we are hoping that people will
take advantage of this opportunity
CRAWFORD, Texas — THE LONE tising. “They perform extremely cal support, which puts it on differ- sider this a vast service for both our not only to get their message out in
STAR ICONOCLAST is reverting solely important functions for their com- ent footing. That’s why we are tak- frequent and part-time readers,” he the form of an advertisement, but
to its online edition, effective after munities that are often taken for ing this innovative approach.” said. also to help us provide better con-
this edition is published, says W. granted,” he said. “THE ICONOCLAST Smith said that he is making ac- “At the same time, we are offer- tent editorially. That’s the trade-
Leon Smith, publisher. The publica- is a different type of publication cess to the site free, to continue to ing great opportunities in advertis- off,” he added.
tion is also abandoning Crawford as whose national distribution puts it encourage readership, with a non- ing on the site, which will help us pay “Whether it works is up to the
its hometown. in a different category. It is more of hassle attitude. our bills. These costs include the public.”
“We are looking for an official city a national entitywith little or no lo- “It’s beneficial to our readers to funding of writers, investigators, in- Smith said that THE ICONOCLAST
to call the ICONOCLAST’s home,” said offers hard-edged commentary that
Smith, who explained that at least many mainstream publications
temporarily that city will be Clifton, won’t touch. “We live in the real
Texas, which is a few miles from
Crawford. Clifton has been the
Resistance To Mandatory Flu world and try to convey that attitude
in the columns of THE ICONOCLAST,”
headquarters for production of the he said. “I am hoping that we can
ICONOCLAST since day one in 2000
when the ICONOCLAST was founded. Vaccine Grows In Health Workers get the support from our readers
through their businesses and pro-
motional advertising to be able to
Crawford will be dropped on the NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. - Healthcare workers Other healthcare professionals say that those who
cover. staged a protest outside New York’s capitol building carry on. Advertising on our
don’t take the flu shots risk hurting their professions.
After the boycotts against the last week. website is cheap, so we need an
“That’s kind of intolerable that patients should
newspaper that occurred in 2004, Their protest was against chosing between getting abundance of advertising support-
come to a hospital and not know that the healthcare
international attention turned to- ers to make this work. We need
the seasonal and H1N1 flu shot or losing their jobs. workers are vaccinated,” said Dr. Richard Daines,
ward the ICONOCLAST, expanding the This choice was mandated from the New York small businesses and little corpora-
New York State Commissioner of Health.
subscriber list into more of a tions, which is why the rates are so
state health officials. New York is the only state to carry such a man-
nationalwide appeal. “We are health care workers and we are not even cheap.”
date in the United States.
“We gained subscribers from given the credit or the respect to make the decision,” Smith noted that a current pro-
Studies have shown that only 40 percent of New
New York, to California, to Florida, said Carole Blueweiss, a physical therapist of 15 motion is called the Lightning Bolt
York’s 925,000 healthcare workers get vaccinations
all over the U.S., and even interna- years at New York hospital. “It’s outrageous and it Package, which includes a banner
tionally to other countries,” noted ad along with a free half-page ad in
feels criminal and anti-American.” A recent Harvard poll indicated that the general
Smith, and we continued to publish Blueweiss also told CBS News that she will give the flip page edition for a 13-week
public is resistant to getting the H1N1 shot as well.
our online edition. run.
her son the seasonal flu vaccine but the H1N1 vac- Only four in 10 adults said they would receive the
“The problem we ran into was cine is not going in either of their bodies. “This is something new in publi-
shot, while six in 10 said they would to their children.
through the postal service. People cations,” he said. “It’s a super deal
afar weren’t getting their papers for advertisers. We’ll see if it works
until sometimes a month or more and if it adds greatly to the traffic of
after we mailed them, which made the businesses that are interested
the news inside often quite old.
Even people in Texas were receiv-
ing them late. With this type of pub-
lication, timeliness is everything.
Chemists Create Fuel Cell in giving it a try. I don’t know where
they would get a better deal. This is
unheard of in publishing circles. It
is our goal to bring customers or
Our readers could access our news-
paper online immediately after we
uploaded, so that’s where the atten-
tion evolved,” he explained.
With Household Products patrons to the advertiser while help-
ing to fund our operation at the
same time, so I invite those who
read the ICONOCLAST to take advan-
“The result has been that the SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - College rate, the report said. that they had created a similar de- tage of this. It is definitely worth a
print edition has declined in read- chemists have said he has created The goal is to have a fuel cell that vice using sunlight to convert glu- try. Just call us at 254-675-3634 to
ership while the online traffic is still a fuel cell that produce electricity is “more commercially attractive,” cose into hydrogen power. sign up.”
strong, depending on what we pub- from common household products. noted team member Dean Wheeler. Watt’s report is found in the Au- Smith said that he encourages
lish from week to week,” he said. Gerald Watt, a Brigham Young The BYU discovery comes two gust issue of the Journal of the ICONOCLAST readers to spread the
“Therefore, to cut expenses we are University professor of chemistry, years after Japanese scientists said Electrochemical Society. word among their friends to visit the
now abandoning the actual hard reported that an over-the-counter site, take advantage of the free
copy, paper editions. We plan to still weedkiller can excite electrons in news and commentary, and perhaps
publish in a ‘hard copy’ layout uti- an electrode from carbohydrates in try to market some of their goods
lizing flip pages that people can sugar as its fuel. through the inexpensive advertising
read in a similar fashion to the ac- For a perspective on the low cost provided by the ICONOCLAST.
tual newsprint editions, which is of carbohydrate-based fuel cells, he Regarding the publication home,
where the attention of our readers noted that General Moters is devel- Smith said that he welcomes sug-
has turned.” oping a hydroden-based fuel cell gestions. “Too, I am open to setting
“Actual print editions are impor- using platinum as a catalyst. up bureaus in various cities inside
tant to most newspapers,” said Still, the BYU team is seeking the United States and even abroad.
Smith, who encourages the public ways to increase the power density It depends on what we can afford to
to continue to support their local pa- since its initial experiments could do,” he said. “It all comes down to
pers with subscriptions and adver- only yield a 29-percent conversion public support.”
Online: — THE LONE STAR ICONOCLAST — Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 — 3
three years ago. region, CodePink members now
Asked if a coup were possible, want U.S. and NATO troops to re-
Edward N. Luttwak, senior adviser main there to support the native
at the Center for Strategic and In- women from the Taliban.
ternational Studies, said, “So many people are saying that,
“I’ve done it for other countries. ‘If the U.S. troops left, the country
But it just wouldn’t work here.You would collapse. We’d go into civil
could go down the list and take over war.’ A palpable sense of fear that
these headquarters, that headquar- is making us start to reconsider
ters, the White House, the Defense that,” Code Pink co-founder Medea
Department, the television, the ra- Benjamin told the Christian Science
dio, and so on. You could arrest all Monitor last week.
the leaders, detain or kill off their As a point of order, consider the
families. And you would have ac- last time the U.S. military was in
complished nothing.” “open revolt” against the civilian
He continued, “You would sit in leaders that the military culture is
the office of the Secretary of De- bound to obey. It happened during
fense, and the first place where you the Clinton Administration, accord-
wouldn’t be obeyed would be inside ing to Andrew J. Bacevich, a pro-
your office. If they did follow orders fessor of international relations at
inside the office, then people in the Boston University, the author of
rest of the Pentagon wouldn’t. If ev- “The New American Militarism,”
erybody in the Pentagon followed and an officer in the U.S. Army from
orders, people out in the military 1969 to 1992.
bases wouldn’t. If they did, as well, The issue? Gays in the military,
American citizens would still not which enflamed the top brass to the
accept your legitimacy.” lowest potato peeler.
Luttwak literally wrote on the “Now, Clinton’s actions were ill-
subject, “Coup D’Etat: A Practical advised, to put it mildly. But what
Handbook.” He explained to we got was something like rebellion.
HARPER’S that even if a force con- Two Marines published an op-ed in
trolled the media, that doesn’t mean the WASHINGTON POST, warning the
it could rule because the missing Joint Chiefs that if they failed to
ingredient is acceptance. He gave stop this policy from being imple-
Saddam Hussein as an example of mented, they were likely to lose the
a unpopular leader with a minimum loyalty of junior officers. I mean,
group of security that accepted his holy smokes,” Bacevich said.
rule; however, the United States is You can bet your bottom dollar
different than Iraq, he said. that if Congress ever tries to defund
As long as public option favors and demobilize the standing U.S.
the president, the military chiefs military as an government institu-
and veterans have seats at the po- tion “— i.e., if the military were sud-
litical table by which to negotiate denly, radically cut back — it could
and seek benefits, and no strings of lead if not to a coup then to very
cataclysmic events happen on severe civil-military tension,” said
American soil, a military (or non- Richard H. Kohn, the chair of the
military) coup d’etat is impossible, curriculum in Peace, War, and De-
BY NATHAN DIEBENOW that Newsmax withdrew the coup stitution proposed by Fellow And right now, the president is fense at the University of North
ASSOCIATE EDITOR column from its website on account Rexford G. Tugwell.” popular, the military gets what it Carolina at Chapel Hill and editor
WASHINGTON, D.C. — What of its readers’ responses. Perry’s biography also stated, wants, though the veterans not as of the book “The United States Mili-
does Media Matters for America In distancing itself from Perry, “The Associated Press Managing much, and as bad as the war in Af- tary Under the Constitution of the
have against HARPER’S MAGAZINE? Newsmax made a bigger blunder Editors Association named him one ghanistan, healthcare reform, the United States, 1789-1989.”
Apparently nothing. when its spokesperson said he “has of the 12 best newsroom managers financial crisis, and unemployment In other words, take away the
That would seem the problem no official relationship with among the AP’s member newspa- levels are, it’s all being managed. military’s political seat, then its
considering that the so-called “non- Newsmax other than as an unpaid pers.” Plus, if the anti-war group members will feel threatened and
profit progressive research and in- blogger.” But rather than test Perry’s per- CodePink has anything to say about rely on the support of its constitu-
formation center ” missed the Talking Points Memo (TPM) spective by the strength of his jour- it, they would probably be happy encies located around its military
magazine’s Q&A with military ex- noted that Perry was indeed a nalism chops, TPM (the Polk with the U.S. military hanging out bases in all 50 states as well as its
perts discussing the possibility of former senior editor working for the Award-winning “web-based political in Afghanistan for the time being. wide-spread popularity among av-
an “American coup d’etat.” site from late 1999 until October journalism organization”) and Me- After a recent trip to the war-torn erage civilians.
But when an award-winning 2001 who has contributed a regular dia Matters took the political route
former newspaper editor who column “nearly every single week” by claiming that Newsmax is
worked in two presidential admin- since November 1999, a year after merely a propaganda wing of the
istrations published an opinion the site’s founding. Republican National Committee.
piece explaining that it’s not “un- However, both Media Matters Which it probably is.
realistic” for the U.S. military to and TPM failed to point out Perry’s One could even chalk up Perry’s
stage a coup “to resolve the Obama other credentials. According to his diatribe to a right-wing version of
problem,” Media Matters released Newsmax biography, he served: Gore Vidal’s recent ramblings to
its hounds. · President Lyndon B. Johnson THE TIMES UK when he said, “We’ll
It’s not like Media Matters didn’t “as deputy under secretary of com- have a dictatorship soon in the U.S.”
have enough resolve to perform a merce and was a White House Of Obama, Vidal told THE TIMES,
little background research into the speech writer and race-relations “I was hopeful. He was the most in-
discussion. trouble-shooter for President telligent person we’ve had in that
The Harper’s feature “Military Johnson;” position for a long time. But he’s in-
thinkers discuss the unthinkable” · President Jimmy Carter “as ex- experienced. He has a total inabil-
came out in April 2006 — smack- ecutive assistant to the under sec- ity to understand military matters.
dab in the middle of second leg of retary of Housing and Urban He’s acting as if Afghanistan is the
President George W. Bush’s ad- Development and was interim di- magic talisman: solve that and you
ministration. rector of public information for the solve terrorism.”
John L. Perry ’s column ran Federal Emergency Management And this is same “man of letters”
online at conservative website Agency.” who switched allegiances from Sen.
Newsmax on Sept. 29, 2009 — not Perry’s biography on Newmax’s Hillary Clinton to Obama in the
even a year since a certain young website also stated that he served Democratic primary last summer.
U.S. senator from Illinois became an academic fellow at the now-de- Still, this discussion is in want:
President Barack Obama. funct Center for the Study of Demo- Would a military coup d’etat — non-
Leaving aside the partisan ideo- cratic Institutions in Santa Barbara, violent or otherwise — ever taking
logical rhetoric, so who is correct? Calif. This think tank, according to place on Washington?
Is it possible that the U.S. military Wikipedia, “attained some contro- All evidence suggests, if we are
would overthrow the current ex- versy with its conference of student to apply the experts’ analysis from
ecutive branch so easily? radical leaders in 1967, and with a HARPER’S magazine, that Obama sits
We’ll probably never know now suggested new United States Con- safe and sound just as Bush did
4 — Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 — THE LONE STAR ICONOCLAST — Online:

