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Zeitgeist Movie Transcript Zeitgeist, The Movie - Transcript Part One: The Greatest Story Ever Told This

is the sun. As ar !ac" as #$ thousand %.&.E., history is a!undant 'ith carvings (M) and 'ritings re lecting people*s respect and adoration or this o!+ect (S#). And it is si,ple to understand 'hy as every ,orning the sun 'ould rise, !ringing vision, 'ar,th, and security, saving ,an ro, the cold, !lind, predator- illed dar"ness o night. -ithout it, the cultures understood, the crops 'ould not gro', and li e on the planet 'ould not survive. These realities ,ade the sun the ,ost adored o!+ect o all ti,e.(M) .i"e'ise, they 'ere also very a'are o the stars.(M) The trac"ing o the stars allo'ed the, to recogni/e and anticipate events 'hich occurred over long periods o ti,e, such as eclipses and ull ,oons.(M) They in turn catalogued celestial groups into 'hat 'e "no' today as constellations.(S0) This is the cross o the Zodiac, one o the oldest conceptual i,ages in hu,an history. (M) 1t re lects the sun as it iguratively passes through the #0 ,a+or constellations over the course o a year. 1t also re lects the #0 ,onths o the year, the 2 seasons, and the solstices and e3uino4es (S5) . The ter, Zodiac relates to the act that constellations 'ere anthropo,orphi/ed, or personi ied, as igures, or ani,als.(S2) (M) 1n other 'ords, the early civili/ations did not +ust ollo' the sun and stars, they personi ied the, 'ith ela!orate ,yths involving their ,ove,ents and relationships. (S6) (M) The sun, 'ith its li egiving and -saving 3ualities 'as personi ied as a representative o the unseen creator or god7 (M)8God*s Sun,9(M) the light o the 'orld, the savior o hu,an "ind.(S:) .i"e'ise, the #0 constellations represented places o travel or God*s Sun and 'ere identi ied !y na,es, usually representing ele,ents o nature that happened during that period o ti,e. ;or e4a,ple, A3uarius, the 'ater !earer, 'ho !rings the Spring rains.(S<) (M) (=) This is >orus.(M) >e is the Sun God o Egypt o around 5$$$ %& (S?) (=). >e is the sun, anthropo,orphi/ed, and his li e is a series o allegorical ,yths involving the sun*s ,ove,ent in the s"y. (S@) (S#$) (M) ;ro, the ancient hieroglyphics in Egypt, 'e "no' ,uch a!out this solar ,essiah. ;or instance, >orus, !eing the sun, or the light, had an ene,y "no'n as Set and Set (=) 'as the personi ication o the dar"ness or night .(M) (S##) And, ,etaphorically spea"ing, every ,orning >orus 'ould 'in the !attle against Set A 'hile in the evening, Set 'ould con3uer >orus and send hi, into the under'orld. (S#0) (S#5) 1t is i,portant to note that 8dar" vs. light9 or 8good vs. evil9 is one o the ,ost u!i3uitous ,ythological dualities ever "no'n and is still e4pressed on ,any levels to this day. %roadly spea"ing, the story o >orus is as ollo's: >orus 'as !orn on =ece,!er 06th (S#2) (S#6) o the virgin 1sis-Meri.(S#:) (S#<) (S#?) (=) (M) >is !irth 'as acco,panied !y a star in the east (S#@), 'hich in turn, three "ings ollo'ed to locate and adorn the ne'-!orn savior (M) (S0$) (S0#) At the age o #0, he 'as a prodigal child teacher, and at the age o 5$ (S00) (S05) he 'as !apti/ed !y a igure "no'n as Anup (M) and thus !egan his ,inistry(S02) (M). >orus had #0 disciples(S06) he traveled a!out 'ith, per or,ing ,iracles(S0:) (S0<)such as healing the sic"(S0?) and 'al"ing on 'ater(S0@). >orus 'as "no'n !y ,any gestural na,es such as The Truth, The .ight, God*s Annointed Son, The Good Shepherd, The .a,! o God, and ,any others(S5$) (S5#). A ter !eing !etrayed !y Typhon(S50), >orus 'as cruci ied(S55) (S52), !uried or 5 days(S56), and thus, resurrected.(S5:) (S5<) (M). These attri!utes o >orus, 'hether original or not, see, to per,eate in ,any cultures o the 'orld, or ,any other gods are ound to have the sa,e general ,ythological structure.

Attis, o Phyrigia, !orn o the virgin Bana on =ece,!er 06th, cruci ied, placed in a to,! and a ter 5 days, 'as resurrected. (S5?) (S5@) (S2$) (S2#) (S20) (S25) (M) (=) Crishna, o 1ndia, !orn o the virgin =eva"i 'ith a star in the east signaling his co,ing, per or,ed ,iracles 'ith his disciples, and upon his death 'as resurrected. (S22) (S26) (S2:) (S2<) (S2?) (M) (M0) (=) =ionysus o Greece, !orn o a virgin on =ece,!er 06th, 'as a traveling teacher 'ho per or,ed ,iracles such as turning 'ater into 'ine, he 'as re erred to as the 8Cing o Cings,9 8God*s Only %egotten Son,9 8The Alpha and O,ega,9 and ,any others, and upon his death, he 'as resurrected. (S2@) (S6$) (S6#) (S60) (S65) (M) Mithra, o Persia, !orn o a virgin on =ece,!er 06th, he had #0 disciples and per or,ed ,iracles, and upon his death 'as !uried or 5 days and thus resurrected, he 'as also re erred to as 8The Truth,9 8The .ight,9 and ,any others. 1nterestingly, the sacred day o 'orship o Mithra 'as Sunday. (S62) (S66) (S6:) (S6<) (S6?) (M) The act o the ,atter is there are nu,erous saviors, ro, di erent periods, ro, all over the 'orld, 'hich su!scri!e to these general characteristics. The 3uestion re,ains: 'hy these attri!utes, 'hy the virgin !irth on =ece,!er 06th, 'hy dead or three days and the inevita!le resurrection, 'hy #0 disciples or ollo'ersD (M) To ind out, let*s e4a,ine the ,ost recent o the solar ,essiahs. Eesus &hrist 'as !orn o the virgin Mary on =ece,!er 06th (=) in %ethlehe,, his !irth 'as announced !y a star in the east, 'hich three "ings or ,agi ollo'ed to locate and adorn the ne' savior.(=) >e 'as a child teacher at #0, at the age o 5$ he 'as !apti/ed !y Eohn the %aptist, and thus !egan his ,inistry. Eesus had #0 disciples 'hich he traveled a!out 'ith per or,ing ,iracles such as healing the sic", 'al"ing on 'ater, raising the dead, he 'as also "no'n as the 8Cing o Cings,9 the 8Son o God,9 the 8.ight o the -orld,9 the 8Alpha and O,ega,9 the 8.a,! o God,9 and ,any others. A ter !eing !etrayed !y his disciple Eudas and sold or 5$ pieces o silver, he 'as cruci ied, placed in a to,! and a ter 5 days 'as resurrected and ascended into >eaven. (S6@) ;irst o all, the !irth se3uence is co,pletely astrological. The star in the east is Sirius, the !rightest star in the night s"y, 'hich, on =ece,!er 02th, aligns 'ith the 5 !rightest stars in Orion*s %elt. (S:$) (M) These 5 !right stars are called today 'hat they 'ere called in ancient ti,es: The Three Cings.(S:#) (S:0) The Three Cings and the !rightest star, Sirius, all point to the place o the sunrise on =ece,!er 06th.(S:5) (M) This is 'hy the Three Cings 8 ollo'9 the star in the east, in order to locate the sunrise F the !irth o the sun.(S:2) (M) The Girgin Mary is the constellation Girgo, (S:6) also "no'n as Girgo the Girgin. Girgo in .atin ,eans virgin. The ancient glyph or Girgo is the altered 8,9. This is 'hy Mary along 'ith other virgin ,others, such as Adonis*s ,other Myrrha (S::), or %uddha*s ,other Maya (S:<) !egin 'ith an M.(S:?) (M) Girgo is also re erred to as the >ouse o %read (S:@) (S<$), and the representation o Girgo is a virgin holding a shea o 'heat. This >ouse o %read and its sy,!ol o 'heat represents August and Septe,!er, the ti,e o harvest. (=) 1n turn, %ethlehe,, in act, literally translates to 8house o !read9. (M) (S<#) %ethlehe, is thus a re erence to the constellation Girgo , a place in the s"y, not on Earth.(M) (S<0) There is another very interesting pheno,enon that occurs around =ece,!er 06th, or the

'inter solstice. ;ro, the su,,er solstice to the 'inter solstice, the days !eco,e shorter and colder. ;ro, the perspective o the northern he,isphere, the sun appears to ,ove south and get s,aller and ,ore scarce. The shortening o the days and the e4piration o the crops 'hen approaching the 'inter solstice sy,!oli/ed the process o death to the ancients. 1t 'as the death o the Sun. (S<5) %y =ece,!er 00nd, the Sun*s de,ise 'as ully reali/ed, or the Sun, having ,oved south continually or : ,onths, ,a"es it to it*s lo'est point in the s"y. >ere a curious thing occurs: the Sun stops ,oving south, at least perceiva!ly, or 5 days.(S<2) (M) =uring this 5 day pause, the Sun resides in the vicinity o the Southern &ross, or &ru4, constellation.(S<6) (S<:) (M) And a ter this ti,e on =ece,!er 06th, the Sun ,oves # degree, this ti,e north, oreshado'ing longer days, 'ar,th, and Spring.(S<<) And thus it 'as said: the Sun died on the cross, (=) 'as dead or 5 days, only to !e resurrected or !orn again.(S<?) (S<@)This is 'hy Eesus and nu,erous other Sun Gods share the cruci i4ion, 5-day death, and resurrection concept. (S?$) (M) 1t is the Sun*s transition period !e ore it shi ts its direction !ac" into the Borthern >e,isphere, !ringing Spring, and thus salvation.(S?#) (S?0) (M) >o'ever, they did not cele!rate the resurrection o the Sun until the spring e3uino4, or Easter. This is !ecause at the spring e3uino4, the Sun o icially overpo'ers the evil dar"ness, as dayti,e therea ter !eco,es longer in duration than night, and the revitali/ing conditions o spring e,erge. (M) (S?5) Bo', pro!a!ly the ,ost o!vious o all the astrological sy,!olis, around Eesus regards the #0 disciples. They are si,ply the #0 constellations o the Zodiac, 'hich Eesus, !eing the Sun, travels a!out 'ith. (S?2) (S?6) (S?:) (S?<) (M) 1n act, the nu,!er #0 is replete throughout the %i!le. (M) This te4t has ,ore to do 'ith astrology than anything else. &o,ing !ac" to the cross o the Zodiac, the igurative li e o the Sun, this 'as not +ust an artistic e4pression or tool to trac" the Sun*s ,ove,ents. 1t 'as also a Pagan spiritual sy,!ol, (S??) the shorthand o 'hich loo"ed li"e this. (S?@) This is not a sy,!ol o &hristianity. (M) 1t is a Pagan adaptation o the cross o the Zodiac. (S@$) (S@#) This is 'hy Eesus in early occult art is al'ays sho'n 'ith his head on the cross, or Eesus is the Sun, the Sun o God, the .ight o the -orld, (S@0) the Hisen Savior, (S@5) 'ho 'ill 8co,e again,9(S@2) as it does every ,orning, the Glory o God (S@6) 'ho de ends against the 'or"s o dar"ness,(S@:) as he is 8!orn again9 (S@<) every ,orning, and can !e seen 8co,ing in the clouds,9(S@?) 8up in >eaven,9(S@@)'ith his 8&ro'n o Thorns,9(S#$$) or, sun rays. Bo', o the ,any astrological-astrono,ical ,etaphors in the %i!le, one o the ,ost i,portant has to do 'ith the ages. Throughout the scripture there are nu,erous re erences to the 8Age.9 1n order to understand this, 'e need to !e a,iliar 'ith the pheno,enon "no'n as the precession o the e3uino4es. The ancient Egyptians along 'ith cultures long !e ore the, recogni/ed that appro4i,ately every 0#6$ (=) years the sunrise on the ,orning o the spring e3uino4 'ould occur at a di erent sign o the Zodiac. (M) This has to do 'ith a slo' angular 'o!!le that the Earth ,aintains as it rotates on it*s a4is.1t is called a precession !ecause the constellations go !ac"'ards, rather than through the nor,al yearly cycle. (S#$#) The a,ount o ti,e that it ta"es or the precession to go through all #0 signs is roughly 06,<:6 years. (S#$0) This is also called the 8Great Iear,9 (S#$5) and ancient societies 'ere very a'are o this. They re erred to each 0#6$ year period as an 8age.9 ;ro, 25$$ !.c. to 0#6$ !.c., it 'as the Age o Taurus, the %ull. ;ro, 0#6$ !.c. to # a.d., it 'as the Age o Aries, the Ha,, and ro, # a.d. to 0#6$ a.d. it is the Age o Pisces, the age 'e are still in to this day, and in and around 0#6$, 'e 'ill enter the ne' age: the Age o A3uarius. (S#$2) (S#$6) Bo', the %i!le re lects, !roadly spea"ing, a sy,!olic ,ove,ent through 5 ages, 'hile oreshado'ing a 2th. 1n the Old Testa,ent 'hen Moses co,es do'n Mount Sinai 'ith the #$ &o,,and,ents, he is very upset to see his people 'orshiping a golden !ull cal .(S#$:) 1n act,

