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Conference Schedule
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28 9:30AM 10:00AM 1:30-2:30PM 2:45-4:15PM 4:30-6:00PM SATURDAY, MARCH 1 9:15AM 9:45AM-10:45AM 11:00AM-12:00PM 12:00PM-1:00PM 1:00PM-2:30PM 2:45PM-4:15PM 4:15PM Registration & Coffee Plenary II: "Conceptualizing Global Studies for the Classroom" Manfred Steger, Mark Juergensmeyer, Andrea Haupt, Ravi Roy Moderator: Phil McCarty Plenary III: "A Conversation with Noam Chomsky & Jan Nederveen Pieterse" Lunch Break Panel Session II Panel Session III Closing Comments & Reception University Center: See below for specific panels, location and time University Center: See below for specific panels, location and time University Center: SB Harbor conference room University Center lobby University Center: Flying A conference room Pollock Theatre Registration opens Pre-Conference Workshop/Discussion: "Earth in Crisis: How Do We Build a Future Shaped by Climate Justice Welcome & Plenary Session I - "Materialities" Bhaskar Sarkar, Gabriella Soto Laveaga, David López-Carr, David Novak Moderator: Eve Darian-Smith Panel Session I Keynote Address: Ananya Roy, "Bottom Billion Capitalism: How Poverty Became a Global Market" University Center lobby MCC Lounge Corwin Pavilion University Center: See below for specific panels, location and time Corwin Pavilion

Old and New: Materiality and Vision Materialities of Mobility and Immobility in the Refugee Experience Temporary Settlements. Guns & Money:  Wall Street & the American Century Patents as Materialities? Regional and Global Environmental Treaty Adoption Achieving Workers Rights in the Global Economy Globalization. College Booms. and Wage Inequality: Why Everywhere. Permanent Materials: Seasonal Migration in the North Atlantic.Panel Title Venue * Chair / Discussant Security. Why Now? Two Cheers for Vertical Integration: Corporate Governance in a World of Global Supply Chains Mineworkers and state capitalists in Zambia: An Incomplete PostNeoliberal Turn Wildfires and Sustainable Urban Development Sustainable Urban Development: Some Lessons from California and Oregon Sustainable Development and Biodiversity Conservation Sustainable Development from the Perspective of Chile African Diaspora. Thompson (Indiana University) and Leila Zakhirova (Concordia College) Thomas Reifer (USD) Margrit Seckelmann (GRIPA) Colin Kuehl (UCSB) Richard Appelbaum (UCSB) Paper Title Fracking. Peaking. 16th-18th Centuries Gutenberg to Omidyar: The Impact of Global Media The Materiality of Multilingualism in a Global City: A Language Map of Tokyo Tweets Religions @Facebook: A Case Study of Indonesia Social Impacts of Resource Extraction in Colombia Destructive Displacement: A Northern Ugandan Case Study Guest of the Civil War: Syrian Refugees Syria: Risks & Reconstruction Globalization and Labor: Making Blue the Next Green Aashish Mehta (UCSB) State Street Richard Appelbaum (UCSB) Nelson Lichtenstein (UCSB) Nick Jepson (UCSB & Bristol) The Meaning of Sustainable Development: From Theory to Policy Sarah Anderson (UCSB) SB Harbor Raymond Clémençon (UCSB) Erik Solevad Nielsen Peter Alagona (UCSB) Javiera Barandiarán (UCSB) Patrick Manning (University of Pittsburgh) Materiality of Migration Lobero Patrick Manning (University of Pittsburgh) Bennett Sherry (University of Pittsburgh) Jack Bouchard (University of Pittsburgh) Scott Macleod (American University in Cairo) Social Media in a Global World SB Mission Nadege Clitandre (UCSB) Jonathan Lewis (Hitotsubashi University) Uwes Fatoni (Universitas Islam Negeri) Felicia Graham (UCSB) Post-Conflict Realities Chumash Paul Amar (UCSB) Hannah Brown (UCSB) Sergey Saluschev (UCSB) Daniel Zorub (UCSB) . Sovereignty & Geopolitical Dimensions of Globalization Flying A Studio Jan Nederveen Pieterse (UCSB) FRIDAY. and Protracting: The Implications of US Energy Independence for a Future US-Chinese Leadership Transition Lawyers.2:45-4:15 Presenters William R. FEBRUARY 28 Panel Session I .