U.S. Catholics Back Healthcare
Finance Reform, Plus Abortion: Poll
WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. that they attend church regularly - that the bishops do not represent
Catholics support a “public option” either several times a week or Catholic voters. Catholics have
in healthcare finance reform along throughout the year. compassion,” sid CFC president
with public funding for abortion, ac- The poll was conducted online, Jon O’Brien. They want everybody
cording to a new poll. Sept. 16 through 21, by Belden to have access to comprehensive
The top priority among those 923 Russonello and Stewart for Catho- healthcare — including abortion in
Catholic registered voters polled lics for Choice, a pro-choice orga- many circumstances.”
nationally was reducing costs asso- nization based in Washington, D.C. O’Brien noted that the two most
ciated with healthcare; in fact, it founded in 1973. recent polls on abortion authorized
ranked just below fixing the U.S. The surveyed Catholic voters (68 by U.S. bishops asked other faith
economy, the results showed. percent) disapproved of the U.S. groups other than Catholics for
Half of the respondents, however, Catholic bishops urging that all their opinions.
said that public and/or private insur- Catholics should opposed the gov- “Catholic views on healthcare
ance plans ought to cover abortion as ernment plan should it carry abor- and abortion are mainstream
seen fit by a woman and her doctor. tion funding. American views,” said the pollsters,
Of those polled, 84 percent said “This poll clearly demonstrates Belden Russonello and Stewart.
Catholics for Change

