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Handbook 2009/10

University of Leicester

Welcome to Contact Student Volunteers!
We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on deciding to join one of the
largest and friendliest associations in the Students’ Union.
This Handbook is your one-stop guide to everything you need to know about
Contact Student Volunteers. In it you will find information about who we are, what
we do and how you can get involved. You will also find everything you need to see
you through the year as a Contact volunteer.
The Project Pages detail most of the volunteering projects and opportunities we have
available although we have loads more projects on our database. Use these pages to
find your ideal volunteer opportunity, or if you can't find what you are looking for, talk
to a member of the Volunteering Team who will be able to help.
We hope that volunteering will be an amazing experience for you and for the people
you help!

Becoming a Volunteer .........................3

Contact Student Volunteers .................4

Meet the Team.....................................6

What you can expect from us... ...........8

Making the most of
your volunteering ................................10

How to get started..............................11

Volunteering Projects...........................12

Contact projects..................................15

Where to find us .................................38
HANDBOOK 2009/10 3

Becoming a Volunteer

Why become
a volunteer?
• To meet new people and have fun
• To learn and develop new skills
• To gain experience and enhance your
• To road test a career
• To get involved in your local community
• To help others and make a difference

Volunteering not only benefits others
it can benefit you too!

What can you offer?
• Time, energy and enthusiasm
• Your specialist skills (e.g. maths, language, law, computer, sports,
arts, gardening or just being able to listen).

No experience is necessary to become a volunteer!

How can you make a difference?
The most important things you can offer to any volunteering project are your time and
energy. It’s amazing what an impact just a few hours each week can have on the local
community and other people’s lives. Working with children and young people could
improve their educational opportunities and achievements. Helping at a day centre
could enable more activities to be run than ever before. Listening to a child read for
15 minutes a week will greatly improve their reading ability.

Whichever projects you become involved with, and whatever activities you
participate in, your time and energy will be greatly appreciated!

Contact Student

Who we are...
• A student led organisation associated
with the Students’ Union
• Seven elected executives volunteering
their time to run Contact
• A volunteering team who work with
the executives in running Contact
• Over 1000 members volunteering in
over 100 different projects each year

What we do...
• We enable students to become involved with voluntary work in the local community
• We encourage students to develop and run projects themselves
• We help students develop skills through a range of
long and short term projects and one-off projects
• We facilitate or arrange relevant training

Our Goals...
• Continue the excellent work carried out in previous years
• Increase Contact’s presence and accessibility within the University
• Provide quality opportunities covering a range of interests and careers
• Help students increase their employability and support them in gaining new skills
and experiences through volunteer work
• Make students aware of how volunteering can play a part in personal development
HANDBOOK 2009/10 5

Volunteering adds another dimension to their experience of
Leicester and it also gives something back to the people of

Leicester in a very effective way.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Bob Burgess,
University of Leicester

Meet the Team
The Contact Executive Committee
Contact is run by a committee of students, elected each year at the Annual General
Meeting (AGM), which is usually held just before Easter. The executives meet weekly
throughout term-time to direct the organisation, and also spend some time working in
the office. Committee positions and the current post holders are listed below, so feel
free to contact any of them to find out more.

Executive Committee Vikki Sampson & Jonathan Mulhern,
Contact Projects and Development –
2009-10 promote & develop volunteering projects
Caroline Dudman, President – provides set up and run by Contact volunteers and
leadership and support to the Executive support project leaders.
Committee. Natasha Sabin, Marketing – promotion
Laurel Salter, General Secretary – takes of Contact through posters, flyers and
minutes of meetings, oversees the election general publicity throughout the
of new committee and ensures the Students’ Union.
constitution is followed. Polly Emmott, Social Events &
Vibhuti Dhimar, Treasurer – One-off Projects – responsible for
responsible for Contact’s financial planning, organising and promoting
affairs including refunding volunteer socials and one-off volunteering events
expenses. for Contact members.

2008-9 Executive Committee at the annual volunteers celebration evening.
HANDBOOK 2009/10 7

The Volunteering Team
Contact is supported by the Volunteering Team from the University’s Student
Development Department. Members of the team are:
Vanessa Harris, Volunteer Development Manager – responsible for leading the
volunteering team and directing the volunteering programme.
B Lewis, Student Volunteering Co-ordinator – co-ordinates the Volunteering
Award and supports the Contact Executive Committee.
Chani Patel, Volunteering Assistant – provides administrative support for the team
and deals with volunteering enquiries.
The Volunteering Team support the Executive Committee and help to ensure students
get the most out of their volunteering and have a positive experience. The volunteering
team liaise with local voluntary groups to promote their volunteering opportunities and
provide advice and guidance on volunteering to students. The team also help students
increase their employability and support them in gaining new skills and experience
through volunteer work and run workshops and training events.
The Volunteering Team divide their time between the Contact office and the
Student Development Zone on the 2nd floor of the David Wilson Library. You can
make an appointment to see them for one-to-one advice or to discuss your
volunteering in confidence.

What you can expect from us...
Support Rights and
As a member of Contact you will be part Responsibilities
of a large organisation and you will have As a member of Contact you have
the support of the executives and the certain rights such as the right to a clear
co-ordinator as well as other volunteers. description of your role and knowing
Most individual projects offer support to who is responsible for supporting you in
their volunteers, ranging from regular your volunteering.
one-to-one supervision meetings, to
There are responsibilities alongside this,
informal feedback sessions. Contact is
such as agreeing to a level of
committed to ensuring that all our
commitment and acting in a responsible
volunteers receive support from us, and
manner as a representative of Contact.
has the opportunity to meet other
student volunteers, make friends, and The full list of rights and responsibilities
enhance their social life. can be found on our website along with
our other policies including Health &
Once you have registered with us you
Safety; Child Protection & Equal
will get news of projects, training and
socials via a regular e-bulletin. You will
also be able to log on to our website to
sign up for information sessions, projects
and training.
HANDBOOK 2009/10 9

It’s an important principle of Contact that volunteering should only cost you your time;
so please remember to claim back any expenses you have incurred. Some projects will
refund travel expenses. However, if they don't, please see the Treasurer or the
Volunteer Co-ordinator in Contact who will be able to help.

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks
Volunteers working with vulnerable adults or children will be asked to complete a
CRB check which we can help you with. It can take a few weeks for the check to be
processed but you may be able to get started on the initial training of your chosen
project while you’re waiting. We’ve indicated the projects that require a CRB check in
the project pages. If you need a CRB check for your project we will let you know
how to complete one. If you have any concerns about CRB checks, please get in
touch with us.

