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The author wishes to express gratitude to editors of the following publications in which
selections from this work first appeared: Rubicon Press and Noon.
Sheila E. Murphy

Reverse Haibun


Tilt of the earth pronouncing routine warmth

Each sunlight occupies the lip of pool inviting limits of the body. One pauses prior to
becoming fluent daylight. Water in the hair pre-dusk, the silver calm reveals metonymy
for which a clock . . . One breathes. Dried apparel, horizontal lines spawn informal
tenure made to seem an intersection. Turmoil of the soil enriched long reeds swell to a
sample size of seeds repeating.

Fathomed as the hearsay moon

Screen sifts the scent of rain. A mellow cleanse absorbs dust without center. Already
street light interferes with intonation of my thinking. Tarnished by pale mesh of the
quotidian. Routine removes mistaken leaps or prompts them. As a map reveals one of
the worlds.

Backhand, seersucker under noon light, reminiscence before present tense

Locution mimes what is already in the head, or the invasive sunshine deems a minute of
your time to loosen preconception. If hurting is for fully formed intolerance, then the
elements are fixed as minds can be resistant. Outer edges once embraced turn
thoughtful, or the defining surfaces return to point of starting. High then low as if a flicker
of the candle later on, some gorgeous roan to mean more things are possible.

Photography as birthing more than capture

Rain has ruined her white dress. Summer changes solitude, as if a mere reply to prayer.
Some insect tossed out of the open screen joins wind. Sacrifice remains the weaker half
of an equation.

Preoccupation with this window as devotion to the glass

Incapacity to feign love stilts the angle at which conversation turns conversion, spared
the focal energy, attention, point of will. Summative cleats pierce earth apart from prior
walking. Distance then recedes from definitions of itself. Some worthy main distractions
have been called careers. One empties every mind of palpable precipitation. So sharing
seeds turns tangible. Nerve endings different from nerves; precocious thistles threaten
definition of her youth as “skin like mine.”

Athletic rubber stamps, informal tumult, what he thought he saw

Gender deactivates the thaw presumed to bring on reproductive flight. You surrogate the
indentation that predominates the walk upon shrill snow. We heard Stravinsky played to
choirs who heard not one adjudication without help. These compositions fray existence
until sunshine has to wash one altar with a soft, reusable cloth. Dimensionality might in
future moments be informed by composition if the poise is suitably unbundled toward
inflected composition.

Likable threads of discourse made to sound the zither’s plump aroma

Husks via mastery stripped whole. Ambiguity, ribbed icicles, isosceles indulgence; the
triangle goes trap-ward to the weeks away from dialect, a preponderance of forestry,
right where we live, a stream. One watches nourishment be swayed foremost from
scratch. This is my moment in the tundra, wakeful as I try to be from substances
available for purchase. At night the ribald skeet-shoot surfaces torsion in the wake of
delicate guitar thrums, popular with the strong.

Stone washed overtime rinsing also the unbridled entropy

Wool already gathered forms as function. Ripe cyclone chances tap mid-morning
ideation if a person has been yearning for some time. Forsaken sailboats equal entities
where selves would be until the opening wave beneath a bridge breaks gloom into a
segment of large pieces. One might renew one’s interest in collecting darkened coins.
The words “a covenant” complete the concept of so many stones that form together a
new entity, a wall, that keeps out and keeps in, as scalding heat prevents at once intake
and exhalation.

Paper, wrinkled relic, all the power to hold as if absorption shapes the actual

Versatility may not equal woods. Plain speech, once collateral in form. Now tension’s
practiced-seeming. In small concentration of attunement fostering an energy induction.
Irises, mint, cottonwood. Enough to say the litany reverts to actuality from senses five
through seven. Made something to resemble wholeness if perceived as accidental
wilderness. Overcome with being filtered through a sentence.

Steps included in vocabulary, a serial geometry made to fit

Coastline, one side and then the other. Rough draft pick following predestination.
Serious looks across the aisle. Later, hands extended to effect methodical true
gumption. Faculties of hope confuse a hefty surge of latitude. Long summer well in line
with expectations. Feathers fallen from a wing, trim looking, blue.

So long viewed still trying to be young

Mind left out of the equation, her only body upstaging eternity. Goodness of fit recedes
into a tributary losing reputation. Flagship, how it feels to release age from imposition.
Line drive turned capstone fishing in tremendous water. Earth mixed in as though a
particle of respect would come to seem the same blue great lake.

Sailboat, goals as breezes, fit into a net then lost

More than a single way to look at something, any kind of fracas, car, absence, a
dismissive form of breathing. All of these in part separate. Pages on which many things
might have been written. Resemblance to a color photograph some real life practices.
Lamp lit as dismissal is. The particular color left on film. And one repeats the view of how
things were once, leveling courageous gesture of reality. Extravagant neglect held fast
atop the full hill.

Whatever happens, nature’s having lost its voice

Projective infancy incinerates the table pattern meant to generate synthetic wall prints
left to be firmed into clay. Textured as a rough cut lavished with contented praise. Some
southern habitat would harm a pool for wading in the few scarred patches. Stretching
keeps the nurture impulse half aware or stalling. Whose ferocity is meant to be injurious,
whose voice preps the window sill for dry young weather.

Off-the-shoulder happiness, a winning impulse to invest in the perceived dismantling of


Stamps showing a brown butterfly, gummed all across the brown envelope. What
exacerbates the skin’s job is skeptical indifference. Crumb cake, glass of water, oaken
table, frost left to become water heated to the room. Sense structures the line drawing
made to foster order where it counts. Enlistment to refer to, any furbishing of thatched
places to live.

Art turned shell for light to have absorbed some of the land including separation

Craft deposited in mental placement, shallows humor. Virtue here within plump
storehouse for a length of daylight. Silken shadow might entail repressive story. Won’t
you pare the outer covering for the citrus to a lower ebb? A rich, strong, brown depleted
stem still vulnerable to wind’s muscular endowment. Plump when still or forming light
amid the breeze.

An instrument that mimics reeds beside the water

One would shepherd the relaxed mentation offered any dowry left to shape the name of
stories. Yellow melodies defeat the game face planted on each vocal stranger at the
precipice of meeting fate face first. A form of royalty presumes to lurk where herbs are
safely planted in or near the cauliflower no one selects except the gardener. Trusts
irrevocable can be made part plastic as isosceles configurations partially ignore one

Pink sky near windows, windows themselves, a list of happinesses, impressionistic


Circus veins grow close, the circuitry as landed gentry move ahead of forecast. Grace
held fast. A lifeline tacked on to each recollection. Trained in minutiae grasping
Implantation at the crossroads. The letters “O” and “D.” Perennial gift for seeing quiet as
a fact. Drawn to mind. The body politact. Unlike the expected bounty during sadness,
lest someone gather out of habit and forget.

Paint as echo, in her white sufficient dream, a coating, and the broad lines of the house

Morning names the sacristy what atmosphere invents. If energy comes shared, it
ricochets from surfaces. The surf changes the sand supposing. And we walk from there.
I saw his young machine move through the glints and everything, the sound, made
wilderness seem orderly as it had been. Seams on the ground we had been walking.
Sudden whispering, fields would be the wrong word. Close enough to borrow something.

North, copybook, warm cloth around the knees

A history includes dark verse to memorize so books and we align. Whose voice remains
the passive integer one wants to save for simulation. The way snow was depicted so
that fear would come at a wide angle. Frost a year from now. Complaints including
shadows even tepid after many miles.

Heart not interrupted, a meeting purposeful, and yellow blooms

This neighborhood leaves blood inside the flesh. Roadways of practice. Ideas many
pronged and motion covering the earth within these boundaries. A course of action
fructifies. As magi have been shelling out concerted effort, too. Whose way of life
trapezes across the rumored boundaries to extend scope of authority if not work.
Amendments to affection brush by torque as if released had been expected one more
time to unseal lamination.

Paper, wrinkled relic, all the power to hold as if absorption shapes the actual

Versatility may not equal the woods. Plain speech, once collateral. Now, though,
tension’s practiced-seeming. Small concentration of attunement foster energy induction.
Irises, mint, cottonwood. Enough to say the litany reverts to actuality from sense five
through seven. Made something to resemble wholeness. If perceived as accidental
wilderness. Overcome with being filtered through a sentence.

Steps included in vocabulary, Serial geometry made to seem to fit

Coastline, oneside and the other other. a draft pick following predestination.
Serious looks across the aisle. Later, hands extended to effect Methodical
true gumption. Faculties of hope confuse a hefty surge of latitude. Long summer well in
life with Expectations. Feathers fallen from a wing, trim looking, blue.

So long viewed still trying to be young

Mind left out of the equation, her only body upstaging eternity. Goodness
of fit recedes into a tributary losing reputation. Flagship, how it feels to
let go age from imposition. Line drive turned capstone fishing in tremendous
water. Earth mixed in as though a particle of respect became the same blue great lake.

Sailboat, goals as breezes, able to fit into a net then lost

More than a single way to look at something, any kind of fracas, care, absence,
dismissive form of breathing, partly separate. The pages on which many things
might have been written. The resemblance to a color photograph some real life
practices being. Lamplit as dismissal is. The particular color left on film. And one repeats
the view of how things were once, leveling of courageous gesture at reality.
Extravagant neglect held fast upon the full hill.

Whatever happens, nature will have lost its voice

Projective infancy incinerates the stable pattern meant to generate an array of synthetic
wall prints left to be firmed into clay. Textured as a rough cut lavished with contented
praise. Some southern habitat would harm a pool for wading in the few
scarred patches. Stretching keeps the nurture impulse half aware or stalling. Whose
ferocity is meant to be injurious, whose voice preps the window sill for dry young

Off-the-shoulder happiness, a winning Impulse to invest in the perceived dismantling of


Stamps showing a brown butterfly gummed all across the brown envelope. What
exacerbates the skin’s job is a skeptical indifference. Crumbcake, glass of water, oaken
table, a frost let to be water heated to the room. Sense structures the line
drawing made to foster order Where it counts. Enlistment to refer to, any furbishing
of thatched places to live.

Art becomes the shell for light to have absorbed some of this land including separation

Craft deposited in mental placement, gallows humor. Virtue left to be the plump
storehouse for frazzle. Any length of daylight, silken Shadow might entail repressive
Story. Won’t you pare the outer covering for citrus to a lower ebb? A rich strong brown
depleted stem still vulnerable to wind’s muscular endowment. Plump when still or
defining light amid the breeze.

An instrument that mimics reeds beside the water

One would shepherd the relaxed mentation offered any dowry left to shape the name of
textured stories. Yellow melodies defeat the game face planted on each vocal stranger
at the precipice of meeting fate face first. A form of royalty presumes to lurk where
herbs are safely planted in or near the cauliflower no one wants except the gardener.
Trusts irrevokable can be made. Figurations partially ignore one side.

Pink sky near windows, the windows themselves, a list of happinesses, impressionistic

Circus, the veins grow close, the circuitry, as landed gentry moves beyond the forecast.
Brace to have been held fast. Lifeline tacked on to the recollection. Trained minutiae.
Implantation at the crossroads. The letters “O” and “D.” Perennial gift for seeing quiet as
a plump fact. Drawn to mind. The body politact. Unlike wide
bounty during SADNESS. Lest someone gather and forget.

Extraction, of, a heat to frequent any state of mind

Very much a crop to be amassed. The work to be subtracted is the work the very same
until a painting has encompassed an escape from raw sunlight. Then rigor planted will
be a depiction of time coming close to taking in the oxygen. Sound of a key plugged into
the ignition and then turned. Fired. Ceramic replica pertaining to the past as if that ever
had been real. Painting in the sky. Ephemeral distraction.

