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Edexcel GCE
Statistics S1 Advanced/Advanced Subsidiary
Tuesday 16 January 2007 Ti#e$ 1 %!ur 30 #inutes
aterials re&uired '!r exa#inati!n Mathematical Formulae (Green or Lilac) (te#s included )it% &uesti!n *a*ers Nil


Candidates #ay use any calculat!r E+CE,T t%!se )it% t%e 'acility '!r sy#b!lic al"ebra- di''erentiati!n and/!r inte"rati!n. T%us candidates #ay /0T use calculat!rs suc% as t%e Texas (nstru#ents T( 81- T( 12- Casi! C2+ 1170G3e)lett ,ac4ard 3, 58G.

(nstructi!ns t! Candidates In the boxes on the answer book, write the name of the examinin bo!" (#!excel), "our centre number, can!i!ate number, the unit title ($tatistics $%), the paper reference (&&'(), "our surname, other name an! si nature) *alues from the statistical tables shoul! be +uote! in full) ,hen a calculator is use!, the answer shoul! be i-en to an appropriate !e ree of accurac") (n'!r#ati!n '!r Candidates . booklet /Mathematical Formulae an! $tatistical 0ables1 is pro-i!e!) Full marks ma" be obtaine! for answers to .LL +uestions) 0he marks for in!i-i!ual +uestions an! the parts of +uestions are shown in roun! brackets2 e) ) 627) 0here are 3 +uestions on this paper) 0he total mark for this paper is 34) Advice t! Candidates 5ou must ensure that "our answers to parts of +uestions are clearl" labelle!) 5ou must show sufficient workin to make "our metho!s clear to the #xaminer) .nswers without workin ma" ain no cre!it) /23187A
0his publication ma" onl" be repro!uce! in accor!ance with #!excel Limite! cop"ri ht polic") 67883 #!excel Limite!)


.s part of a statistics pro9ect, Gill collecte! !ata relatin to the len th of time, to the nearest minute, spent b" shoppers in a supermarket an! the amount of mone" the" spent) :er !ata for a ran!om sample of %8 shoppers are summarise! in the table below, where t represents time an! ;m the amount spent o-er ;78) t (minutes) %4 7( 4 %& (8 & (7 7( (4 73 ;m <( %3 <%= > %7 <= 73 & 78 &

(a) ,rite !own the actual amount spent b" the shopper who was in the supermarket for %4 minutes) 617 (b) ?alculate Stt , Smm an! Stm ) (5ou ma" use t7 @ 4>3', m7 @ 7%8%, an! tm @ 7>'4) 667 (c) ?alculate the -alue of the pro!uct moment correlation coefficient between t an! m) 637 (d) ,rite !own the -alue of the pro!uct moment correlation coefficient between t an! the actual amount spent) Gi-e a reason to 9ustif" "our -alue) 627 An another !a" Gill collecte! similar !ata) For these !ata the pro!uct moment correlation coefficient was 8)%3') (e) Gi-e an interpretation to both of these coefficients) 627 (f) $u est a practical reason wh" these two -alues are so !ifferent) 617


In a factor", machines A, B an! C are all pro!ucin metal ro!s of the same len th) Machine A pro!uces (4B of the ro!s, machine B pro!uces 74B an! the rest are pro!uce! b" machine C) Af their pro!uction of ro!s, machines A, B an! C pro!uce (B, &B an! 4B !efecti-e ro!s respecti-el") (a) Craw a tree !ia ram to represent this information) 637 (b) Fin! the probabilit" that a ran!oml" selecte! ro! is (i) pro!uce! b" machine A an! is !efecti-e, (ii) is !efecti-e) 687 (c) Gi-en that a ran!oml" selecte! ro! is !efecti-e, fin! the probabilit" that it was pro!uce! b" machine C) 637


0he ran!om -ariable X has probabilit" function P( X = x ) = (7 x %) (& x = %, 7, (, >, 4, &)

(a) ?onstruct a table i-in the probabilit" !istribution of X) 637 Fin! (b) P(7 < X 4) 627 (c) the exact -alue of #(X)) 627 (d) $how that *ar(X) @ %)=3 to ( si nificant fi ures) 657 (e) Fin! *ar(7 D (X)) 627



$ummarise! below are the !istances, to the nearest mile, tra-elle! to work b" a ran!om sample of %78 commuters) Cistance (to the nearest mile) 8D= %8 D %= 78 D 7= (8 D (= >8 D >= 48 D 4= &8 D &= 38 D 3= '8 D '= For this !istribution, (a) !escribe its shape, 617 (b) use linear interpolation to estimate its me!ian) 627 0he mi!Epoint of each class was represente! b" x an! its correspon!in fre+uenc" b" f i-in fx @ (448 an! fx7 @ %('878 (c) #stimate the mean an! stan!ar! !e-iation of this !istribution) 637 Ane coefficient of skewness is i-en b" ((mean me!ian) ) stan!ar! !e-iation (d) #-aluate this coefficient for this !istribution) 637 (e) $tate whether or not the -alue of "our coefficient is consistent with "our !escription in part (a)) Fustif" "our answer) 627 (f) $tate, with a reason, whether "ou shoul! use the mean or the me!ian to represent the !ata in this !istribution) 627 (g) $tate the circumstance un!er which it woul! not matter whether "ou use! the mean or the me!ian to represent a set of !ata) 617 Number of commuters %8 %= >( 74 ' & 4 ( %




. teacher recor!e!, to the nearest hour, the time spent watchin tele-ision !urin a particular week b" each chil! in a ran!om sample) 0he times were summarise! in a roupe! fre+uenc" table an! represente! b" a histo ram) Ane of the classes in the roupe! fre+uenc" !istribution was 78D7= an! its associate! fre+uenc" was =) An the histo ram the hei ht of the rectan le representin that class was ()& cm an! the wi!th was 7 cm) (a) Gi-e a reason to support the use of a histo ram to represent these !ata) 617 (b) ,rite !own the un!erl"in feature associate! with each of the bars in a histo ram) 617 (c) $how that on this histo ram each chil! was represente! b" 8)' cm7) 637 0he total area un!er the histo ram was 7> cm7) (d) Fin! the total number of chil!ren in the roup) 627


(a) Gi-e two reasons to 9ustif" the use of statistical mo!els) 627 It has been su este! that there are 3 sta es in-ol-e! in creatin a statistical mo!el) 0he" are summarise! below, with sta es (, > an! 3 missin ) $ta e %) 0he reco nition of a realEworl! problem) $ta e 7) . statistical mo!el is !e-ise!) $ta e () $ta e >) $ta e 4) ?omparisons are ma!e a ainst the !e-ise! mo!el) $ta e &) $tatistical concepts are use! to test how well the mo!el !escribes the realEworl! problem) $ta e 3) (b) ,rite !own the missin sta es) 637



0he measure of intelli ence, IG, of a roup of stu!ents is assume! to be Normall" !istribute! with mean %88 an! stan!ar! !e-iation %4) (a) Fin! the probabilit" that a stu!ent selecte! at ran!om has an IG less than =%) 657 0he probabilit" that a ran!oml" selecte! stu!ent as an IG of at least %88 H k is 8)78=8) (b) Fin!, to the nearest inte er, the -alue of k) 667 T0TA9 20: ,A,E:$ 78 E/< A:;S