he shattered the stone ta!lets and instructed his people to "ill each other in order to puri y the,selves. (S#$<) Most %i!lical scholars 'ould attri!ute this anger to the act that the 1sraelites 'ere 'orshiping a alse idol, (S#$?) or so,ething to that e ect. The reality is that the golden !ull is Taurus the %ull, and Moses represents the ne' Age o Aries the Ha,. (S#$@) (M) This is 'hy Ee's even today still !lo' the Ha,*s horn. (S##$) (M) Moses represents the ne' Age o Aries, (S###) and upon the ne' age, everyone ,ust shed the old age. Other deities ,ar" these transitions as 'ell, a pre-&hristian god 'ho "ills the !ull, in the sa,e sy,!ology. (S##0) (S##5) (M) Bo' Eesus is the igure 'ho ushers in the age ollo'ing Aries, the Age o Pisces the T'o ;ish. (S##2) (S##6) (M) ;ish sy,!olis, is very a!undant in the Be' Testa,ent. Eesus eeds 6$$$ people 'ith !read and 80 ish.9 (S##:) -hen he !egins his ,inistry 'al"ing along Galilei, he !e riends 0 isher,an, 'ho ollo' hi,. (S##<) (M) And 1 thin" 'e*ve all seen the Eesus- ish on the !ac"s o people*s cars. .ittle do they "no' 'hat it actually ,eans. 1t is a Pagan astrological sy,!olis, or the Sun*s Cingdo, during the Age o Pisces.(S##?) (M) Also, Eesus* assu,ed !irth date is essentially the start o this age. At .u"e 00:#$ 'hen Eesus is as"ed !y his disciples 'here the ne4t passover 'ill !e, Eesus replied: 8%ehold, 'hen ye are entered into the city, there shall a ,an ,eet you !earing a pitcher o 'ater7 ollo' hi, into the house 'here he entereth in.9 This scripture is !y ar one o the ,ost revealing o all the astrological re erences. The ,an !earing a pitcher o 'ater is A3uarius, the 'ater-!earer, 'ho is al'ays pictured as a ,an pouring out a pitcher o 'ater. (S##@) >e represents the age a ter Pisces, and 'hen the Sun JGod*s SunK leaves the Age o Pisces JEesusK, it 'ill go into the >ouse o A3uarius, as A3uarius ollo's Pisces in the precession o the e3uino4es. Also Eesus is saying is that a ter the Age o Pisces 'ill co,e the Age o A3uarius. (S#0$) (M) Bo', 'e have all heard a!out the end ti,es and the end o the 'orld. Apart ro, the cartoonish depictions in the %oo" o Hevelation, the ,ain source o this idea co,es ro, Matthe' 0?:0$, 'here Eesus says 81 'ill !e 'ith you even to the end o the 'orld.9 (S#0#) >o'ever, in Cing Ea,es Gersion, 8'orld9 is a ,istranslation, a,ong ,any ,istranslations. The actual 'ord !eing used is 8aeon9, 'hich ,eans 8age.9 81 'ill !e 'ith you even to the end o the age.9 -hich is true, as Eesus* Solar Piscean personi ication 'ill end 'hen the Sun enters the Age o A3uarius. (S#00) The entire concept o end ti,es and the end o the 'orld is a ,isinterpreted astrological allegory. (S#05) (S#02) (S#06) (S#0:) (S#0<) (M) .et*s tell that to the appro4i,ately #$$ ,illion people in A,erica 'ho !elieve the end o the 'orld is co,ing. ;urther,ore, the character o Eesus, a literary and astrological hy!rid, is ,ost e4plicitly a plagiari/ation o the Egyptian Sun-god >orus.(S#0?) (S#0@) (S#5$) (S#5#);or e4a,ple, inscri!ed a!out 56$$ years, on the 'alls o the Te,ple o .u4or in Egypt are i,ages o the enunciation, the i,,aculate conception, the !irth, and the adoration o >orus. (S#50) The i,ages !egin 'ith Tha' announcing to the virgin 1sis that she 'ill conceive >orus, then Be the holy ghost i,pregnating the virgin, and then the virgin !irth and the adoration.(S#55) (S#52) (M) This is e4actly the story o Eesus* ,iracle conception. 1n act, the literary si,ilarities !et'een the Egyptian religion and the &hristian religion are staggering. (M) (S#56) And the plagiaris, is continuous. The story o Boah and Boah*s Ar" is ta"en directly ro, tradition. The concept o a Great ;lood is u!i3uitous throughout the ancient 'orld, 'ith over 0$$ di erent cited clai,s in di erent periods and ti,es. (S#5:) (S#5<) (M) >o'ever, one need loo" no urther or a pre-&hristian source than the Epic o Gilga,esh,(S#5?) (S#5@) 'ritten in 0:$$ !.c. This story tal"s o a Great ;lood co,,anded !y God, an Ar" 'ith saved ani,als upon it, and even the release and return o a dove, all held in co,,on 'ith the !i!lical story, a,ong ,any other si,ilarities.(S#2$) (M) And then there is the plagiari/ed story o Moses. Lpon Moses* !irth, it is said that he 'as

placed in a reed !as"et and set adri t in a river in order to avoid in anticide. >e 'as later rescued !y a daughter o royalty and raised !y her as a Prince.(S#2#) This !a!y in a !as"et story 'as li ted directly ro, the ,yth o Sargon o A""ad o around 006$ !.c. Sargon 'as !orn, placed in a reed !as"et in order to avoid in anticide, and set adri t in a river. >e 'as in turn rescued and raised !y A""i, a royal ,id-'i e.(S#20) (S#25) (M) ;urther,ore, Moses is "no'n as the .a' Giver, the giver o the Ten &o,,and,ents,(S#22) the Mosaic .a'. >o'ever, the idea o a .a' !eing passed ro, God to a prophet on a ,ountain is also a very old ,oti . Moses is +ust a la' giver in a long line o la' givers in ,ythological history. (S#26) 1n 1ndia, Manou 'as the great la' giver. (S#2:) 1n &rete, Minos ascended Mount =icta, 'here Zeus gave hi, the sacred la's. (S#2<) -hile in Egypt there 'as Mises, (S#2?) 'ho carried stone ta!lets and upon the, the la's o god 'ere 'ritten. And as ar as the Ten &o,,and,ents, they are ta"en outright ro, Spell #06 o the Egyptian %oo" o the =ead. (S#2@) -hat the %oo" o the =ead phrased 81 have not stolen9 !eca,e 8Thou shall not steal,9 81 have not "illed9 !eca,e 8Thou shall not "ill,9 81 have not told lies9 !eca,e 8Thou shall not !ear alse 'itness9 and so orth. (S#6$) 1n act, the Egyptian religion is li"ely the pri,ary oundational !asis or the Eudeo-&hristian theology. (M) %aptis,, (S#6#) a terli e,(S#60) inal +udg,ent, (S#65) virgin !irth (S#62) and resurrection, (S#66) cruci i4ion, (S#6:) the ar" o the covenant, (S#6<)circu,cision, (S#6?) (S#6@) saviors,(S#:$) holy co,,union, (S#:#) the great lood, (S#:0) Easter, (S#:5) &hrist,as (S#:2) (S#:6) , Passover, (S#::) and ,any ,any ,ore, are all attri!utes o Egyptian ideas, long predating &hristianity and Eudais,. Eustin Martyr, one o the irst &hristian historians and de enders, 'rote: 8-hen 'e say that he, Eesus &hrist, our teacher, 'as produced 'ithout se4ual union, 'as cruci ied and died, and rose again, and ascended into >eaven, 'e propound nothing di erent ro, 'hat you !elieve regarding those 'ho you estee, Sons o Eupiter.9 (S#:<) 1n a di erent 'riting, Eustin Martyr said 8>e 'as !orn o a virgin, accept this in co,,on 'ith 'hat you !elieve o Perseus.9 (S#:?) 1t*s o!vious that Eustin and other early &hristians "ne' ho' si,ilar &hristianity 'as to the Pagan religions. >o'ever, Eustin had a solution. As ar as he 'as concerned, the =evil did it. The =evil had the oresight to co,e !e ore &hrist, and create these characteristics in the Pagan 'orld. (S#:@) The %i!le is nothing ,ore than an astro-theological literary old hy!rid, +ust li"e nearly all religious ,yths !e ore it. (S#<$) (S#<#) (S#<0) (S#<5) (S#<2)1n act, the aspect o trans erence, o one character*s attri!utes to a ne' character, can !e ound 'ithin the !oo" itsel . 1n the Old Testa,ent there*s the story o Eoseph. Eoseph 'as a prototype or Eesus. Eoseph 'as !orn o a ,iracle !irth, (S#<6) Eesus 'as !orn o a ,iracle !irth. (S#<:) Eoseph 'as o #0 !rothers, (S#<<) Eesus had #0 disciples. (S#<?) Eoseph 'as sold or 0$ pieces o silver, (S#<@)Eesus 'as sold or 5$ pieces o silver. (S#?$) %rother 8Eudah9 suggests the sale o Eoseph, (S#?#) disciple 8Eudas9 suggests the sale o Eesus. (S#?0) Eoseph !egan his 'or" at the age o 5$, (S#?5)Eesus !egan his 'or" at the age o 5$. (S#?2) The parallels go on and on. ;urther,ore, is there any non-%i!lical historical evidence o any person, living 'ith the na,e Eesus, the Son o Mary, 'ho traveled a!out 'ith #0 ollo'ers, healing people and the li"eD There are nu,erous historians 'ho lived in and around the Mediterranean either during or soon a ter the assu,ed li e o Eesus.(S#?6) >o' ,any o these historians docu,ent this igureD Bot one. (S#?:) >o'ever, to !e air, that doesn*t ,ean de enders o the >istorical Eesus haven*t clai,ed the contrary. ;our historians are typically re erenced to +usti y Eesus*s e4istence. Pliny the younger, Suetonius, Tacitus and the irst three. (M) (S#?<) Each one o their entries consists o only a e' sentences at !est and only re er to the &hristus or the &hrist, 'hich in act is not na,e !ut a title. 1t ,eans the 8Anointed one9 (S#??) The ourth source is Eosephus and this source has !een proven to !e a orgery or hundreds o years.(S#?@) Sadly, it is still cited as truth. Iou 'ould thin" that a guy 'ho rose ro, the dead and ascended into >eaven or all eyes to see and per or,ed the 'ealth o ,iracles acclai,ed to hi, 'ould have ,ade it into the historical

record. 1t didn*t !ecause once the evidence is 'eighed, there are very high odds that the igure "no'n as Eesus, did not even e4ist.(S#@$) (S#@#) (S#@0) (S#@5) The reality is, Eesus 'as the Solar =eity o the Gnostic &hristian sect, (S#@2) (S#@6) (S#@:) and li"e all other Pagan gods, he 'as a ,ythical igure. 1t 'as the political esta!lish,ent that sought to histori/e the Eesus igure or social control. %y 506 a.d. in Ho,e, e,peror &onstantine convened the &ouncil o Bicea. (S#@<) 1t 'as during this ,eeting that the politically ,otivated &hristian =octrines 'ere esta!lished and thus !egan a long history o &hristian !loodshed and spiritual raud. And or the ne4t #:$$ years, the Gatican ,aintained a political stranglehold on all o Europe, leading to such +oyous periods as the =ar" Ages, along 'ith enlightening events such as the &rusades, and the 1n3uisition. &hristianity, along 'ith all other theistic !elie syste,s, is the raud o the age. 1t serves to detach the species ro, the natural 'orld, and li"e'ise, each other. 1t supports !lind su!,ission to authority. 1t reduces hu,an responsi!ility to the e ect that 8God9 controls everything, and in turn a' ul cri,es can !e +usti ied in the na,e o =ivine Pursuit. And ,ost i,portantly, it e,po'ers those 'ho "no' the truth !ut use the ,yth to ,anipulate and control societies. The religious ,yth is the ,ost po'er ul device ever created, and serves as the psychological soil upon 'hich other ,yths can lourish Part T'o: All The -orld*s a Stage 87as i a de,olition tea, set o , 'hen you do the de,olition o an old !uilding.9 87it loo"s li"e one o those things 'hen an old !uilding !eing purposely dyna,ited and !lo'n up.9 87any!ody that ever 'atched a !uilding !eing de,olish on purpose "no's, that i you*re going to do this, you have to get at the under-in rastructure o the !uilding to !ring it do'n.9 8The 'ay this structure is collapsing is so,ething that 'as planted, it*s not accidental, that the irst to'er +ust happens to collapse, and the second one collapse in e4actly the sa,e 'ay. >o' they acco,plish this, 'e don*t "no'.9 8The !uilding collapsed to dust. Iou don*t ind a des", you don*t ind a chair. Iou don*t ind a telephone, a co,puter. The !iggest piece o a telephone 1 ound 'as hal o a "eypad, and it 'as a!out this !ig.9 -9-hat happened to the concreteD9 -9The concrete 'as pulveri/ed. Hivers and rivers o this dust po'der, t'o or three inches thic". The concrete 'as +ust uh7 pulveri/edM9 8J7K 'e*ve all seen too ,uch on television !e ore, 'hen a !uilding is deli!erately destroyed !y 'ell placed dyna,ite to "noc" it do'n.9 87it*s as i , as i they had detonators, yes detonators, planted to ta"e do'n the !uilding, !oo,, !oo,, !oo,, !oo,, !oo,, !oo,, !oo,, yes9 871 heard a second e4plosion9 8it 'as a uh7 heavy duty e4plosion79 87there 'as a secondary e4plosion and then a su!se3uent collapse9

