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Here we are! Collection 4.

I wanted to get this up last month, but my summer job was pure hell (read: working with kids, in a christian church, with horribly dread ul management.! "ell,enough ranting I#m going to get to it. I#d like to gi$e a thanks to %%witchblade%% or her helping to content check the collection, so only that & gets through. ('ou#d be surprised how many lying cakes I come across.! I you want a different format drop a pm. (he collection as always is mi%ed with lots o genres. )ystery, *omance, +ci, i, -antasy, .rotic etc. Hope you ind something that catches your interest! :! Formats: -or pd use /dobe, or lit use )icroso t *eader. -or prc, mobi and epub use )obipocket *eader. Htm, Html and 0ps can be read within one#s browser. /ll o these things are ree. / good program that seems to read any ebook ormat you gi$e it is Calibre. -or my irst collection o lesbian no$els, click: http:11www.demonoid.com1 iles1details12344567136364441 -or my second collection o lesbian no$els, click: http:11www.demonoid.com1 iles1details174578581249444641 -or my third collection o lesbian no$els, click: http:11www.multiupload.com1:;'</C:9(= ------------------------------------------------------Gill McKnight - Garoul Book 1 - Goldenseal When Amy Fortune returns to her childhood home, she discovers something sinister in the air--but is former lover Leone Garoul stalking her or protecting her? Amy Fortune and Leone Garoul were teenage lovers !ow, years later, Amy returns to Little "ip, the Garoul home valley to help her aunt finish a botanical pro#ect $%cept Little "ip is no longer the happy place of Amy&s childhood memories 'here&s something sinister in the woods And why hasn&t Leone moved on? Why does she still dog Amy&s every move? As more and more of the Garoul family arrive for a special hunting weekend, parts of the pu((le come together and Amy&s fears escalate as she moves closer to the truth--and the secret that has eluded her since childhood Gill McKnight - Book 2 Garoul - Ambereye )ope Glassy loves her #ob at Ambereye, *nc , despite having +olie Garoul as her new boss +olie is a moody workaholic ,he is awkward, contrary, and on occasion, #ust plain mean )ope is hardworking, popular, and in recovery from a serious illness ,he doesn&t need a bi(arre boss ,he doesn&t need to work over 'hanksgiving either !evertheless, that&s what she and +olie end up doing in Little "ip, home of the Garoul clan An important meeting brings them to the valley where it&s assumed +olie has brought her chosen mate to meet her pack -uch to her consternation, +olie finds she likes this idea, but )ope has no time for romance ,he is

eager to get her life on track and her health and career back to normal +olie is determined to change her mind, but how does a lycanthrope woo a human? A small, super-efficient, bossy to boots human at that? Gill McKnight - Erosistible Winifred -artin has a new #ob, newfound confidence, and a glamorous new lover *n fact, after moving on from a heart-wrenching breakup, Win has a whole new life .enedikte /.enny0 Fiske has also sold up and moved on, too - to a wonderful Greek island where she can invest in herself again and find peace and 1uiet When Win arrives at a lu%urious bouti1ue hotel for a much anticipated week of sun and se% with her new girlfriend, she is stunned to find her e%-girlfriend, .enny, is the proprietor .enny is e1ually shocked to find Win doing so well and looking so gorgeous far too gorgeous ,he&s convinced Win is wasting her time on this vacuous new lover *n fact, she has a lot of opinions on Win and her new life - the strongest being .enny should be back in it !estled in the beautiful Aegean on an island blessed by $ros, the God of Love himself, .enny finds no lack of inspiration in her 1uest to woo back her lost love )er methods, however, are the stuff myths are made of Gill McKnight - Falling tar ,olley 2ayner hopes a few weeks with her family will help heal her shattered dreams, but she hasn&t counted on meeting a woman who stirs her heart With her marriage in crisis, ,olley 2ayner brings her children to her sister +anie and partner -arsha&s beach house for a much-needed summer break .ut all hopes of rest and rela%ation are interrupted when a movie stunt crew arrives to film a blockbuster in the bay 3rofessional stuntwoman Gin *to, a papara((i favorite rumored to be a killer in bed, heads up the team of daredevils When Gin literally drops into ,olley&s life, how could the lonely young mother&s interest not be pi1ued? And as for Gin *to, what private pain draws her ine%orably toward the small family and the woman who protects it with the fierceness of a lioness? !ennifer Fulton - "ark "reamer .est-selling horror author, 2owe "evlin has had two flops in a row and keeps falling in love with straight women ,eeking inspiration and a fresh start, she abandons life in -anhattan for an old 4ictorian house in -aine .ut "ark )arbor 5ottage is a far cry from the tran1uil writing environment she envisioned For a start, the place is haunted and the ghost is none too friendly 'o make life even more difficult, her neighbors are a huge distraction 'he 'emple twins, 3hoebe and 5ara, are identical and profoundly alluring, and 2owe is soon under their spell, unable to decide which of the two she is more in love with +ust when it seems things can&t get any worse, she finds herself embroiled in a mystery more bi(arre and frightening than anything she&s ever written !ennifer Fulton - "ark #alentine 2hianna Lamb avoided one night stands .ut who could resist se%y, charming +ules? 'hey hooked up in a bar, first names only, not e%actly 2hianna&s style but she needed to escape her life for a few hours 5ome tomorrow, she would take the witness stand against Werner .righam, the man who had stalked and