Scientist Warns
Of Explosion Of
Robot Population
SHEFFIELD, England - An En-
glish scientist is warning that the
population of robots is growing at
such a rapid rate that it’s time to set
international guidelines for their
military, industrial, and commercial
Professor Noel Sharkey of the
University of Sheffield said last fall
that there are almost six million
robots used in the private business
sector; and most of the funding for
their creation has come from the
Before robots become more com-
mercially available, the top robotics
expert stressed that legislators
ought to consider the possible psy-
chological issues on humanity.
Sharkey said: “Research into ser-
vice robots has demonstrated close
bonding and attachment by chil-
dren, who, in most cases, prefer a
robot to a teddy bear. Short-term
exposure can provide an enjoyable
and entertaining experience that
creates interest and curiosity.
“However, because of the physi-
cal safety that robot minders pro-
vide, children could be left without
human contact for many hours a
day or perhaps for several days, and
the possible psychological impact of
the varying degrees of social isola-
tion on development is unknown.
Sharkey noted that with the price
of robot manufacturing falling, ro-
bots will be more readily available
for consumption; robots were 80-
percent cheaper in 2006 than in
And robots are already able to be
controlled through wireless com-
munication technology via a mobile
phone or from a PC.
IFR Statistics has estimated that
in the next two years, the robot
population will almost double to 11.5
Online: — THE LONE STAR ICONOCLAST — Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 — 5

Nations Deny Plot To
End Oil Trade In Dollars
LONDON, England - Several na- dollar are China, Japan, France, concentrate on the extraordinary
tions that trade oil in U.S. dollars and Brazil. implications of the transition from
denied a report last week that they The new currency system would the dollar in nine years’ time. The
are secretly transitioning to a differ- be a basket of currencies including current deadline for the currency
ent currency system in nine years. the Japanese yen and Chinese transition is 2018,” wrote Fisk.
In response to the allegation, yuan, the euro, gold and a new, uni- Fisk ended his report with noting
Saudi Arabia’s central bank chief fied currency planned for nations that nations have not been success-
Muhammad al-Jasser said, “Abso- in the Gulf Co-operation Council, ful in transfering off the dollar as a
lutely incorrect.” including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, reserve currency in the past.
“We did not discuss this at all,” Kuwait and Qatar,” according to “Iran announced late last month
replied Dmitry Pankin, Russia’s Fisk. that its foreign currency reserves
deputy finance minister. Fisk said that the U.S. officials would henceforth be held in euros
“I don’t see a need for oil trade in the know “are sure to fight” this rather than dollars. Bankers re-
to be denominated differently,” transition from the dollar; however, member, of course, what happened
added Karim Djoudi, Algeria’s fi- the problems still unresolved in the to the last Middle East oil producer
nance minister. U.S. banking sector should slow to sell its oil in euros rather than
The denials came after British their response. dollars. A few months after Saddam
journalist Robert Fisk reported in “Chinese financial sources be- Hussein trumpeted his decision,
The Indpendent that among the na- lieve President Barack Obama is the Americans and British invaded
tions also gearing up to replace the too busy fixing the US economy to Iraq,” he said.

World Bank President: U.S.
Economic Power ‘Declining’
ISTANBUL, Turkey - The presi- Zoellick said. been in recession.
dent of the World Bank said last As a result, Zoellick foresees a Moreover, the U.S. Labor Depart-
week that the economic might of long-term rebalancing of the world ment reported that unemployment
the United States is “declining.” economy. was at a 26-year high at 9.8 per-
World Bank President Robert “One of the legacies of this crisis cent.
Zoellick was speaking in Istanbul may be a recognition of changed However, officials like U.S. Trea-
prior to the meetings of the World economic power relations,” he said. sury Secretary Timothy Geithner
Bank and International Monetary Already, China gained a perma- repeat that the U.S. economy had
Fund (IMF). nent seat on the IMF ’s 24-seat “improved dramatically.”
And if there is any blame to be policy-making committee. Still, Geithner conceeds that
had for this deline, it lies on the China and Brazil have seen their “conditions for a sustained recov-
shoulders of the financial crisis economies growing in the last two ery, led by private demand, are not
which started on American shores, years while the United States has yet fully established.”

Cocaine Vaccine Not Quite
Up To Snuff: Scientists
WACO, Texas - A new vaccine The successful vaccination sub- on the trail for such a vaccine for 15
aimed at warding off addiction to jects sustained the antibodies for years.
cocaine is not quite up to snuff, ac- just two months. The United States has no ap-
cording to researchers at the medi- As a result, repeated booster proved pharmacological therapy
cine schools at Yale and Baylor vaccinations would be required, the for cocain abuse; the only treat-
universies. authors of the trial indicated in the ment consists of 12-step pro -
A six-month trial revealed that October issue of the Archives of grams.
just 38 percent of those vaccinated General Psychiatry. There are almost two million
produced enough anti-cocaine an- The Yale/Baylor trial had been regular cocaine users in the United
tibodies to inactivate the cocaine in going on for five years; the lead re- States, the world’s number one
the blood stream. searcher Thomas Kosten has been market for the drug.