87close to !lo' and it "noc"ed every!ody else9 8to ,e sounded li"e, sounded li"e an e4plosion..9 8it sounded li"e gun ire, !ang-!ang-!ang-!ang-!ang-!ang-!angM And then all o the sudden, three !ig e4plosions9 8'e heard a !ig e4plosion co,ing do'n9 87the top part o the !uilding +ust !le' up9 8'e sa' so,e "ing o e4plosion9 87!y the orce o the e4plosions79 87!ig e4plosion, 'e 'ent !ac" to the eight loor9 9 'hen 'e got to the lo!!y, it*s this !ig e4plosion9 87the lo!!y loo"ed as though, a !o,! had e4ploded there9 8huge e4plosions, no' raining de!ris 7 8 87there*s !een a huge e4plosion9 8huge e4plosion that 'e all heard and elt9 8'e +ust 'itness so,e "ind o J7K e4plosion and uh9 87a very loud !last e4plosion 8 8a secondary e4plosion, to'er #-#$N 8there is so,e other !o,! going o . >e thin"s there 'ere actually devices that 'ere planted in the !uildings9 8planted in the !uilding9 (The @## Myth: #@ hi+ac"ers, directed !y Osa,a %in .aden, too" over 2 co,,ercial +ets 'ith !o4 cutters and, 'hile evading the Air =e ense Syste, JBOHA=K, hit <6O o their targets. 1n turn, -orld Trade To'ers #, 0 P < collapsed due to structural ailure through ire in a Qpanca"eQ ashion, 'hile the plane that hit the Pentagon vapori/ed upon i,pact, as did the plane that crashed in Shan"sville. The @## &o,,ission ound that there 'ere no 'arnings or this act o terroris,, 'hile ,ultiple govern,ent ailures prevented ade3uate de ense.) (Qno 'arningsQ) 81 don*t thin" any!ody could have predicted that they 'ould try to use an airplane as a ,issile, a hi+ac"ed airplane as a ,issile79

8no!ody in our govern,ent at least, and 1 don*t thin" the previous govern,ent could have envisioned lying planes into !uildings9 8no speci ic threats involving, really do,estic operations involving 'hat happened o!viously, the cities, airlines and so on9 8there7 17 'ere7 17 uh,7 no 'arning signs that 1 a, a'are o 9 8LSA Today reports that in the t'o years !e ore the attac"s on septe,!er ##th, BOHA= conducted e4ercises using hi+ac"ed airliners as 'eapons, and one target7 'as the 'orld trade center9 (&over o ;EMA response ,anual, #@@<) (Operation QMascalQ, Octo!er 0$$$: Si,ulated a plane crash into the Pentagon) 81n con idential docu,ents ro, the Philippines o!tained !y &BB, the plan 'as clear. >e 'ould !oard any A,erican co,,ercial aircra t, control its coc"pit, and dive it on the &1A head3uarters. Others !uildings targeted: the Pentagon and the -orld Trade &enter.9 8Security and counter terroris, 'as !lin"ing red, in the 'ords o George Tenet, and the 'arnings o an i,,inent attac" 'as so severe, that so,ething dra,atic should have !een done. 1t 'as unparalleled. 1nstead, our president 'ent on a ,onth long vacationD9 (#@ hi+ac"ers) 8The head o Pa"istani intelligence, the 1S1, Mah,oud Ah,ed re3uested O,ar Shei" to 'ire a hundred thousand dollars to Moha,ed Atta, 'ho 'as the lead hi+ac"er. 8 8The hi+ac"er Moha,ed Atta received 'ire trans ers via Pa"istan. The ,an sending the ,oney to Atta is !elieved to !e Ah,ed O,ar Said Shei".9 8O,ar Shei" ad,itted he 'as supported !y the Pa"istan govern,ent*s 1ntelligence Services, the 1S1.9 (Bo in3uiry 'as ever ,ade as to 'hy General Ah,ad ordered R#$$C to !e sent to Moha,ed Atta.) (On the ,orning o Septe,!er ##, Govern,ent o icials 'ere having %HEAC;AST 'ith General Ah,ad in -ashington.) (The @## &o,,ission dee,ed the inancing o the attac"s 'as So .1TT.E signi icanceQ in their o icial report.) 8Although 'e are told that 2 or 6 o the alleged hi+ac"ers 'ere on each o the lights, so their na,es should have !een on their light ,ani ests. %ut the light ,ani ests that have !een released contained, neither the na,e o the alleged hi+ac"ers, nor any Ara! na,es 'hatsoever.9 8-e "no' that the ,en that 'ere supposedly the hi+ac"ers, had their houses, cars, credit cards, paid or !y the L.S. Govern,ent. They 'ere, in truth, agents.9

8Evidence 'as also apparently planted. The passport o one o the hi+ac"ers o ;light ##, 'as allegedly ound in the ru!!le.9 8Goes through the ire!all, through the side o the plane and co,es do'n to the ground unscathedM %ut so,ething happened, or si4 ,onths they reported they had this passport. >ey 'e got it, 'e got the proo , and then the guy stood up and he 'as aliveM9 8Several o these nineteen ,en are still alive.9 (A!dula/i/ al-O,ari Q1 couldnSt !elieve it 'hen the ;%1 put ,e on their list. They gave ,y na,e and ,y date o !irth, !ut 1 a, not a suicide !o,!er. 1 a, here. 1 a, alive. 1 have no idea ho' to ly a planeQ) (At least : o the Qhi+ac"ersQ are still alive.) (The ;%1 has to this day not revised their list.) (Bo evidence has ever lin"ed any o the alive or dead Qhi+ac"ersQ to Osa,a !in .aden.) (Osa,a %in .aden) 8O course 'e*re a ter Sadda, >ussein, 1 ,ean uh, !in .aden7 he*s79 8Eanuary 0$$#. The %ush ad,inistration, orders the ;%1 and intelligence agencies to !ac" o investigations involving the !in .aden a,ily including t'o o Osa,a %in .aden*s relatives, 'ho 'ere living, guess 'here, in ;alls &hurch, GA, right ne4t to &1A head3uarters.9 8-hen he 'as already A,erica*s ,ost 'anted cri,inal, he reportedly spent t'o 'ee"s in an A,erican hospital in =u!ai, 'as treated !y an A,erican doctor, and visited !y the local &1A agent.9 8-e have not seen one piece o evidence that lin"s Osa,a !in .aden directly to the planning stages o Septe,!er ##th.9 87this ailure to provide proo , 'as later said to !e unnecessary !ecause !in .aden, in a video allegedly ound in A ghanistan ad,itted responsi!ility or the attac"s. This con ession no' is 'idely cited as proo , !ut the ,an in this video has dar"er s"in, uller chee"s and a !roader nose than Osa,a !in .aden in all other videos. -e again see, to have planted evidence.9 81n #@@:, Osa,a*s older !rother Sali, !in .aden, hired a ,an in Te4as !y the na,e o Ei, %ath to handle all the invest,ents in the Lnited States or the !in .adin a,ily. Ei, %ath also happens to !e a person al,ost a li elong riend and or,er national guard pilot 'ith George -. %ush. The connections !et'een the %ushes and !in .adins !eco,e ,uch ,ore clear J7K 'hen George >. -. %ush ,ade trips to Saudi Ara!ia in #@@? and 0$$$ to ,eet 'ith the !in .adin a,ily on !ehal o the co,pany the &arlyle Group.9 (George >.-. %ush 'as ,eeting 'ith Osa,aSs older !rother, Sha ig !in .aden, on the ,orning o @T## in a &arlyle Group unction. The &arlyle Group is one o the 'orldSs largest de ense contractors, 'hich continue to reap ,assive pro its o o the post @## Q-ar on Terroris,Q and

A ghanT1ra3 -ars.) (Pentagon) 8>o' could anyone ly a :$ Ton, #06 oot 'ide, 22 oot tall plane through this o!stacle courseD9 8The aircra t, !e ore stri"ing the Pentagon, reportedly e4ecuted a 0<$ degree do'n'ard spiral, and yet >ani >an+our 'as "no'n as a terri!le pilot, 'ho cannot sa ely ly even a s,all plane.9 (Q>e didnSt care a!out the act that he couldnSt get through the courseQ - ;light school e,ployee) (Q1 a, still to this day a,a/ed that he could have lo'n into the Pentagon7 he could not ly at all.Q - ;light school e,ployee.) 8Bo seats, no luggage, no !odies. Bothing !ut !ric"s and li,estone.9 8The o icial e4planation is that the intense heat ro, the +et uel vapori/ed the entire plane. ;light << had t'o Holls Hoyce engines ,ade o steel and titaniu, alloy and 'eight si4 tonnes each. 1t is scienti ically i,possi!le that tonnes o steel and titaniu, 'ere vapori/ed !y +et uel.9 8-e 'ere told that the !odies 'ere a!le to !e identi ied, either !y their ingertips, or !y their =BA, so 'hat "ind o ire can vapori/e alu,inu, and te,pered steel and yet leave hu,an !odies intact. 8 8;ro, ,y close up inspection, there*s no evidence o a plane having i,pacted any'here near the Pentagon, and as 1 said, the only pieces le t that you can see, are s,all enough that you can pic" up 'ith your hand.9 8Shortly a ter the stri"e, govern,ent agents pic"ed up de!ris, and carried it o . The entire la'n 'as covered !y dirt and gravel so that any re,aining orensic evidence 'as literally covered up. The videos ro, security ca,eras 'hich 'ould sho' 'hat really hit the Pentagon, 'ere i,,ediately con iscated !y the agents o the ;%1. The =epart,ent o Eustice has to this day, re used to release the,. These videos 'ould prove that the Pentagon 'as really hit !y a <:<. Most o us 'ould assu,e, the govern,ent 'ould release the,.9 (over ?$ video recordings o the Pentagon stri"e are currently !eing 'ithheld !y the ;%1) (Shan"sville) 81t loo"s li"e there*s nothing there, e4cept or a hole in the ground.9 8Lh !asically that*s right. The only thing you can see ro, 'here 'e 'ere, 'as a !ig gouge in the area and so,e !ro"en trees. Iou can see so,e people 'or"ing, 'al"ing around in the area, !ut ro, 'hat 'e can see there 'as nothing ,uch le t. Any large pieces o de!ris at allD Bo, there 'as nothing, nothing you can distinguish that a plane had crashed there.9 (&o,,ercial plane crash in Bigeria.) (;light @5 Q&rashQ in Shan"sville.) (D)

(-orld Trace &enter To'ers #, 0 P <) 8Panca"e theory, according to 'hich the ires, 'hile not ,elting the steel, heated it up su iciently to cause the loors, 'ea"ened !y the plane stri"es, to !rea" loose ro, the steel colu,ns and this started a chain reaction.9 8So you 'ould e4pect the, ro, that theory, 'hich is the o icial theory, to see a 'hole stac" o loors piled up on top o each other, and then a spindle o core colu,ns standing too.9 8The core o each o the t'in to'ers consisted o 2< ,assive steel colu,ns. 1 the loors had !ro"en loose ro, the,, these colu,ns 'ould*ve still !een stic"ing up into the air, a thousand eet.9 8The planes did not cut all those core colu,ns79 8-e design the !uildings to ta"e the i,pact o a %oeing <$<, hitting the !uilding at any location.9 8The !uilding pro!a!ly could sustain ,ultiple i,pacts o +etliners.9 87that the plane le' straight into the !uildings,9 -9straight through in, right9, -9so you say that the !uildings 'ere actually designed to cope 'ith a hole li"e that and still surviveD9 -9yes, it 'as, it 'as9 8i you 'ere to drop a !illiard !all ro, the top o the -orld Trade &enter, ##$ loors up there, it 'ould have ta"en ? to #$ seconds to hit the ground, encountering no resistance 'hatsoever.9 8The t'in to'ers ca,e do'n at nearly ree all speed. T'o hundred thousand tones o steel shatters and e4plodes out'ards over 6$$ eet.9 8This ,eans that loors shattered at an average rate o a!out ten loors per second.9 8There*s no scenario or a panca"e e ect o !uildings alling that allo's the, to all at the rate o ree all.9 8Bo' 'hat can do thatD -hat can ,ove ,ass out o the 'ayD E4plosives.9 82< huge steel colu,ns going up the core and they*re interconnected, ho' do you get the, to ail si,ultaneously so the core disappears. 1t loo"s li"e those core colu,ns 'ere cut.9 8The 'ay 'e do this is !y cutting the !ea,s at an angle.9 (&ore colu,n a ter the collapse.) (Botice the QcutQ shape and the ,elted7 or QMolten MetalQ.) 81 started loo"ing at the ,olten ,etal. All three !uildings, !oth to'ers in the ru!!le, in the !ase,ent areas, and %uilding < 7 there*s these pools o ,olten ,etal..9 (;or 'ell over : 'ee"s a ter the collapse, >ot spots o 0$$$; 'ere docu,ented in the de!ris.)