Pond filled with vectors moistened to limpness, all of a color, bedded down with gravity

One of us sees from angles that perpetuate a truth that feels forever insolent, “In a
minute” the adjusted flow lets out a pint of weather. Moments before breaking down,
the particles began to coalesce until a form of wholeness started to appear. The lines
perceived as code, fail to communicate new information. Process server leaves the lot
with nothing. How imperative does life become when flood with what was supposed to
be a simple rinse. Occasional affection offers up a color left to show among these quiet
weeds susceptible to wind.

Okay, number of syllables, purse strings, composition of the music

Absence as the pretense of effect, a coma with a missing mind. There were two
sentences pressed against a block of sound. Or was it substance, led astray from
sanctity as mere procedure. The attention one receives when breaking
delicate shells brings on repetition. Surrogate indifference becomes a ploy to hide theft
of intention posing as identity. Scope of integrity, past lines of integrity. In vitro fracture
of a home in custody. Long lines in which one learns one’s lines. New thinking, Writing.

Body resists a generation of soul sequencing, robust and trim, slept-in look

Portion contra, voluminous store of life blood, any reputable loved ones who reside in
lofts. How long (re)play are your intentions. Underestimation as a tax screen. Precious
wood where jewels would be. Soapstone, the equivalent of wood to change. When
breathing, take the measure of impressionable thinking. Vibrant extract vibrating with
independent contractors. Hypothetical endorsements pique the nearest laughter.
Oxygen repeals the endorphins appearing whole.

Away means customary movement to point B, two laminated mats kept smooth

If practiced being frugal, riches fluently replay examination ploys. Check stub showing an
exchange made once and never cleared. Look up and see thick cover of cloud. Rapt
attention. Any overhead that yields a consolation prize. Reportage near a film
viewed by a hundred silhouettes, a credit passed off as a debit that equates to white

Pores hold in what the system feels it has released

Treatment to match inversion of deep pain the pharmacy retracts. Impart the overgrowth
of irises unless nobody’s camera could be brought to justice. Language
helps to strain our thinking to yield a furnished feeling to the speech. Abrupt
inconsequence referred to planting seemed an act. The ligature spoiled once
might lead to any old allure. Assemblages need contain something. Then the field was
full of allergy production. Daylight mirrored white-out between scars.

Discovery acts as a blood spear, swingset in the yard, a little breeze

Tacit page-turner blends with hunger matching a due diligence put forward on command.
Who was hired was because orphans limp across the playground. Warmer
weather holds still or is watched. is known. A crack law team was hired. Are you
romantically disinclined. Developmentally entangled. Levered to best bands not yet
recruited. Foremost modes of snapping lend to shapeless facts. Some little overage
not to report. Fear once thrived where sand was full.

Centrifugal foreseeable capture, as if to prove opposing entropy

Disfigurement’s own covetous rapport with fallow yardage offers plaintive

tones. Imagine the rejection stiffening like egg whites minus flexibility.
Last night the debate was over the distinction between obdurate and obstinate. This
went on for a long period, with research there to break if not a standoff, then a tie. I
wonder what the count feels like when one of us is never down. A relay means full
backup preparation carrying each premonition in the place where cavities were once

Endorphins resembling see-through indigence on a scale of one to thirty-five, with one

being full-bodied. . .

A moose loped through the empty playground spiriting lungs filled with fresh air. I am in
the habit of avoiding competition. When it rains it falls in paragraphs. Angelic
atmosphere is best breathed in communion where the hinges last. Nature achieves
a form of parity with happiness we used to nickname hometown fever just ahead of
spring transcending every step that we would take.

On sightseeing the young wind, a seeming rift between daybreak and depth

All the say-so in this tall order of a universe prompted romantic adverbs to appear in
speech as if to modulate each of the tendencies that we might own consistency. The
May light freshened new growth and sprinkles brought to life their quiet shoots. Each
circumstance brought a perspective to the frame that seemed to hold a scene and
show it to the eyesight.

Break a word if you, only each seedling will thereafter show, yet grow

Sound skillet fries round or square food missing unworthy goals to feed the world. If only
this were fever who might hunger reach into. Right now millions escalate the cause for
worry about harm that’s universal, rushing through the sky. Gigantic flies take germs and
moods and fill the world awhile until the cold brings tired eyes back into their absence
prior. Hurting in the process fire.

Any new thing modifying any old shifts range of meaning mood

Trapeze the trombone into a belonging phase of life counting the transposition in a white
wave of due call. Promise stilts to a shelved world, order lamb only to send it back into a
riveting array of payday, molten glass and wire named after qualities. There are serene
locations to watch fish resist the lure and mirror that rejection, only to learn cloud’s
another violet integer within sunlight.

Flat quotations lodged in courier font, their wide form of immersion once removed

She beatified a trellised health as if the shepherd were off practicing known prayers in a
leveraged voice scripted with honeysticks. If only the cartridge had the capacity to
survive the floodlit mercy heaped upon her conscience. Melody would be assigned a
spree of notes various persons could recite in sleep until the baby’s breath might grow
unmeasured past the point of recollection.

Sequencing the overdrafts, a few still photographs absorbing what was thought

Bundles of mismatched scraps drive Nova Scotia to the forebrain, limiting the way
through mental blocks built from sugar and wall paint to distinguish one pattern from
another. In a given afternoon I offered what I had to the school leader, finessing all the
while my chosen passages to incident. Cool vestiges of largesse past.

What of a good time, various reasons to defect from social obligations

Through the tundra she progressed, complaining all the while about several fat people
whose size infected their own personalities as well as those of their associates. She
preferred not being susceptible. “If I were working,” she insisted, “I would have to end
my day just like that. I would have to slow my pace to meet that of the masses.” Our
conversation thus appeared to lose a beat before it picked up once again prevailing
patterns of discourse concerning people who were bulbous, if not in essence, then in

Merging seeming ill-conceived, some waterways and few points of relief

The syndrome I am eager to discount relates to sleep’s unwanted manifest. Long lines
are often where and how we live in tandem motioning across daylight. One must eek out
profundity some other way, endorse the nonce and let go every stray impediment.
Condone a wish having repaired to true lounge for comfort and carafe. Intelligible
snowflakes having fallen.

Champion, versus a version, plan as and to the allegation, one stiff after all

Modesty is half affordable and then some silhouette as close to pearls as violet norm of
where we work. Only the stressed come forward to escape relaxing, minutes
fray upon command, and the notation verity may bask in surplus water. The forensic
justice heaped upon saline solutions captures fallen fray one after the next sitcom
in floral kempt particulars. To take away (from).

Triple double, color yellow gold versus a purple blue, a one-point dividend

Community of practice, perhaps, if tipped toward the individual. Names come from other
histories. The verbs are used to pierce flat surfaces. Announcers play the plex of world
lines. Even first names own oblique sounds. One is wound around the pole that goes
away. A hot first quarter doesn’t mean a thing, she says. Commercials keep
horizons parallel. Fate’s aching to be realized just on being introduced.

One matriculates, a cough into the forecrook of my elbow, as young children are taught.

If the page is thick enough to absorb the stroke, each word feels easy. World equals this
quality. Resists perhaps the instrument enough. “Today is for work.” Untutored face and
brilliant tendons, muscular enrichment built into the DNA. A posse temps the facts that
life implies. A pass too hard to watch, to realize. Indebtedness feels coveted at least
once. Morning is a wish from here. Nothing left open yet. One window shops the
subtleties based on accountability. Perfume is once.

Pica type, sole choice once, announce of bass clef

All I need is rozin for the long and drawn out yellow sprain of non-soprano turnstile.
Effervesce reclaims the status of a vowel. Are moments learning paint? When all the
bedroom furtive glimmerings give way to scented traps. A divan used to be a merger.
Tiptoe, anyone? New poison readers third in time for seconds. A minute play to yield a
show of hands.

Nothing, silk, a replay, called elite, simply the story

Adjust quickly to the calls, he said. Panache relived according to tale voiced from certain
centers. Capstone north or bench played caught between tangential madrigals. What
color is your dress. The overstayed excursive dominance bleeds into fabric spoiled by
fact. Cursive collateral endowed by sport. Whose music let’s go crawl magnetic without
animal infract. The libelous, encrusted voice prints made cache.

Inception, flawed light, equinox

Numbers squeezed into their grid’s obsessive opening, elastic lace as if a lariat were
made a strut now rounded up to mean the heart if slow or northerly. “A far cry,” she kept
saying. Overlay is meant to lose a forest, porous in a loft of the supposed.
Entanglements invoke the prow if numbness fades to one. Allowable reversion. To a

Precede in depth, soft curtain, temper checked at door

Patent pendulum presumes a context. “We don’t talk about that in this house.” The man
who brings the mail is thus named after dwell. Backs one slowly away from life as it is
(known). A point guard sows. Whose paint invites the lower ball score. Extortion frames
the tended outcome. Never the economy, this prompt flower. Look at tiny pools bereft of
more. Set routine to overtake known flow.

Dance lightning frost away from once impaired green food for pliables

Way around the slow white antic throne fry, everything is gravy line. In view of fray.
Points in the paint so what points anyway, consonants shield a name. Stand for
white space. Who plays the organ in the routine chevron of display. Ask for a domain
(name). Flaunt it. Pitch the next. And so . . .

Words that fit the mouth before they leave the mouth

One prefers one moment at a time, rather than the lute with carriage return a
placeholder now. Caution runs through veins. A period of hauteur where
practice is concerned. Repair makes work a thing. An institution with the requisite
entirety. Breath be channeled toward the realm of hope. Is one produced? The post
brings any gesture to the path. An inspiration near the faultline once. And the usurped
view soldiered on, As if reasons could prove contagious. Tones left whole not splintered

Typeface, microscope forced atop it, the outreach, spar tones

Touch wood, strenuous procession toward a precise location on this crumpled map.
What are the odds that limbs unequal to the tacit measure, of resounding happens in
one’s own sleep. As though rapport were once contained in lamb’s wool. Opinion’s not
confined to parcels of the constitution. Craned neck appeared to illustrate remote,
informal curiosity. One walks up, one stands stock still. Craft excretes a semblance of
impairment next to the odometer. A referendum stalling the inevitable. Highly strung
impediments to justice.

Surprise of cloud, the temperature relaxed, daylight in profusion

Selective melody, one gentle blossom, dismiss the thought of rope burn. Rendered
filaments conducive to the tintype of the ivy. Oval kiln to locate symbols of exhaustion.
Categorical incursion into faith. The garden indicates. The sky owns bronze. Measure of
inconvenience nestled in a plot of loam. Contralto leanings aggravate the nest held
whole. Immersion is a part of speech, a plaything, standardized to meet goals unless
the rumor of departure will come true to form’s informal average.

A whisper, just terrain in part a thread of speech

Timbre, not quite country, tippled opponent cast out onto the lawn. Whose spatula?
Contrarian investors leech the Type O negative blood we all await. “I’ll make
you” (a) an offer, (b) a star, (c) my concubine, for at least an hour. Astonishing blood
ducts creviced to the deep delusional despair. Revert to weeds. The leg cramps hurt
also my face. Tap the tinsel when I’m half awake. Stippling the ottoman at least once.
Word slake. Tempt taste. Stretch space.

Cigarette smoke trailing up in a single stream toward the passer-by

I am that passerby. The planets pose for me. Peasants Exist. We’re nothing but a big
small town. The name of laundromats imparted from an Eastern European culture clash
remains For now bereaved. For now we’ll offer up our pronouns to the lowest sum of
squash. We have a letter from our inner self proclaiming the enunciating of the species.
Sun portables of rain on windows. We were younger when we parked here, and my
belief system arrived assembled.