kidnapped her a year earlier ,he can&t believe it when she walks into the courtroom the ne%t morning and finds herself staring at the woman she #ust slept with - none other than +ulia 4aliant, .righam&s hotshot defense attorney Worse still, the woman whose touch she remembers so well brutally cross-e%amines her and demolishes the prosecution&s case +ules didn&t earn her attack dog reputation by soft-peddling witnesses, but she suffers pangs over 2hianna ,he is oddly drawn to this woman, a rare occurrence in her life, and by the time the #ury returns its verdict, she is determined to see her again )er chances don&t look good when Werner .righam is ac1uitted Worse still, her client seems to think he can return to his old habits, this time with deadly intent !essica $homas - Ale% &eres Mystery , >ooks 2,7,4,9 and 6 +ummary is or book 2 only. ,he&s intelligent ,he&s witty ,he lives in 3rovincetown and she&s got a great dog 3retty good credentials, one would think ,o how come private investigator Ale% 3eres is single again? When a sneaker washes up on the cold winter beach, Ale% and her four-legged partner, Fargo, are sent on an unlikely adventure .ut that&s nothing compared to the one-on-one thrill ride of a new relationship From the moment +anet -eacham walks into the Wharf 2at .ar, Ale%&s usually stable world rocks like never before +ust as work and love seem to settle down, that sneaker comes back to kick Ale% right between the eyes Ale% would do anything for +anet -- remodel her bachelor household, clean out the closets and even make Fargo share the bed .ut if she can&t figure out where that sneaker came from, Ale% may not live long enough to en#oy the happy-ever-after ending she&s finally let herself believe in !ulie Anne &eters - Kee'ing (ou A ecret !ow that her senior year has arrived, )olland +aeger finds life is not so simple )er mother is pressing her to go to law school 'his is not )olland&s dream, however her mother seems intent on living vicariously through )olland&s life ,he wants only the best for )olland 'herefore it is up to )olland to get the best grades, apply to the best schools, and meet everyone&s e%pectations When )olland finds herself attracted to a new student, she reali(es she&s going to have a very serious problem with her current boyfriend6 he&s too needy ,ince they began having a relationship, that is all he seems to want to do 'he new student, 5ece, is an &out-andproud& lesbian, and )olland finds herself in the greatest relationship ever What price will she pay when she decides to follow her heart? Karin Kallmaker - )arming $rend Anidyr .ycall is fro(en in her past, regretting words never spoken to the woman she loves and the one impulsive act that cost her all her dreams 2unning from the courts of public and academic opinion in Fairbanks, she has landed in 7ey West 'he nights are hot but she is colder than the glaciers she once e%plored 'ending bar by night, she spends her days immersed in the research of her only