Training Opportunities
Many of our projects have their own specific training programmes that cover the areas
needed to volunteer effectively on the project. In addition, Contact organises several
training courses during the year, on anything from First Aid to Child Protection. These
programmes will be advertised to you via the Contact e-bulletin, on our website, and
in the Contact office.

Making the most of your volunteering
The Student Development Zone (SDZ)
The Student Development Zone is on the second floor of the David Wilson Library. This
is where the Volunteering Team are based and you can make an appointment to see a
member of the Volunteering Team at the SDZ helpdesk. We run regular information
sessions, volunteering workshops & events in the SDZ to help you get the most out of
your volunteering. Visit the SDZ for information and guidance on volunteering (local &
international), work experience, careers and help with your academic studies. You can
also book an appointment with a Careers Advisor or Study Advisor, have your CV
checked and find out more about events such as careers fairs, workshops and
employer presentations.

On the web
Visit our website for up to date information on volunteering events, training and
workshops. You can register to become a member of Contact online and sign up for
all of our training and events. Visit us online at

Virtual support for volunteers
We use the University’s virtual learning environment, Blackboard, to offer support for
some of our volunteers. This can often be helpful for students who are volunteering
on their own or in small groups such as pregnancy testing and Right to Read. Be sure
to ask if there is a Blackboard site devoted to your volunteering activity… or talk to us
about creating your own virtual support and social networking site!

Leicester Award
Student volunteers can apply for a place on the Volunteering Award, part of the
University’s Leicester Award Scheme (Community Engagement) which will appear on
your transcript upon graduation. The benefit of participating in the award is not only
the formal recognition of your volunteering on your degree transcript but also the
ability to articulate the skills and experience gained as a result of your volunteering. In
today’s graduate job market, employers want to see evidence of transferable skills
such as teamwork, communication and problem solving which can all be gained
through volunteering. The Volunteering Award equips you with the tools to reflect on
your volunteering experience and provides you with evidence to use in your CV and
job applications. For information visit the website for details of how to register.
HANDBOOK 2009/10 11

How to get started
1. Make sure you’ve registered online with Contact Student Volunteers. Once
registered, you’ll receive our weekly e-bulletin to keep you updated on volunteering
2. Browse the opportunities in this handbook or on the website. We keep the website
updated with new opportunities that you might not find in the handbook and
details of volunteering events coming up soon.
3. Book a place at an ‘Explore Volunteering’ workshop to help you find the right
opportunity and to discover more about volunteering. You’ll find details of the
workshops and booking information on our website.

If you do find your ideal project...
Email us with details of the project(s) you’re interested in and we’ll give you all the
information you need to get started.

If you don’t find your ideal project...
If you’ve browsed the opportunities and been to a workshop but are still not sure
what you’d like to do, book an appointment with a Volunteer Adviser to help find a
volunteering opportunity to suit you.
t: 0116 223 1141

Read the weekly Contact bulletins. We will publicise new opportunities in our weekly
updates. Get in touch (email: or visit our website to sign up your interest.

You could think about setting up a new project that matches your interests which could
be an amazing experience. Come and talk to us about your idea. We’re here to help.
And how about doing some research? Find an opportunity yourself and come and tell
us about it.

Volunteering Projects
The following pages will give you a taste of the projects available to Contact Student
Volunteers. If you can’t find the project for you, we have more on our database and
new opportunities are added to the website regularly. Before making your choices,
have a think about your interests, the time you have available and what you’d like to
gain from your volunteering (e.g. developing skills, getting experience for a future
career or just having a break and doing something fun). This will help you choose a
project suited to you.

Contact projects p. 15
Contact Executive Committee Roles
2010 -11
Contact Communication Team
Minibus Drivers
Project Leaders
One-Off Activities
SCAMP & Medway After-School Club

Teaching, Education
& Literacy Projects p. 17 Mentoring &
After School Clubs Befriending Projects p. 21
ENTERPRISE! a Leicestershire Education National Autistic Society (NAS)
Business Company initiative Befriending Scheme
STEM Events Cre8 Visiting & Befriending Service
Young Enterprise Primary Programme CSV Opportunities
Young Enterprise Secondary Programme Beat Bullying
School Governors Catch 22
‘Playing for Success’ Study Support
Centres Welfare, Health &
Right to Read
Hospital Projects p. 23
Lighthouse Learning Healthy Living Volunteers
FOCUS Jasmine House
Go4SET Leicester Nightline
HANDBOOK 2009/10 13

Domestic Violence Integrated Criminal Justice &
Response Project (DVIRP) Human Rights Projects p. 31
The Y Advice & Support Centre (YASC) –
Victim Support
Homeless Project
Witness Service
Local Hospitals
Probation Service
Youth Offending Service (YOS)
Air Ambulance
Backpack Project Environmental,
Leicester LiNK Conservation &
NHS Leicester City Membership Outdoor Projects p. 32
Womens Aid Leicestershire Ltd (WALL) Groundwork Leicester & Leicestershire
British Red Cross University of Leicester Botanic Garden
Working with People
Redgate Animal Sanctuary
with Disabilities p. 27
Gorse Hill City Farm
SCAMP – Student Community
Action Mobility Playgroup Arts, Culture
Motor Neurone Disease (MND) & Events p. 34
Ash Field School
Rainbows Children’s Hospice
Making Music – East Midlands
Vitalise Volunteering
Arts & Cultural Events
Leicester Print Workshop
Special Olympics 2009
Menphys Sport, Play and Leisure (MSPL) One-off Volunteering
Headway Leicester
Projects p. 36
Monday Club
Social Enterprise p. 36
Working with the Elderly p. 29 SIFE Leicester
(Students in Free Enterprise)
Learning for the Fourth Age
Social Enterprise Way
Age Concern
Aigburth Care Home Can’t find what
Alzheimers Society you are looking for p. 37
HANDBOOK 2009/10 15

Contact projects

Contact Executive Committee Roles 2010-11
An excellent way to volunteer your time is to become a member of the Contact
Executive Committee. Becoming a member of the Exec is a great opportunity to
develop your skills and experience, particularly the ones that employers look for such
as team work, communication & problem solving, so it will give your employability a
boost too. The Contact Exec is responsible for running recruitment, publicity and
events and making all of the financial and executive decisions for the association and
its members. There are a number of different roles and no experience is needed – just
lots of enthusiasm and commitment. Elections for the Contact Exec happen every
February. Speak to one of the current team or talk to the Student Volunteer
Co-ordinator to find out how you can run for one of the positions on the Committee.
The positions available for 2010-11 are:
President – provides leadership and support to the Executive Committee and is
responsible for directing the work of the team and ensuring the team works effectively
and everyone achieves their goals.
Secretary – works with the whole team and their main responsibilities are to minute
all meetings, arrange and oversee the election of the new committee and ensure that
the constitution is followed. In addition they will work with the team on all events.
Treasurer – is responsible for Contact’s financial affairs and works with the other
members of Contact in all financial matters and with the marketing executives on
fundraising initiatives. They will also be able to help you with refunding expenses.
Contact Projects & Development – are responsible for promotion and
development of new and existing projects set up and run by Contact Volunteers and
for providing support to all the project leaders. They will also be responsible for
organising and chairing the forum for project leaders and for advising them on
important policy matters.
Marketing – is responsible for the promotion of Contact through posters, flyers and
general publicity throughout the Students’ Union. They also liaise with marketing, the
branding team and will work closely with the rest of the team to raise awareness of
Contact both within the University and externally
Social Events & One-off Projects – is responsible for planning, organising and
promoting socials and one-off volunteering events for members.