GOP Senator Bashes Talk Show
Host, ‘Birther’ Movement
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Sen. America,” Graham said. “You’ve got “Only in America can you
Lindsey Graham offered a striking the freedom to watch him if you make that much money crying,”
rebuke of right-wing entertainer choose. What I am saying [is] he he said.
and movement last week. doesn’t represent the Republican The Republican also de-
To FoxNews’ Bret Baier, the Re- Party.” nounced as “crazy” the so-called
publican senator from South Caro- Graham went on Baier’s show to “birther” movement that main-
lina said that Glenn Beck speaks for answer for his comments about tains that President Barak
himself, not the Republican Party. Beck at the Washington Ideas Fo- Obama is no citizens of the
“I’m not saying he’s bad for rum. United States.
6 — Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 — THE LONE STAR ICONOCLAST — Online:

zens and an additional 16 percent

favor making it affordable to the
most needy citizens.
* We seem about equally di-
vided on bilingual education for
non-English speakers.
* Only 32 percent oppose gay
end of the Perry era is far from cer- marriage or civil unions. 29 percent
tain. support same-sex marriage; 32 fa-
Certain being a small town in vor civil unions.
East Texas very near Uncertain. * Only 51 percent are native
The latest Rasmussen Reports Texans.
show that Aggie Cheerleader * Only 36 percent know who Lt.
Perry and Texas Cheerleader Gov. David Dewhurst is.
Hutchison are in a virtual tie * 90 percent claim some reli-
As Uncle Hugh used to say, among likely Republican voters. gious affiliation (24 percent are
“Nothing is more confusing than Forty percent for the girl with Catholic and 15 percent are Baptist;
the things you thought you knew.” the megaphone; 38 for the guy with the rest are in single figures); 33
Don’t take the death of the the pom-poms. percent said they are “born again,”
Trans-Texas Corridor too seri- Nineteen percent are undecided but only 18 percent say they attend
ously; Texans are still, as a group, and the rest support Debra regular services; 23 percent said
pretty stupid. Medina. they attend a few times a month.
Yet we are surprisingly un-stu- The margin is 3.5 percent. Ten percent said they are spiritual,
pid about some things, according Exactly the same results among but don’t go to church.
to this summer’s opinion poll by Republican voters polled in April * Three percent don’t know
the University of Texas govern- who said they thought Tricky had whether they are religious. Presum-
ment department. a good idea about seceding from ably, they looked to see if it was listed
But first, the latest sort of news the Union. on their voter registration cards.
about the Spanish Trace dreams of And that Pickett’s Charge was a And finally, those who consider
Lying Tricky Ricky Perry, the gov- sound military maneuver. themselves Democrats or Republi-
ernor Texas didn’t want. Those are the Perry or Perish cans are equally divided, with 26
While Cintra-Zachary, the Republicans, numerically identical percent claiming to be independent.
Madrid-to-San Antonio extortion to the 39 percent who liked Tricky Most of those, of course, tend to vote
consortium, won’t get all of the $3.5 Ricky in the last gubernatorial Republican, although their support
billion in Texan’s tax dollars to free-for-idiots election. is soft when third-party candidates
build the full I-35 toll roads across They will vote for him even if he’s are available. The more looney the
houses, farms and fields, they’re in a coma or the penitentiary. candidate, the more available the
going to get enough. Considering the margin, all independents.
The contract has been canceled, Tricky has to do is convince a hand- So why do Texans vote with such
but no one is saying how much ful of Branch Davidians that Medina rabid right lunacy?
is an illegal alien, and he’s in. It’s only a guess, mind you, but I’d
money is already allocated to the On a scale of the most important nitive registered voters. say it has something to do with fear.
Perry providers, those who directly But the UT poll mentioned ear- issues facing America, health care Now for some surprises: A majority said they aren’t particu-
or indirectly plan to profit from the lier may be more telling than gets six percent and immigration * “Intelligent” describes larly worried about things politically.
toll road scam, the latter being ev- Rasmussen. only four, but gay marriage, educa- Barack Obama well. 70 percent! We’re probably going to be all right.
eryone from Walmart, big busi- First, it covers much more ground tion, the environment and abortion * He provides strong leader- To the rest. WE’RE DOOMED
nesses which won’t have to pay and measures Texans, not just are considered important by a mere ship. 54 percent. TO PERDITION AND ONLY A SUI-
taxes to build and maintain high- Texas Republicans with blood in their one percent each. * Among registered voters, Perry CIDE MISSION TO THE HEART
ways; to rest area builders and op- teeth about the governor’s race. Fewer people are concerned leads Hutchison ten percentage points. OF THE SUN CAN SAVE US
erators with all those captive Only 86 percent of those polled about gay marriage and illegal im- No word on those who don’t know FROM TAX-AND-SPEND NEGRO
travelers. are registered to vote. Thirteen migration than know whether they whether they are registered. ZOMBIE ILLEGAL ALIENS!
Out-of-pocket guesstimates are percent were not, and two didn’t are registered to vote. * 64 percent of Democrats are Or maybe the percentage of
around $100 million to Cintas- know. Afghanistan-Pakistan and Iraq undecided in the governor’s race. those who do not know whether we
Zachery for work thus far, including Yes, two percent of us do not incidentally, got zero percent. * Almost 82 percent consider are religious or whether we are reg-
Texas 130 (the toll loop around Austin). know whether they are registered When it comes to the most impor- poverty at least somewhat a prob- istered to vote is greater than this
Or enough to give a full four-year to vote. tant issues facing Texas, however, lem in Texas. poll indicates.
college scholarship to every gradu- And drive down the interstate 18 percent considered illegal immi- * 54 percent want the legisla- INFO
ating senior in Texas next year. with their turn signal blinking. gration most important and the ture to set tuition rates again, UT Poll
Not that we’d want something The most important issue in economy was second. Again, health rather than college administrators.
like that. America, Texans said, is the care got six percent. The morality * 42 percent favor making col- txp_media/html/poll/files/200906-
Especially considering that the economy. issues remained below the non-cog- lege tuition affordable for all citi- summary.pdf
Online: — THE LONE STAR ICONOCLAST — Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 — 7

The Killing Fields
As we gaze across our brown, dry surface, the tree would not come
fields this September (wishing for back. But we’ve had new “scouts”
rain) we see here and there healthy, sprout from the roots that broke off
bright green plants popping up, that knot and remained behind in
with lovely, fern-like leaves. How the earth.
can this be? Everything else has Our war on mesquite has been
dried up. Even the broom weed is costly and time consuming, but also
looking dull. The only green in a sea those ghost mesquites are now strangely satisfying. We seem to be
of brown is shaded Bermuda grass sending up shoots. I’m starting to making a dent in it. Seeing progress
and a few hardy weeds. believe there’s really no such thing keeps me trying. Now mind you, we
So dotting the crispy landscape as a dead mesquite. What you think can’t tackle the entire ranch all at
as far as the eye can see are bright is dead is only resting, biding its once. We work section by section as
green clumps of some lovely, hardy time for a comeback. It’s amazing we can afford yet another bottle of
plant. Upon closer inspection, these how quickly this stuff grows, even Remedy, take time out here and
are, of course, mesquite. (You knew with no rain. Anyone who has ever there for the occasional major de-
that, didn’t you?) The mesquite we tried to pull up a three inch tall mes- bilitating illness and recovery. AND
cut at ground level a month or so quite seedling knows why they’re so we do all the other chores and jobs
ago have sprouted angry new hardy. There’s a tap root many necessary to sustain reasonable
growth, intent upon survival. We times longer than the plant is tall. life. (At this point, I figure I’m only

Sen. John Cornyn, knew, of course, this would happen,
have been waiting for it to happen,
yet another ingenious part of our
Like an iceberg, the big stuff ’s hid-
den under the surface.
We’ve sprayed some of these
a year or two behind on most things,
maybe longer on some). As we work
on these mesquite rich areas, other