Reaping the beneficence, unpaired clouds to form a cover

Dyspeptic lullabies turn emblems of our mismatched speech trained in the art of
cardinal-made-into-door-décor. The silence chafes our steep enough to guard
the neighboring détente. One learns to crimp the style points of another. Sent messages
only encourage these prefab gods created to encourage fat’s own flow. Whosoever is
called Romeo shall sputter in the shallows and derail atonal darkness. Where a lawn
exists, the law is to have mown.

Tapeworm, pain one can excrete, something to fill the opening

A card trick rigged to look like many sacraments beginning to unfold. A species sporting
many names, entrapment gradually endorsing ants that simulated a tiered approach to
Lenten syllables. One gives up in preparation for planned resurrection. Candles that
puncture the airwaves. A magnified appetite for iron. Trained, stacked deck of layered
cards. One or another of us being taken over by the lessons learned in branch offices
made to look like seedlings.

Stapled post-it with the words p___________ from lunch left on

Streaming video protracted, and the white curves beveled and clashing with the yawn of
a subsumed serenity. A barometric insolvence appears to last be-fore the stamina
goes light. The occipital return of speech in midline strewn with feathered reach
near qualified and focused river.

Earnestly beseeching grasp as a lettered indolence

Refrain from habit of placating reason bearing syllables from seeming selves. About-
face, an encased spate of remorseful averages! Sequined village with the starlight on its
own. Hovering atop the pink wool of the firelight to win. When damages go soft, the
structure starts to override the open sentences resume their pose as threshold over
which a person may recast and thus push forward into placement of the line drawing of a

Comparatively learned sitcom, voices of the structure, plenary fields

Ripe flowers in the oven, more about clandestine offerings than past hibernation.
Storied endorphins leafing or pulsing through protestations. Tureens may never have
been filled to reaching. Tabula course run through the temple. White as keepsake and a
mirror. Perambulator with greased wheels ready for the erstwhile derby. Nervosa, wall-
to-wall remainders, measuring tape around decreasing waisteline, live camera.

Keyhold, assembly, limber frost, albino lotion

Pressure, plaster cast, apartment dwellers, half the crew to measure what is left of all-
aboard few quivers. Take your best shot. Folklore. Telltale bodice. Furniture reversion,
locus trimmed. Hair is broken into visibility. The opus is a pure broth. Then the will
appends the tall swift singing clash. Semitones fit that along clear water of the spring
showers. Pressed stones, too.

Fiction, amends, love animal, the very act of seeing

Bread’s plump locution, centimeters from enduring rinse. A sibling half as white as any
untold sentence. One soprano is the same as few scalds in a holding tank. Man of few
words. Worlds like faith. An incident made faint because the fallibility of memory. Rinsed
stations of the cross. Whoever wrote the cure was right for every part. One wants it
quiet and one wants it short. In part, a certain moment left to relax starch.

Perfect as eyes blue and green light of a mallard’s neck

Astonishing circumference, one livid seafish startling green. A spate of grammar to have
been immersed in, lying on a broad base of a parching. Deep enough concern about life
blood, the kissed paint on a hardwood floor inside from a flatbed truck. One cannot
breathe what one half beholds under the light. A davenport some morning. Sleep with to
mean a different sleep. Keepsake, redemption.

Proxy hush, soon line penciled, open to abundance

Sainthood beside itself tables multiplication so the shouting stepped up siphoned

vine. Temperate stretched garments fetch a price locked into temptation. Gorgeous play
inclined to beat weather to the clutch shooting (shoe-in). Vatican. Rethink. Motet. Bench
pressed to skyline. One of one. Cozy punctuation synthesizes soft linen washed so
many times. One watches where one works, attention deficit means showtime will
amaze tough tactics. Frustration for example, ample text.

Crissed dry leaves, caught substance, flowers in the beds

Tincture’s assembled to please numb fetes beneath glass forelined. Here are cubes to
pass daylight. Refused to have coped with nets. A silent paving over shapes and sudden
seasoning. The latchkey’s individual opprobrium. Simple or half that, to relax. Face of
Tom on cover of my book, The beatific justice and a way to know the distance in and of
a world. Contented with the fall and failing then to own that or any absence of a dance.

Syncopation marks timeframe, measured after cup and curing as the interval

Pluralia replenish needed quanitites. Hosanna in the morning. Fieldsmell precisely in

July the week beneath the Fourth. One used to and one row ahead of when one will be
reminiscing. Snow’s a complement to mental processing and postpones, effort.
Postpones need and sprinkes one or two impartial remnants of a measured health is
how I know I love you.

Trim slow leaning feather young,pre-fall slim too

As soon as a unique bridge holds. One may bow. The low strings, released to brim as
seven sweet the three. To pin counterpoint on just one popping tone. Need overtakes
the prior bumming. Long live silence. Just a bird and just above us. Quiet branch. A nice,
nice morning soft enough to like and shy. A cup protecting distant us from how we might
disturb these others of ourselves.

Spring, to leave amid lament, encumbered as hands amid the fingers

Repartee exhausts, the players stop short of forward four-walled fling stopped short of
probable communion. The novitiate’s new serene, lay-by moves contentment to a filched
ring. Supplicants fill every void with a pretend light all moody with say-so. Quantum as
hosanna flow. The half urgent embryo will learn the worth of stem cells. Scissors not
included as percussion have been slow to be adopted once they have been seen.

Sharp points amid gauze fabric, magnetic wave lengths, chaperones of fact

Ten times the proxy faultline scissors every outtake from the whole. A cartwheel never
lingers without slow motion acceptance. Inner life says, “breathe as though the wild
miles were close to a distance” between act and factual material. One learns what one
unlearns while one learns other (things). The threads of evidence come quietly to
formulate (a picture). Pixels ripen in their way and at their own pace, piano music
gradually reveals what has been living in the fingers, tissue upon tissue.

Breathlife, kindling, measuring emerging line between safety and its unlikely environ-

Shapely mix of softened lace. Imperiled dosages of stalled young hecklers made
to disappear. A crimp in safely means the wilderness leans in. Coveted infraction craning
neck a swivel in the tone and recall. So what if only slightly seventy. Is that a carded
blush. Commotion picks our locks with friendliness. This rustled flower, each petal drawn
upon, the finger’s each. Working together.

Fire breaking chance into its zeroes, tending filth, a party all away

Forth fling, learned, recursive seams golden as stains. Reverting to a gloss, the service,
same-day, drawn blood a little hard now. When compromise is flooded, little earnings
wash away. One psyche sends signals accidentally to several others. Craft merely
emancipates the far-flung curve into another wasteland. Tempered face time,
evocation’s tacit tap on the anointed shoulder, not a squeeze play anymore.

Anecdotal info ration, supposed rainfall clocked by contemplatives

An inadvertent of run-up of the figures tantalizes. Aspirants gloved in probability, seeking

to position stones to form a wall that breaks down traffic parks meant to offer freedom
to redact. Inspired by toffee and vernacular, a mist encloses some of the community
who weather steam by heart and close the gap between indulgence and survival meant
to overtake simple indifference. The rainbow’s just a form placed apart from code.

Candlelight hovers, speaking tones collected into a tent of whispered sentences

Canvas resumes its tentative proclivities while aspiration closes shop. The menacing
detritus protected from the elements costs monumental sums along with thought,
declared to be true prompt one won’t refuse again, if ever, severed from the grand plan.
siphoned will, a closely pierced new target festering with magnetic properties.

Eremite from this close, redemption, clause with bounds

Shored lineage rests. Compositor rests. The defense relives the accusation. Why be
nimble? Numb? Cartographers amend consecutive wash. Intrepid steel clothiers whine
and then go soft. Go softly into weekday tameness. Faraway are all the airs. Tintype
exorcistic vibrato chum and torque. The blue is quiet then the gray.

Impoetic urgency, recursive feline crump, topography

Look at rock to fit the pond. And sun poses across the wavelength loom. Cartographer
prompts/notice of the fee normed to be robin pax and sweetly yes. The fever or the
fervent sea coast also ariat-free supposing vibraphone. In truth the yoke sorts stifling
lack of motion light as wool. To lift is what a sport gift trim and timely. Light few
circumstance to veto soothing pact. Blond tap and thistle thus lives soon. Statistical
androg’gry leaves plumage home. Philanderer in focus to inform abundance.

Coin cue, fertile near still lamp (life) long weather (line) approached

Proof the cyclic integer makes liminal replete with cursive flower. Potency imbues a leaf
(long) simmered creole once or simply forth. A trio fuses into an implicit deity. Mangled
intention if erase returns. Reflex works back to offer nature earned rapport. Take time to
presume rapport’s decisive pasture. Is this paradise or some left turnstyle tipped plus
one. The links an ethnic furor. Dimmed to pray for ostracized intent. Some thurne left still
again in fact.

Land fuel plex come hinge or lowly wither cyclical descent

Impasse meaning in reverse return from top of mountain (game). We are not numerous,
we (spores) renew a soft few lingering grains fit to the palm. Meticulous with underside
gives over tempo to be dressed in three. One relaxes one relapses. Curiosity can be
endured in time stems loaves boxes free zone. A when is cool to trance is double time.
Is close to half to take right now remove one or another center figure. Chance equals
home again.

Exact slice, inexact pie, a rapt attention

Cubes of, and a fracture, sift against the limb, and suffer is a cramp, the reticule all
thimbled, striped or stupored shill and wavy lines are programmatic. Thin tones, maybe
whettled app-and who knows wilder but the shim and some Italian name one hears a
room of V-neck open shirt to where and steel lucre stained beyond.

Mathematics shoved into the conversation, a conversion lopped off at the seam

Scoop shot up and in, du lac the back half of a name, forensic shape shift, drawl along
the cheap dirt of neglected yard. Corner stored reform. An ocean’s salt wall stirred
toward and back hoe. Prominence to seasoning assigned from straw. Comme ca. The
litter all unpicked. Is you. You all.

Free throw, chant notation signaling more up and down front, early in and turn

In turn, rapport imported, flagstone pact is tawny yet a limp call, freedom spackled with
dawn wafer, light as summer, prepped to wall-to-wall attunement craft then silo. White
meant quiet. Matter of form informal. Finish the trial pique. Complementary maroon full
measure. Symptomatic of full court propsperity. Reprieve. Commencement. Surrogate.
Still triumph. Cordwood. Stamina left whole mate merely partially. Overcast. Slent
particles. Too crowded a lifetime.

Yes, highlighted, pored across the stick of furniture, some direct light

Way of being. Only a figment of daylight. Dialogue invented syllables into words. Stated
ache. Course of action unequal to obligation. A timetable. Someone watching someone.
Listening and the line of light turned tambourine. A line and in due course those points
accumulated. To the tune. Tune of chant. And to eventual displacement. Now I lay me
down. The scent of rest. A compromise to wit encouraged. Pondering the walk, in
photograph held captive. Trenches of embedded feast. As apple few the still life.

Center fuel, light in the surrounding home, an interfering fact, matter

Celebration, gray soot, steadfast attention, practice makes comfort, a private store of art
made real, alightment, badgering, The vineyards made into a long strand. Patches of
appearance. Lengthwise kept in fact. Some strapping lad who crossed the lake along
imaginary path. Gripped or not, Is safety whole and slight. Perceived. A simple moment
left in a snapshot.

Result, a lwan, the act of mowing, place where one walked

Selection. Just a theory, are there words that would convey a meaning partially imposed.
When does an individual begin to hold enthusiasm dampened. What is left. A life
includes these various line segments. One into the next. If you can’t remember, let there
be smoothness where a storm would be. Put the day into reverse. Allow and then the
overcast time started to be quiet. Measured as yet, rules of the game plan. Boxed set,
rather than a small gathering of things.