Other roles in Contact...

Contact Communication Team
The Contact Executive Committee always need help with events and marketing. By
being a member of the Communication Team, you can get training and develop skills
in project management, teamwork, communication, creativity and IT. If you live in halls
of residence, you could be our representative, responsible for putting up publicity for
Contact – similarly, people are needed to help put posters up in buildings on campus.
So, if you’re willing to help out once in a while, please get in touch.

Minibus Drivers
We are looking for a team of drivers to drive the Students Union minibus for one-off
volunteering events and socials. You can become a registered driver if you’re over 21
and have held a clean driving licence for at least two years. If you’re interested, just
contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator, who will arrange the test for you.

Project Leaders
By taking charge of one of our many Contact-led projects, you will be able to develop
your leadership and project management skills, as well as working closely with the
Contact Projects Co-ordinator. You will receive training and extra support.

One-Off Activities
We run a regular programme of one-off events and activities and we need volunteers
who are prepared to help organise them. This might be helping with organising an
event or helping to run a one-off project like ‘Make a Difference Day’. This may suit
you if you can’t make a regular weekly commitment but can volunteer chunks of time
every now and then. Just talk to us about how you would like to help.

SCAMP & Medway After-School Club
These projects are run by Contact volunteers and they need people to help out at the
weekly sessions. SCAMP is a Sunday afternoon playgroup for children with disabilities
and takes place in the Charles Wilson Sports Hall. Medway after-school club runs on a
Wednesday afternoon during term-time and volunteers organise a homework help
club, games club, language and drama clubs. Please see entries in ‘Teaching, Education
& Literacy Projects & ‘Working with People with Disabilities’ for more information.
HANDBOOK 2009/10 17

Teaching, Education & Literacy Projects

After School Clubs
Running or helping out at one of Contact Student Volunteers’ after school clubs is a
great way to gain some valuable experience in local primary schools. As a group, you
will design and run your own activities according to the needs of the children.
The Art Club encourages children to express themselves creatively and use their
imagination with your guidance. This is an enjoyable opportunity and ideal for those
with a creative flair.
The Language Club: Develop your language and teaching skills at the same
time. The kids learn basic French and German through a variety of games and
songs. It’s a great way to get the kids to learn something completely new and is
very rewarding.
The Homework Help Club gives primary school children a chance to get some
support with their homework. Leicester is a multi-ethnic city and for many children
English is not their first language. This after school club gives children further
opportunity to practice their literacy and numeracy skills with the aid of
enthusiastic volunteers.
Commitment: 2 hours every Wednesday afternoon. 
CRB check needed

ENTERPRISE! a Leicestershire Education Business Company
Lions Lair, bridge building, towers and duck production...! Activities available to
volunteers are diverse, from cake making to running mock interviews and helping
students run a business venture, all over as little as one day. Enterprise is an initiative
aimed primarily at 14-16 year old students seeking to make them more employable.
This involves giving them the opportunity to work with adults who are not their
teachers and engaging them in activities to encourage problem-solving and
innovation. If you are thinking of a career in teaching or working with young people,
this is a great way to build up your experience. Training, support and relevant
materials are provided.
Commitment: 1 day plus training prior to the event. 
CRB check needed

Support for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)
in schools
Leicestershire Education Business Company runs activities aimed at encouraging students
to take up Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM) subjects at school and college
with the aim to consider them as a future pathway and career. STEM Ambassadors are
people who have an interest in science, technology, engineering or maths and volunteer
their time to act as inspiring role models to young people. Anyone who has a desire to
inspire children and young people in STEM subjects can become an Ambassador; all you
need is enthusiasm and commitment, along with a passion for your subject. If you are
interested and enthusiastic about any of the STEM subjects then why not sign up as an
ambassador and get involved? You could be working on a forensic science workshop,
conducting experiments on the ‘Lab in a Lorry’ or running K’Nex challenges in schools.
Commitment: 2 hr induction training plus a minimum of 1 activity lasting
approximately 1/2 day per academic year. 
CRB check needed
Young Enterprise Primary Programme
Young Enterprise has links with many local primary schools, and require volunteers to
deliver programmes to children aged from 4 to 11 in the classroom. This will give you
fantastic experience of working with children and will help to develop your
communication skills. You will also get vital practical experience if you are considering
a career in teaching and wish to apply for a teacher training programme. You receive
full training and will always be supported by the class teacher.
Commitment: A primary programme lasts for 1 day with an additional hour’s training
in advance of the day in school. You decide on how many days you commit to. 
CRB check needed
Young Enterprise Secondary Programme
Volunteers play a more supportive role with a group of secondary school students
while the programme is delivered by a member of Young Enterprise staff, often in a
hall. If you are considering any career working with young people, this would provide
valuable experience.
Commitment: 1 day with an additional hour’s training in advance of the day in
school. You decide on how many days you commit to. 
CRB needed.
HANDBOOK 2009/10 19

School Governors One Stop Shop
The School Governors' One-Stop Shop (SGOSS) is a small charity which recruits
volunteers to become governors in schools across England. Anyone aged 18 or over,
and legally residing in the UK can be a governor. No specific qualifications or skills are
needed to be a good governor, but should be willing to work in a team; challenge
assumptions you may not agree with; encourage and promote innovation and to
make a full contribution to the decision making process. Opportunities are available to
become a School Governor in Leicestershire schools.
Commitment: 4 years (this opportunity would suit someone who can offer a long-
term commitment).