(That is 6$$; hotter than Eet uel even !urns.) 8Iou get do'n !elo' and you see7 ,olten steel7 ,olten steel running do'n the channel rails, li"e you*re in a oundry, li"e lava, ro, a volcano9 8The ,olten steel 'as ound Uthree, our and ive 'ee"s later, 'hen the ru!!le 'as !eing re,oved*. >e said that ,olten steel 'as also ound at -T&<.9 8So 1*, loo"ing through the o icial reports, 'hat do they say a!out the ,olten ,etal..D they say nothing. Bo', 'ait a ,inute7 this is i,portant evidence7 'here did that co,e ro,D9 8Ther,ite is so hot that +ust cuts through steel, structural steel or e4a,ple, li"e a "ni e through !utter. The products are ,olten iron and alu,inu, o4ide, 'hich goes o pri,arily as a dust. Iou "no' those enor,ous dust cloudsD Iou can i,agine 'hen you asse,!le these che,icals on a large scale.9 (=r. Steven Eones Physics Pro essor, %IL Through Electron Microscope Analysis o the ,olted -T& Steel P the iron-rich ,icrospheres in the dust, =r. Eones ound e4act traces o not only the QTher,iteQ e4plosive co,pound, !ut, due to the high sul ur content, QTher,ateQ, a patented !rand o Ther,ite used in the de,olition industry.) 8Molten ,etal pools under !oth to'ers a ter they collapse and !uilding <. Bo' !uilding < 'asn*t even hit !y a +etM9 8Part o the pro!le, is that ,ost people don*t "no' ,uch a!out !uilding <, due to the e4traordinary secrecy surrounding this collapse.9 8This is a 2< story s"yscraper. This !uilding ell at 6:06 p.,.9 81t 'as not hit !y a plane. This !uilding had ires on only 0 or 5 loors.9 8And it 'as !rought do'n !y 'hat 'e "no' 'as a controlled de,olition.9 8&ontrolled de,olitions, they loo" +ust li"e that, "in" in the ,iddle and then that !uilding +ust co,es straight do'n al,ost at ree all speed.9 8They irst !lo' one o the central colu,ns so the !uilding alls in on itsel . %uilding < had a classic cri,p or 'edge, its central colu,n 'as !lo'n out irst, so it didn*t structurally da,aged !uildings +ust a e' eet a'ay ro, it.9 (The Govern,entSs e4planation or all three collapses 'as ;1HE.) (BEGEH !e ore or a ter @T##, has any Steel !uilding collapsed ro, ire.) (&ollapse &haracteristics o -orld Trade &enter #, 0 P <, it the &OBTHO..E= =EMO.1T1OB ,odel EVA&T.I.) (Oh7 =id 1 ,ention the su!-!ase,ent e4plosionsD T>AT O&&LHHE= SE&OB=S %E;OHE T>E ;1HST P.ABE >1T) 9Our o ice 'as on the %# level. As 1 'as tal"ing to a supervisor, at ?:2:Ja,K7and all the

sudden 'e here %OOMM An e4plosion so hard, it pushed up up'ards. And it ca,e ro, the %ase,ent, !et'een the %0 level and the %5 level. And 'hen 1 'ent to ver!ali/e7 'e hear %OOM7 the i,pact o the plane at the top.9 8As 1*, 'al"ing !y the ,ain reight car o the !uilding, in the corridor7 that*s 'hen 1 got !lo'n7 1 ,ean7 the i,pact o the e4plosion thre' ,e to the loor and that*s 'hen everything started happening. All the sudden a !ig i,pact happened again7and all the ceiling tile 'as alling do'n7 the light i4tures 'ere alling. you "no' you got to go clear across the 'hole7 ro, one to t'o trade center and all the sudden it happened all over again. So,ething else hit us to the loor, right in the !ase,ent you elt it, 'alls 'ere caving in, everything going on71 "no' people that got "illed in the !ase,ent, 1 "no' people that got !ro"en legs in the !ase,ent, people 'ho got reconstructive surgery !ecause the 'alls hit the, in the ace.9 (BOHA=) 8According to standard operating procedures, i an ;AA light controller notices anything that suggests possi!le hi+ac"ing, controllers contact their superiors. 1 the pro!le, 'ithin a!out a ,inute, the superiors as" BOHA=, the Borth A,erican Aerospace =e ense &o,,and, to send up or scra,!le +et ighters to ind out 'hat is going on. BOHA= then issues the scra,!le order to the nearest Air ;orce !ase that has ire ighters on alert. Although interceptions usually occur 'ithin #$ or so ,inutes, in this case ?$ or so ,inutes had elapsed !e ore ighters 'ere even air!orne.9 81t*s a ,ind-!ending ano,aly. Bot a single LS air orce turns a 'heel until it*s too late. There are no +ets at all.9 8-hat i they 'ere so con used, and had !een so deli!erately con used, that they couldn*t respond.9 8The reason they didn*t "no' 'here to go, 'as !ecause a nu,!er o con licting and overlapping 'ar ga,e e4ercises 'ere ta"ing place J7K it involved the insertion o alse radar !lips, under radar screens on the northeast air de ense sector9 ;AA: 8>i, %oston &enter TML, 'e have a pro!le, here. -e have a hi+ac"ed aircra t headed to'ards Be' Ior". -e need so,eone to scra,!le so,e ;-#:s or so,ething up there, help us out.9 BOHA=: 81s this real 'orld or e4erciseD9 8There 'as another e4ercise, Gigilant -arrior, 'hich 'as in act according to a BOHA= source, a live- ly hi+ac" drill !eing conducted at the sa,e ti,e. -ith only eight availa!le ighter aircra t, and they have to !e dispatched in pairs, they 'ere dealing 'ith as ,any as 00 possi!le hi+ac"s on the day o @T##. And they couldn*t separate the 'ar ga,e e4ercises ro, the actual hi+ac"s.9 (1n 0$$$, BOHA= had :< intercepts. #$$O accuracy. On @T## they ailed 2 ti,es in one day. On the ,orning o @T## he 'as in charge o all BOHA= orders ro, the co,,and !un"er under the -hite >ouse. 1n at least one o the ,any 'ar ga,es going on the ,orning o @T##, planes !eing lo'n into !uilding 'as a scenario)

(@T## &o,,ission) 8Page #<0. The LS Govern,ent has not !een a!le to deter,ine the origin o the ,oney used or the @T## attac"s. Llti,ately, the 3uestion is o little practical signi icance9 8The A,erican authorities had not ,anage to trace the source o the unding, and then the ,ost a,a/ing and disingenuous state,ent: Uulti,ately it is o little conse3uence*. 1t is o ,assive conse3uenceM9 8=oesn*t it ,atter 'ho paid or @T##D 8 8The collapse o !uilding < has !een recogni/ed as a specially di icult to e4plain. The @T## &o,,ission Heport, i,plicitly ad,itted that it could not e4plain the collapse o this !uilding, !y not even ,entioning it.9 -9-hy are you and the Gice President insisting on appearing together !e ore the @T## &o,,issionD9 -9%ecause the @T## &o,,ission 'ants us to as" us 3uestions, and that*s 'hy 'e*re ,eeting, and 1 loo" or'ard to ,eeting 'ith the, and ans'ering their 3uestions.9 -9And 'hy are you appearing together rather than separately, 'hich 'as their re3uestD9 -9%ecause it*s a good chance that !oth o us, to ans'er 3uestions the @T## &o,,ission is loo"ing or'ard to as"ing us and a, loo"ing or'ard to ans'ering the,. .et*s see79 8=o you thin" they should !e a!le to stand up and spea" their o'n 'ordsD They should go under oath. Ieah, in pu!licM9 (-hen %ush and &heney ,et 'ith the @T## &o,,ission, they did so only on their o'n ter,s: They appeared together They 'ere not under oath Bo press or a,ily ,e,!ers 'ere allo'ed to attend. Bo recording o any "ind 'as allo'ed Bo transcript 'as allo'ed) -9=on*t you thin" the a,ilies deserve to have a transcript or to !e a!le to see J7K9 -9Ada,, you as"ed ,e this 3uestion yesterday, 1 got the sa,e ans'er, yeah9 8The inal report 'as a unani,ous report. That ,eans that i there 'as a single co,,issioner that had any o!+ection a!out anything, that act 'ould !e dropped ro, the report.9 8-e had ound out that he, not only served in a transition tea, o the %ush ad,inistration, that he 'as a person 'ho 'rote a dra t ,e,o or the setup o the %ush ad,inistration*s Bational Security &ouncil. That he 'as an individual 'ho 'rote the pree,ptive 'ar strategy, that 'as eventually used or the 'ar in 1ra3, and he is a close riend o &ondole//a Hice*s. -e 'ant hi, to resign.9 8There is literally nothing in the @T## Heport that the %ush Ad,inistration did not approve o .9 8-e can understand there ore that the &o,,ission under Zeli"o'*s leadership, 'ould have ignored all o the evidence that 'ould point to the truth. That @T## 'as a alse lag operation and tended to authori/e the doctrines and unds needed or a ne' level o i,perial ,o!ili/ation.9 $#:$2:2$

(Terroris,) (Terroris,: #K syste,atic use o terror, ,ani esting itsel in violence or inti,idation, or generating ear.) 8Ar,ed 'ith "nives. Ar,ed 'ith che,ical, !iological and nuclear 'eapons. ;anatics. Terrorists. Septe,!er ##th. Septe,!er ##th. Cillers. Septe,!er ##th. Terrorists. Terrorists. Al Waeda. Terrorists. Buclear 'eapons. Terror. @T##. Terror. Terror. Terror. Evil.9 8Septe,!er ##th. Septe,!er ##th. The terrorists. -ar and danger. Septe,!er ##th. Terroris,. Glo!al terroris,. Terroris,. Terroris,. Terrorist. Terrorist. Terrorist. Terrorist. The terrorists. Terrorists. Terrorists. Terroris,. Septe,!er ##th. Glo!al terroris,. Terroris,. Terroris,. Terrorists. Septe,!er ##th. -orld terroris,. Terrorists. Terroris,. Septe,!er ##th. Glo!al Terroris,. 8Septe,!er the ##th. Terrorist. Terrorist. Terrorist. Terrorist. Terrorist. -eapons o ,ass destruction. Septe,!er the ##th. Septe,!er the ##th. Terrorists. The evil terrorists. Terrorists. Terrorists.9 8Terroris,. The 'ords are hypnotically repeated. Terroris,. Terrorists. Terrorist threat. And o course, !elieve-to-!e-lin"ed-to-al-Waeda. %ut, it*s the so-called -ar on Terroris, that it*s our aces practically 02T< as inescapa!le ocus o our e4istence.9 8One day, our grandchildren 'ill loo" !ac" on this ti,e, and as" Uho' 'as the 'ar on terror 'onD*9 8The entire LS ruling class, ruling elite, co,es to see terroris, as the pre erred ,eans, indeed the only ,eans to provide social cohesion, to provide an ene,y i,age or the society to "eep it together. According to Beo-&on theory ro, &arl Sch,itt, you have to have an ene,y i,age in order to have a society. And that*s a very dangerous thing, !ecause no' it ,eans that the entire social order, the political parties, intellectual li e, politics in general, all !ased on a ,onstrous ,yth. Monstrous ,yth.9 (Bearly all terror suspects detained are released 'ithout charges. 7 !ut thatSs a ter they ,a"e it to the ront page or you to see.) (Terror Threat7 %ull Shit) (Terroris,: 0K techni3ue used !y Govern,ents to ,anipulate pu!lic opinion in order to urther an agenda.) (Goice o Ted Gunderson, or,er ;%1 chie o .A, =allas P Me,phis operations.) 8.oo", the &1A has done in this country, 'hat they*ve done to us is un!elieva!le. .oo" at the terrorist acts that occurred7 the &1A !ehind ,ost i not all o the,. -e have the ,arine !arrac"s, their e,!assy in Cenia, 'e had PanA, #$5, 'e had the LSS &ole, 'e had O"laho,a city, the -orld Trace &enter in #@@5.9 8-ith the help o the terrorists !lo' up the -orld Trace &enter the irst ti,e. They got the !o,!, they got their drivers* license.9 8The in or,ant, yeah the in or,ant called Sale,, a 05 year old Egyptian ar,y o icer. >e 'as

