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célia mara

globalista proudly present:

brazilian bastardsound made in vienna

Célia Mara is a Brazilian artist, born and grown up in the Vale de Jequitenhon-
has (Minas Gerais). Now, she is living mostly in Vienna, Austria and sometimes in
Salvador, Bahia - tuning the world with her Bastard Sound and presenting a new
approach to Brazilian Diaspora music.
„„Bastardista“, wouldn’t the
Célia Mara sings, plays, composes and arranges. She is a bandleader and a solo artist, a 21st. artist have invented it,
century singer - songwriter, a real Brazilian groove lady, a jazz singer full of emotion, a screa- there wouldn’t be a wording
ming rock star, a sensual seduction, a funky entertainer… And she’s always carrying a message for «Gesamtkunstwerk»
for peace and social justice with her … Célia Mara.“
(Anna Bianca Krause,
Célia Mara’s charismatic voice, her strong compositions, the eclectic, but typical- Funkhaus Europa, D)
ly Brazilian mixture and the edgy electro-arrangements pushed her latest albums Santa
Rebeldia and bastardista among the headliners of „Global Bricolagistas:

„Global Bricolagistas - Los de Abajo, DJ Dolores, Manu Chao, and

Mariam and Amadou, Zuco 103, Celia Mara, Ojos de Brujo and Zuba were
just a few of the names that grabbed our attention in a year when the
world said no to globalization and yes to global music culture mash up.“
Damian Rafferty (Fly- global music culture, UK)

Célia Mara is certainly one of the most impressing latin front-ladies

living between Brazil & Central Europe… Her passionate singing has
led Healer Selecta, of the United Kingdom’s reason2b, to label her
as “the best Brazilian international underground artist.” For sponta-
neous live sessions, Célia’s bastard sound attracted as great artists as
Joe Zawinul, Konstantin Wecker, Amparo Sanchez (Amparanoia),
Olodum, Think of One, Magou & Dakar Transit or Reggaeman Lazzo
Matumbi… awarded...
Célia Mara band performed during the last years between hyped clubs
in London, Moscow or Prag, in prestigious concert halls like the famous copa da cultura 2006
(prêmio brasil-alemanha //
Vienna Opera House or the national palace of culture in Sofia, lately, she had ministry of culture, Brazil)
great shows in southern Europe. Célia Mara played at huge Reggae-, Jazz-, herta pammer preis 2003
Groove- or World Music festivals throughout Europe, was invited to (kfb - austria)
best world music artist austria
Latin Americas biggest festival, Ollin Kan in Mexico City, she pre- (concerto poll austria 2000)
sented her songs on “fightin‘ for a better world”mega open airs in * Top of Worldmusic Charts
Berlin or rocked a soccer field in Croatia. Europe
Top Charts in Radio Kosmos
Greece *
nt and Funkhaus Europa ...
confide eldia
„Brash, t
. Santa
Reb the bes Releases: world music charts Russia *…
assured ldly go where
it ’s „one of n” records Santa Rebeldia (2008)
sto b o razilia contact::
deserve ecessor led. “ )) new “b und this year“ Bastardista (2005)
pred lines(UK aro
a m p s o n / song to come / global rhythm Necessário (2001) silvia jura - globalista
mark s or skype: globalista
tom pry (USA)
Hot couture do
samba(1998) tel: +4369910088700
live projects
let‘s celebrate diversity! The mix is the way
Célia Mara makes music with a smile - flexible, ironical, sensual, rebellious and fresh. She is an engaging front woman,
giving her soul to the audience - dancing, grooving, entertaining.
She never fails to impress with her strong voice, the amazing vocal improvisations, which she quickly switches over to
beatboxing and sometimes even ascend to trumpet solos. She plays her acoustic guitar with glamour, brazilian rhythm
and fun.
As a songwriter, she focusses on playing her own songs - labeled as „crackers“ or „a 100% legitimate hit“ by prestigi-
ous Songlines Magazine. At the root of her music lies a marriage between traditional Brazilian Music, the rich Latino
culture and European underground instrumental grooves. The lyrics, sung in Portuguese, English, German, Spanish
and French, are urban poems that sing the voice of migrations and provide communication without any borders.