Playing for Success’ Study Support Centres
Based at Leicester City Football Club, Leicester Rugby Club, the Space Centre and
County Cricket Club (see GREAT Learning Centre) these centres provide learning
programmes for children aged 10 – 14, who are underachieving at school. Playing for
Success is a national government initiative that uses the world of sport to motivate
young learners. Sessions use sport and ICT in an innovative personalised learning
environment to help children improve their literacy, numeracy, ICT and raise self
confidence and esteem. Volunteers work with small groups of children, assisting with
activities and offering praise and encouragement. Basic training is provided. You don't
need to know how to play sports or have an interest in sport to take part in these
programmes – you just need to be committed to helping children learn in new and
innovative ways. Leicester City Football Club, Leicester Tigers Rugby Club and
the National Space Centre all offer Learning Centre Mentor volunteering
opportunities at the following times:
Commitment: Minimum 2½ hours per week for 10 weeks from 3.30pm-6pm
Centres are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 
CRB check needed although mentors are not left alone with children
The GREAT Learning Centre
The centre is located at Leicestershire County Cricket Ground on Grace Road in
Aylestone. As a Study Coach you will be working within a dynamic team. You will help
to make the atmosphere friendly, vibrant and welcoming. Study Coaches work
alongside a qualified Teacher to help deliver fun and exciting activities to 8 – 14 year
olds. The sessions take place after school Monday to Thursday. Session one runs
3.30pm-5.30pm and session two runs 5.30pm -7.30pm.You must like children and

young people, be enthusiastic and work well as part of a team. Training will be
provided with opportunities for accreditation with Open College Network.
Commitment: 2 hours per week for 10 weeks 
CRB check and two references and an informal interview is required.
Right to Read
Every year one in four 11 year-olds fail to achieve national literacy standards. Right to
Read has a single aim: to raise literacy standards across Leicestershire. Volunteers
spend one hour per week listening to 3 or 4 primary children reading, on a one-to-
one basis. Training is provided in the Autumn and Spring terms.
Commitment: Attend a two hour training session and then one hour per week
during term time for a minimum of one term. 
CRB check needed.
Lighthouse Learning
Lighthouse Learning is an educational charity whose aim is to motivate and equip a
new generation of children and young people to become enterprising, responsible and
respected young citizens and leaders of tomorrow. We recruit and train volunteers
aged 16-25 for exciting and innovative projects with children and young people. Some
of the activities we deliver are: after school clubs, super learning days, trips,
residentials, placements in schools and sports and arts projects. We have part time
volunteering opportunities (a couple of hours a week during term time) and one off
events and activities to join in with. We also take on full time volunteers e.g. gap year
students and those who need experience working with children.
Commitment: Hours are flexible and you can give as much or as little time as you wish. 
CRB check needed
FOCUS is an independent charity running a range of projects for young people that
aim to increase their skills and self-confidence and promote volunteering and
community involvement. Full training and support are provide to volunteers engaged
in all of our programmes, which take place in schools, on residential projects, in our
office in Leicester city centre, and one-to-one with young people. The volunteering
opportunities available at any given time are subject to current funding and can
include facilitating groups of young people running their own community projects,
supporting teams of young people on residential personal development courses, and
organising and running fundraising events. We also host the Leicester vinvolved team
HANDBOOK 2009/10 21

and can support young volunteers (aged 16 – 25) in accessing volunteering
opportunities across the city.
Commitment: Flexible depending on project. 
CRB Check needed.
Go4SET is a work related learning scheme for 12-14 year old pupils, designed to
stimulate their interest in science, engineering and technology (SET). Teams of six pupils
get a taste of real-life industry in a 10 week programme exploring SET prior to making
their subject choices. Volunteer mentors support a team of 6 pupils over 10 weeks.
Commitment: 2 hours per week for 10 weeks.

Mentoring & Befriending Projects

National Autistic Society (NAS) Befriending Scheme
This scheme offers the opportunity for a volunteer to befriend someone affected by an
autistic spectrum disorder. Befriending is flexible and fun – volunteers are matched to
someone with similar interests and you both decide when you will meet and what you
will do. Do you have an interest you could share – sport, computers, walking, eating out
or maybe just playing computer games or watching TV? By giving your time you can help
break the wall of isolation for those whose lives are affected by autism. You will gain a
valuable insight into the disability and develop communication and interpersonal skills.
Commitment: Twelve hours of training and then a couple of hours weekly or
fortnightly for a minimum of a year. The support of a local coordinator and ongoing
training and support sessions is provided. This opportunity may not be suitable for
final year students. 
CRB check needed
Cre8 Visiting & Befriending Service
Cre8 provides disabled people with support and company. The visiting service involves
a volunteer visiting an isolated person to befriend and chat with them. Volunteers can
also support disabled people at social clubs, group settings or with art and craft
activities. Volunteers need good listening skills and must be able to make a reliable
commitment. Most clients are city based and travel expenses are paid.
Commitment: Variable but regular and reliable commitment needed. 
CRB check and two references needed

CSV (Community Service Volunteers)
Community Service Volunteers (CSV) offers a range of exciting volunteering
opportunities particularly for 16-35 year olds. CSV full time volunteering involves
volunteering away from home for between 4-12 months at one of hundreds of
projects across the UK. All accommodation, food and travel costs are provided as is full
training and support. Volunteers also receive an additional weekly allowance. All CSV’s
placements are community based, supporting a wide variety of people to develop or
manage their own lives.
The types of placements are extremely diverse and include volunteering with adults and
children with physical disabilities or learning difficulties, enabling people to access
leisure and community facilities, supporting students with disabilities at university;
homeless people, older people, assisting in schools, enabling adults with disabilities to
live independently in their own home, mentoring and befriending young people at risk
of offending or exclusion from education or helping in homeless hostels. No previous
experience necessary, however you will need to be a UK or EU national living in the UK.
Commitment: 4-12 months depending on project (suitable for vacations or graduates).

Beat Bullying, CyberMentors
Beatbullying is the UK's leading bullying prevention charity. CyberMentors work with
peers online to support, assist and mentor those affected by bullying, which takes
many forms, for example, cyberbullying. Bullying could be committed online via social
networking sites, mobile telephone, online, hate sites or via SMS. A CyberMentor will
have the skills and know-how to provide first-class advice, reporting and referral
mechanisms and begin to make a real impact on the lives of young people all over the
UK. Full training provided.
Commitment: 2 hours per week (volunteers can log-in from anywhere).

Catch 22
Catch 22 is an organisation that supports young people and believes every young
person deserves the chance to get on. They help young people find their way out of
tough situations and guide and encourage them. Catch 22 work with the community
– giving local people the chance to get involved- which means they can help each
young person find the services, education and employment support they need
Volunteers are needed for a financial awareness mentoring scheme, which will focus
on working with the young person to become more financially aware, sustain their
tenancies and address any offending activities.
HANDBOOK 2009/10 23

Commitment: You must be able to make the commitment of meeting with your
young person once a week for a minimum of 1-2 hours. Each mentoring relationship
will last approx 9 months and you will be instrumental in crafting action plans and
building their self confidence.

