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Polemic Publications in Gale PowerSearch

Publication Title Publisher Full-text Coverage Content
Advocate LPI Media Jan 21, 1997 - Current pro-GLBT perspective
American Conservative American Conservative LLC Aug 27, 2007 - Current conservative viewpoint
American Prospect American Prospect, Inc. March 1996 - Current liberal viewpoint
American Spectator American Spectator Jan 1, 1993 - Current conservative viewpoint
index only, some content
Atlantic Monthly Atlantic Media online literary/cultural commentary
Conference of Socialist
Capital and Class Economists Jun 22, 2002 - Current analysis of capitalism from Marxist perspective
CATO Journal CATO Institute Jan 1, 2002 - Current libertarian/conservative perspective
The Christian Century
Christian Century Foundation Dec 2, 1992 - Current ecumenical biweekly magazine
Christian Science Publishing
Christian Science Monitor Society Jan 6, 1997 - Current independent religious viewpoint
Christianity Today Christianity Today Inc Oct 26, 1992 - Current Christian perspective
Americans United for
Church and State Separation of Church & State Jan 1, 1997 - Current promotes separation of church & state
Commentary Commentary, Inc. Dec 1, 1992 - Current Jewish perspective
Foundation for the Study of index only, some content Identifies itself as a magazine of the left and a
Dissent Independent Social Ideas online magazine of independent minds

Economist Economist Newspaper Ltd Jan 9, 1988 - Current not overtly libertarian, but similar standpoint
Institute on Religion and Public
First Things Life Jan 1, 1997 - Current religious viewpoint
Council for Democratic and index and 1993-2004 only,
Free Inquiry Secular Humanism some content online advocates nonreligious standpoint
Futurist World Future Society Jan 1, 1989 - Current promotes scientific viewpoint

Harper's Magazine Harper's Magazine Foundation Jan 1, 1993 - Aug 1, 2007 literary flavor, tends toward liberal viewpoint

Humanist American Humanist Association Jan 1, 1993 - Current secular viewpoint
Independent Review Independent Institute Jan 1, 1997 - Current libertarian perspective
Monthly Review Monthly Review Foundation Jan 1, 1983 - Sep 1, 2005 socialist perspective

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Polemic Publications in Gale PowerSearch

Foundation for National presents political commentary and investigative
Mother Jones Progress Jan 1, 2002 - Current articles with an emphasis on social change
An independent weekly journal of opinion from the
Nation The Nation Company Jan 21, 1984 - Apr 11, 2005 viewpoint of the left
National Review National Review Jan 21, 1983 - Current conservative/Republican standpoint.
American Opinion Publishing,
New American Inc. Sep 1, 2001 - Current conservative viewpoint (John Birch Society)
Index only, some content Journal publishing independent thought and
New Perspectives Quarterly Blackwell Publications online criticism by global opinion leaders.
index only, some content coverage tends to be centrist on fiscal issues and
New Republic The New Republic online more liberal on social issues
New Yorker Conde Nast Publications Jan 14, 2002 - Current literary, arts-oriented, liberal perspective
Off Our Backs Off Our Backs, Inc. Feb 1, 1998 - July 2008 women's issues, feminist perspective
A weekly journal of opinion and leading voice for
Progressive The Progressive Jan 1, 1993 - Current peace and social justice in America
Reason Reason Foundation Jun 1, 1993 - Current libertarian perspective

Skeptic Skeptics Society Jan 1, 1999 - Current promotes scientific method & critical thinking
Tikkun Tikkun Magazine Jan 1, 1993 - Current liberal Jewish perspective
Vanity Fair Conde Nast Publications Jan 1, 2003 - Current Hollywood/fashion oriented, liberal view
independent monthly magazine devoted to politics,
government, culture, and the media in America,
Washington Monthly Washington Monthly Co. Jul 1, 1985 - Current from a progressive perspective.
Weekly Standard News America Incorporated Nov 15, 2004 - Current conservative viewpoint

Woodrow Wilson International
Wilson Quarterly Center for Scholars Jan 1, 1993 - Current academic content, tends toward liberal view

"world" view in contrast to traditional foreign vs.
World Policy Journal World Policy Institute Jun 22, 1994 - Current domestic views, varying perspectives

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