Protector Of Rapists diabolical, murderous plan to deci-
mate every mesquite tree on this
place. As the new shoots spring up,
mesquite patches three and four
times, over several seasons. We’ve
tried various combinations of the
patches are reproducing and re-
sprouting with abandon, like geo-
metric progression. They ’re
Sen. John Cornyn of Texas has no excuse. they’re easy to see and spray. Once recommended products. We’ve growing faster than the national
Cornyn voted against an amendment to the FY2010 Defense Ap- sprayed, it’s simple to return for any used twice the recommended debt (not so funny a joke these
propriations Bill that would stop funding to defense contractors who overlooked. What we miss before amount. We’ve cut and sprayed, days).
block employees bringing to court their cases of sexual assault that winter we will surely catch next scored and sprayed, sprayed and We understand that we will battle
happened on the job. spring when mesquite will be the removed when dead (or at least mesquite for the rest of our natural
Specifically, the amendment punishes companies that bind alleged first green shoot on the horizon. when we thought they were dead). lives — and possibly will come back
victims in a legal business negotiation known as “mandatory arbi- In spraying a mesquite patch, for We’ve sprayed in the intense heat to haunt it after that — not that it
tration.” every plant you spray on your right, of the summer when the plant is will do us much good. Mesquite
And by voting so, it’s hard to see just who he would try to protect you miss five on your left. You train actively growing (recommended by (along with fire ants and possibly
other than rapists lurking in the defense industry. your eye to differentiate (by subtle many “experts”). We’ve also kudzu) will most certainly inherit
Even odder is his inconsistency. nuances of color and texture) be- sprayed in the fall, as the sap re- the earth.
Last year, Cornyn, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, tween mesquite and anything else. turns to the root, hopefully taking (Gene Ellis, Ed.D is a Bosque
introduced a resolution complaining about how the U.S. Supreme There are only a few weeds at this the herbicide along with it. The lat- County resident who returned to
Court ruled (5-4) that the death penalty for child rapists is unconsti- point that sometimes fool me from ter was recommended by OTHER the family farm after years of liv-
tutional (Kennedy v. Louisiana). a distance. After a long session of “experts.” (Like my father always ing in New Orleans, New York, and
“Child rapists are the worst of the worst. Their crimes rob chil- spraying mesquite, I can close my said, “If you want ten different opin- Florida. She is an artist who holds
dren of their innocence, injuring them in ways from which they can eyes and see their leaves — like af- ions, get 10 experts together.”) We a doctoral degree from New York
never fully recover. If a jury determines that a child rapist deserves ter a day of picking pecans — when were told when we bulldozed that if University and is writing a book
the death penalty, then that penalty is appropriate, given the unspeak- I close my eyes and see nuts). we pulled up the “knot” or the about the minor catastrophes of
ably depraved nature of this crime,” Sen. Cornyn said in a statement. As you go from one plant to the “heart” of the tree, just below the life.)
But in the case of Dallasite Jamie Leigh Jones, she deserved to other, turning this way and that, it’s
have KBR (formerly of Halliburton) roadblock her path to justice over impossible to spray them all on the
a gang-rape she claims occurred when, as a 19-year-old, she worked first (or second — or sometimes
for the company in Iraq? even third) run. Even adding blue
If Cornyn had applied the same logic, he should have supported dye to the herbicide, you miss so
the Franken’s amendment by calling for it to be strengthened — kill many when you’re dealing with
the company in the event it is found to have blocked such claims to acres and acres of expanse. As you
courts, right? kill these visible plants, others are
Instead, he seems to have played a twisted game of revenge by busy popping up from seed or from
voting against a law introduced by the very man he was hell bent on the errant root. Who knows how
blocking from becoming a U.S. senator — Al Franken. many years mesquite seed is vi-
Cornyn should truly be ashamed by his action (or non-action) for able? I suspect the half life is at
having a senator other than a Texan come to the aid of one of his own least a century. After all, wheat
constituency, a fellow Texan who would face the humiliation of nego- seeds found buried in an Egyptian
tiations run by a business itself. pyramid sprouted after three thou-
As Pam Zeller, Executive Director of the Sexual Violence Center, sand years when presented with
explained: moisture. Mesquite certainly must
“In arbitration the intent is to arrive at an agreement. This agree- be hardier than wheat. So you spray
ment does not have to be equitable in order to be resolved. It is also what you can each time you go out
not intended to resolve a criminal matter. Sexual harassment and — and hope to live another day to
sexual violence inherently have an imbalance of power. Submitting a get after it again. (And you hope you
victim of sexual harassment, or sexual assault, to a process of arbi- have protected yourself sufficiently
tration is a revictimization of the victim, and minimizes the serious- from the herbicide with clothing,
ness of the crime of sexual assault. eye protection, gloves, and a mask).
“The proposed amendment by Senator Franken will protect vic- I never want to stop once I’ve
tims of sexual harassment and sexual violence from being started, even with the temps close
revictimized through the arbitration process,” she added. to or over 100 degrees. At that point,
Even more embarrassing are the 29 other senators that also vot- I’m probably not responding ratio-
ing against the amendment; not surprisingly all them are Republi- nally anyway. Mesquite killing has
can. become sort of an obsession with
Sen. Franken and the 10 Republican senators who voted in favor, me. But like Zack always says, “You
including Texas’ own Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison ought to be proud of can’t catch all the mice today.”
their decision. The mesquite we had bulldozed
Said Jones, “This amendment makes all the hard times that I have (in two stages, three and four years
gone through, when going public with such a personal tragedy, worth ago) were supposed to stay gone.
every tear shed from telling and retelling my horrific experience. I That’s why you pay the big bucks to
know this amendment will save so many in the future.” the guys with the heavy equipment.
— Nathan Diebenow But of course, the remnants of
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The Iconoclast
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Online: — THE LONE STAR ICONOCLAST — Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 — 9
rected system that, by its very na-
ture, will quell innovation and effi-