Welfare, Health & Hospital Projects

Healthy Living Volunteers
Volunteers will be trained in sexual health & general health issues in order to offer
information and signposting to their peers. Volunteers staff a one-hour information
session on campus Monday- Friday during term-time The one hour session will be a
confidential service in which students can seek out information relating to sexual and
general health. Volunteers may also get involved in institution wide campaigns to help
promote healthy living to students.
Commitment: 1 hour per two to three weeks (1-2pm).

Jasmine House, Helpline Volunteers
Jasmine House is a small charity providing counselling and support to women aged
over 16 years who have experienced rape or sexual abuse. They are currently recruiting
highly motivated female volunteers to help run a helpline for 3 or 6 hours per week.
They provide free training, supervision and a supportive environment. On the helpline
volunteers take calls from women who would like to make an appointment for
counselling or a support session and also from women who just need someone to talk
to. The phone does not always ring and when it is quiet, they appreciate volunteers
helping out with any other duties such as photocopying.
Minimum commitment: 3 months required (3-6 hrs per week).

Leicester Nightline
Nightline is a student-run service that operates every night during term-time between
8pm and 8am. It aims to provide callers with a confidential listening, support and
information service. Nightline is renowned for its excellent training and support
network. This activity will help you develop your communication, listening and
teamwork skills.
Commitment: 2 shifts per month during term time. 
CRB check needed

Domestic Violence Integrated Response Project (DVIRP)
DVIRP aims to provide holistic support to individuals suffering or surviving domestic
violence, and they work towards the goal of reducing the incidences of domestic
violence in Leicester. DVIRP provides a telephone helpline support service staffed by
female and male volunteers for anyone whose lives have been affected by domestic
violence. Volunteers can also get involved in other areas of work including publicity
and fundraising campaigns as well as supporting education and prevention work on
interpersonal violence in schools. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone seeking
law, psychology or social work related experience, or simply interested in making a
Commitment: Minimum of 2-4 hours per week after 6 training sessions. Helpline
hours are flexible. DVIRP ask for a 6 month commitment before references are given. 
CRB check needed
The Y Advice & Support Centre (YASC)
Based at the Dawn Centre (homeless project) this is a direct access day centre for
homeless and vulnerably housed people. A range of support services are provided,
including a free breakfast. Volunteers are required to help serve breakfast and hot
drinks, and chat to people using the service. Induction and on-going support is
provided. This is an excellent opportunity to develop skills in communicating with
people from a diverse range of backgrounds and gain an insight into working with
vulnerable people.
Commitment: Two hours per week from 8am-10am or 10am-12noon. 
CRB check needed
Local Hospitals
Volunteers can help out in local hospitals through the WRVS (see additional entry) or
the Volunteer Services unit. Volunteers can assist with meal times, provide patients
with treatments such as hand massage or help transport patients and visitors around
the hospital by driving the hospital buggy. There are often a number of one-off
projects including decorating a hospital ward for Christmas and doing some much
needed DIY work on the garden area used by oncology patients. Expenses paid,
uniform and ID provided. Training opportunities available.
Commitment: Attend Induction Training Day and then 2 hours each time you go in
(on-going projects). 
CRB check and references needed – informal interview
HANDBOOK 2009/10 25

WRVS operate a range of services and volunteering opportunities at both Leicester
Royal Infirmary and Leicester General Hospital, including coffee shops, retail shops, a
flower shop, ward trolley services and a meet and greet service, all of which are
designed to support patients, staff and visitors. We also operate a range of services in
the community including a 'Home from Hospital' service, in which volunteers provide
short term practical support, such as helping out with shopping, to older people who
have just been discharged from Hospital, a Patient Transportation service and a Home
Library service, which provides outreach facilities to people who are not able to get
out to their local library. There are also opportunities available in our support services;
including volunteer recruitment, mentoring and support and fundraising.
Commitment: Flexible.

NHS Leicester City Membership
Join NHS Leicester City Membership to get involved and influence the changes within the
NHS Leicester City. You can attend events and consultations concerning the NHS Leicester
City and find out what is going on. The NHS Leicester City Membership is one of many
ways in which NHS Leicester City has chosen to communicate with local people. It has
been established to enable people from across Leicester to have their say on local NHS
Services. Anyone registered with a GP in Leicester city can become a member. Members
are invited to take part in health interest groups, consultations and public events.
Commitment: Flexible

Womens Aid Leicestershire Ltd (WALL)
Womens Aid Leicestershire Limited (WALL) aims to provide emergency accommodation
and support for women and children who are experiencing physical, sexual or
emotional abuse in their home environment. Practical and emotional support is
provided, and help is available with re-housing, legal processes, education, health,
education and welfare issues. Stimulating play for children is also provided. There are
numerous opportunities for women to get involved in all aspects of the service to help
with everything from cookery, administrative support, fundraising, arts & crafts
projects, devising activities for children, providing outreach support work, working in
the refuges, facilitating support groups to gardening.
Commitment: Flexible, but all volunteers are asked to offer a minimum of six months
availability. Female Applicants only (Section 7 [2] of 1975 Sex Discrimination Act applies) 
CRB check needed

British Red Cross
The British Red Cross helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are, and when
the crisis is over helps them recover and move on with their lives. Current volunteering
opportunities available are: Fire & Emergency Support Service, First Aid & Emergency
Response, Dial a wheelchair and Community Based First Aid (CBFA). Full training and
support is given.
Commitment: Variable - depending on the project. 
CRB check needed for some projects
Air Ambulance
The Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance relies on charity to keep the
service operational. Becoming a volunteer with the can be a rewarding experience as
you will have the opportunity to get out and about in your local community, meet
new people and expand your social life, and know that at the same time you are
helping us to continue to save lives. Volunteers can help with collecting boxes;
organising fundraising events; community talks; running a stand at local fetes or
selling merchandise.
Commitment: Flexible

The Back Pack Project
The Back Pack Project is a national and international project which aims to support
education in the developing countries by encouraging local schools to collect their old
school bags, filled with stationary and other useful items, to be given to children who
need them more. Volunteers are needed to lead and promote the project in Leicester.
Commitment: Variable

Leicester LiNK
A Local Involvement Network (LINk) has been set up in every area of England to help
people influence or change the way their local NHS and social care services are
delivered. The Leicester City LINk aims to find out, listen and represent the views of all
members of the community so that health and social care services meet their needs.
By becoming a member you can get involved in as much or as little as you wish, for
example you could just comment on issues that interest you, or get more involved by
raising awareness of an issue.
Commitment: Flexible depending on your interests and availability.
HANDBOOK 2009/10 27