MARCH 1 Panel Session II: 1:00PM-2:30PM Presenters John Foran (UCSB) Paper Title Achieving Radical Emissions Reductions: A Plan for Social Action SHORT FILM: "A $25 Billion Mega-Project Mistake": Shaping Bottom Up Movement Building From the Durban Port Development to Keystone XL Designing the Climate of Empire and the New Machine of Global Citizenship Carbon Colonialism. and Spelling Bee Winners SB Harbor Kum-Kum Bhavnani (UCSB) Lalaie Ameeriar (UCSB) Sameer Pandya (UCSB) Philip Deslippe (UCSB) John Vanderhoef (UCSB) Open and Shut: New Directions in Chinese Media Lobero Michael Curtin (UCSB) Wesley Jacks (UCSB) Yongli Li (UCSB) Lata Murti (Brandman University) Teaching Globalization and the Globalization of Teaching Online: The Material and the Virtual Chumash Lata Murti (Brandman University) Michael Moodian (Brandman University) Kristin Greenway (Brandman University) Rebecca Gallivan (Brandman University) .C. South Africa) Richard Widick (UCSB) Michael Dorsey (Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. National. Crony-Capitalism. and International Scales. Horror.Globalization and Social Change Online: Teaching Material for Virtual Instruction Developing a Personalized Workshop on Intercultural Competence Development as Part of a Globalization Class Globalized Education: A Student’s Account of a Non-Traditional Education Learning Globalization in a Globalized Online Forum: A Student’s Perspective WHAT NOW for Climate Justice? Designing Public Engagement in the Struggle for Climate Justice across Local. Inequality.) Global Capitalism. & (various forms of) Financial Haruspicy & Collusion: Participant Observations on the Persistence of Neoliberal Swine Flu Across Two Decades of Climate Governance” Policing Global Capitalism: Crisis and Social Control Access to Justice: Bridging Citizenship and Human Rights Blockupy: Producing Spaces of Dissent in Frankfurt The Security Aesthetic in Bollywood’s High-Rise Horror The Gender of Expulsion: The Politics of the “Terrorist Male” and “Imperiled Muslim Woman” at the Border The Model Minority Spectacle of the Spelling Bee Printed Matter and the Development of Modern Transnational Yoga From Communism to Computer Games: Shanghai’s Place in Global Game Production Growing while Shrinking: Competition and Consolidation in Chinese Online Video Platforms China’s Piracy Culture in the Age of New Media .Panel Title Venue * Chair / Discussant SATURDAY. D. Flying A Studio John Foran (UCSB) Patrick Bond (KwaZulu Natal University. & Social Protest State Street Chris Chase-Dunn (UC Riverside) William Robinson (UCSB) Natasha Bennett (UCSB) Daniel Palm (BIGSSS) Bishnupriya Ghosh (UCSB) Representations of Globalized South Asia: On Terror.Baidu Player’s Case Study Developing SOCU 436 .

Ghana National Identity and Urban Form in Berlin: A Story of Three Airports Slave Songs and Minstrel Moves: Singing and Dancing Objects into Subjects and Racial Inclusion “Today’s Answer for Tomorrow’s Community”: Ella Fitzgerald and Performing a New Social Warrant of Integrated Suburban Living The (Im)Materiality of Race: The Representation and Circulation of “Brownness” in the Liberal Media and Domingo Martinez’s The Boy Kings of Texas Global Climate Justice Politics and Scholarship Flying A Studio John Foran (UCSB) The Global South: Past. venue names refer to rooms within the Ucen (see map) . Shoes. Present and Future State Street Jan Nederveen Pieterse (UCSB) Lulin Bao (UC Riverside) Alessandro Morosin (UC Riverside) Sandor Nagy (UC Riverside) Juan Llamas Rodriguez (UCSB) Media. A Plan. A Mall: The Role of Globalizing Elites in the Development of Accra. MARCH 1 Panel Session III: 2:45PM-4:15PM Presenters John Foran (UCSB) Krista Bywater (Muhlenberg College) Emily Williams (California Student Sustainability Coalition) Summer Gray (UCSB) Chris Chase-Dunn (UC Riverside) Paper Title Doing Climate Politics Ourselves: Some Observations on the Relationship of Climate Justice Scholarship and Activism Activist Academics: Opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline and Flipping the Tree Hugger Narrative Taking Action Locally and Globally: Fossil Free and the Global Climate Justice Movement Going Viral: The Meeting Place of Cinematography and Sociology The Web of Contemporary Transnational Social Movements: Processes of Convergence and Divergence Dilemma and Way-Out: Chinese Urbanization in the Globalized World The Social Forum Process and the Arab Spring: Report from Tunis The Commodification of Wealth and Core/Periphery Hierarchies: Money and Inequality What Is (in) a Diasporic Video Store? Mobile Tower Radiation Controversy in Urban India: Iterative Reconfigurations of Journalistic Practices and Telecom Infrastructures Mediating the Global in Cavite and Aamir The Cruise Ship Industry and the Caribbean in the Era of Global Capitalism: A Critical Analysis Embodying Value: Differential Valuations of Life and Labor in the Global Market A Man. Ships. & Malls: Commodification in a Global Market Chumash Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval (UCSB) Steven Pokornowski (UCSB) Deborah Hobden (UCSB) Mark Beirn (Washington University) Barbara Taylor (UCSB) Global Materiality of Race Goleta Esther Lezra (UCSB) George Blake (UCSB) Magda García (UCSB) * Note: All panels will take place at the University Center. Materiality. and the Global Lobero Bhaskar Sarkar (UCSB) Rahul Mukherjee (UCSB) Athena Tan (UCSB) Jeb Sprague (UCSB) Planes.Panel Title Venue * Chair / Discussant SATURDAY.

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