Spring feathers, tulips also, few beads of water on thin vine

Rigorous growth, small way of seeing at a time. A difference between two moments. So
the moment in between where a genuine consent would have released few holds on
sorrow. Sentences near sentences astride other sentences. One must begin to open the
latch, introducing penance after penance. Signifying aftermath ahead of schedule. The
matter. Chilling independence. Instantaneous and dodgy.

Evidence, demeanor, corroboration, blue petals, yellow ones, color of full icicles

Chapter planting crops being to interfere with surfaces. A microscope as weapon shows
the small sparks. Dampness, romantic is not true against these granular infractions.
Lens included in the package. Less to do than trample. Vice and smooth wood, my
mustache, a few of us, just casual. Bass drum.

Playlike, slow way, rebound, trigger, travel, conspire

Fan wing long corps singling (tingling) spores are out of doors. Along the floor, scrubbed
clean fatigue the lights left forward long line march and weigh the downside stretch to
pave the socks of the opponent wearing silk and worn to point of scramble played. Or
pondered is this real is this the fact are we as mobile as the blades of canvas fan.

Is dread the blooded flower, who tromps on erases, expecting qualms

Look: skin on the free forearm shrill fine in a bitter wind imported, now another day. The
continent of wet particulates. On the condition of configured insolence. Repair the rain
before it’s solved. Strain of adherence against. Now whose preference. Overcoat cast
aside. A stride foretones all fortnight. Friction hurts the surface fired. The lawn relaxed.
Refraction or the spate of pre-empt curved down storehouse. Stone reverts to tingling.
Full stop in braces. There.

Scissoring paper, dust, crumbs, land color, soft light, something piercing the broad place

Real to me. She’s very so in graylight, plastic arts. Contralto of dominion. Parse tact.
Lambast. Are fevers separate from fact. Streaming precise number wafers of infringe-
ment. Likes of which. Then summative. Pertaining to. The incident scope to and the
overstep. And a contraption. Roads awash. Strike plate. Clamp, and commendations.
One of the select. An area to wild surmise. One runs through liberation. Like some
flower. In profusion there were flowers. Plump blooms. Crossed white summative

At present, solo cortex, things that make us what we are, no prompt

The icy scissors. Inflected line-drive. Sooner and later. Think. The plumage crept (up)
from strained factions to the east and westerly plums. A crevice full now of the sum of
wood. In bleak piles near the rock. Footsteps. Spelling sharp runs one more time.
Blaspheme equals wood. Blank as strewn mud. Blood. Wound. Found soothed. A
leaden bath. The mood gone strutted. Vacuum to absorb the sustenance.

Safety, beltline, strut marks, one tall purview, is the blur in the mood line

Trim sewn blood axe, sudden frost tribunal, sotto French condoned, unless the sentinel,
a folk leaf then soon water. Chance defeat, and handsome fund. Some known fabric. Of
propriety the consultation that involves a stir of breach. A fleck of sediment and worried
stench. Brine’s shurred once past fracture. Tempt by unreliability to break into a stalk.
The blot on wood. One evidence or two forth capsules. Are there loops and cameo

Skin of, drip system, excited flowers, luster

Slats, figured. Capture the trim and stead. A watch. Not daft. Trained surfeit of the
draped cord. A copter of conduct. Break to toe and charmed. A lad who solved. There
had been prints. The face. The coast. And drilled across. Slumped in. So then. And
shocked. Vaulted. Sworn. Travel. Sapped. Snarling. Choice of. Wear and torque. Thin
bodice. Shurred. More than less sense. Not feel confident. But kept to give. And slim.

Determined blue, as a pink flow from cloud cover

An asynchronous cement, but soft felt action, thin light, tone to center, toned electric,
surface or the curfew, but yellow first, a forensic crew, clumsy elect, then center or by
number, but a fleck of the in-blue wand, fluff. A center of the glib weed salted more than
once. Come to a blue mown scent. The kiln was at least warm. Farmed chisel let loose
at the feathered instrument to clear the walk. The walk opened to young traffic.

Best of, pick of, blood bath, temple and a curved white

Strings made to watch their wood. Drawn care, the taken route, one keel, as dread of
low fuel. Kept out back averting hand movements. Left in play the metrics of an ocean.
Planted apart from salt. Tips of green to hold the boiling water. The tempo felt to have
been fast. Wind leaping or is that merely the objects being tossed. Preparation owns
itself. A journal to usurp the wool from skin. One tries the handle as if golden. Dropped
and ran. Why not concern merely the stretch of information. Tapped open to the point of

Tepid mood, a season, this gray afternoon, sound of the foghorn, ships wheeze past

A temper muted. A temper made to sound blue. Integer after isolate. The timber just a
spruced calm. Crux and candy whole as made for fingerprints. Another. The defendant
likely not a moment longer than the few portions of evidence. Near the hereafter.
Momentary shift (none of those things). Please pass the kilter. Out of compliance. Yet.

Introibo somnolence as experist, all in the wrist furlonging

One short bird, about a third away from frenzy. Center of a trio mood, lateral pact with
this good, fretful, more of an arpeggio close to the silo than a fervent lapse of say so’s
rumina (ke) te. Paracleet on tiptoe preying on the prowl round housing a rough cut.
Slobber far away, symphonic cast yielded across and made available on margin.
Anymore at that. The sylph is still slow as its reflected dampness. Daft and yet insistently
in transit. Made for you and of course to order.

Tact presses on, immaculatory stored and solvent

Tipped rest, a viaduct alongside posh advertisement for a sweet product. Immature
drawn attention bringing a lair some curve tossed wide as if by accident. The least sum
of squires matriculates to an esteemed place. Price value relaxed. And so forth tuned
away. Comport and few to fever. Branching life-line altogether frost. Train time soft with
feathery rim. To still the tame. Some broom to shift dark pavement. Struts the same.

Pattern, fall, and grapple past delusional young tact

Implicit space on staff. For whole tones or the equivalent. Complicit agentry. The
latchkey wounding designated space framed. Lavish use of the availability. To keep or
be due surely. Ringing as primed as sorted banter. Lore splintered into pieces
recognizable. As whole as winter. Tack sun sheaves were wool. Precise and seen. Then
parted from the first location. Couple of composite-seeming view. Moved to wherever it
was placed.

Out, shops, weight, train, stained, lighthouse

Wildly new concerto, cadenza, fourfold, creased silk, why new fodder cornrows. Latter
day contrition. Stamina. Incode. Embellished then. Put the matter right. Assumption.
Plural of that. Appearances prone to the richety sprawl. Condensed into platonic light.
Sent from skies. Front of the house, basics one is back to evermore. The flaunted.
Overdrawn. Against the principal. You might yes. Cast a line unless withdrawal from the

A color land apart from shackles, lake view

Doesn’t mean. Anyone thing. Number finger thirteen. Figured bass a trilogy. Fur along
the fear. Few to form throngs. Not one oceanic. Open fire. The plaint soothe vault
embittered. Tacit. Once neon verdict. Tree view centered with salt. And hominy. With
flecks of butter, warmed to liquid. Summary justice plight. The knife. Trill from baseline
up the silk again. Seams fragile as the underplayed contrition. Scenery as false.

Case of papers, fact, an image taken from a packed disk

Flavor of a sensorily affected stone. The sole lamp in a room to warm the to-be-breathed
air. Left along the page once empty. Page and page. His. Tempt white globe stun
firewall. Send off. Place with felt blue sometimes. Client by the name is work relieved
after the work a sealed claimant. Restricted in threads. The Lenten wall. Supreme risk
lateral adept. At sill and purple fee.

Commitment, still surface, frame insert, a backing

Patronym, cyclical prose unwound, fun rose, shattered face, a lie-down turned to listen-
in. Glass joined at its opening to a wood wall. Foster clause. The wreckage spun from
honest heart. To hear what was not heard before. The fringe a putty part. Fee for power.
Sainted everlast incumbent upon repair for free and causal art. Contained and a
containment. Or opinion. Wanted. Tilled as a pressed silver.

Photograph of passing train, lush field after a rain

Condolences made plain, not commonplace. And anymore a garden kept in place. Some
stamina made into newly minted mood. Fire still. There and stones. Ripe stones mussed
by intonation. One works communion to the body. One is smarting from a vacancy in
nature. Foul shot. Rebound off to Nash. A form of shouldered happiness. Enjoy my
books why not enjoy them. Heather is heaven a few letters off.

And. adjective for a condor, sparse ran repartee, newsprint no fingers

We alone are in our night. Some muted automatic tones, outside. “Did you know that b-
a-l-e means evil?” Capstone course, too full of vowels, perhaps a siren and point seven
pencil lead. The formula for happiness is lowering one’s expectations. Once in a while
dose to sneeze amid the beauty of a fragrance. Posture very noteworthy in _______all,
no picnic at all.

Guitar chord blindness, hurt from repetitively making love, communicating by reflex

She insists various. I’m listening entirely by heart. This yesterday, a bookmark retaining
something akin to water. Forensic champions gradually enlist. The likes of one of us
prove to situation comedy. Prince of spare parts, beaux arts. Comme ca. Manic strings
plucked melodies atop one another. Trope trope trop. Mild case of insouciance.
Bloodletting croon ship shape or shorn. Hand-drawn.

Oatgoats, and the tender hiding of more small grain, quite other, quite another

I keep up (with her, with) him. And so on mornings. Strings play strings to resolution. In a
world this world very much apart from the travail. Who needs imply. Apply the silk
sagacity to wind-dried informatics. Blandly open to surmise. Semblances. One hear the
radio be generally wide open and in tune. The large promotional regression. Soft grass,
sensory-dep. beyond duet-ing about a tacit Mellenkamp. The space between mosquito
and a bee. This luxury.

Stapled sound clench altogether walter yet a room

Marooned or chained south portion of re(p)lace the segue once. Stay formed furnace
nice enough. Streaming vine. The force teaming with a trim. Surrender river. Walk
across the limb. Tree. Then this one, air mattress if you would lie down. Who is recent.
which iris is the purplish. White though, overcome. With dress blessing the established

Soil made just so, the level Beth once tainted shelter

Sandbar popular for wading out amid the shells. One grieves the empty lariat. Untimely
voicing. Stamina succumbs to framing. Kefir gentles what one will have faced. The
literal, a replication forged by frames made whole(sale) after dark. Whose wave do you
prolong in Nethersleep all by yourself on tiptoe? Roses sprayed to life grow this enough
to bleed mild water. I like swimming in the yard astride. Verisimilitude darkens like sleet
across. An altar cloth some distance away.

Semicolonics stay less free than otherwhere, have we been leaving of our willpoint

Gesturing to shy, one rides the rink toward moving target status in a joint vernacular. An
omnibus is written along southerly window shopping winds of stay-put shavings having
as yet little to leather for on fun to keep. A video awaits the harbor Do we seep into the
mindbreak of another curio? At nine the cleaner comes to capture code against our
outlet of a diminution contrary to lost forecast window of rendition sparks.

Comatose blind weather wrapped In wings, a part of body chem-long season

Tactical species underline a stricken parse generic to our lobbying. Is this your first open
glee or just a surrogate Connecticut. Which of your lines am I still from. Were you
stillborn. Always craft imagines me shaped like silver prior to those brothers. Yellow
seems imported by a pail of “l”s. Trip to me means her highness won’t be happy
anymore and it depends upon where “highness” when you say it what is your mind doing
with the root word allowed to slide.

Opa city full-on cartridge pen a shuttle (cock), hey wait for me

Rapt in the ovations words deserve she looks at numbers. Do you know what he makes
in just one month when does he intend to die and under what circumstances does this
seem likely enough to bet your first decade’s topline. One of us needs to intend
something or I promise I will not go home unchaperoned. Pick hit of one watershed.

