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Corey Gable
Former Youth Member and
Encounter Participant

Sarah Penland
Former Youth Member and Like most churches, FCC has its
Encounter Participant share of mission trips. However, our
church is unique in a special trip
called Encounter. When I went to
Encounter, I was in still in middle
Encounter is a week that I school and very confused when it
frequently look back on even came to God. I had been on
8 years later. It was a pure numerous other church trips and had
thoroughly enjoyed them, but this
mountain top experience that
one was different. When we arrived
has affected my daily walk
with Christ. He revealed to me
in Estes Park, Co., I wasn’t really
sure what to expect. Little did I
Rocky Mountain
his mighty creation and the know that the trip I was on would
kick start my walk with God.
National Park
plans he has in store for me. Encounter helped me and I'm sure
This experience is life
changing and I assure you,
numerous others start their walk
with God or at least point them in
the right direction. I'm sure that I'm
you will come back from this
not the only one that feels this
Encounter God’s Word,
spiritual mission refreshed in passionately about Encounter and God’s Presence, God’s
your walk with Christ! there is no telling how many lives it
could affect.
Love, God’s Grace
What is Encounter?
Encounter is a spiritual mission. It is
a journey for those who wish to
deepen their relationship with Christ
and seek the will of God in their
lives. It is a time to examine, to
share, to reach farther, to open up,
and to truly experience one’s
relationship with God. It’s about
fellowship with other believers. And
most of all it is about placing God
first in every aspect of our lives.

E n c o u n t e r 2 0 1 0 Where is Encounter?
Encounter will take place in beautiful
Estes Park, Colorado. We will be
tent camping at Estes Park
It’s not your ordinary mission trip, but a The time has come to… Campground.
mission of the heart, soul, and mind. It’s not work Reach into your inner-most self and find the What can I expect at Encounter?
labor, but a labor of your internal being. It’s not an person God is calling you to be Although we will be doing lots of fun
intense week of serving others, but a week that is activities like hiking and rafting, we
intensely personal. It’s about you and God, The time has come to…
will also be spending a lot of time
together, one on one! studying, reading, praying, and
Encounter God as you have never done before sharing God’s Word. Since this is
and be forever changed the main focus of the trip, all
The time has come to… participants will be held to a high
level of expectation that they will
Put the world and all of its pressures behind
take this opportunity seriously and
you an enter into the peaceful presence of God Watch a promotional video and participate fully in Encounter.
register online at
The time has come to… When is Encounter? Middle School: June 20-26, 2010
Open your heart, soul, and mind to the High School: July 18-24, 2010
awesome transforming and life changing Deadline is December 1, 2009
power of the Holy Spirit How much does Encounter Cost?
$75 per person