Working with People with Disabilities

SCAMP—Student Community Action Mobility Playgroup
This playgroup is organised and run by Contact student volunteers and provides the
opportunity for children with disabilities to take part in a variety of energetic team and
individual games. The children are aged between 8 -15, and they meet every Sunday
in the Charles Wilson Sports Hall, from 14.15-15.45. As well as working with the
children, there are plenty of opportunities to become involved in the organisation of
the playgroup. Your activities may include helping to prepare, organise and run the
games, communicating with the children, and enabling them to participate fully.
Subsidised training in First Aid is offered to all SCAMP volunteers.
Commitment: A couple of hours every Sunday. 
CRB check needed
Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association
MND Association promote research to bring about an end to MND and aim to ensure
everyone with MND receives the best care and highest quality of life possible. They
also support the families and carers of people with MND, which is where they involve
volunteers. Volunteer Visitors act as the main contact for people with MND, their
family and carers on behalf of the Association. They keep in regular contact offering
confidential, emotional support, and accurate information to enable people with MND
to make informed choices. Full training provided.
Commitment: Regular 2-4 hours per week. 
CRB check needed.
Ash Field School
Ash Field is a special school for physically disabled young people from the ages of 5 to
19. As well as classroom assistants, the school welcomes after school club volunteers to
help run clubs and activities at the school in the evenings (6.00pm-8.00pm). This is a
great opportunity to shape your own activity and gain skills in leadership, teamwork
and communication as well as gaining experience of working with individuals with
special needs. All volunteers attend an introductory session (these are held regularly and
last two hours). At the introductory session a tour and information is provided. Through
discussion volunteers are then placed to use their skills and to benefit the school pupils.
Commitment: Regular but this could be as little as 2 hours a week. 
CRB check needed (This can be applied for at the introductory session at the school).

Vitalise is a national charity that provides short breaks for disabled adults and children.
Volunteers help out at a Vitalise Centre, located around the UK. Most volunteers will
be involved in the day-to-day physical and social support of disabled guests at a
Vitalise Centre, enabling independence, choice and contributing to the enjoyment of a
great break. Typical tasks may include: helping with personal support and at
mealtimes, helping with excursions and assisting with activities and entertainment.
Many Vitalise volunteers are students from all over the world.
Commitment: Residential volunteers usually help for a week or two at a time. 
CRB check needed
Vista is the leading charity and main provider of services for almost 6,000 blind and
partially sighted adults and children in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. There are
many volunteering opportunities available to suit all skills and needs, including Social
and Activity Groups, Befriending and Fundraising. Fundraised income is vital in order
to maintain Vista’s service provision and any innovative ideas that would help to raise
much needed funds are very welcome. Offering support through friendship and
encouragement, volunteers help to reduce the risk of social isolation that many elderly
visually impaired people experience. Vista offers full training including visual
impairment awareness training and ongoing support for all volunteers. Vista actively
encourages self development through identified training.
Commitment: Negotiable, ideally at least 2-3 hours once a fortnight. 
CRB check needed.
Menphys Sport, Play and Leisure
Menphys Sport, Play and Leisure runs three clubs for children and young people with
disabilities: 5-10 years at Christchurch on Clarendon Park Road. (9.00 -12.00); 11-15
years at The Pavilion, Huncote.(9.30-1.30) 16+ also at The Pavilion, Huncote.(9.30-
1.30) (You need your own transport to get to Huncote – it is very difficult by bus)
Commitment: There is no need to commit to every Saturday but it is important that
you come when you say that you will.

Headway Leicester
Headway runs an activity day centre for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland people
with non-degenerative acquired brain injuries. Activities at the day centre are
HANDBOOK 2009/10 29

incredibly varied, including woodwork, computers, cooking, darts, pool and art and
craft. Volunteers will spend their time talking to members and helping them in their
individual and group activities. You can also introduce your own activities with advice
from the staff. Training will involve an induction from Headway staff and invitations to
joint staff and volunteer training.
Commitment: Induction and a full or half day per week for at least 6 months, or full
time placement of several weeks. 
CRB check and two references before starting
The Monday Club
The Monday Club is a social group for adults (18+) with Aspergers Syndrome. It
provides a supportive environment for members to meet and participate in enjoyable
activities with trained staff and volunteers available to offer support where necessary.
The club offers a variety of activities including quizzes, board games, arts/crafts, bingo,
food evenings, DVD/video evenings and computing. The role of a volunteer at the
Monday Club is centred on listening and talking to members and encouraging them
to join in activities. Volunteers require good listening and interpersonal skills and will
be provided with Asperger awareness training.
Commitment: 6.45-9.15pm Monday evenings. City centre location (15 min walk from
main campus). 
CRB check needed.
Working with the Elderly

Learning for the Fourth Age (L4A)
An ongoing project that provides educational services to people in care homes.
Volunteers work as learning mentors to care home residents. This is done on a one-to-
one basis in order to keep care residents thinking and their minds stimulated through
interesting conversations, discussions and activities. We will try to match you with people
based on your range of skills and shared interests. Teach piano, get arty, speak French,
and discuss poetry or share history and reminisce with people from different generations.
This is great experience if you want to go into teaching, social work or to simply boost
your confidence, hone your interpersonal and communication skills or work with older
people. L4A will provide ongoing training, CRB checks, continuous support and
volunteer development, monthly social meetings and will refund all legitimate expenses.
Commitment: Regular, 2-3 hours per week. 
CRB check needed

Age Concern
Age Concern in Leicester provides varied facilities for older people. Volunteer Day Care
Assistants are needed to provide support and physical assistance to Day Care users
and help deliver the programme of activities. Working with older people is a great way
to develop an understanding of different views and experiences and hone
communication skills. Age Concern is also looking for Computer Club Trainers
teaching over-55s to use computers, particularly internet and e-mail packages. The
Computer Club is an excellent opportunity to develop your IT and teaching skills. Full
training and support are provided for both opportunities.
Commitment: Negotiable (Day Care Assistants); 2 hours per week (Computer Club
CRB check needed for Day Care projects
Aigburth Care Home
This residential care home on Manor Road, Oadby (close to Halls of Residence)
supports elderly people, some of whom may be suffering from dementia. Volunteers
can play puzzles and games with the residents, escort them on social trips organised
by the Social Care facilitator or accompany them on walks around the care home’s
own garden. Your friendship and time can make all the difference to an older person
living in care! Aigburth Care home is situated on Manor road next to our own student
residences. Moving and handling training and Fire safety training is given.
Commitment: flexible. 
CRB check needed and two references.
Alzheimers Society
The Side By Side Service is a unique volunteer befriending scheme that provides
regular weekly (up to 4 hours) active support for younger people (in their 30s, 40s or
50s) in the early stages of dementia. Volunteer Befrienders provide support through a
range of activities which vary depending on individual interests and needs.
Volunteers will be matched with younger people who share similar interests. Activities
could involve going out for a walk together, visiting places of interest, having lunch
out, or it could be attending sports events, going swimming, to the theatre and
concerts. It may simply involve providing companionship and emotional support or
doing crosswords or puzzles together, looking at photographs or reminiscing.
Commitment: 2-3 hours per week. 
CRB check needed
HANDBOOK 2009/10 31