Don’t Go Postal
Or do we want reform that will
move us more toward the energetic
FedEx model?
Most agree that lawmakers must
tomers to do their banking. Post of-
SPECIAL TO THE ICONOCLAST fices in other countries allow cus- address the big challenges — there
President Obama couldn’t have tomers to purchase insurance. The are creative ways to deal with port-
been more right: The post office is Australian postal system allows ability, pre-existing conditions, the
struggling, and for good reason. customers to renew their driver’s uninsured, etc. — but they must
While defending his government- licenses. establish new guidelines without
funded health insurance option a Heck, we’re already waiting in taking away more of our freedom.
week ago - a controversial idea that, long lines. Why not wait for two or Unleashing private-sector cre-
at this writing, he appears to be will- three things at once? ativity and innovation is the only
ing to ditch - he said private insur- Besides, our postal system has way we can drive the improvements
ers shouldn’t worry about 36,000 locations across America - it our health care system so badly
competing with the government. generates massive foot traffic. needs.
He said it is the U.S. Postal Ser- Surely, it could generate new dough Is there anyone on the planet who
vice, not FedEx and UPS, that is by offering new services and prod- thinks the government can manage
struggling. ucts that consumers want. one-seventh of the U.S. economy
To be sure, our quasi-govern- But, since quasi-government or- better than the private sector?
ment postal operation is on track to ganizations move at a snail’s pace, If you do, let me ask you this: If
lose $7 billion this year. if at all, that may take a while. He ran into all kinds of chal- express packages all over America you needed to ship a precious per-
Why? In the Internet era, fewer If you want an example of some- lenges and obstacles. He and his - something the post office could sonal item halfway across the world,
people are mailing things. They’re one who really did think outside the team obviously were successful at never do on its own. whom would you entrust it to?
mailing even less during a deep re- mailbox, visit the FedEx Web site. resolving them. They pushed ad- Which brings us back to Obama’s The post office or FedEx?
cession. Fred Smith, the company ’s vances in computer technology to telling comment comparing public The health care debate isn’t
But here are the real challenges founder, had a vision to do some- drive efficiency. Their creativity and and private organizations. much more complicated than that.
our post office faces: regulations, thing the post office wasn’t able to innovation ultimately changed the It is true that our health care sys- ©2009 Tom Purcell. Tom Purcell,
mandates and bureaucratic inertia do: deliver small packages fast. world. tem needs some reforming and our a humor columnist for the Pittsburgh
that make it incapable of adjusting In 1971, he invested money he in- Needless to say, FedEx has be- government has an important role Tribune-Review, is nationally syndi-
to market conditions. herited - along with venture capital come so innovative and efficient, we in nudging the reform along. cated exclusively by Cagle Cartoons
Postmaster General John Potter he was able to raise - to buy a used- take for granted that the package But do we really want “reforms” newspaper syndicate. For more info
is trying to correct that. He said aircraft company in Little Rock, we drop off today will arrive virtu- that will lead to a post office-style contact Cari Dawson Bartley at 800-
Congress needs to allow the post Ark. ally anywhere in America by noon bureaucracy and the constant med- 696-7561 or e-mail
office to “think outside the mailbox” He began using the aircraft to tomorrow. dling of big-talking politicians? <>. Visit Tom on the
- to consider new activities that provide overnight delivery services In fact, so reliable is FedEx, our In the era of Google and innova- web at <> or
could generate new revenue. for envelopes and small packages postal system signed a contract tion and massive new efficiencies, e-mail him at
The Italian post office allows cus- shipped within the United States. with the company to deliver its own do we really want a government-di- <>.
10 — Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 — THE LONE STAR ICONOCLAST — Online:

Dave Did It His Way The French Love Us
I always try to embrace the difficult and the easy writing assign-
ments with the same gusto. If I have a hard job, I stare at that job and
make sure that I don’t blink
first. Keeping this absurd
mixed metaphor in mind, I went
to France recently on an ardu-
ous research trip to find out ev-
erything I could about the
French. Those of you who have
been reading my columns for a
while, know that this was not
So, David Letterman has an ac- my first trip there. However, I
tive libido. vow to go back as many times as possible to bring my readers the
What’s all the fuss about? facts about France. I spent three weeks studying the French on the
I have no idea of the dynamic beaches of the Riviera, in the lavender and sunflower fields of
between the man and his long- Provence, and outside the cafes of Paris solely for the purpose of gath-
time girlfriend, now wife. But ering information.
whatever he did with amenable We’ve all heard that the French are cold and snobby and aren’t
women within his own organiza- nice to Americans. Supposedly, food is what they take most seriously
tion appears to have been private. in life, and they spend more time in museums than at work. I wanted
As to Dave’s decision to pub- to learn what were false stereotypes and what was the truth. Above
licly denounce the lump of human all, I wanted to learn how they really feel about Americans these days.
feces who tried to blackmail him, So, I conducted a survey. While doing my research, I tried to blend in
I say, “Way to go!” with the French. In fact, on the beach, I went topless.
It wasn’t a paramour who ob- The Garver Survey, 2009
jected to Dave’s behavior; in fact, My first question was whether they felt that since Barack Obama
not one woman has ever come for- became President, had relations between France and the United
ward to call foul. The guy who per- States gotten better or worse? About 96 percent replied that our re-
petrated a felony against lationship had gotten better. And only a small percentage of these
Letterman as a way out of serious people were trying to sell me something when they made this reply.
debt — using his girlfriend’s affair The people I talked to seemed to love our President. In fact, 75 per-
with the late night star as an ex- cent of those who filled out my survey feel that Obama is a better
cuse — is the only person com- president than their own Sarkozy.
plaining. Eighty percent feel that someday France will have a woman Presi-
Now, a scurrilous defense attor- dent. Only 48 percent of those surveyed feel that someday France
ney is suggesting that numerous will elect a black President. My guess is that if this question had been
female employees were victim- asked in America a year ago, the results might have been similar —
ized by Dave, women who have that more people felt that we would have a woman President before
yet to come forth with sordid tales we elected a black one.
of sexual harassment and abuse. Those who filled out my questionnaire are not all that optimistic
It’s curious how, in all these about the economy. Only 12 percent feel that it will recover by the
years, not one woman has leveled end of 2010, and a gloomy 32 percent don’t feel that it will recover in
a complaint or filed charges our lifetime. Seems to me if my wife and I make just one more trip to
against this man. France, their economy should be just fine.
It’s the nature of the beast that Since it was France, I couldn’t resist asking a couple of questions
many individuals would willingly about sex. Not surprisingly, those questioned felt that French women
and adoringly jump at the chance tious was part of his public image, show. From all appearances, it and men are sexier than Americans. However, I should point out that
to engage in a round or two of as was the ever-present Martini has neither negatively impacted this was before I got my haircut.
patty-cake with a celebrity; only in his hand. nor diminished his fan base. Of all the things that France is known for, including their history,
someone who exists in a vacuum From virtually every media out- To the defense attorney who is their architecture, their art, a surprising 20 percent said that the
would be incapable of compre- let, national as well as local, talk- throwing around unfounded French thing they were most proud of was... the cheese. The cheese!
hending how certain folks might ing heads who could never in five charges of sexual harassment Forget Notre Dame, Impressionism, and the French Revolution. Just
throw themselves at a rich, popu- lifetimes come close to matching while trying to garner sympathy pass the Brie.
lar, and powerful person. David Letterman’s popularity are in the court of public opinion for In at least one way, the French aren’t all that different from us.
I sincerely doubt that Dave slamming the man as though he his client, we’re all well aware We’ve all heard about the New Yorker who’s never been to the top of
would need to coerce some con- were an elected official who be- that is no defense for felonious the Empire State building. Well, about a third of those surveyed have
genial younger underling into behavior. Whatever transpired never been to the top of the Eiffel Tower. And in this country known
trayed a public trust.
hopping into the sack; an absence between David and any woman for its culture and museums, 36 percent say they “almost never” go
What the guy did was exercise
of grievances or accusations sug- has no bearing upon your client’s to a museum. They’re probably too busy eating cheese.
his ego… while single. Hell, both
gests that he’s a guy who knows greedy downward plunge into ex- I realized that it was an imposition for me to interrupt people’s
Clint Eastwood and John Wayne
the meaning of “No.” tortion. busy day and ask them to fill out a questionnaire. So my final ques-
engaged almost every one of their
Recent revelations go a long To those star wannabes in the tion was whether they thought a journalist who stopped them to ask
female co-stars in hanky panky, some questions was the most annoying man they had encountered
way in explaining why he waited and nobody ever blinked an eye of media who have assailed David
so long to get married again. Letterman over this issue, how all day or the most handsome and distinguished one. Ninety-one per-
concern. cent replied that the guy with the clipboard who stopped them to get
As for his relationship with his If I were in Letterman’s place, about looking in a mirror before
wife, hopefully things will work judging someone else. There are their opinions was the most distinguished man they had seen all day.
I might partake of such engage- Who says the French aren’t nice to Americans?
out for the best. As Dave recently ments, too. Even Don Rickles has evils far worse in the world upon
(Lloyd Garver has written for many television shows, ranging
said in front of a nationwide audi- often explained how he held off on which to spend precious airtime
from “Sesame Street” to “Family Ties” to “Home Improvement” to
ence regarding that part of his marriage until he was 40-ish be- and wordplay. This is yet another
“Frasier.” He has also read many books, some of them in hardcover.
life, “I’ve got my work cut out for cause, as a per former (and a instance wherein you’re exposing
He can be reached at Check out his website
me.” friend of Sinatra’s), there were your own smallness.
at and his podcasts on iTunes.)
The rest of the media, eager to plenty of amiable young women Whatever behavior the man en-
assassinate anybody’s character hanging around. gaged in with whomever, it was
for the least of trivialities, can’t do As with the irate reaction of a the business of those involved, a penchant for late-night revelry,
enough to vilify this entertainer thin-skinned and not ready for and, as consenting adults, strictly he managed to earn BS and MA
for doing exactly what entertain- media scrutiny Sarah Palin sev- of a private, personal nature. Degrees in Communications
ers do. For instance, promiscuity eral months ago regarding a joke Oh, yeah, by the way, despite from Southern Illinois University
was expected of Frank Sinatra, so he made (okay, it was in bad taste, your obvious jealousy over David at Carbondale. On advice from a
nobody flinched a muscle at his but “Bible Spice” had sometime Letterman’s success, all indica- therapist, he continues to bang
“romances.” Conversely, Dean earlier kicked the door wide open tions are he did nothing illegal. out his weekly “Out Of The Blue”
Martin was often accused of dal- concerning its subject matter), (Erstwhile Philosopher and feature in The Lone Star Icono-
liances with young women, yet this latest revealment seems only former Educator Jerry Tenuto is clast — providing much-needed
those who knew him well would be to have ser ved as a boost to a veteran who survived, some- catharsis. Jerry is also licensed
quick to point out that he was ever Dave’s ratings — in each instance what emotionally intact, seven to perform marriage ceremonies
the loyal husband — being flirta- I increased my viewing of his years in the U.S. Army. Despite in 45 states.)
Online: — THE LONE STAR ICONOCLAST — Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 — 11

