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Ascension Techniques Ascension Techniques

This is the extract from Joshua David Stone's Book - The Complete Ascension Manual Source: Accelerating Your Path and Building Your Light Quotient Ascension Technique Number One For my own knowledge as well as for the writing of this book, I have investigated my personal path of ascension and I have attempted to learn everything I could about the process and mechanics of ascension. One of the interesting things I have come across in my exploration on the inner plane is the existence of ascension seats or ascension chambers. There are many of them. I will share with you five that I have found to be the most powerful and effective. They are actual seats or tables or columns that you sit or stand on or lie down in. The Masters, through some kind of higher technology, pulse Light through the mechanism to raise your vibration. There is one on Commander Ashtar's starship. There is one in Serapis Bey's Ascension Retreat in Luxor. THere is one in Telos, the underground city beneath Mt. Shasta. There is one in the Great Pyramid of Giza, in the king's chamber. My personal favorite is the one actually in Mt. Shasta which is an ascension chamber inside a gigantic pyramid. Ask in meditation or at night while you sleep to be taken to these ascension seats. You can switch around if you like and find your favorite. It is one of the best ways I have found to build the Light quotient and raise your vibration. You can feel the Light and energy being very gently pulsed into your body as you sit in meditation. I would also recommend calling upon Archangel Metatron for help in building your Light quotient. He is the Creator of all outer Light in the universe and seems to have special ability in this area.

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Ascension Techniques
Ascension Technique Number Two Call to the Mahatma to integrate all three hundred fifty-two levels of the Mahatma into your being during every meditation. Also ask to receive the Light information of all three hundred fifty-two levels of the Mahatma. It will come through in what would look like Light information packets, if you looked at it clairvoyantly. Ask to receive the Light information packets from the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions of reality. This is actual spiritual information that will be programmed into your computer banks and that you will eventually use in your future mission. It also helps to build your Light quotient. You can also request to be a cosmic walk-in for the Mahatma on Earth. In doing this you are requesting to be subtly overshadowed by the Mahatma to help heal the separation among your personality, monad and soul, and also between you and the presence of God. Terms explanation: Mahatma - The Mahatma, or Avatar of Synthesis, is the cosmic being who has been made available to Earth since the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987. He is the connecting link between us, as incarnated personalities, and the Godhead Himself or Source of all creation. Just as the soul is the intermediary between the incarnated personality and the monad, the Mahatma is the intermediary between incarnated personalities and the Godhead. Vywamus - has said that there are, in actuality, three hundred fifty-two initiations (levels) from Earth to Godhead. The Mahatma is the cosmic being that embodies all these levels for us. The Mahatma (which means the Father or Great Soul) also embodies the energy of Melchior (the Galatic Logos) and Adonai (Vywamus' teacher and the heart focus of the universe). It is obvious that this is an awesome being who is really a group consciousness. Walk-in - Walk-ins are soul extension, or personalities, who take

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Ascension Techniques
over the body of an adult human being who has chosen to leave his or her physical body. Djwhal Khul said this is an occurrence that has not been very common in the history of this planet. However, it has been occurring much more frequently recently because of the amazing shift this planet is going through as it moves into the new age. Djwhal said that there are as many as one million walk-ins on the planet at this time. The soul-extension, or personality, who is walking out of the body usually has no conscious awareness of the procedure. It is usually the soul who has made the decision, although in some rare instances the personality has requested it. Ascension Technique Number Three Call forth many times throughout your day for an axiatonal alignment and a spiritual integration and alignment. This will properly align your personal self with the cosmic energies. "The following extracted from "Beyond Ascension" by Joshua David Stone, page 34 "Another Golden Key to Building Your Light Quotient", para 2. ...The one danger here is that it is possible to do too much and this is where the issue of staying in the Tao, or maintaining balance, is important. If you ever start overheating or running a fever where too much heat is coming out of your body, then take a vacation immediately. It is okay to want to accelerate your program, but only to a point. Ask that the whole process be monitored carefully by your monad. Ascension Technique Number Four Call forth to your monad and to the Masters for the construction of your personal merkabah, if you don't have one already. Ask in meditation that your merkabah be spun to raise your vibrations to the fifth-dimensional, Ascended Master frequency. Use your merkabah any time you want to do soul traveling in meditation or at night while you sleep. The spinning of the merkabah is part of the process of learning to dematerialize and rematerialize.

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Ascension Techniques

Ascension Technique Number Five When meditating from now on, make a request for your eleven other soul extensions to join your in your ascension work. Don't order them, but rather give them an invitation to attend and ask your monad and maybe Vyawmus for help in gathering them. In later meditations you may also want to invite all one hundred forty-four of your soul extensions. By doing this, you are doing your ascension work for twelve of you instead of just one of you. Remember, it is your whole soul group that is actually ascending through just one soul extension. I cannot recommend this ascension technique highly enough. Ascension Technique Number Six Call to Isis, Osiris, Serapis Bey and Thoth for the Ark of the Covenant to be used in the acceleration of your path of ascension during your meditations. The Ark of Covenant was used by the great Ptahs and Egyptian masters of the past in their initiations and ascension work. You will experience a marked increase in the power of your meditations upon calling for it. Ascension Technique Number Seven Call forth, under the guidance of your monad, the anchoring and activation of your twenty-two chakras. Your chakras will actually descend into the body like bodies of Light. They will remain in your four-body system for a period of time and then leave. The consistent invocation of your higher chakras to descend will, over time, build up your spiritual battery. It will increase the wattage of the spiritual lightbulb that you are. It is essential that you do this under the supervision of your monad, so as not to burn out your body. This is not something that should be done all at once but slowly and gradually, to prepare your nervous system. Ask your soul and monad to supervise this process and you have nothing to worry about. Put it on an audio tape that you record yourself. Over

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Ascension Techniques
time you will integrate the first sixteen chakras. Then you can begin calling forth the fifth-dimensional chakras sixteen through twentytwo. Ascension Technique Number Eight If you are ever feeling any discomfort in meditation, always immediately call in the MAP (Medical Assistance Program) healing team. This is a group of ascended beings made up of Pan, the overlighting deva of healing, the Great White Brotherhood Medical Unit and your soul and monad. Just call them in by name. They are especially trained to help with any medical or energetic blockages. I personally call on them in every meditation to help keep my physical body balanced while I'm meditating. Ascension Technique Number Nine In every meditation, call forth the descending and anchoring of your monad, your Mayavarupa body, your golden solar angelic body, your solar body of Light, God and the Mahatma. These are all higher aspects of yourself (your multidimensional identity) which will merge with your four-body system and build your Light quotient, raising your overall vibration. Ascension Technique Number Ten In every meditation ask for the building of the twelve strands of DNA in your etheric physical body. Contrary to what most people understand about this, the twelve strands of DNA are built into the etheric body and do not really manifest into the physical until after ascension. Keep requesting this and over time this work will be completed. It is part of the work of preparing your ascended body.
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