Criminal Justice & Human Rights Projects

Victim Support
Victim Support is the independent national charity that helps people to cope with
crime. People who have suffered a crime may need practical information and advice or
simply someone to talk to. Trained volunteers contact people after a crime to offer
free, confidential one-to-one support and information. This challenging role will help
develop listening skills and effective communication strategies.
Commitment: 6 days training over 3 weeks; also supervision sessions are provided
and quarterly volunteer meetings. Minimum 1 year with the branch - approx 2 hours
per week after training. 
Enhanced CRB check needed
Witness Service
The Witness Service provided by Victim Support helps witnesses who are called to give
evidence, and victims of crimes and their families attending court. Going to court as a
witness or victim can be a worrying experience and court procedures can be
confusing, so having a trained volunteer who can provide emotional support and
practical information can be a great comfort. This is a great opportunity for anyone
seeking law-related experience or who would like to pursue a career in social work.
Commitment: Initially 6 days training over 3 week period; also 3-monthly (one hour)
supervision sessions are provided and quarterly volunteer meetings. Minimum one year
with the Witness Service – approx 1 day per week or per fortnight after training. 
Enhanced CRB check needed
Probation Service
A chance to gain experience in probation work and to help with the rehabilitation of
offenders in the community. This could provide valuable experience for anyone
interested in a career in the Probation Service or other criminal justice agency. Training
and ongoing supervision provided. References will be given on the completion of 6
months volunteering work. Opportunities include:
Team/Group Support Volunteers – providing assistance to Probation teams involved
in the delivery of educational or behavioural programmes and to the offenders
participating in these programmes. Some administration tasks required.
Volunteer Mentors – individual mentoring (1 to 1) or as part of a group of

volunteers mentoring one individual. Assisting in job or training searches, accessing
services, problem solving, the development of social skills, self esteem and other pro-
social attitudes which assist with rehabilitation.
Commitment: It’s important that you are able to offer the commitment required
which is 3 hours per week for minimum of 6 months. 
CRB check required.
Leicestershire Youth Offending Service
The Youth Offending Service has a number of different volunteer opportunities. As a
PACE volunteer you will be given training in appropriate adult representation for
young offenders who require support at local police stations. There are also
opportunities to get involved in the Mentoring Project (up to 12 months), one to one
work with young offenders who need more support. The Interventions team aims to
prevent offending and re-offending, and as a Short- Term interventions volunteer you
will run short (8 week average) one to one projects with young people who have
received a final warning. We ask that volunteers commit to the team for a minimum
of 12 months (allowances are made for non-term time availability.) Full training and
support are provided for all volunteers by YOS staff and outside agencies.
Commitment: It is crucial that volunteers are reliable and committed. Volunteers must
attend initial training sessions held over 2 days and 1 evening and further on-going
training as required. Volunteers should be available for at least 4 cases a year for short
term interventions work. 
CRB check needed
Environmental, Conservation & Outdoor Projects

Groundwork Leicester & Leicestershire
This is an independent environment organisation based in Leicester. Groundwork is a
charity that aims to improve the environment and the community we live in.
Volunteers can get involved in a number of different environmental projects including
weekly conservation trips to local nature reserves, to creating artwork for the
Education Team. Groundwork will act as a catalyst for change by inspiring and
supporting individuals and organisations to take local action to care for the local and
global environment and improve communities. Groundwork offers invaluable
experience for anyone interested in environment or conservation related careers.
Commitment: Flexible. Training and support provided.
HANDBOOK 2009/10 33

University of Leicester Botanic
The Botanic Garden is situated in Oadby
and is a sixteen acre site that includes an
Edwardian garden, woodland and
herbaceous borders, a herb garden, plant
family beds, an arboretum area, a pond
and glasshouses displaying temperate,
tropical, alpine and desert plants. Over
7000 school children visit the site each
year to participate in a variety of education
programmes. Volunteers are needed to act
as classroom assistants and to provide
overall support for the events. This
opportunity would suit any students
wishing to pursue a career in teaching or
in a science/conservation related field.
Commitment: Flexible - but it will be important
that volunteers are able to attend more than a couple of events over a semester.

BTCV (British Trust Conservation Volunteers)
BTCV aims to involve people in conservation from all areas of the community. The
Midweek Volunteer Group carries out practical conservation tasks at local nature areas
every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Travel throughout Leicestershire, Rutland and
the National Forest to carry out practical conservation work. Minibus pickups are
available from designated points. You will need an up-to-date tetanus vaccination,
packed lunch, old work clothes, strong boots/shoes, and a waterproof Jacket! This
project will help you develop communication and team working skills as well as
providing experience in practical conservation work.
Oadby and Wigston Community Allotments: Based in the Oadby and Wigston area.
Volunteer at a very active allotment site for exercise and healthy eating on Tuesdays
and Thursdays or join the group on nature areas one Sunday per month for practical
environmental work. Volunteer Officer: Become more involved with any of the projects
by committing 2 or more days per week. Learn leadership, organisational and people
skills as well as practical conservation work. This opportunity is ideal for anyone
interested in a career in the environment sector.
Commitment: No minimum commitment

Redgate Animal Sanctuary
Redgate is an animal shelter outside of Leicester that welcomes all types of animals for
long-term care. Redgate is open 7 days a week and volunteers are always welcome.
Volunteers will be involved in all aspects of caring for the 200-plus animals and
helping out with some general yard duties as well. Due to the distance from Leicester,
volunteering at Redgate would suit an individual with transport.
Commitment: Flexible

Gorse Hill City Farm
We are a working farm with the opportunity to feed and touch the animals. We are
always on the lookout for more volunteers to help us with the running of the Farm
and with tasks such as feeding, mucking out, gardening and staffing the merchandise
stall! The Farm has four main principles: Community Involvement, Organic Principles,
Humane Treatment of Animals and Co-operative Working.In order to volunteer, you
will also need to become a member, which costs £7.50 a year. You will learn and have
fun in a friendly and safe environment!
Commitment: Flexible

Arts, Culture & Events

Whatever you're into - from club night to classical, folk to funk – Oxjam is your
chance to fight poverty with music. It's a festival with a difference: hundreds of events
throughout October, organised by ordinary people, taking pubs, clubs and front rooms
across the UK by storm. Volunteering opportunities with Oxjam Leicester include,
Music Event Organisers; Stage Managers; Venue Promoters & Fundraisers. Oxjam is a
great way to have fun, meet inspiring people, get more involved in your local music
scene and build-up valuable skills and experience.
Commitment: Flexible but need to be available for festival on October 25th 2009.