Need Honesty In Government? — Get Honesty Bond
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — “Hi, ishly from the lips of candidates need a way to call government to elected official from office.
I’m from the government – I’m here before they are transformed into account. I feel very good about recycling
to help you.” elected officials. The Bond provides An Honesty Bond is a bond taken this idea and denturing it with the
“Of course I will respect you in a means for removing lairs from of- out to ensure a candidate for office teeth I intended it to have in 1994. I
the morning.” fice. If applied vigorously Honesty complies with the promises made hope you agree and start putting
Sex will probably never change. Bonds could turn the tide of dishon- while running for election. It re- teeth in your own local group. Insist
But we can no longer accept dishon- esty in American politics. mains in force the entire time the your candidates become bonded.
esty in politics. Politicians will not like the idea, elected official is in office. It is a Do not vote for any candidate un-
Americans are frustrated with attack in Japan intervened. a sign it would work. bond like those maintained rou- willing to stand behind their word,
the seeming impossibility of elect- At the convention I shared the This is really for their own good. tinely by professionals such as ac- putting their money where their
ing candidates who follow through idea with an old friend of mine Some candidates are honest people countants, brokers, insurance mouth is. This way they will respect
with promises in place of honesty. named John Fund. He asked me for who’ll be relieved there is a means agents, and house cleaners. The can- us the day after they are elected.
The sad fact is today accepted as a piece of the literature. I was de- to defend their honesty. Others will didate pays for the bond themselves, Get Honesty. Bond them today.
true. lighted to share. appreciate the opportunity to win accounting transparently for the Links:
It is true today and was true in The story would end there except support over candidates who refuse source of the funds. The money is
the early 90s when the idea oc- for events that took place years to be accountable for their prom- produced and the bond guaranteed
curred to me to promote what I later. ises. These will be nudged into hon- at the demand of the constituents. 20/us/state-senator-from-california-
called the Liberty Pledge. The idea By 2000 many things had esty, then forced to deliver. Installation is up to us. facing-racketeering-charges.html
was to inject accountability into the changed. I had discovered that Motives matter not. A tool will The amount paid out to create h t t p : / / w w w. a p j . u s /
electoral system by allowing candi- John Fund was honesty challenged, have been placed directly in the the bond would be enough to re- sc20010904connolly.html
dates to sign a pledge to their po- like so many politicians He had lied hands of voters who desperately move the honesty-challenged
tential constituents assuring voters to me about his relationship with
they would keep their campaign my daughter. She and I had gone