given the assign,ent to put the !o,! together and he 'ent to his supervisor, his ;%1 supervisor, and he said 'e*re going to put a du,,y !o,! in there, rightD And the ;%1 supervisor said 8no, 'e*re gonna put a real !o,!.9 8The ;%1 actually carried out the attac" on the -orld Trace &enter in #@@5. They actually hired Ah,al Sale, and paid hi, one ,illion dollars and gave hi, real e4plosives, a detonator, and told hi, to !uild a !o,! and then give it to oolish people that he 'as controlling, to allo' the, to attac" the -T& co,ple4.9 8Ln ortunately or the,, there 'ere only : people "illed. Bot enough to pass anti-terror legislation. So 'hat happened is t'o years later, April #@@6 do'n co,es O"laho,a city Murrah !uilding. #:? people "illed7 a year later, the anti-terror legislation, 'hich ta"es a'ay ,any o our constitutional rights and civil li!erties, is passed.9 (<T<T0$$6 .ondon Three trains and a !us 'ere !o,!ed, "illing 6: people.) (That ,orning, an QAnti-terror e4erciseQ +ust happened to !e ta"ing place as 'ell =ealing 'ith7 T>E EVA&T SAME %OM%1BG S&EBAH1O. AT T>E EVA&T SAME THA1B STAT1OBS AT T>E EVA&T SAME T1ME) - 8%ecause at hal past nine this ,orning 'e 'ere actually running an e4ercise or a co,pany o a #$$$ people in .ondon, !ased on si,ultaneous !o,!s going o , precisely at the railroad stations that 'ere hit this ,orning, so still in the !ac" o ,y ,ind79 - 8So let ,e this straight, you 'ere running an e4ercise to see ho' you 'ould cope 'ith this, and it happened right 'hen you 'ere running the e4erciseD9 -9Precisely.9 (Ieah7 thatSs right. T>E EVA&T SAME %OM%1BG S&EBAH1O. AT T>E EVA&T SAME THA1B STAT1OBS AT T>E EVA&T SAME T1ME) 8-e*re supposed to !elieve there*s so,e "ind o coincidence, that 'as also an anti-terrorist drill going on on <T<, and again, +ust li"e @T##, they 'ere tal"ing a!out attac"s on the sa,e targets, the sa,e tu!e stations, at e4actly the sa,e ti,e as the actual attac"s happened, providing so,e "ind o cover or 'hat ,ust !e operations orchestrated in so,e 'ay !y the state.9 (The @T## Truth: &ri,inal Ele,ents 'ithin the LS govern,ent staged a Q alse lagQ Terror attac" on its o'n citi/ens, in order to ,anipulate pu!lic perception

into supporting its agenda. They have !een doing these or years. @T## 'as an 1nside Eo!.) EOH=AB MAV-E.. 81 a, a!solutely appalled o ho' ,uch people in this country do not thin". -e are given to understand that an Ara!ic guy, out there out in the ,ountains, inanced the ,ost ela!orate attac" on this country.9 8=o you thin" so,e people in a cave, so,e people in a cave 'ere a!le to have BOHA= stand do'nD =o you thin" so,e people in a cave 'ere a!le to have all o this happenMD9 8-hen 1 thin" a!out ho' ,any A,ericans 'ere "illed in BI& and !elieving as 1 do, that this thing 'as a set up +o!. This is a te4t!oo" operation that the Ba/is used, over and over again. A,erica has !een suc"ered in one ,ore ti,e.9 81 don*t have to tell you things are !ad, every!ody "no's things are !ad. The dollar !uys a nic"el*s 'orth. %an"s are going !ust, shop"eepers "eep a gun under the counter, pun"s are running 'ild on the streets, and there*s no!ody any'here see,s to "no' 'hat to do, there*s no end to it. -e "no' the air is un it to !reathe and our ood is un it to eat. -e sit 'atching our TG 'hile so,e local ne'scaster tells us that today 'e had #6 ho,icides, :5 violent cri,es, as i that*s the 'ay is supposed to !e. -e "no' things are !ad, 'orse than !adM They*re cra/y, it*s li"e everything every'here it*s going cra/y, so 'e don*t go out any,ore. -e sit in the house and slo'ly the 'orld 'e live in is getting s,aller, and all 'e say is Uplease, at least leave us along in our living roo,, let ,e have ,y toaster, ,y tv, ,y steel !elted radio and 1 'on*t say anything7 +ust leave us aloneM* -ell 1*, not going to leave you alone7 1 'ant you to get ,adM 1 don*t 'ant you to protest, 1 don*t 'ant you 'rite to your &ongress ,e,!ers !ecause 1 don*t "no' 'hat to tell you to 'rite, 1 don*t "no' 'hat to do a!out the depression, the in lation, and the Hussians and the cri,e on the streets, all 1 "no' is that irst, you gotta get ,adM Iou*ve gotta say, U1*, a hu,an !eing godda,n it, ,y li e has valueM*9 8There*s s,o"e A real !ad A #$6. T'o to'er. 1t*s real !ad, it*s !lac", it*s arid. My 'i e thin"s 1*, all right. 1 called and said 1 'as leaving the !uilding. 1 'as ine, and then %ABGM Three o us A t'o !ro"en 'indo's. Oh GodM9 Part Three: =on*t Mind the Men %ehind the &urtain There is so,ething !ehind the throne greater than the "ing hi,sel 9 -Sir -illia, Pitt, >ouse o .ords, #<<$8The -orld is governed !y very di erent personages ro, 'hat is i,agined !y those 'ho are not !ehind the scenes9 -%en+a,in =israeli, English States,an, #?228The real truth o the ,atter is that a inancial ele,ent in the large centers has o'ned the govern,ent since the days o Andre' Eac"son9 -;ran"lin =. Hoosevelt, LS President, #@55#<<6. The A,erican revolutionary 'ar !egan as the A,erican colonies sought to the detach ro, England and its oppressive ,onarchy. Though ,any reasons are sided or the revolution,

one in particular stic"s out as the pri,e cause that Cing George 111 o England outla'ed the interest- ree independent currency the colonies 'ere producing and using or the,selves. 1n turn orcing the, to !orro' ,oney ro, the &entral %an" o England, at interest, he i,,ediately put the colonies in the de!t. And as %en+a,in ;ran"lin later 'rote: 8The re usal o Cing George to allo' the colonies to operate an honest ,oney syste,, 'hich reed the ordinary ,an ro, clutches o the ,oney ,anipulators 'as pro!a!ly the pri,e cause o the revolution9 -%en+a,in ;ran"lin, ;ounding ;ather 1n #<?5 A,erica 'on its independence ro, England. >o'ever, its !attle against the &entral %an" concept and the corrupt, greed illed ,en associated 'ith it had +ust !egun. So 'hat is a central !an"D A central !an" is an institution that produces the currency o an entire nation. %ased on historical precedent, t'o speci ic po'ers are inherent in central !an"ing practice: the control o interest rates and the control o the ,oney supply, or in lation. The central !an" does not si,ply supply a govern,ent*s econo,y 'ith ,oney, it loans it to the, at interest. Then through the use o increasing and decreasing o supply o ,oney the central !an" regulates the value o the currency !eing issued. 1t is critical to understand that the entire structure o this syste, can only produce one thing in the long run: =E%T. 1t doesn*t ta"e a lot o ingenuity to igure their sca, no'. ;or, every single dollar produced !y the central !an" is loaned at interest. That ,eans every single dollar produced is actually the dollar plus a certain percent o de!t !ased on that dollar. And since the central !an" has the ,onopoly o the production o the currency or the entire country and they loan each dollar out 'ith an i,,ediate de!t attached to it, 'here does the ,oney that pay or the de!t co,e ro,D 1t can only co,e ro, the central !an" again. -hich ,eans the central !an" has to perpetually increase its ,oney supply to te,porarily cover the outstanding de!t created 'hich in turn, since that ne' ,oney is loaned out at interest as 'ell creates even ,ore de!tD The end result o this syste, 'ithout ail is slavery or it is i,possi!le or the govern,ent, and thus the pu!lic, to ever co,e out o the sel -generating de!t. The ounding athers o this country 'ere 'ell a'are o this. 81 !elieve that !an"ing institution are ,ore dangerous than standing ar,ies7 1 the A,erican people ever allo' private !an"s to control the issue o currency7 the !an"s and corporations that 'ill gro' up around the, 'ill deprive the people o their property until their children 'a"e up ho,eless on the continent their athers con3uered9 -Tho,as Ee erson J#<25-#?0:K 81 you 'ant to re,ain slaves o the !an"ers and pay or the costs o your o'n slavery, let the, continue to create ,oney and control the nation*s credit9 -Sir Eosiah Sta,p J#??$-#@2#K %y the early 0$th century the LS have already i,ple,ented and re,oved a e' central !an"ing syste,s, 'hich 'ere s'indled into place !y the ruthless !an"ing interests. At this ti,e, the do,inate a,ilies in the !an"ing and !usiness 'orld 'ere: E.=. Hoc"e eller, E.P. Morgan, Paul -ar!urg, %aron Hothschild. And in they early #@$$Xs they sought to push once again legislation to create another central !an". >o'ever, they "ne' the Govern,ent and pu!lic 'ere very 'ary o such an institution. So they needed to create an incident to a ect the pu!lic opinion. So E.P.Morgan, pu!licly considered a inancial lu,inary at the ti,e, e4ploited his ,ass in luence !y pu!lishing ru,ours a!out a pro,inent !an" in Be' Ior" 'asn*t solvent or !an"rupt. Morgan ne' this 'ould cause ,ass hysteria 'hich 'ould a ect other !an"s as 'ell. And it did. The pu!lic in ear o losing their deposits i,,ediately !egan ,ass 'ithdra'als. &onse3uently, the !an"s 'ere orced to call in their loans causing their recipients to sell their property and thus the spiral o !an"ruptcies, repossessions and tur,oil e,erged. Putting the pieces together a e' years later,

;redri" Allen o .i e Maga/ine 'rote: 8The Morgan interests too" advantage7 to participate the panic (o #@$<) guiding it shre'dly as it progressed9 A;rederi" Allen, .i e Maga/ine Lna'are o the raud, the panic o #@$< led to the &ongressional investigation headed !y Senator Belson Aldrich, 'ho had inti,ate ties to the !an"ing cartels and later !eca,e part o the Hoc"e eller a,ily through ,arriage. The co,,ission led !y Aldrich reco,,ended a central !an" should !e i,ple,ented so a panic li"e #@$< could never happen again. This 'as the spar" that international !an"ers needed to initiate their plan. 1n #@#$ a secret ,eeting 'as held at the E.P.Morgan*s estate on Ee"yll 1sland o the coast o Georgia. 1t 'as there that the central !an"ing !ill called the ;ederal Heserve Act 'as 'ritten. This legislation 'as 'ritten !y !an"ers, not la' ,a"ers. This ,eeting 'as so secretive, so concealed ro, Govern,ent and pu!lic "no'ledge that a #$ or so igures 'ho intended disguised their na,es 'hen on route to the island. A ter this !ill 'as constructed, it 'as then handed over to their political ront ,an, Senator Belson Aldrich, to push through &ongress. And in #@#5, 'ith heavy political sponsorship !y the !an"ers, -oodro' -ilson !eca,e president, having already agreed to sign the ;ederal Heserve Act in e4change or ca,paign support. And t'o days !e ore &hrist,as, 'hen ,ost o &ongress 'as at ho,e 'ith their a,ilies, the ;ederal Heserve Act 'as voted in and -ilson in turn ,ade it la'. Iears later -oodro' -ilson 'rote, in regret: 8(Our) Great 1ndustrial nation is controlled !y its syste, o credit. Our syste, o credit is privately concentrated. The gro'th o the nation, there ore, and all our activities are in the hands o a e' ,en.. 'ho necessarily, !y very reason o their o'n li,itations, chill and chec" and destroy genuine econo,ic reedo,.9 8-e have co,e to !e one o the 'orst ruled, one o the ,ost co,pletely controlled and do,inated govern,ents in the civili/ed 'orld Ano govern,ent !y ree opinion, no longer a govern,ent !y conviction and the vote o the ,a+ority, !ut a govern,ent !y the opinion and the duress o s,all groups o do,inant ,en.9 --oodro' -ilson &ongress,an .ouis Mc;adden also e4pressed the truth a ter the passage o the !ill: 8A 'orld !an"ing syste, 'as !eing set up here7 a superstate controlled !y international !an"ers.. acting together to enslave the 'orld or their o'n pleasure. The ;E= has usurped the govern,ent.9 Bo', the pu!lic 'as told that the ;ederal Heserve Syste, 'as econo,ic sta!ili/er and in lation and econo,ic crises 'ere thing o the past. -ell, as history has sho'n, nothing 'as urther ro, the truth. The act is, the international !an"ers no' had a strea,line ,achine to e4pand their personal a,!itions. ;or e4a,ple, ro, #@#2 to #@#@ the ;ed increased the ,oney supply !y nearly #$$O resulting in e4tensive loans to s,all !an"s and the pu!lic. Then, in #@0$ the ;ed called in ,ass percentages o the outstanding ,oney supply. Thus resulting in the supporting !an"s having to call in huge nu,!ers o loans and +ust li"e #@$<, !an" runs, !an"ruptcy and collapse occurred. Over 6.2$$ co,petitive !an"s outside o the ;ederal Heserve Syste, collapsed urther consolidating the ,onopoly o the s,all group o international !an"ers. Privy to this cri,e, &ongress,an .ind!ergh stepped up and said in #@0#: Septe,!er ## 8Lnder the ;ederal Heserve Act, panics are scienti ically created. The present panic is the irst scienti ically created one, 'or"ed out as 'e igure a ,athe,atical e3uation.9 A&harles .ind!ergh