Rainbows Children's Hospice – Fundraising Events Volunteer
Rainbows is committed to meeting the needs of life-limited children in the East
Midlands. The Hospice is seen as a 'home from home' for the families who use it and
the care team helps children to enjoy every minute of each day to the full! Rainbows
needs to raise £2.8million a year to run the Hospice and relies heavily on the support
HANDBOOK 2009/10 35

of volunteers - could you be one of them? We always need reliable volunteers to assist
with a variety of fundraising events throughout Leicestershire. It may be running stalls,
handling cash, helping with car parking, gift wrapping or marshalling. Please take time
to get involved – it’s fun!
Commitment: Flexible

Making Music – East Midlands
Are you interested in making music? Then Making Music are interested in you. Making
Music is the voice of voluntary music and has been for over 70 years! They are the
largest umbrella arts organisation in the UK, supporting and championing over 2,600
amateur and semi-professional music groups. They support a wide range of music
groups: from samba bands, youth orchestras, barbershop chorus’, folk festivals to
choirs, sitar groups, swing bands to handbell ringers. And they do this by delivering a
wide range of membership services from newsletters, information & guidance sheets
to training & development events. If you’re keen to get some experience of arts
management or you’re interested in music and would like to become a volunteer at
the regional level then they’d love to hear from you. There is a diverse range of roles
from research, event organising, marketing to visiting music groups. Whether you’d
like to volunteer for a specific role or are just generally wishing to get involved –
there’s something for everyone.
Commitment: 3 hours a week over a 10 week period.

Arts and Cultural Events
Leicester is a city packed full of festivals
and events – why not get involved in
making them happen as a volunteer?
Some events that often look for
volunteers include: Summer Sundae,
Leicester Comedy Festival, LeicestHerday;
Spark Children’s Art Festival and
fundraising events. Volunteers can get
involved in stewarding events, working
as part of the recycling team or helping
to organise and publicise the events
Commitment: Variable

Leicester Print Workshop
Leicester Print Workshop is a membership organisation with over 100 regular users which
provides studio space, education and outreach projects and exhibitions. Their passion is fine
art printmaking and their mission is to promote it to a large and diverse audience. From
their nationally recognised studio, they provide printmakers with affordable facilities so that
they can practise their craft. Volunteers are needed to help with administrative task but
anyone who is keen to be involved with the organisation is welcome to volunteer.
Commitment: Flexible

One-off Volunteering Projects
Curious about volunteering but cautious about commitment? Try a one-off project!
Contact runs a regular programme of one-off projects taking place over just one day,
so you don’t need to make a regular commitment. If you don’t have time to commit
to an on-going project, this is a fantastic way to get involved in volunteering.
In previous years, volunteers have helped with wrapping presents for a hospital
children’s Christmas party, cleared a canal, completed outdoor painting and sanding
work at an animal sanctuary, and organised a ‘Media Event’, taking local children to
the Leicester Mercury to put together their own newspaper.
The biggest one-off event of the year is Make a Difference Day (MADD). This is a
nationwide day of volunteering that happens at the end of October. Watch out for
news in the Contact Bulletin and the online events calendar.

Social Enterprise Projects

SIFE Leicester (Students in Free Enterprise)
SIFE is a unique network of people who answer that call – a global network of
business executives, academic leaders and university students sharing the common
view that business, practiced ethically and responsibly, creates stronger communities
and greater opportunity for everyone. SIFE Leicester is part of this network where
students make a difference by taking what they learn in the classroom, and teaching it
to others. Their real-world projects must hit at least one of the SIFE criteria: Market
Economics, Personal Success Skills, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Business Ethics,
and Environmental Sustainability.
Their projects work with a range of community groups, ranging from aspiring
entrepreneurs, young people, low income families, charities, the elderly and many,
HANDBOOK 2009/10 37

many more. The teams pass on their knowledge and equip these individuals with the
skills and knowledge that they require to help them prosper. Additionally, one vital
thing that all SIFE Teams must also consider is the sustainability of their projects as well
as of the team as a whole, thus ensuring that future generations of their Team can
continue their good work well into the future.
Commitment: Variable – depending on project. Attend training sessions run by SIFE UK.

Social Enterprise Way
Social Enterprise Way brings together volunteer students and graduates who want to
gain valuable experience in real work projects with Social Enterprise businesses who
want an injection of fresh ideas, talent and enthusiasm to inspire and build their
organisation. Opportunities for undergraduates and graduates: Short term
Business Development projects – gain valuable experience, skills and confidence whilst
giving to back to the community; join a community of undergraduates and graduates
on an accredited programme.
Commitment: Variable – depending on the project. Attend 2 day training session run
by University of Leicester and Novas Scarman Trust which is accredited by the Leicester
Award: Business and Social Enterprise.

Can’t find what you are
looking for?

Our project database
We have access to information on a
wide variety of voluntary activities,
and should be able to point you in
the right direction. Over the course of
the year, new projects will start up,
and old ones may close, so keep your
eyes peeled for updates in the
‘Contact Weekly Bulletin’ and on the
volunteering web pages at

Where to find us
The Contact Student Volunteers office
is located on the ground floor of the
Students’ Union building.

Contact Student
Activities Resource Centre (ARC)
Students’ Union
Ground Floor Percy Gee Building
University of Leicester
University Road
t: 0116 223 1141

You can also contact the
Volunteering Team in the Student
Development Zone on the second
floor of the David Wilson Library.

The information in this handbook can be made available in large print
format or on a CD Rom if required. Please request a copy from the
Contact office.

Finally, good luck with whatever project you decide to become involved with.
Remember that Contact is always here to support you in your activities
HANDBOOK 2009/10 39

I rather think of volunteering as part of the
essential ingredients of informal education.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Bob Burgess,
University of Leicester
For further information please contact

Activities Resource Centre (ARC)
Students’ Union
Ground Floor Percy Gee Building
University of Leicester
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t: 0116 223 1141

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