Célia Mara is tipically Brazilian… and Viennese: she disrespectfully surfs between musical styles and rhythms, plays
effortlessly with Retro-Brazil, Tango and traditional Afro-Brazilian grooves, mixes Nova MPB and Samba with
Funk, Reggae, Balkan-folk, Glamour Rock and HipHop… for sure, she‘s totally invoved in the flow of the music.
In 2010, Célia Mara has great cooperations going on:

Célia Mara & La Banda di Piazza Caricamento Viva la globalisaXion cultural!

It’s fun. It’s easy. It’s today’s global Europe.

Célia Mara is melting with the Babel of Genoa: the multi-ethnic spectacle is spreading
energy and joy, uniting the pressing grooves of percussion, marvelous voices, ethnic and
urban dance scenes with Célia Mara’s bombastic performance.
Surprising, intensive, with a large dose of humor, driven by irresistible beats.
That’s 90 minutes of global bastardsound, a bursting show with powerful lead singer Célia
Mara and La Banda di Piazza Caricamento, fifteen young artists immigrated from all
continents, directed by Davide Ferrari. See the Video: Genres: Global Worldmusic Show: Afro - Latin - Brasil - Oriental -
co-production Festival del mediterraneo, Genua & globalista, vienna Disapora - Urban - Voices - Grooves - Danceperformance

Meus Amores Célia Mara, Benjamim Taubkin, Lui Coimbra

A Brazilian Love Journey.
Intensive. Acoustic. Pointing right into your heart.
Célia Mara joined two of Brazils most extraordinary instrumental artists to mix on stage an
exciting love-portion out of Bossa Nova and Brazilian folklore, Latin Jazz and Tango, Boleros and
Rumbas – welcome in “emozionia”! This is an acoustic, contemporary experience, playing with
sweet temptation and sensual seduction! Be aware!
To expect is a Brazilian night full of poetry and intensive feelings, a journey in the depth of
prickling sentiments. With the extradordinary line-up of Célia Mara voice and guitar, Benjamim
Taubkin on piano and Lui Coimbra on Cello .
Célia Mara Love Songs:
Genres: Brasil, Latin, MPB a Globalista production: on Tour April 2010 / Europe (based in são Paulo, BR)

Célia Mara & Band Brazilian Bastardsound

…this is the sound of Nu-Brazil by way of Vienna…
Brash, confident and assured“ (Songlines, UK)

Célia Mara‘s Bastard Sound is an exciting, high quality dance-mix with thoughtful
lyrics, illustrated by impressive live-visuals. It is transglobal samba-tango-jazz-reggae-
hiphop--bossa-glamour-rock-ska-and-funk, effortlessly switchable to fit underground-
clubs or popular open airs… - „This is one for the hostels and student halls of Europe
and South America; Manu Chao meets Yerba Buena meets Carlinhos Brown meets…“
Fly global music culture, London See the Video
Listen to Célia Mara Band:
Genres: Nu Brazil, Dub, World, Reggae, Latin-Funk
A globalista production: Available in Europe: march -November / in Brazil: November -March (5 on stage)

... and the ladies dance - tempestuously!“ (viennajazz /harald justin)

Célia Mara has been seen in:: Austria/ Brasil / Bulgaria / Croatia / Czech Rep. / Germany /Italy / Latvia /
Luxembourg /Mexico/ Serbia /Spain / UK / Russia / Tunisia…
Some festivals she really loved: Jazzfest Wien/A, Africa Festival/Würzburg/D, Jazz á Carthage/Tunis, Zeltival/Karlsruhe/D, Sabor
de Samba/Offenburg/D, National palace of Culture/ Sofia/BG, Mujeres en el Mediterraneo/Granada/ES, Interzone Festival/Novi
Sad/SER, CSD/ Berlin, Ethnoland/Moscow/RU, Sunsplash & Jazz@ Wiesen/A, Festival del Mediterraneo / Genova/It, Ethnotronica/
Moscow/RU, Spançirfest/Cr ecc…Some Clubs she recommends: CARGO/London/UK, Gazarte/Athens/GR, Porgy & Bess/Vienna /A,
Café Hahn, Koblenz/D, Joe Zawinuls‘s Birdland/Vienna/A, Roxy/Praha/CZ, Petrovic & Dao Ja/ Moscow/RU, Schlachthof Kassel/D...