>o'ever, the panic o #@0$ 'as +ust a 'ar,-up. ;ro, #@0# to #@0@ the ;ed again increased the ,oney supply resulting once again in e4tensive loans to the pu!lic and !an"s. There 'as also a airly ne' type o loan called the ,argin loan in the stoc" ,ar"et. Gery si,ply, the ,argin loan allo'ed an investor to put do'n only #$O o the stoc"*s price 'ith the other @$O !eing loaned ro, the !ro"er. 1n other 'ords, a person could o'n a R#$$$ 'orth o stoc", 'ith only a R#$$ do'n. This ,ethod 'as very popular in the roaring #@0$Xs as everyone see,ed to !e ,a"ing ,oney in the ,ar"et. >o'ever, there 'as a catch to this loan. 1t could !e called in at any ti,e and had to !e paid 'ithin 02 hours. This is ter,ed 8a ,argin call9, and a typical result o a ,argin call 'as the selling o the stoc" purchased 'ith the loan. So, a e' ,onths !e ore Octo!er in #@0@, E.=.Hoc"e eller, %ernard %aruch and other insiders 3uietly e4ited the ,ar"et. And on Octo!er 02th, #@0@ the Be' Ior" inanciers 'ho urnished the ,argin loans started calling the, in, in ,ass. This spar"ed an instantaneous ,assive sell o in the ,ar"et or everyone 'ho had to cover the ,argin loans. 1t then triggered a ,ass !an" runs or the sa,e reason, in turn collapsing over #:.$$$ !an"s ena!ling the conspiring international !an"ers to not only !uy up rival !an"s at the discount !ut to also !uy up 'hole corporations at pennies on the dollar. 1t 'as the greatest ro!!ery in A,erican history. %ut that didn*t stop there. Hather then e4panding the ,oney supply 'hich 'ere recovered ro, this econo,ic collapse the ;ed actually contracted it, uelling one o the largest depressions in history. Once again outraged, &ongress,an .ouis Mc;adden, a long ti,e opponent o the !an"ing cartels !egan !ringing i,peach,ent proceedings against the ;ederal Heserve %oard. Saying o the crash and depression: 81t 'as a care ully contrived occurrence, international !an"ers sought to !ring a!out a condition o despair, so that they ,ight e,erge the rulers o us all.9 -.ouis Mc;adden Bot surprisingly, and a ter t'o previous assassination atte,pts, Mc;adden 'as poisoned at a !an3uet !e ore he could push or the i,peach,ent. Bo', having reduced the society o the s3ualler the ;ederal Heserve !an"ers decided that the gold standard should !e re,oved. 1n order to do this, they needed to ac3uire the re,aining gold in the syste,. So, under the pretense o 8helping to end the depression9, ca,e the #@55 gold sei/ure. Lnder the threat o i,prison,ent or #$ years everyone in A,erica 'as re3uired to turn in all gold !ullion to the Treasury, essentially ro!!ing the pu!lic o 'hat little 'ealth they had le t. And at the end o #@55 the gold standard 'as a!olished. 1 you loo" at a dollar !ill ro, !e ore #@55 it says it is redee,a!le in gold. Iou loo" at the dollar !ill today, it says it is legal tender 'hich ,eans it is !ac"ed !y a!solutely nothing. 1t is 'orthless paper. The only thing that gives our ,oney value is ho' ,uch o it is in circulation. There ore, the po'er to regulate the ,oney supply is also the po'er to regulate its value 'hich is also the po'er to !ring entire econo,ies and societies to its "nees. 8Give ,e control o a nation*s ,oney supply, and 1 care not 'ho ,a"es its la's9 -Mayer A,schel Hothschild, ;ounder o Hothschild %an"ing =ynasty 1t*s i,portant to clearly understand, the ;ederal Heserve is a private corporation. 1t is a!out as 8 ederal9 as ;ederal E4press. 1t ,a"es its o'n policies and is under virtually no regulation !y the LS Govern,ent. 1t is a private !an" that loans all the currency at interest to the Govern,ent, co,pletely consistent 'ith the raudulent central !an"ing ,odel that the country sought to escape ro, 'hen it declared independence in the A,erican revolutionary 'ar. Bo', going !ac" to #@#5 the ;ederal Heserve Act 'as not the only unconstitutional !ill pushed through &ongress. They also pushed the ;ederal 1nco,e Ta4. 1t*s 'orth'hile to point out that the A,erican pu!lic*s

ignorance to'ards the ;ederal 1nco,e Ta4 is a testa,ent to ho' du,!ed do'n and o!livious the A,erican population really is. ;irst o all the ;ederal 1nco,e Ta4 is co,pletely unconstitutional as it is a direct unapportioned ta4. All direct ta4es have to !e apportioned to !e legal, !ased on the &onstitution. Secondly, the re3uired nu,!er o states in order to rati y the a,end,ent to allo' the 1nco,e Ta4 'as never ,et. And this has even !een sided in ,odern court cases. 81 you7 e4a,ined (the #:th a,end,ent) care ully, you 'ould ind that a su icient nu,!er o states never rati ied that a,end,ent.9 -L.S. =istrict &ourt Eudge, Ea,es &. ;o4, 0$$59 Third, at the present day roughly 56O o the average 'or"er*s inco,e is ta"en ro, the, via this ta4. That ,eans you 'or" 2 ,onths out o the year to re ill this ta4 o!ligation. And guess 'here that ,oney goesD 1t goes to pay the interest on the currency !eing produced !y the raudulent ;ederal Heserve %an", a syste, that does not have to e4ist at all. The ,oney you ,a"e 'or"ing 2 ,onths out o the year goes al,ost literally into the poc"ets o the international !an"ers 'ho o'n the private ;ederal Heserve %an". And orth, even 'ith the raudulent Govern,ent clai, as to the legality o the 1nco,e Ta4 there is literally no statute, no la' in e4istence that re3uires you to pay this ta4. Period. 81 really e4pected that, o course there is a la' that you can point to in the la' !oo", a code that re3uires you to ile a ta4 return. O course there isM 1 'as at that point 'here 1 couldn*t ind a statute that clearly ,ade ,e personally lia!le, at least not ,e and the ,ost people 1 "no' and 1 had no choice in ,y ,ind e4cept to resign.9 AEoe Turner, ;or,er 1HS Agent 8%ased on the resource that 1 did throughout the year 0$$$ and that 1*, still doing 1 have not ound that la'. 1*ve as"ed the &ongress, 'e*ve as"ed a lot o people, in the 1HS, 1HS &o,,issioner*s helpers, they can*t ans'er !ecause i they ans'er the A,erican people are gonna "no' that this 'hole thing is a raud.9 ASherry Eac"son, ;or,er 1HS Agent 81 haven*t iled a thorough inco,e ta4 return since 1 le t.9 81 have not iled a ta4 return since #@@@.9 The inco,e ta4 is nothing less than the enslave,ent o the entire country. Bo', the control o the econo,y and the perpetual ro!!ery o 'ealth is only one side o the Hu!i"*s cu!e that !an"ers hold in their hands. The ne4t tool or pro it and control is 'ar. Since the inception o ;ederal Heserve in #@#5 a nu,!er o large and s,all 'ars have co,,enced, -ith the three ,ost pronounced A the -orld -ar 1, -orld -ar 11 and Gietna,. -orld -ar 1 1n #@#2 European 'ar !ro"e out centered around England and Ger,any. The A,erican pu!lic 'anted nothing to do 'ith the 'ar. 1n turn President -oodro' -ilson pu!licly declared neutrality. >o'ever, under the sur ace the LS ad,inistration 'as loo"ing or any e4cuse it could ind to enter. 1n another o!servation !y the Secretary o State, -illia, Eennings: 8The large !an"ing interests 'ere deeply interested in the 'orld 'ar !ecause o the 'ide opportunities or large pro its.9 A-illia, Eennings %ryan 1t*s i,portant to understand that the ,ost lucrative thing that can happen or the international !an"ers is 'ar. ;or, it orces the country to !orro' even ,ore ,oney ro, the ;ederal Heserve

%an" at interest. -oodro' -ilson*s top adviser and ,entor 'as &olonel Ed'ard >ouse, the ,an 'ith the inti,ate connections 'ith the international !an"ers 'ho 'anted in the 'ar. 1n the docu,ented conversation !et'een &olonel >ouse, -ilson*s adviser and Sir Ed'ard Grey, the ;oreign Secretary o England regarding ho' to get A,erica into the 'ar, Grey in3uired: 8-hat 'ill A,erican do i ger,ans sin" an ocean liner 'ith A,erican passengers on !oardD9 >ouse responded: 81 !elieve that a la,e o indignation 'ould s'eep the Lnited States and that !y itsel 'ould !e su icient to carry us into 'ar.9 So, on May <th #@#6 on essentially the suggestion o Sir Ed'ard Grey, the ship called the .usitania 'as deli!erately sent into Ger,an controlled 'aters 'here Ger,an ,ilitary vessels 'ere "no'n to !e. And as e4pected, Ger,an L-!oats torpedoed the ship, e4ploding stored a,,unition, "illing #.0$$ people. To urther understand the deli!erate nature o this set up: the Ger,an e,!assy actually put advertise,ents in the Be' Ior" Ti,es telling people that i they !oard the .usitania they did so at their o'n ris" as such a ship sailing ro, A,erica to England through the 'ar /one 'ould !e lia!le to destruction. 1n turn, and as anticipated, the sin"ing o the .usitania caused a 'ave o anger a,ong the A,erican population. And A,erica entered the 'ar a short ti,e a ter. The ;irst -orld -ar cost 505.$$$ A,erican deaths. E.=.Hoc"e eller ,ade 0$$ ,illion dollars o o it. That*s a!out #.@ trillion !y today*s standards. Bot to ,ention the 'ar cost a!out 5$ !illion dollars or A,erica. Most o 'hich 'as !orro'ed ro, the ;ederal Heserve %an" at interest urthering the pro its o the international !an"ers. -orld -ar 11 On =ece,!er <th, #@2# Eapan attac"ed the A,erican leet at Pearl >ar!or triggering our entry into that 'ar. President ;ran"lin =. Hoosevelt declared the attac" 'as 8a day that 'ill live in in a,y9. A day o in a,y indeed, !ut not !ecause o the alleged surprise attac" on Pearl >ar!or. A ter :$ years o sur acing in or,ation it is clear that not only 'as the attac" on Pearl >ar!or "no'n 'ee"s in advance, it 'as outright 'anted and provo"ed. Hoosevelt, 'hose a,ily had !een Be' Ior" !an"ers since the #?th century, 'hose uncle ;rederic" 'as on the original ;ederal Heserve %oard 'as very sy,pathetic to the interest o the international !an"ers, and the interest 'as to enter the 'ar !ecause as 'e*ve seen A nothing is ,ore pro ita!le or the international !an"ers than 'ar. 1n a +ournal entry !y Hoosevelt*s Secretary o -ar >enry Sti,son dated Bove,!er 06, #@2# he docu,ented a conversation he had 'ith Hoosevelt. 8The 3uestion 'as ho' should 'e ,aneuver the, into iring the irst shot7 1t 'as desira!le to ,a"e sure the Eapanese !e the ones to do this so that there should re,ain no dou!t as to 'ho 'ere the aggressors.9 A>enry Sti,son, Secretary o -ar 1n the ,onths leading up to the attac" on Pearl >ar!or, Hoosevelt had done al,ost everything in his po'er to anger the Eapanese sho'ing the posture o aggression: he halted all o Eapan*s i,ports 'ith A,erican petroleu,, he ro/e all o Eapanese assets in the Lnited States, >e ,ade pu!lic loans to Bationalist &hina and supplied ,ilitary aid to the %ritish, !oth ene,ies o Eapan in the 'ar, 'hich !y the 'ay is co,pletely in violation o international 'ar rules. And on =ece,!er 2th, three days !e ore the attac", Australian intelligence told Hoosevelt a!out a Eapanese tas" orce ,oving to'ards Pearl >ar!or. Hoosevelt ignored it. So as hoped and allo'ed, on =ece,!er <th, #@2# Eapan attac"ed Pearl >ar!or "illing 0.2$$ soldiers. %e ore Pearl >ar!or ?5O o the A,erican pu!lic 'anted nothing to do 'ith the 'ar. A ter Pearl >ar!or A one ,illion ,en volunteered or the 'ar. 1t is i,portant to "no', Ba/i Ger,any*s 'ar e ort 'as largely supported !y t'o organi/ations:

