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February 27, 2014 To Whom It May Concern: It is my distinct pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Ngoc Nguyen. Over the course of completing her pre-service teacher education program I got to know Ngoc as her science methods instructor. As such, I have overseen a portion of Ngocs course work and corresponding field placement while she explored teaching science in a way that considers the diversity of students interests and backgrounds. I believe that Ngoc is a qualified teaching candidate. I have found her science content knowledge to be sound and throughout our time together Ngoc approached the prospect of teaching science with both maturity and enthusiasm. It is this exceptional attitude that set Ngoc apart from her peers. Further, Ngoc illustrated a strong appreciation for the various theories and issues specifically related to science teaching, which include aspects of cognition and learning, scientific literacy, scientific inquiry, and student diversity. Ngoc also demonstrated great creativity when translating and adapting these ideas into meaningful and theoretically informed science teaching strategies for the classroom and implementing them in the field. Therefore, I feel Ngoc is a reflective science educator who will carry both a professional and facilitating presence into the classroom. Based on the above I am confident in Ngocs understanding of best practices, which, based on our experiences together may center upon science, span subject matter disciplines. This, combined with her consideration of the multiple ways children learn, will result in her provision of high quality and meaningful instruction. Ngoc represents an emerging teacher who possesses not only the knowledge but the skills and dispositions to foster a facilitating learning environment rooted in her support of students varied needs. Ngoc is extremely motivated to teach. Her dedication to others, as well as her experiences within the DePaul University Elementary Education Program, will be a benefit to Ngoc and her students as she enters the teaching profession. As such I give Ngoc Nguyen my recommendation as a quality teacher candidate who will be of benefit to a school securing her services. Ngoc is an asset to the field of teaching, and I have no doubts that she will be a successful teacher. If I can be of any more assistance please feel free to contact me at 773325-7220 or via e-mail at Sincerely,

Richard Kozoll
Richard Kozoll, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Science Education DePaul University College of Education, Rm. 349 2247 North Halsted Street

Chicago, Illinois 60614