Not a curlicue of “take it back” during this tirade that could not be filled to a brawl

Bless me, father, for I have missed the landslide plans I laid and then forgot. The very
thought of an apology comports nominal caustic paratroop of a distortion. Commerce
grinds me. Organs placed atop the table should be gathered and then played.
Attunement is a four-way stop as glottal as you please. When you ready Lake Placid,
practice saying please into the potted plant at someone else’s leisure.

Leaves fallen into overtime, some pebbles in the road so small as fractions of your

This is my beloved brat with whom I’m not at ease. Come here my poppycake and let
me contemplate myself a century ago. Stoles live on around us. Providence grows like a
beloved week. Your mercy is a crop with seeds. Both of her children crossed off a list. A
list kept dusty in the bottom drawer. Prevailing mist that she could not cut through.
Atmosphere that doesn’t change, and all about (the getting through).

Moment like water, quotes of a cup, a hundred miles

Still breathing, leisure is that carry out phenomenon. Doe_____t water. One is paced to
travel for. How many passengers. What recollection amid wave on wave. Enough
starlight to matter the day slippage. A kindled concentration, moment upon moment of
another ilk.

Which is it, pose or ritual, inculcation of toboggan, handsome fish, a clear new bow

Reasonable doubt, an armchair, vision meeting breath, the simpler the effusion, the less
troubled the lens, and fear removes itself. In the extraction is the visage hologram. The
village dopamine, the clerk, the car, the chase. Is it snowing somewhere in our
negatives? Did you hear the one about the winter lariat . . .

Tap store house of further obstacles trumping new mistakes

Anything with feathers trims the sky, her last words, she always had them ready to
distribute. Lapse in consciousness equates to flax fictography. Remember collect means
prayer. Fatigue remains the center of the show unless some one warms collated
managing. The spark attracting breath ignites into a story. When the characters are
named, we’ll start with hemlines. All she did all day was shift from one displeasure to
another disappointment. Once he left the sentences had no dollar signs. New figures
missing symbols counted. She could learn new names for intrigue and retain renewable

Lavender, amalgamation, stone’s throw, sequins fallen

Ceiling-to-floor omnia played incantations whether annotated or just known. Some

molecules came to seem stepsons. Any ricochet shelved summer where a beat had
been a state of being, circular and uncoerced. Her dowry seemed enough to last another
person’s lifespan. “Anyone for bridge?” Alongside riveting emancipation. Tiptoed near a
beak belonging to another. Barometric longing seemed to sachet where we least
expected. Dormant shards, also a retinue reverted to some other context for friction’s

Suppressive stalks of celery uplift compound ferocity

Appendages held under the microscope did not break from parent company. Imparted
stall tactics immersed in foreign blood become a scientist aversive to the altar cloth
placed in the skyways turned portals of the new millenium.

Sapped out takes, blue sha_________ property

I like acetate, said the glib young soldier. What about dimension, asked the botanist.
Your number’s coming up. Your haste embraces violet the color and viola the invincible,
Veronica the blues warm lady. Vortices, Sedona’s only midline.

Furniture, quills suspended in flow of information left untouched

Pore across a tome chez vous and occupy an armchair as an article of clothing.
Semiautomatic hammer with the toes intact made to seem a fact arranged to hold. And
to be held implies a hinge well tended to the last contata. Form fitting, spritzed with tea
and distant from this century. A plum remains unworthy of its habit, it is said, to justify
the act of plucking the specific plum from ready tree. A sense of twist prompts building a
community of like bodies. Minds as common playthings rendering an ardor.

Rest, whirring of electric toothbrush, syllables after prior ones

First day napless, all the sea imagined outside winter elsewhere. Mind-numbing history
reverses itself twelve times across. The longitude deflects a torrent made out of
concrete. Slow vehicle immobilizes every city short of next of kin. Colors of the flowers
equal conversations on the cell phone later transferred into what are called “acceptance
dreams” starring the cornerstone of layered lives. Whose clan on whose land on which
square of the map which lat- and longitude.

Authority’s figurative bristles with the literal attached

Commend falls short. Commend’s own integers run parallel. Absent faculty of touch.
Casting of aspersions. (Aspertame) as follicles of disrepair equate to quasi fare-thee-
walleye gem stones. Various inversions of the narrative restore disinclination to absorb,
absolve abscond. As I was saying, the pinched nerve started to come back (“Never in a
million years”) while I scrambled to regain my self inflection. Teams of horses filled the
tinfoil of a car that I was driving, and the median was filled with quilted flowers.

Music accidentally spilling from the sprung accordion pleats opening onto a lap

“It was a boating accident that brought him here. I knew at once the punch line bore the
flavor of a grape, that he’d be held responsible, and that I was hooked.” And thus began
the pinprick of an epic calculated to distract the masses with an ornamental stethoscope
that would result in quite unmemorable naplets. Even the elders were susceptible. And
so it was that they elected a half wit to negate two centuries of worthy output, only to
shove the car into reverse and break thousands of bones and term the gestures noble.

His penmanship, my difficulty making sense out of the shapes and lines, a bald head,
my full head of hair

Between the sexes is no war except in recognition. Purview tumbles out of sight just
when the scales appear to balance. On the left, the law of averages, while on the right, a
pistol emptied of expected contents, all too near reliable moon plastic. Saw toothed bitter
feeling toasts pure beauty as though genuflecting to a biblical infusion. Lamps give off
informal commerce. As the rule book shifts, a supplemental overdose is stemmed to fine
distinction. An elaborate floor show lined up with glowing sustenance.

Succumb, unless the spirit luminously vaults, sky’s leaflets trickle and a pattern

Dry light makes the sidewalk warm. Patches showing silhouettes of leaves immerse the
eyesight of leaves immerse the eyesight in a lack of water. How is summer rush against
the odds? Normed badinage encompasses the stamens while some moments seem
never to change fractional release of stemware. Golden olive breath extinguishes a
moment of unhappiness. “The scars are here for good,” says a young mother who
declares herself already old again.

An age when beauty’s now disposable, value is passed over, dedication of a fool.

Infer form what you see a large vein minable. Decide the worth in reference to a market
both hyperbole and hypo____sized. Anaesthetized infraction bleeps escape from coma.
Why not defray the cost of longing by erasing something else. The swollen litmus
functions as a glyph when formed of hollow moisture. Grand details are pre-announced,
also anointed. Many fathings come from this level are the members of a species hungry
for a different other. Whose idea was informal consent or for that matter, abstinence?

Alongside fiction, this, a rumor of truth, ruthless or smooth

Chant’s fashioned after happiness mimics itself. Neutrality, a foreign tongue, elapsed.
Fulfillment chastens length from width by dozens of inflections fractionally lonesome.
When is division not a problem. Lines hold sway, each one of us is a hewn ingredient of
seeming whole. Relaxed, a mode of dress. An indigent dismatter. Mainframe on a happy
wave again. Bonjour.

Practice tower, vitality enlisted an arrangement, a city under earth

Performed largesse, intrinsically gas lights, daylight fresh unto itself, only a photograph
as evidence. Short strokes on the page (an infancy). Safety versus aggression. New shy
(scraping), smoother subway runs on Michelin tires. At trust. This afternoon. Commerce
shoved beneath le cathedral. The chains infraction as replectoin. Course contained and
habitat. Intact. “The Illuminated Crowd,” resin and polyurethane. As if firm glass.
Designer life.

Condone, migrate to raft life, se_e fray in brackets, memorabilia

I worth to you in treble clef. Alors. St. Joseph via stairs. I pray. To kneal. As me. Blessed
by. The past, historical. The present. What. Certainty as if. A monument. The knees.
Infringed upon. Cemetery for acres. In dressed fashion, drapes across. “We planted
____________ today,” said he. The sunlight, about half against the seaside. Against
also the town. Exception to the shimmer. Rule. In fact lapsed wholesome. A smooth
wide expanse of thought. In any frugal setting. Every 10 days. Extraction of the limit from
a bounty of the queasel intact. Synonymous with soon. Very close to the Basilica. Very
close to you. Acoustically evident.

Tepid shoulder, lean swept passage as a rite, pub food, friends feeling about the

Parallel lines, in a moment to the right. Scaffolding to spruce the building (up). Donation
to the cause. Nom de plume The only regiment, the only active. Sentences presented.
Of any major verdigris protects. Roadsidium. This red line. The reason passed, the act of
gathering troops. Contract soldiers. Gilmore Hill. The plan to voyage plants live locally.
To have felt, to have arrived. Thus made change. Some of. Out to the Laurencian
Mountain range. Sun reasonably shining through the nouns.

Habits changed and gravity’s immersion transposed to weather, sanctity’s own everyday

Cloth of trousers as the mid-man crosses the street with styro-housed coffee. On the
overhead, plucked, vivacious guitar, the air a little bit insistent, so a jacket on the bus. So
all reality is from this bus. There is a view young man recites verbatim various an_oy the
facts. Presumptive overtures retract a sentence. Intangible events collapse into a
severed silence left unto itself. All along the road, a fine poem camoflouged among the
vines well rinsed derangements fill their pails with evidence of what? Intent conforms to
presence. Here is what a cap can cover: only the surface of a mind’s invisible détente.
Play go if when lovely courses roll across the hemlines. Calligraphy’s a silver sheen.
Intent is also ivy on the main line, curved in two.

Flowers trill in slight wind, limited probe, clean cut, suffused lamp

Direct from Nova Scotia, voice against this green. Silk seems white enough, then letter
perfect manuscript. In ruins lie the few. Contractual contraltos, virtual depressor.
Tongue. Insist upon made here. Invention to have laminated something in the mind like
earth. Suppressive orbiting the worth sign. Today the fierce resplendence grasps
dominion for its respite feast. Hull post-pie, result, pay to those broken from a frost. Eyes
full, the need to sleep, amid the inability to write clear prose. Imposing. Closed door. No
one infracts the lime blue service. Center court. Au revoir. Mile hill hardest for the
locomoting, trial to build level or possible. 1947, caterpillar epidemic, keeping the train
from going up a hill.

Crossing Chelsea, little municipalities win, Thomas Wright who passed after a single
year of living

Further north, the tone that means a trade betwixt. In line and out of center. When I think
to you, the train lulls me to softsleep. When I dream, the tiny town has zilch to sell. The
mattress is perfection and the pillows. Six morning shake the dark out of these youth-
filled as experience shifts bake light of the head replete with eyes. Commercialize. I hear
the shower on next door. Sixth floor 31 celcius with change of thunderstorms to day
drive to Toronto. With a host of easy, activate the climbing spun to a fine art. Reverie’s
the same white in a wash. Potash simulacrum particles still ash. Je me souviens. And
what else. Act, save sievely recency intact. Momento MOM. Her fret. I’m sorry (even) if
the mind won’t work that way. Deliver trespass to informal shade and various. It has
been few years since my last confession.

Petstain, lapstrain, sitting down and unaccompanied, unwanted

Frailty’s a overt act of the heart. To tremble activates the summer spun from flesh. This
December, weave in situ an immense parlance. The overactivated room turns village
pressing. What a lark to stroll across the fraction of a way through. All this buttered break
dance. Threads as particles import the saturated leisure fast. One learns the language
(is a mere ingredient). Whole poet is a spark of ludic violence, the piecemeal starch
made whole is situation frolic. Eminance erects a stark blue syllable. It ratchets up a kind
of plum forsaken by design. The middle is a viable term. While east shows uneven clout,
dimensions of each syllable, each pact with ice beam. In a momentary splice. Invoked by
dimestore – quality. One bikes. One leaves the path. One looks upward to say remove
this fact.