Economically Speaking:
promises. through a period of alienation that
I was then helping working on a had ended when I discovered she
campaign for Dolores Bender was telling me the truth about Fund
White, Republican candidate for and her relationship with him. Many
20th State Senate in California. revelations, large and small, had
Dolores’s introduction to politics
had come two years before. She
lost, but learned a lot; Dolores was
a quick study. She was determined
to win, filing for the same race in the
been forthcoming. One minor,
amusing, point had come when she
told me Fund had used my idea as
the basis of what later became the
Contract with America.
Is America Burning?
wake of the resignation in Novem- Initially, I did not mind. However,
ber, 1991, of long time State Sena- when it became clear that it was a
tor Alan Robbins. Robbins had contract on America this changed.
agreed to plead guilty to charges of Newt’s version contained no en-
racketeering. forceability. It was just aPR cam-
Dolores filed for the special elec- paign to take the House in 1994,
tion that followed early in 1992. This rhetoric never intended to enact
time she faced a different incum- change. Newt is at it again today.
bent. David Roberti, the god-father This time spinning himself as an
of gun control in California had, on exemplar of good Christian values So many here in Texas believe
paper, moved into the district. while married to yet another much they are so much better off than in
Roberti’s war chest was huge and younger woman, having dumped other states. Maybe this was true a
not surprisingly, the barnacle-en- the wife who made his success pos- while ago; however, the economic
crusted incumbent won handily. sible. chaos that other states have seen
The recall campaign qualified in Decoupling the accountability is hitting Texans very hard. Texas
April of 1994, just months before the from the potential for profit became is NOT immune. The ailing
regular primary. a trademark for the NeoCons as economy has become a national
It had been my pleasure to write they converting the rhetoric of Lib- plague.
nasty, but funny, attacks to amuse, ertarianism into the newest justifi- There is no light at the end of this
delight, and motivate conservatives cation for corporate profit. It was a depressive economy. Not since The
and libertarians. They outraged lib- sad end to what we believed would Great Depression have so many vided much help either for cially for many more years to come.
erals. Dolores ran the successful be a real revolution. Americans been in such financial hardworking and hardly working The level of our economic demise
recall campaign against Roberti, I discovered in 1997 Fund’s repu- turmoil. Texans. and return to financial health will
the first in California in 80 years. tation for stealing ideas. I was not While the U.S. economy has been How will people pay their rent be determined by the actions of fed-
Dolores was incredibly particularly surprised; many young on a downturn for several decades, and mortgages? How will they eral, state and local governments.
hardworking and persistent. Others policy thinkers had been urged not the Bush administration propelled hang-on to their health care plans? Right now, it doesn’t look too
have claimed credit, but unjustly. to send him their unpublished work. us into this mess and the Obama Will they keep their jobs? How long good.
The idea for the pledge came The boy friend of another one of my administration is not doing very can the government provide unem- (Peter Stern of Driftwood, Texas,
about because of my experiences in daughters, then working at Reason much to resolve it. ployment benefits to the already a former director of information
the same district. I had run against Foundation, shared this insight with The primary objective should be staggering millions of jobless who services, university professor and
Robbins myself as a Libertarian in me. to provide jobs to all Americans. To grow in number daily? This is a big public school administrator, is a
1982 in a four way race. Accountability and how to enact do that requires incentives for busi- mess that is increasing steadily. Disabled Vietnam Veteran and
You could not be involved in poli- it acquired ever more importance nesses to hire and for the govern- Americans will be hurting finan- holds three post-graduate degrees.)
tics there at all and not know how for me over the next years. ment to develop federal jobs to
dishonest office holders really were. I was busy as the full-time care- rebuild our ailing infrastructures.
I was reading the pot holder with taker for my eldest son who had Obama promised jobs, but has
Robbin’s name on it when it oc- suffered two major brain injuries, not yet delivered.
curred to me that things could be the result of first a motorcycle acci- Little has changed in govern-
different if politicians had to keep dent and then a suicide attempt in ment and on Wall Street. What is
their promises. The pot holder was which he shot himself through the changing drastically is increased
rather ragged, sort of like American brain. I considered many ap- job loss, long-term unemployment
political honor. proaches for redressing this fright- and many more home foreclosures.
“What if they had to resign if they ening trend in politics. One To make matters worse here in
failed to keep their promises?” I afternoon I unearthed the original Texas, Gov. Rick Perry has done
thought. artwork for the Liberty Pledge. little to help the growing number of
Never one to let grass grow un- Recycling time. long-term unemployed. He could
der my feet I wrote up the Pledge, Holding politicians accountable have accepted more federal stimu-
made some literature, had a banner had even more appeal to me than it lus and/or diverted some of our
made and took them with me to the did in 1993. Thus was born the Hon- state tax dollars towards providing
next Republican Convention. I in- esty Bond. businesses incentives to hire more
tended to take up the project in ear- The Bond is intended to provide Texans. Perry likes to blast Wash-
nest immediately thereafter. The voters with a way to enforce fulfill- ington for all our Texas ills, but the
death of my sister Anne of a heart ment of the promises flowing so lav- truth is that Perry has NOT pro-
12 — Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 — THE LONE STAR ICONOCLAST — Online:

Vice Presidency Slips Through John Connally’s Fingers
Rather than go to prison, Vice invited him to join his cabinet as McGovern at the polls that fall. Nor, named Gerald Ford would be the
President Spiro Agnew resigned on Secretary of Treasury. Again the for that matter, did he need a dirty next Vice President caught just
Oct. 10, 1973, and gave Richard Democrat accepted with a second tricks unit called “the plumbers” to about everybody by surprise.
Nixon a second chance to replace thought. break into the headquarters of the In private Nixon bluntly informed
him with a former governor of After George McGovern, the Democratic National Committee. Ford that Connally had been his
Texas. “peace candidate,” captured his In his autobiography published in first choice. But in the end he faced
John Bowden Connally, Jr. rose party’s presidential nomination in 1993, the year of his death, Connally the fact that the congressional con-
from the humblest circumstances July 1972, Connally took the dra- expressed his firm opinion that firmation required by the Constitu-
to become Lyndon Johnson’s right- and again in 1966, the popular poli- matic step of organizing “Demo- Nixon had no prior knowledge of the tion would be too tough a battle
hand man. He managed every ma- tician decided he had done all he crats for Nixon.” Liz Carpenter, bungled burglary. “I do not defend in the midst of the Watergate
jor campaign of his mentor starting could do as Texas’ chief executive. Lady Bird Johnson’s former press or excuse what happened in the mess. Nixon did, however, make
with LBJ’s unsuccessful race for He returned to private life with a secretary, reacted to the news with Watergate scandal, but I believed, it clear that the Texan would
the U.S. Senate in 1941 to his land- prominent law firm in Houston. the famous quip, “I’m just glad that then and now, that he had no part have his support for a White
slide election as president in 1964. The 1968 Democratic National we did not have to count on them in the break-in.” Going a giant step House bid in 1976.
In the meantime, Connally had Convention in Chicago was a turn- at the Alamo.” farther, he added, “I believe the long Connally’s name came up two
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Starting out at four percent in the him to resent bitterly the president mate in the ’72 campaign. He Lyndon Johnson passed away, successor, and in August 1976, when
preference polls, he made short being hounded from office by his wanted to dump Agnew, an asset Connally switched parties. He may the incumbent candidate selected a
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Yarborough. foreign policy advisory board in GOP ticket. Either way, when the Vice Presi- the white-hot anger of Democrats
The next November, the 46-year- 1969, Connally took it without res- But Connally could not be dent resigned that August as part over his defection kept him out in
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national stage by the tragedy in more in common politically with promised more power than any Connally was a Republican and ap-
Dealey Plaza. Connally recovered Nixon — both were, in his words, Vice President in history. He be- parently willing to fill the vacancy. (“Revolution & Republic: Texas
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he suffered that terrible day, but for tive government” — than most as “useless” much like fellow press, he sat back and waited for Texas History” collection available
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