one o 'hich 'as called 1.G.;ar!en. 1.G.;ar!en produced ?2O o Ger,any*s e4plosives and even the Zy"lon % used in concentration ca,ps to "ill ,illions. One o the unspo"en partners o 1.G.;ar!en 'as E.=.Hoc"e eller*s Standard Oil &o,pany in A,erica. 1n act, the Ger,an Air ;orce could not operate 'ithout a special additive patented !y Hoc"e eller*s Standard Oil. The drastic !o,!ing o .ondon !y Ba/i Ger,any, or e4a,ple, 'as ,ade possi!le !y a R0$ ,illion sale o uel to 1.G.;ar!en !y the Hoc"e eller*s Standard Oil &o,pany. This is +ust one s,all point o the topic ho' A,erican !usiness unded !oth sides o -orld -ar 11. One other treasonous organi/ation 'orth ,entioning is the Lnion %an"ing &orporation o Be' Ior" &ity. Bot only did they inanced nu,erous aspects o >itler*s rise to po'er along 'ith actual ,aterials during the 'ar, it 'as also a Ba/i ,oney-laundering !an" 'hich 'as eventually e4posed or having ,illions o dollars o Ba/i ,oney in its vaults. The Lnion %an"ing &orporation o Be' Ior" 'as eventually sei/ed or violations o the Trading 'ith the ene,y Act. Guess 'ho the director and vice president o the Lnion %an" 'asD Prescott %ush, our current president*s grand ather and o course our or,er president*s ather. Ceep that in ,ind 'hen considering the ,oral and political dispositions o the %ush a,ily. Gietna, -ar The Lnited States o icial declaration o 'ar 'ith Gietna, in #@:2 ca,e a ter an alleged incident involving t'o LS destroyers !eing attac"ed !y the Borth Gietna,ese PT !oats in the Gul o Ton"in. This 'as "no'n as the Gul o Ton"in 1ncident. This single situation 'as the catalystic prete4t or ,assive troop deploy,ent and ull- leshed 'ar are. One pro!le,, ho'ever. The attac" on the LS destroyers !y Gietna,ese PT !oats never happened. 1t 'as a co,pletely staged event to have an e4cuse to enter the 'ar. ;or,er Secretary o =e ence Ho!ert McBa,ara stated years later that the Gul o Ton"in 1ncident 'as a ,ista"e, 'hile ,any other insiders and o icers have co,e or'ard relaying that it 'as a contrived arce and co,plete lie. Once in the 'ar, it 'as !usiness as usual. 1n Octo!er #@:: President .yndon Eohnson li ted trade restrictions on the Soviet !loc" "no'ing ull 'ell that the Soviets 'ere providing up'ards o ?$O o Borth Gietna, 'ar supplies. &onse3uently, the Hoc"e eller interests inanced actories in Soviet Lnion 'hich the Soviets used to ,anu acture ,ilitary e3uip,ent and send it to Borth Gietna,. >o'ever, the unding o !oth sides in this con lict 'as only one side o the coin. 1n #@?6 Gietna,*s Hules o Engage,ent 'ere declassi ied. This detailed 'hat A,erican troops 'ere and 'ere not allo'ed to do in the 'ar. 1t included a!surdities li"e: Y Borth Gietna,ese anti-aircra t ,issile syste,s could not !e !o,!ed until they 'ere "no'n to !e operational Y Bo ene,y could !e pursued once they crossed the !order o .aos or &a,!odia. And ,ost revealing o all.. Y The ,ost critical strategic targets 'ere not allo'ed to !e attac"ed unless initiated via high ,ilitary o icials. Apart ro, these i,posed ludicrous li,itations Borth Gietna, 'as in or,ed o these restrictions and there ore could !ased entire strategies around the li,itations o the A,erican orces. This is 'hy the 'ar 'ent on so long. And the !otto, line is this: the Gietna, -ar 'as never ,eant to !e 'on. Eust sustained. This 'ar or pro it resulted in 6?.$$$ A,erican deaths and 5 ,illion dead Gietna,ese. So, 'here are 'e no'D Septe,!er ##th 'as the +u,p start or, 'hat is no', accelerating agenda !y the ruthless elite. 1t 'as a staged 'ar prete4t, no di erent than the sin"ing o the .usitania, the provo"ing o Pearl

>ar!or and the Gul o Ton"in lie. 1n act, i @T## 'asn*t a planned 'ar prete4t, it 'ould !e an e4ception to the rule. 1t has !een used to launch t'o unprovo"ed illegal 'ars, one against 1ra3 and one against A ghanistan. >o'ever, @T## 'as a prete4t or another 'ar as 'ell. The 'ar against you. The Patriot Act, >o,eland Security, the Military Tri!unals Act and other legislations are all co,pletely and entirely designed to destroy your civil li!erties and li,it your a!ility to ight !ac" against 'hat is co,ing. &urrently in the Lnited States, unannounced and ,ost !rain-'ashed A,ericans, your ho,e can !e searched, 'ithout a 'arrant, 'ithout you !eing ho,e, you can in turn !e arrested 'ith no charges revealed to you, detained inde initely 'ith no access to a la'yer and legally tortured, all under the suspicion that you ,ight !e a terrorist. 1 you need a painted picture o 'hat is happening in this country, let*s recogni/e ho' history repeats itsel . 1n ;e!ruary #@55, >itler staged a alse lag attac" !urning do'n his o'n Ger,an Parlia,ent !uilding, the Heichstag and !la,ed it on co,,unist terrorists. -ithin the ne4t e' 'ee"s he passed the Ena!ling Act 'hich co,pletely eradicated the Ger,an &onstitution, destroying people*s li!erties. >e then led a series o pre-e,ptive 'ars all +usti ied in Ger,an people as necessary to ,aintaining 8ho,eland security9. 8An evil e4ists that threatens every ,an, 'o,an and child o this great nation, 'e ,ust ta"e steps to ensure our do,estic security and protect our ho,eland.9 -Adol >itler, 'hen announcing the Gestapo to the people. 8On the ,atter o co,,unis, and its ront organi/ations should not o!scure the issueM9 AAdol >itler 8Our ene,y is a radical net'or" o terrorists and every govern,ent that supports the,.9 - George -. %ush 1t*s ti,e to 'a"e up. The people in po'er go out o their 'ay to ,a"e sure that you are perpetually ,isled and ,anipulated. The ,a+ority*s perception o reality, especially in the political arena, is not their o'n. 1t*s shre'dly i,posed upon the, 'ithout the, even "no'ing it. ;or e4a,ple, the pu!lic at large actually !elieves the invasion o 1ra3 is going !adly as sectarian violence doesn*t see, to stop. -hat the pu!lic ails to see is that the desta!ili/ation o 1ra3 is e4actly 'hat the people !ehind the govern,ent 'ant. This 'ar is to !e sustained so the region can !e divided up, do,ination o the oil ,aintained, continual pro its reaped or the de ence contractors and ,ost i,portantly, per,anent ,ilitary !ases esta!lished to !e used as a launching pad against other oil-!earing noncon or,ing countries such as 1ran and Syria. ;or urther i,plication that the civil 'ar and esta!ili/ation is purely intentional, in 0$$6 t'o elite %ritish SAS o icers 'ere arrested !y 1ra3i police a ter !eing caught driving around in their car, shooting at civilians 'hile dressed up as Ara!s. A ter !eing arrested and ta"en to a +ail in %asra, the %ritish Ar,y i,,ediately re3uested the release o these ,en. -hen the %asra Govern,ent re used, %ritish tan"s ca,e in and physically !ro"e out the ,en ro, the %asra prison. 81 you 'ish to destroy an area, ho' do you do itD -ell there are t'o 'ays: you can go in there and !o,! it and so orth, !ut that is not very e icient. -hat you do is you try to get the people in that area to "ill each other and to destroy their o'n territory, their o'n ar,s, and that*s 'hat*s !een done to that area. So, the 'ay in 'hich you destroy the !ond is get hi, to destroy hi,sel !y dividing his ran"s against one another.9 8And then you eed !oth sides, you have agents eeding !oth sides A in la,ing !oth sides, and they "ill each other o . And it*s ti,e that so,e o us 'o"e up to this reality, to understand that 'ill people try to ,aintain e,pires and create e,pires. They do it !y ,anipulating the people they are trying to con3uer.9

Iou ,ight 'anna as" yoursel 'hy the entire culture is utterly saturated 'ith ,ass ,edia entertain,ent ro, all sides 'hile the educational syste, in A,erica continues its stupe ying do'n'ards slide since the LS Govern,ent decided to ta"e over and su!sidi/e the pu!lic school syste,. 8-hat your govern,ent pays or, it gets. -hen 'e understand that, then 'e loo" at govern,ent inanced institutions o education and see the "ind o students and the "ind o education that*s !een turned out !y these govern,ent inanced schools, the logic 'ill tell you that i 'hat has !een turned out in those schools 'as not in accord 'ith 'hat the state and the ederal govern,ent 'anted then it 'ould change it.9 8The !otto, line is that the govern,ent is getting 'hat they have ordered. They do not 'ant your children to !e educated. They do not 'ant you to thin" too ,uch. That is 'hy our country and our 'orld has !eco,e so proli erated 'ith entertain,ents, ,ass ,edia, television sho's, a,use,ent par"s, drugs, alcohol and every "ind o entertain,ent that "eep the hu,an ,ind entertained. So that you don*t get in the 'ay o i,portant people !y doing too ,uch thin"ing. Iou had !etter 'a"e up and understand that there are people 'ho are guiding your li e and you don*t even "no' it.9 Bet'or", #@<: : 8-e*re in a lot o trou!leM %ecause you people, and :0 ,illion other A,ericans are listening to ,e right no'. %ecause less than 5O o you people read !oo"s. %ecause less than #6O o you read ne'spapers. %ecause the only truth you "no' is 'hat you get over this tu!e. Hight no', there is a 'hole and entire generation that never "ne' anything that didn*t co,e out o this tu!eM This tu!e is the Gospel. The ulti,ate revelation. This tu!e can ,a"e or !rea" presidents, popes, pri,e ,inisters. This tu!e is the ,ost a'eso,e godda,n orce in the 'hole godless 'orld and 'oe is us i it ever alls into the hands o the 'rong peopleM9 8And 'hen the largest co,pany in the 'orld controls the ,ost a'eso,e, godda,n propaganda orce in the 'hole godless 'orld 'ho "no's 'hat shit 'ill !e peddled or truth on this net'or"M So you listen to ,e. .isten to ,eM Television is not the truth. Television*s a godda,ned a,use,ent par"M Television is a circus, a carnival, a travelling troupe o acro!ats, storytellers, dancers, singers, +ugglers, sidesho' rea"s, lion ta,ers and oot!all players. -e*re in the !oredo,-"illing !usiness.9 8%ut you people sit there, day a ter day, night a ter night, all ages, colours, creeds. -e*re all you "no'. Iou*re !eginning to !elieve the illusions 'e*re spinning here. Iou*re !eginning to thin" that the tu!e is reality and that your o'n lives are unreal. Iou do 'hatever the tu!e tells youM Iou dress li"e the tu!e, you eat li"e the tu!e, you raise your children li"e the tu!e, you even thin" li"e the tu!e. This is ,ass ,adness, you ,aniacsM 1n God*s na,e, you people are the real thingM -e are the illusionM9 ;or the last thing the ,en !ehind the curtain 'ant is a conscience, in or,ed pu!lic capa!le o critical thin"ing. -hich is 'hy a continually raudulent /eitgeist is output via religion, the ,ass ,edia and the educational syste,. They see" to "eep you in distracted, naive !u!!le. And they are doing a da,n good +o! o it. 1n 0$$6 an arrange,ent !et'een &anada, Me4ico and the Lnited States 'as ,ade. This arrange,ent, unannounced to the pu!lic, unregulated !y &ongress, ,erges the Lnited States, Me4ico and &anada into one entity, erasing all !orders. 1t*s called the Borth A,erican Lnion. Iou ,ight 'anna as" yoursel 'hy you never heard o this. 1n act, there is only one ,ainstrea, reporter 'ho*s actually heard o and has had the courage to cover this issue.