A clutter of spiders, a whisper of luck, a host of chance, and lined

Plural ostentation, a bouquet, a skulk, and letter-perfect tower pressed into the page. A
flutter of singers atop a wood rise. The breath of a woman is lost. One hundred eighteen
ridges around a dime Canadian _____. Sharks blink with both eyes. Snail asleep for
three years. Al Capone dealt furniture, according to bisness card. Where might I next
rest. Microprint. Allow me whole to have been lifted from. Babies, born without
kneecaps. Butterflies taste witness feet. Dreamt. Lifetime includes six months waiting at
six months. Leonardo invented the scissors. True story about orange: Richard Dawson
on the show: give me a fruit that starts with “A.” Spends a year of life in ridicule. How
much in size, the eyes, Peanuts included in dynamite. Typewriter is silk, 56% typed with
the left hand. 1930, microwave, or when.

Palindromes infect diversity unless facetious learns to blend with tiger’s striped skin.

Blink twice as frequently as counter part point. Half live fifty miles from place of birth.
Sugar retrieves informal happiness. Embalm with honey. Live with everyday and walk to
work. Versus intelligent people have “more” zinc and copper in their hair. Enriched by
loss as seraphim. Stalled long where status looms in brackets north of stream beds.
Province, upper. For colonial canadic spronce imposse in the beaten heart. Town yore in
amalgamation strong with chains. Most diverse most multi angular, with a percentage to
go with. The lapis looms up drafted offering. A fast is culted fewer than re_______yed.
Contributing infraction from the get along at compass. Drawl’s officially bilingual at that.
Sprocked to ‘tain a limb. The drive goes on. With weather at the hub. An insolence
eschews a reclamation forth. Soft as summer on commission.

Pronounce the letter “r” with “w” to say harborfront and redevelopment, as far away as

Seagone peace stops shy of pastoral pre-emptive and the musical skyline originally
considered tallest in the hemisphere. At last. Extreme speed of elevation. Glass floor
and look straight down. Apprehension’s vast aplomb. You see a head and to our left.
Front of what when first laid out removed or stolen from. Flatiron. Purchase to enlist
attention at a price. Burst of development. The old for us. Not cherished yet, old town.
Passsing for locales other than ours not laced with cashe. Yet.

Home as wood, as store, as home, light of the air, risk-free, all adaged

Principal ambivalence endures. Contortion stalls midriffily. Attention turns to deficit. A

summit’s simply face to face. A predatory, quick infringement. Pallor walls off detriments
and daisy tall releases, fall guy, alignment simplifies. Unless is yet a pall is caast on
castors. Why not enforce the _uners. Inveritae, communion. Arrival means sent
beneficially or air lights central tact. Omnivor’s enlivened. Patched where the simplific’s
always go.

Return as half return, eliminist for tune masked, one day repaired as new

Pause for falter and estrangement reins in all the irises as though small flags respond in
lieu of their repose. Sure, fall, rope, ply. Sorghum’s plenary reprise. Infinity succumbs to
writer’s recency. Of any season plash goes numb. The fracas builds to almost sun.
Across the shine in field is a derived sun. Flecked across and shielding actual expense
where mere projections had been run. “Your grace,” he said, and turned an eye to
probability. In time, erosion crafts a partial field, whose fuel suffices. Afterimage threads
and cool heels follow. Morning tea’s instead.

Striation, filaments once spun, allowable arrears, lacrosse a set of field supposing
untrapped light

At home with spoken twelve. Just listen as the headway placates newborn summer’s
wheels. In place of chevrons, pliant white arrests these heels. Commingled funds
convene in this house purely as a form of jest. Why not portray the rapids as a sacrificial
pun. Indebtedness occurs to medical professionals as surely as a steel cut oat groat
singular. Now the syllable invokes a spree to pry a story out of the story’s willful creased
forehead, and then some forest made to seem small in recollective eyes.

Tall tell tale avarice, a small shield that evades forthcoming tales of any obvious

As if a slide door happened to be left in place, the landmark fell. The landmark hastening
to mar the divots and an evidence of being shelled, can tell that she is holding herself
closed by shoulder’s primacy in the era counter. How we counter shelving. Health is a
deflective term online of code. A corresponding fraction tanks in favor of oncoming
whole. The faculty of transportation meat marts all thrilled gravy. Matrimonial integrity
transisted a two for one to come out swinging from the stable integer. The nick of time
between two poles, and now this ought, as in for better or...

Stripage, streams, configury, the mournful raft of everyday descending into water

Lemon yard held still upon continuing evocation of a flower. Emergency’s the time to
draw love from the full vine. Plump results fill easily two hands and show amid their
faculty of plenty. Strum some with to render the intractible less rigid in their tune.
Surrender hastens placid moments held together as the sight of birds still resting on
those habit branches barely moving in the spring. Domain names ratchet up the odds of
winning spores to ribbon out into eventual enturnment.

A one o’clock, a two, or Friday seven-thirty, which would you

Simpel print defines the page, the simplest emanation and taking a shine to evidence.
When free the psyche shouts the number “21” as if a source/wellspring of glee might
grammophone dried wheels left in park. The prequel I will write is pending appetite. Why
not relay the individually cycling way of life to seem an office. Where mere prayer is left
alone. The cinders heaped with center turn to wobbly fire and then some vitriol’s due left.
A margin, the defense rests.

Contrarian, a plum, derision, slow into the wild elan

One virtually is dipped into the variosities. In large measure, birth goes by. Nightfall and
what clutter to report. One veers left alone. Into the tangent of the harbor. Into the home.
One’s tea, laced with a pungent coastal modesty. And then the flowers that belong from
sand spring though out any usual. . . one blusters command of the vernacular until the
tone poem has seemed done to a turn. These radio waves appear to lose their way until
we feel them near, thus feel them close.

Modest laugh, force field rapport, a signet ring, untold adventure

Sideways embargo, slingshot act, the light against these waves, a momentary fling
across uncharted place means pl_cement where you are. A ribbony kind of wardrobe or
a corset near a purse, the make believe equals the upshot of a fanciful absorption. Wide
shot of a narrow field combines idea with idea to yield mid-brow inference. The dignity
flung afield might be retracted later when a senator comes within flirting range only to
lighten the knapsack of sure votes and lower possibilities of keeping on.

Control’s a stray word vulnerable to attribation distant from the self

Amenities belong where they’re least likely to be welcomed. That includes spun dialects,
eviction notices and wing chairs made of straw. The normal level of a decibel amounts to
chastity in circles where the word’s not mentioned. A possessive view of silk restrains
the level of a conversation to tilled soil that might yield any number of reduction sauces
given time. For now the flowers bear their misnamed fur and lose it gracefully in a single
motion, only partially observed by lookers on.

Just when something occurred, not exactly the duration (of its life), but precisely as one
can “nail down” without injuring/changing/right hooking

What makes wilderness unbeveled? Speech beside me, an expensive globe does it?
Spin. We all resemble in our way a disassembled universe, a full one, clean, perhaps
replete with evidence of foraging. The river is what rivers often are: awake with light. And
now, the summer of implied virginity in vectors. The ad hominem argument apart from
negativity in general. Whole bowl of broth with rice times one point five. With tea. Who
craves this latest stance? One saw in Canada the echinaechea growing it was beautiful
pastel forgotten. Soon, despite the constancy of its name.

Evidence once parlayed into an informal inversion lopes where once a kind of dance

The only dancer I knew well I introduced to someone provincially important a few months
before the world renown dancer passed. One looks at sources of one’s shame quite
unlike the way one looks at one’s to-do list. The body can exclaim or it can deep
breathe. How intent are you on casting someone perfect in a part of speech? I consider
enemies of my psych candidates for mercy kill of their volition. Simultaneous askance
few filters dry their way into my dustbin generally aligned with filters. As if trance were in
possession of a posse of wild spirits entered here by chance.

What works what is made to work, from love how everything is known and handed

She spoke Russian. He spoke Spanish. They spoke ESL as an oasis, slightly wobbling,
in their midst. And both alternated vigor that equated to their natural temperaments when
coming to a point. The humor lit their faces when they loved what was around them. It
was all of our vacation, and we laughed into the scenery yet with reverence. Each one of
us preferred the part we played versus all other choices. It was no longer June. Even the
violets gave off prompt light. The tiny rainfall had a language all its own. We all reported
on our sleeping as we sipped the newly fragrant tea.

Corrugated panels, splints near motion, warm to touch

Still is not my forte (yet). The continent is just right for my back. The forth of me
remembers history rendered in scribbled detail. Any participant would be chagrined. I
plan to break out into song as soon as my dance shoes have been located. The whole
town’s grown accustomed to inflicting prestidigitation on the calm nerves of the
magistrate. Command retracts its form. I sit here (breath). I sit breathing. What vigor
there is (blasphemy). A cup, a place, a past, a pure young linseed oil. A flower rendered
on canvas in its fierce light. Chance becomes a human force.

Apple in white against a background (also white)

Allow me to perceive. Slapdash as though tinsel tossed around. Expert in pearls.

Lamenting the gesture of a play. A written purity, a trifled leafy for the core trade.
Propped course of amber, on a string, a row of them. Infringement of tenor fealty.
Crimson orifice. Finesse. Preemptive cursive lemony whim. Deranged. Result of pumice.
Trim line fever, caught mid-stern, alleviating string vibrati. Timbre left whole featured. In
a tense taint, sclerotic brand. Plumage as confiteor. A tribal lion lemon fresh. In mussed

Brackets around beatific shadow lingering intact

Singular occasion overtakes the pill of wall caked with assorted color lathered on. To
trickle, tantamount to opening a mood, having it read aloud, enduring swelter under an
imposed, harsh light. Yellow decibels could have been passed as factors. Left to sway
beneath the laugh track passing muster. Going strip mall overly. Removed. Debate the
risk. Be in the mood to talk or chance the vote to decency. A pawn is worth near record
orifice. Thought slander, were her words. That tended toward incessant nearness with a
stake in avarice, with climate faked up near the first envisioning. One of the summits still

Breviety with the before it happens fragrance lording it past glycerine

Camcord lambs wool, practiced on to speed fill are we lanky underneath the tidy limbs.
Biotactical creases leave me plucky. Stampede to gesture. Timidly erase the qualities
you numb. If plumblets grunge be silhouette. Promotion sweetwing caveatly hope pop
treacle. Live well surface. Asset real. Do weevil notice. Traverse club is slander nudge.
Capitulate to water. The freeported salt be thimbling. What’s the movie quelled or are
you still a woodwind. Get Goshen. Standard office.

Cognizant of willow branches lacing ground light soft and soft again

Strips not even lorded fact over a thought. A category choiced its wavering when stacks
of tempo feel the fresh and open. Is a dream new while our free is left to startup fire.
Treason’s championesque. The farm team suffers from apacity unless you highlight
sorts. An inkling to the mid life. Altogether stopped. And tracked. Isosceles in depth. This
nascent spree of butterfly. Whole host of cyclical yam feeding continents. What do you
say you simmer to your hearts contention.

Saplings in the broad yard close to curb

Spoil’s poverty encloses any wealth of stones. One’s integrity refutes the bustling
eminence that would secure a confit plumped with unison fjords. My country’s timbre
seizes source with alphabetical infusion. Learning’s primary infuses thirsty violets in
private. One assigns an other to afford replete indifference. If glow is half sweet, then
one really ought to prime ordinal data so to prove. The ground floor nominates a
prankster to seem off-white as low-cost pulp. The lean-to where we live infuses absence
of constriction. Ample time reverts to limelight, in a stone’s window attached to thought.

Ecliptic overtures exact a cost of lording over something

Warm knows advent’s terminus. Blancmange reduces the main course to a trifle during
monster winter. Stamina in beige comports primography with stiff new vision. Past tense
covers resume endorsement. At the moment of deception, windows broke (ranks). While
the visitors were watching, unity repeated selves. Look into my staves and prompt
enlistment. Torment comes in bunches. Imparatactic underfunding zaps what lies
beneath my shoulders. Whose chart is this. Corpus lumpen turns now svelte! Unlessive
syndromes snap into a coveted small space.

What if wind form poemed our surface as if clefs were merely hypothetical/this few.

Posture hurts per usual. The dampness sinks into a plot. Young lungs trip over shuttle
service. Tonsure ought to be pure noun. Are you enlightened. The cornrows in a field in
Michigan equal a city stalled in feverish neglect. Plump surfaces suggest an underneath
young matrix laced with future fire. Whosoever knows the wilderness will fall beneath the
weight of grace. The stipules almost wavering at once.

Cement’s encoded wallpoints that bush skin with rough approximation

Staunch light parched stand lower key endorphins left random and holed up under bales
of hay. An animal surprises home life with affect in that surprises. Soft as water soft as
halting slight. Pacing’s more than white food. Are you in possession of pale yellow paint.
Asynchronous indulgence fortifies and fragments at one time. The certain levity one
grasps will stun removement of the pillars formed in short order. Communicating in one
(visual way).

Play trapping shoulders far from other shoulders

Tapped rinsed, lorn. In a broad indicatively premised consternation where the white stars
lean. If we are courted, we will plunge into a wafer-thin address. Need for mentoring
relaxes urge to offer what we have in where we work and how we live unto our comma-
flecked loose leaf page, soft lift serves a week’s worth of indebted diagrams of delta. In
existence when too late to shelter and to help.

Safe and sure, mythology deflective of the sugar cane emporium

Afford what I have painted slight. If mood sea_rely drives, aspire for us. When effort
loses heartbeat, there will be a brim that shows. Alert with an incipient decorum, one will
waft to villages that spar for heat. Use tools for siphoning the lineage perceived as cool
as wheat. Minted follicles outlast the buy-in to extension. Flaxseed fills the beanbag
chair along with pinto beans. A simple structure feeds our know worth. Within sixty days
identified. A pilot and a candle with a way in thirds.

Quiet in the house, my dreams all soft, as cirrus morning

Moist flowers as the rinse comes to the glass than taut rubber blade removes each
splash, each bead. The wafer makes me sleep when it is dried away. At eventide some
almost silver cools with the oncoming dark.

Softer than new lamp light dim. Chance invention of green lack in acreage. What I intend
is how you are. Clay animation telltale with a comb. Forensic offerings left two bits ago.
Chill of a blue choice point on hold. Temerity on salted whitelings, sacrifice.

Off in the rain, a fragrance fed sage evening

Copters humming loudly overheard. Lap stand in a hovel marking time on task.
Perimeter engaged innards stalk the premises with starch and sing blues with a
pilgrimage in mind. A saffron mind goes slippery by nightfall and amends the shore
toward susceptible to sweet mileposts to running water. Happenstance makes good on
promises with inklings of reward left home. About to say a fleet of Hail Marys on cue.
Demotions have been placed in the right way, despite their haughty sport around a
treble wharf. What is the meaning of a gloss made to repeat the root, all the way to
branch tips of these little buds.

Sagacity, line drawing held at arm’s length, blended family, self worth

If I’m the last look, you’re still the first to see sunshine. Matter’s only cold with
premonition not relayed. We formulate predicted selves until we’re told to stop inventing
happiness. A freehand overture outweighs canned speeches into which the spinach
leaves are folded. What is muscle if not savvy to resistance. The la_or market’s your
call. (Even used the word slave on the phone to me.) That generation joked beside the
bone as if the demo empathy as pinpricks pointed north.

Reworded heresy, a purported light touch, supping with the enemy

Genuine river, wash me. Trite rules, climb into my bed while I am young and subtract
sleep sans consequence. Museum is a big place full of proclamation kissed wholesale.
Many one-borns here intending to refute an evident stupidity only to confirm it. Water
here proceeds at 7 m.p.h. The body is a swatch of evidence you have to feed, clothe,
and pirate without conviction. Discontent avoids another’s eye why is that. Working
through the factor dissolves those very actuals. What would the outcome be after
defection where full status had been watched.

Negation, full formulaic shot at absent blue stake

Emblem green then drawn shades gray while sloping half filled. Semantic mantra loofa
chored. A choir in media res. What conductor preps upon the fundament. Piano crests
just over the edge of the apartment window. Craft exceeds art in recognition. Cheer
tastes music back. A game of chess with pearls refers to gamelon and spark hails.
Primed coloratura offers more than recent plunge. Prepping swanlike without sun.
Arrangements of an early morning sap that falls from trees. Glib nature nurtures fervor
on the fence line balancing, unbalancing.

Home of the unwoven waves partaking of nourishment’s own midnight

We plan tomorrow when our hearts trade lifeline for the missing dowry. From the
perspective of life time one may scurry pointlessly toward and away. Pearls roll around
the tabletop. One conversation includes so many syllables, a little repetition, with
memorable overage. Meadow softs. Our words together, plucked young strips of a guitar
in good health. Bonsoir delicious habit stream to be, honey I’m home to unbrachet
lifelong happiness and let it multiply again again again in tandem with a window.

Here, again the rain, the rain and slowly, as insistent, rain

Assimilable orphans rummage through detritus. Young is as young drives into unknown.
And the kelp of it, the speech that ratchets up a found world stepwise altering a finger
counted prying on the maze misunderstood. By morning a corvair will train the eye to
moisten and to grasp surrounding, as if hemisphere means what you learn from what
you think to know. Angelic within frames, the newly washed, a center of spun gravity.

Trained film flab (berg) (asYts) the icing’s on (the cake) (walk)’

Tame tall asteroids refract the distillation’s pi, re(f)use the safety of a safe top(ic). Incivil
peace brocades the conversation. Exasperation tingles at the sidebar trimmed to fit the
nonstory. Things I fear repeat themselves as big as Buickan. Copasetic inklings reach
for our inclusion in and out of saplings. Polars rot in mental hell you fabricate the
ducklings in our stuffed hearts. Capsules render patchwork or you ought to posture
louvered roundabouts. A clogging sentence forms arranged strimp like a gaggle of
sound feats.

Think, apply, treat, veer, implode

As evocative as summer, stretch formations hinder proclamation with a row of

malformed teeth. The limits of encyclicals are dimmed switched off plump as rations.
Domingo tiffs distinguish seasons from Dimanche then wall paint crooks its arm. Singing
makes its peace with chamer river. Taupe warms liken. Trend. Witness the rapids flay.
Blond as whittled wood. Incessantly. The ringled sense of att__ loft. Clung to bedrest.
Stiff as weather's usual report. Melody.

Portion trap(door) sleal(th), concomitant, tend

Incending foil removes the cue on cue until September’s wasted on the very young
infusion. Walk fond overtime recuses longitude. As a cameo unlesses corpus cant when
a rototics glams world owes whom a what. A correspondence in due course. Repose
affords a singular. Be twinned here. Lots of standing in the hall. Arrestive closure stills
the cordiality of harmonica. Just listen. To the premises left standing.

Cents on a wide long table with gull forground

Least sum of squalls induced from the flamingoes. Cellular fealty sprung from the least
heat. Actuarial endorphins. Maybe you could cope with an inurgent offering. Spun from
the unraveled overtures. Crash course in coptic brain slush. Have-to means cleared
wood. In a clearing. What if furniture affords a new glaze stored with line drive pinned to
the arroyo plan. Proposed from verbiage made whole. Cluster of daylight made informal.
What is privacy if not purely private in scope.

The backhoe dividends arranged on sandpaper belong inside the celluloid

Steam pinned to the immediate rack impeded magic as unlikely as flow pinch. Gravity
scented like gaslight pills along hat surface. Moisted with a sprig of salt. Made from
signage criss-crossed lambline courting. Flower cast estranged from scratch. In fragile
terms, made silhouetted twice. The numbers played amount to root words as a ritual.

Stacks of unidentified geometry inflated to unnamed infraction

I don’t know what I think. I gather what I think to formulate what I might know. I know a
pragmatist might sweep my heart for me. Removal of the line drive drawbridge made of
heart. Plane comes in to half mince words as though majestic fry loads. Capsized
homage gorges on a tack room. Star at water framed in sand. No me makes a symptom
into fortress. Give a broom a lift. Of crumbled crackers, fallen to the shiny floor. Looked
so pleased as if fermented pleasure van to forward or enabling a mass tactic rendered in
the vernacular.

Proof means wings afloat as if an accident of shy goes missing

Tepid membrane steeped in the appearance of isoscles incineration bombards summer

once the icicles repair unwitting atmosphere. The stakes are all remorse. Fragments of
palpable search. Arranged for all the flurries running down the luminary golden points.
And torsion’s vagrant side longed down excursive episodes. One step ahead of the
intrepid army. To sense the vibrant tally. Mess and fire to blend. Stripes also inedible,
one’s separate _____np. The livestock and appearance of astronomy. As pearls left in
the hand.

Anywhere, a crawl, the garden share, some grown young

Instrumental portion of the program. The enormity of vigilance beside filth of the earth.
Frescoes fill the room. A window forth. Look through shop glass. With capacity to
magnify apart from singular reduction sauce. The language. Turbulent restrictions on
land undefined meant tuneful closure. Sibilants left whole mimicked the wind. Transistor
in a crumb. Unless. The white chord of a whole note. A full day.

Feeling me-asured living fill vacancy

Enlarged due process overtakes the lion’s share of drama, poise and lake lines cast.
Semaphore addresses a projection. One emoting two, the other fling across those
minted shards held by epoxy. Forward glyph to still the life presumes full of the willowed
innocence. To have rephrased what once was one. Declared if at least one were
dreamed out of imperative deception. Furtive way through objective case
mispronounced from birth. The gloves came off and onward, summer, shaken from

(Pleased (to) be) within the lariat regard(less)

Be your (un) declared full measure of virtue amid somnolent infrequent sermonette.
Apart from canticles and equally apart from the ravine’s sure string of nouns. Struck gold
once and thirty individual connective trysts home in burning pages with lost acid waste.
Collapsed penstrokes that detain the sugar opus. Strummed location formed of talkies.
Epicentric patch followed by torch. Capacity for touch. Thrift stalled of talking the
donatoin poor. Repast of overage. An incident referred. And worth a lot. At work.
Accommodating struts. Pertaining overtones with comfort to reward.

Exact wording of hour one runs errands

Furnishings retained by court order. Under investigation for. The soft sentence. Gutted
by and by wide offering. Extemporaneous rendition. Plausible incinerated pact with fall
gray rope and ping to wit the care and full sort of the room wheel nebulous at risk tone
rung fit. All wordy and all key stroked summer’s turbulence. I knew her surely as a
dumbed down captain as the wind comes sporting. Mantra stretched by repetition sorely.
Brackets held in lack. So and spun to practice fallen sun enlistment. Plaudito held in

Mandolin strings closed around a thought came to a momentary frost

Stent, opinionated, lawn care, overtone, a safe white basket of indoctrinaire collision-
proof rendition. One or more allusion made up lists. The care is what. Surrender’s an
imposed lot. Print fills wood derivative. Blunt instrument aligned with rumored mustic.
Hammock holding a surrounded heart. Made with the blood and musculature holding
forth. A ruse is why the fortress. Stolid. Fire rubbed wood. Collapse tins through the
hollow cast of overage indebtedness. A crack team viscerally open.