8The %ush Ad,inistration*s open !order policy and its decision to ignore the en orce,ent o this country*s i,,igration la's is part o a !roader agenda. President %ush signed a or,al agree,ent that 'ill end the Lnited States as 'e "no' it. And he too" this step 'ithout approval ro, either the LS &ongress or the people o the Lnited States.9 A&BB 81t*s a deal that e' have even heard o .9 81t*s !een done again !y very e' people at the very top, on !ehal o the invest,ent class. %ut the 'or"ing class o people, political o icials 'ho cross our country ro, co,,unities, ro, cities and so orth, they don*t "no' anything a!out this.9 A&BB This isn*t so,e trade agree,ent. 1t is a total re,oval o sovereignty ro, these countries 'hich 'ill also result in a co,pletely ne' currency called the A,ero. 87apart ro, that 1 thin" one thing, people 'ho are dollar !ased need to ocus on is the A,ero. That*s the one thing that no!ody is tal"ing a!out, !ut 1 thin" it*s gonna have a !ig i,pact on every!ody*s li e in &anada, the LS and Me4ico. And the A,ero is the proposal o currency or the Borth A,erican co,,unity 'hich is !eing developed right no' !et'een &anada, the LS and Me4ico to ,a"e a !orderless co,,unity ,uch li"e the EL and the dollar, &anadian =ollar, LS =ollar, and the Me4ican Peso replaced !y the A,ero. ASteve Previs %y de ault o this agree,ent, the A,erican &onstitution 'ill eventually !e o!solete. Iou 'ould thin" that a situation li"e this 'ould !e on the cover o every ,a+or ne'spaper. That is until you reali/e the people 'ho are !ehind this ,ove,ent are the sa,e people 'ho are !ehind the ,ainstrea, ,edia and you are not told 'hat you*re not supposed to "no'. The Borth A,erican Lnion is the sa,e concept as the European Lnion, the A rican Lnion and the soon-to-!e Asian Lnion. And the sa,e people are !ehind all o the,. And 'hen the ti,e is right the Borth A,erican, the European Lnion the A rican Lnion and the Asian Lnion 'ill !e ,erged together or,ing the inal stages o the plan these ,en have !een 'or"ing on or over :$ years A a One -orld Govern,ent. 8-e shall have 'orld govern,ent 'hether or not 'e li"e it. The only 3uestion is 'hether 'orld govern,ent 'ill !e achieved !y con3uest or consent.9 -Paul -ar!urg, &ouncil on ;oreign Helations T Architect o The ;ederal Heserve Syste,. 8-e are grate ul to the -ashington Post, The Be' Ior" Ti,es, Ti,e Maga/ine, and other great pu!lications 'hose directors have attended our ,eetings and respected their pro,ises o discretion or al,ost 2$ years. 1t 'ould have !een i,possi!le or us to develop our plan or the 'orld i 'e had !een su!+ected to the lights o pu!licity during those years.9 8%ut, the 'orld is ,ore sophisticated and prepared to ,arch to'ard a 'orld govern,ent, the supranational sovereignty o an intellectual elite and 'orld !an"ers is surely pre era!le to the national auto-deter,ination practiced in past centuries.9 -=avid Hoc"e eller, &ouncil o ;oreign Helations One !an", one ar,y, one centre o po'er. And i 'e have learned anything ro, history it is that po'er corrupts. And a!solute po'er corrupts a!solutely. YThis is Aaron Husso, a il, ,a"er and a or,al politician. To his le t is Bicholas Hoc"e eller o the in a,ous Hoc"e eller !an"ing and !usiness dynasty. A ter ,aintaining the close riendship 'ith Bicholas Hoc"e eller Aaron eventually ended the relationship appalled !y 'hat he had learned a!out the Hoc"e ellers and their a,!itions.

Aaron conversation 'ith Bicholas : 81 got a call one day ro, the Terry 'o,an 1 "ne' and she said, 8-ould you li"e to ,eet one o the Hoc"e ellersD9 1 said, 8Sure, 1*d love toM9 And 'e !eca,e riends. And he !egan to devote a lot o things to ,e.9 So he said to ,e one night, 8There*s gonna !e an event, Aaron. And out o that event you*re gonna see 'e are going to go into A ghanistan so 'e can run the pipelines ro, the &aspian Sea, 'e are going to go into 1ra3 to ta"e the oil and esta!lish a !ase in the Middle-East, and then 'e are going to go into Gene/uela and try to get rid o that &have/.9 And the irst t'o they*ve acco,plished, &have/ they didn*t acco,plish. And so you*re gonna see guys going into caves, loo"ing or people they never gonna ind. Iou "no', he*s laughing a!out the act that you have this 'ar on terror and there*s no real ene,y. >e*s tal"ing a!out ho' !y having this 'ar on terror you can never 'in it *cause it*s an eternal 'ar, so you can al'ays "eep ta"ing people*s li!erties a'ay. 1 said, 8>o' you*re gonna convinced people that this 'ar is realD9 >e said, 8%y the ,edia. The ,edia can convince every!ody it*s real. Iou "no', it*s +ust that you "eep tal"ing a!out things, you "eep saying it over and over and over again and eventually people !elieve this.9 Iou "no' they*ve created ;ederal Heserve in #@#5 through lies, they*ve created @T## 'hich is another lie, through @T## you*re then ighting the 'ar on terror and a ter'ards you*re going to 1ra3 'hich 'as another lie. and then they gonna do 1ran. And it*s all one thing leading to another, leading to another, leading to another. And 1 'ould say, 8'hat are you doing this orD -hat*s the point o this thingD Iou have all the ,oney in the 'orld you*d ever 'ant, you have all the po'er.9 1 said, 8Iou "no', you*re hurting people, it*s not a good thing.9 And he 'ould say, 8-hat do you care a!out the people orD Ta"e care o yoursel , and ta"e care o your a,ily.9 And then 1 said to hi,, 8-hat are the ulti,ate goals hereD9 >e said, 8The ulti,ate goal is to get every!ody in this 'orld chipped 'ith an H;1= chip.9 And to have all the ,oney to !e on those chips, and everything on those chips. And i any!ody 'ants to protest 'hat 'e do or violate 'hat 'e 'ant, 'e +ust turn o their chip.9 That*s right. Microchipped. 1n 0$$6 &ongress under the pretense o i,,igration control and the so-called 8-ar on Terroris,9 passed the Heal 1= Act, under 'hich, it is pro+ected, !y May 0$$? you 'ill !e re3uired to carry around a ederal identi ication card 'hich includes on it a scanna!le !ar code 'ith your personal in or,ation. >o'ever, this !ar code is only an inter,ediary step !e ore the card is e3uipped 'ith that very chip, H;1= trac"ing ,odule 'hich 'ill use radio re3uencies to trac" your every ,ove on the planet. 1 this sounds oreign to you, please "no' that the H;1= trac"ing chip is already in all ne' A,erican passports. And the inal step is the i,planted chip 'hich ,any people had already !een ,anipulated into e4cepting under di erent pretenses. 8-e have a ;lorida a,ily 'ho are really pioneers in the !rave ne' 'orld. They have volunteered to !e the irst ever to have ,icrochipped identi ication devices i,planted into their !odies.9

8A ter @T## 1 'as really concerned a!out the security o ,y a,ily.9 81 'ouldn*t ,ind having so,ething planted per,anently in ,y ar, that 'ould identi y ,e.9 1n the end every!ody 'ill !e loc"ed into a ,onetary control grip 'here every single action you per or, is docu,ented. And i you get out o line, they can +ust turn o your chip or at that point o ti,e every single aspect o society 'ill revolve around interactions 'ith the chips. This is the picture that is painted or the uture i you open your eyes to see it. A centrali/ed one 'orld econo,y 'here everyone*s ,oves and everyone*s transactions are trac"ed and ,onitored, all rights re,oved. The ,ost incredi!le aspect o all: these totalitarian ele,ents 'ill not !e orced upon the people, the people 'ill de,and the,. ;or, the social ,anipulation o society through the generation o ear and division has co,pletely detached hu,ans ro, their sense o po'er and reality. The process 'hich has !een going on or centuries, i not ,illennia, religion, patriotis,, race, 'ealth, class and every other or, o ar!itrary separatist identi ication thus conceived has served to create a controlled population utterly ,allea!le in the hands o the e'. =ivide and con3uer is the ,otto. And as long as people continue to see the,selves as separate ro, everything else they lend the,selves to !e co,pletely enslaved. The ,en !ehind the curtain "no' this and they also "no' that i people ever reali/ed the truth o their relationship to nature and the truth o their personal po'er, the entire ,anu actured /eitgeist they prey upon 'ould collapse li"e a house o cards. 8The 'hole syste, that 'e live in drills into us that 'e*re po'erless, that 'e*re 'ea", that our society is evil, that it*s raudulent et cetera and so orth it*s all a !ig at lie. -e are po'er ul, !eauti ul, e4traordinary. There is no reason 'hy you cannot understand 'ho 'e truly are, 'here are 'e going. There is no reason 'hy the average individual cannot !e ully e,po'ered. -e are incredi!ly po'er ul !eings.9 81 thin" 1*ve spent 5$ years o ,y li e, the irst 5$, trying to !eco,e so,ething. 1 'anted to !eco,e good at things, 1 'anted to !eco,e good at tennis, 1 'anted to !eco,e good at school and grades7 and everything 1 "ind o vie'ed in that perspective: 1*, not OC the 'ay 1 a,, !ut i 1 got good at things7 7and 1 reali/ed that 1 had the ga,e 'rong. The ga,e 'as to ind out 'hat 1 already 'as.9 8Bo', in our culture 'e*ve !een trained or individual di erences to stand out. So, you loo" at each person and i,,ediately it is !righter, du,!er, older, younger, richer, poorer7 and 'e ,a"e all these di,ensional distinctions, 'e put the, in categories and treat the, that 'ay. And 'e get so that 'e only see others as separate ro, ourselves in the 'ays in 'hich they*re separate. And one o the dra,atic characteristics o e4perience is !eing 'ith another person and suddenly seeing the 'ays in 'hich they*re li"e you, and not di erent ro, you, and e4periencing the act that 'hich is essence in you, 'hich is essence in ,e is the one, the understanding there is no other. 1t is all one.9 8And 1 'asn*t !orn Hichard Al!ert, 1 'as +ust !orn as a hu,an !eing and then 1 learned this 'hole !usiness o 'ho 1 a,, and 'hether 1*, good or !ad or achieving or not, all that*s learned along the 'ay.9 8The old appeals to racial, se4ual and religious chauvinis,, to ra!id nationalist ervour are !eginning not to 'or". A ne' consciousness is developing 'hich sees the Earth as a single organis, and recogni/es that an organis, at 'ar 'ith itsel is doo,ed.9 A &arl Sagan, Physicist %ill >ic"s used to inish his sho's 'ith this: .i e*s li"e a ride in an a,use,ent par". -e go on it and thin" it*s real *cause that*s ho'

po'er ul our ,inds are. And the ride goes up and do'n and round and round. 1t has thrills and chills and it*s very !rightly colored and it*s very loud and it*s un, or a 'hile. So,e have !een on the ride or a long ti,e and they !egin to 3uestion, is this real, or is this +ust a rideD And other people have re,e,!ered, and they co,e !ac" to us, they say, 8>ey, don*t 'orry, don*t !e a raid, ever, !ecause, this is +ust a ride79 And 'e "ill those people. 8Shut hi, up. 1*ve got a lot invested in this ride. Shut hi, upM .oo" at ,y urro's o 'orry. .oo" at ,y !ig !an" account and ,y a,ily. This has to !e real.9 1t*s +ust a ride. %ut 'e al'ays "ill those good guys 'ho try and tell us that, you ever notice thatD -e let the de,ons run a,o". %ut it doesn*t ,atter !ecause, it*s +ust a ride. And 'e can change it anyti,e 'e 'ant. 1t*s only a choice. Bo e ort, no 'or", no +o!, no savings and ,oney. Eust a choice, right no', !et'een ear and love.