Scapular, forgiven moment, trickle down, remote contradiction

Vegetable stalks lock happiness more than one decision. Yellow small terrain allowed a
pressure on the red lipped settled, low grade temperature. Vibrato chill is for a reason or
not very noble propers. Divan full of sheep unequal to authority. Reversion. A legitimate
contrition turned to reticence. The shine on metal touches off the frostbite symptoms.
Fictional imprimature, all the rage. A tip-off to the existential coverage, a stint where
breath meets closure. Patchwork kilt.

Preview, glands, the shallow tample above depths within (the earth)

Compliments, you say, are tinsel cheap and why I say (them) overtime. You radiate (for
me) the sky. It would be better to be mute, just then, than flatter. You propose to me (a
quiet time). A light tempura in the iffy shade, words to be watched, kept free, young
daisies in the patched yard. And I would rather talk my love than freeze, a chore it is to
quiet me. My pulse runs with vocabulary through a microphone out into the strands filled
with likely appreciation. So it seems to me. Your blossoming, like clockwork stores, its
claim on heartfelt beauty spawned from earthroots in a flurry, all the joy enlisted by your
constantly perfumed thin skin.

Away, return, the mind thus able to (in)form emptiness with(in)

Gigabytes expel hunger via probability. The mending crosses out the brooding in
simplicity. The lion’s share of lions in a million kilowatts of fervor, one indraws platonic
instance of breath episodes. A color that I like is chalk. Willowy episodes amass the
power of suggestion. Beeswax easily fulfills erosion of an entertainment cycle previously
in demand. This continent, so full of you as to be whole against one’s will is juxtaposed
with silk and very softly shows amid the evidence its body shaded almost as though by

Simplicity of vertigo, letters of vita before sleep, two halves thus conjoined perimeter,
encyclical, one wand or two-toned easter lilies. The real thing up against a stellar
background somehow swollen with inception. Stature, horse. The mountain near our
motion, even clouds to argue by t_____ mist against our prominence. Pythagorus and
chains. A sort of discipline gone soft in derivation. Plants in plots of land, shoots felt by

Indelicate refraction, come winter, lamb’s wood same near sky

Afforded briar packed sand quarry, chivalry or bustier, a plea taken to heights. All close
to mirrored (safety). I was in thrall against (a semblance of) alone time. Whole wood
fortress. Young tuned sea. A scapular the shade of wood, fall prior wind. A shadow
within walking past. The curvature. What one writes upon (the page). A living hamstring
matter (facing) prompt forms of neglect. Opposing recipe. A shell with water overcast.
Some simmer after lines holding a slip of sea. The lined burst of assembled tea in place
again. Some northern moon of spirit hereupon. Due bread.

Known filter, style of white due sea froth, all the water

Salt’s animposition. What one craves defines where one will go and how such weather
parts the kettle steam on which to write a little mood mid harbor. Wistful sacrificial
overtones embed their curry into overhead. These lines are few restated sasparilla. And
the bosom threads just strained enough to gather notice sprawl and not alone. Is
amplitude quite that. The picture is resulting. Forfeit why a yeild a vet/reprieve for now at
least. The tilted trade. For westerly dewpoint. For a frisson one’s taken in at last.

Light in forms Gregarian, susceptible to dance

Endorsing lanes in which the shift comes to absorb the dark vibrations of this cello to my
hands a godiness their own. We shelflive our togetherness in common law. The
southern trees of us allow imprintive juleps to forge motion to eclipse repeated strains.
Midline evocation dims assertive plot as if a tandem washline holds and shows. Own
motives loaf around choice blue affidavits. Many children give away the voicing we hold
back as if to prove maturity’s irreconcilable with fresh repair to these long wood paths.
Better you than me, say habit systems that perspire joy as planned as found perimeter.

Hissy fit’s pluperfect with endorsed by lines of summer

Rituals make normy pets. What used to hurt still breaks the surface of my lifelong skin. I
have not been adopted by the lines of self purported to hoved, named me. Twice in one
vicinity the strings excrete whatever I have claimed to have been feeling. Violet leaves
with fur enough tot keep away the coming frost. Host systems use own language to
afford us. I am smart enough to love you and not smart enough to have you want me.
Fireflies in a jar rescue evening from the trap of being thrown a crumb of light.

When I am busy being born, platonic dice around my faculty of hearing

Responses stiffen against their maker in the way eternity once learned to fight. One’s
only destiny perspires white leaves while histrionic playthings sort out apron strings that
cast small shadows on the gritty wall. At last, say so begins to count for something. In
the countered fall of trembling waterwings, a motion felt begins to seethe with failed
acrostic membrane, close to fire perceptible amid choice fire with white below the blue
near yellow more than once.

Sitting down to talk, these waves that brush the texture of a ground

One surface at a time demeanor fades into a whistle stretch of how the flavor turns to
dandelion. And the firm for yard with fees leans hard against the opening. Whose
season offers fanfare to the already calm never struck with detail. A wafer is a course of
pallor. Try me, said the show man able to seem funny at the time. It’s only golden what
opponents say under the trebled wine at first in flash contented now overexposed. Mid-
licensed to a heard of taller saints in waiting harbored by less saintly overdrawn

A rendezvous of only cards as yet unplayed

Soropt-iffy as by river haze maligned. Storms to come safe cross. Sandstone. To white
in kind to wit. The lotion in the sand. Remand to water. Fatherland. To foam one sifts
each lined rill smoothed against, the let-go way of saying. What seems young as yet to
be. Serenity near water in the water is the water.

What she may have loved best of herself, strings responding

Source code’s primeval mystique. Greengolden lotion of the obvious in mint confit
against the odds play into replay. Premises impervious to rush clouds. Amid the urgency
of devotion, one lasts. She, moving part of planted earth. . . I am evidence that once
continued, hearth retains the generative fervor that once spawned form. Synecdoche is
work. Another soul comes crawling to the lip of cup and changes a diameter
hypothesized. Drift(wood) agreeing along riverway. To have been pushed at last. To
have accepted lengths of wave.

Walk, walking, caught between instep and ground level, forwarding

Soft moist wing spa-ns fun drive. Catchist lane cha-ng-e. Remiss amid remorseness.
Frostful mother of my child quoth he. Enlist at last in silence thrown like. A pot like.
Holding. And how is latch if not a quotient. Mantra after sack cloth. Marginally wheat
lined overtone and thread to mention suffering. Overcast enlistment chafes the roughcut
surface feet first face plate overcoming datline sake. And vying for position’s posse.
Camptown race and shelf life at-a-glance romanticizing Europe, Canada, and France.

Penal of dream, caddy under lamplight, supposition astride tithing

Candle fate’s immersed in Chelsea at this hour. Give me an A-frame stay away from
acetone. The barge-in bluster of a caddy storks its way to damsel plash as east winds
frame our garnish hot with intervals jammed into kickstand larks momento-filled near
opposition’s brief panache quelled by the river just spats trawling under for r_____r over
the wavelets xenophobically yearning for zen patches of love abracadabra status free of

Salt quite this-ful, late night mid-winter Escanaba, room for tracks in new snow

Slogans disappear under the broadcast lamplight, and memoirs are made of powder.
Strong steps in the crunch of yard divulge no tone thing. A walk across strives for virtue
in your spare myth or mine (something to talk about over, through on…). The tuft of a
prepositional constraint. I know it when I see it. I hear they’re planning to sell the
business now that he’s achieved the means to stop paying insurance and just look at
her, cook, entertain. Send blast messages via email and declare victory on behalf on
various ball handlers who don’t speak well for themselves.

River wan, the length of neither (yet)

I can take you across thousands of lifelines by my voice nudging the syllables. Ouch not
this ledge just over. The starlings keep (for our own) sake the syllogistic struts. And
makings _________ge as part run down a tempo worn thin surely ghostful reticence
noticeless and framed with west leaning. The little bell is also soft and any clamor to
arrive is sounded out by this first anyway. Rims give way to here. The sun in usurpation
of the breath of lungs.

That (thing) you don’t embrace, its palpable absence

Edges that lean east have odd house numbers nonetheless. By morning both our
windows will include some saxophonous midpoint between voice and silence. Now I’m
changed. Again it’s night toboggan outside, who knows. Lack of lightning. Once,
anything is rumored to be sweet against a plan the flocks converge upon. The more
mortal you are, the better the match for concrete vestibules. Platonic bearables mince
syllogistic parsnips. And you (no thanks)? I’m best left here. Allow me.

Scatterplot, gringo, dress shields, heat and so forth

Art museum speech. I want (just) to look. Permit this. Two-way voice. Voici the
emeralds, indefatigable afternoons as plural as ingredients of collective rain. This
voyage nickname earth reciprocates our insinuable lodestone craft sheet stirred by
fortune’s whole elastic. Strapless barre to boot, the icing on the misplaced target never
practiced. Sooth said waves run deep. Ecliptive paragraphs line up to hide inevitable fire.

Come to sea, to seem a factual rendition of a slate made to a sheen

Wide ability of falling rain to coat the shield. As if a scansion overplays the point. Epoxy’s
made opposing counsel for neglect. New allegorical regalia forms fast friendships. In a
severed share of drama. Plain and wilted days to sleep off turmoil rumored to comprise
real life. The sailors, merely little wheels, are occupants of ships, each one termed “her.”
Familiar presence of impartial pores that come to serve as points of entry. Several to the
thousands, each distinct somehow.

Serene, unmeasured sleep outlasting rain’s oncoming silver

Placards line the streets in mind of revolution at a time of just-as-well when planets have
remained so long in play appearances do not deceive. What kind of day will this turn out
to be, new winter or a flagrant foul in the vernacular of inflexibility. The point-nine pencil
lead is put away in secret as the eyesight seems to hail a cab and take in better scenery
formed freehand in the night. One plays through variable dampness made by hand. The
longer this continues, the less estranged one is from life.

Ineffable, block letters, dry land whispered a priori, nearby waitress dancing

Accustomed as you are, I am. Norms give grace from which grasp has elapsed. Young-
tasting coffee in an evening all alone consuming breakfast food. By land, two seasons
past. Exorbitant price ra(n)ge around rhapsodic filtering. The work itself, mere shuffle
toward the trees (mis)cast to sea.

People who clarify, stateside, use of the word such condemnatory punctuation

Thoroughly Wednesday. Tempt a trace to have once bottled. Triangulated data pinned
to an unknown. SATB, relatively natural to find or not. Cupidity as free spatula redeems
cordwood apart from asking. Latticework. Repeat cream stalled once hastened.
Latchkey skids. Neurology gone forth away from compass points. Laps and curved
moves. Reboot. A multi-year tack. Not very much. The numbers. See Spot run way. Rise
to the occasional (impedimentia). Label the lawn. Recall the moment forth. I want to veer
from the compatible to locate reinvention.

Enforced rurality, opining winter’s animate contrition one must now extract by inference

I am an intention, ripe for adage (young near silk). The précis brings back instances of
often. What need will not quite be (met) with silver and deciduous momentum, having
shafted Berkeley while favoring the park lit capsules. Pacem breathes distaste for
popular reality at first. What innocence has vetted will be held proudly to moth-blurred
light. Elegance merely elicits deviation from straight-line depreciation known as wool. In
fact, the graceless ivy crawls across most fur. What useful is, resembles suds. An open
attitude toward obsolescence reinflates a music that consists entirely of rests and that is

A beaded outlet rasps to the melodic metro all too visibly astride a digital metronome,
yours, the one like water

Sweet park yeast. You fret in corners. Priestly lady, copious. A build like Luther,
mayhaps. Dross excuses colder water. Parallelograms make great chums like inbred
divinity. As repetitious as Arizona daylight. The word heretofore and all that. Can you
pitch for us? The moon is as I’ve said its thinning consonants. All pool and no water.
Monoliths unequal to the lithographs acquired by jury. Reasoned, spaced. Conception
still synonymous with post-swoon. “Roger.”