remaining passion in life8 the ice fields of Alaska .ut trends may be improving when news from home hints that those she harmed may have moved on, and she can at least recover the papers and books she left behind 'he respect and affection she once saw in $ve 5ambra&s eyes is gone beyond recall When a few innocent 1uestions raise Ani&s doubts about what really happened three years ago, she reali(es she may have a chance to clear her name and reclaim her career .ut there&s no data to prove that $ve has thawed and that the fire they once shared can be rekindled Kate *ill - $he *untress Magda, the powerful new werewolf 1ueen, can handle #ust about anything, e%cept witnessing the abuse suffered by her lover 5assia has spent her life using her magical massages as well as her body to serve the greedy warlock who has enslaved her 2eturning from a solitary hunt, -agda meets her lover at the inn where she works, and after another night of passion is determined not to leave alone 'his time she will do whatever it takes to free 5assia from ,tephan, even if it means risking their lives KG MacGregor - haken eries, Book 1 , Without Warning 9n a day that begins like any other, a violent earth1uake strikes Los Angeles, plunging the region into chaos 'wo strangers, trapped in a collapsed shopping mall, find each other amid the rubble and #oin forces to escape )ampered by in#ury and darkness, they dig and claw their way through one crumbled store after another, emerging long after most have given up hope for survivors 'he ordeal leaves both women shaken, but their shared triumph sets them on a life-changing course together, igniting a connection like neither has ever known Anna 7aklis--whose perfectly planned life never included falling in love with another woman--is thrown for a loop, but she doesn&t doubt her heart Lily ,tewart--abandoned too many times by people she trusted--won&t let herself believe that Anna&s love will endure KG MacGregor - haken eries+ Book 2 , Aftershock Finally at peace with the mistakes of her disastrous first marriage, Anna 7aklis is ready to e%perience love again, and Lily ,tewart is the woman she will fight to keep forever $ven as she gathers her courage to go to the ne%t level with Lily, the future of 3remier -otors is suddenly in her hands *t&s an irresistible opportunity, and Lily&s support is crucial .elieving she has it, Anna throws herself into her long-cherished dream of building the family business into a powerhouse empire Anna&s good fortune thrills Lily, but the demand on Anna&s time does not--the sacrifices re1uired for Anna&s success grow more and more difficult to make *nevitably, Lily&s lifelong insecurities leave her feeling a distant second best When tragedy strikes, her old habits take over

*f life was perfect and the future a sure thing, Anna and Lily would walk off into the sunset together *nstead, they stand on shaky ground Anna will fight to keep Lily forever, but what can she do when the fight isn&t hers? KG MacGregor - haken eries+ Book , , ,mall 3ackage *n Without Warning, they fell in love *n Aftershock, that love was tested and reaffirmed !ow Anna and Lily 7aklis face 1uestions about family and future when a homeless woman is killed in ,an Francisco, leaving a three-year-old who happens to be Lily&s nephew in foster care Lily will not allow her birth mother to ruin another childhood, but ways to save the little one rapidly dwindle ,he can&t arrange for adoption herself, not when Anna is clearly terrified at the prospect of raising a child Anna is happy to let Lily do the temporary parenting necessary until a suitable adoption placement can be found *t won&t last long, and then their lives will go back to normal At least that was the plan, then Lily is called away Anna finds herself alone with her worst nightmare8 a toddler KG MacGregor - ea -egs 'he $merald "uchess sets sail for the serene 5aribbean, but the passengers are headed for the chaos of romance 7elly 2idenour couldn&t be happier ,he&s leaving the bitter 2ochester winter behind and going with new friends on a fabulous vacation $ven better, her cabin mate is !atalie 5hatham, the lovely lady of 7elly&s recent daydreams !atalie 5hatham has a golden opportunity Among the other travelers is "idi 5aviness, her e% ,he and "idi collaborated on their fashion business and their private lives until beautiful--and young--3amela 2oche came along !atalie wants to win "idi back, even if she has to use one of the oldest tricks in the book to do it With the attentive, dashing 7elly playing along, she&s going to show "idi she&s got competition 7elly agrees to the charade, planning to make it look real, very real ,easick and sunburned, "idi watches 7endell woo !atalie and wonders if she&s finally missed the boat !ot even the captain knows where this ship is going to land: K G MacGregor - &hotogra'hs of .laudia 'o win a spot in an elite workshop for studio photographers, Leonora Westcott must put together an e%tensive portfolio )er efforts--and inspiration--get a boost when 5laudia Galloway, a teacher intern in town for only a few months, volunteers to model For 5laudia, the sensual poses offer one last chance to flaunt her independence before settling into the scripted life her wealthy fianc; has planned for them in 5alifornia&s e%clusive ,an ,imeon community Leo has always seen her sub#ects as ob#ects of shadow and light on the other side of her lens--until now $very photograph of 5laudia brings her feelings into sharper focus, feelings she fears 5laudia will never share As their series of sessions come to a close,

Leo decides to risk her heart .ut 5laudia has declarations of her own Kim Bald/in - Breaking the 0ce !othing is easy about life above the Arctic 5ircle $%cept, perhaps, falling in love .ryson Faulkner embraces the challenges that come with making a home in one of the most beautiful but unforgiving places on earth8 the isolation of the endless wilderness, the harsh and unpredictable climate, the predators that lurk about her remote cabin, and even the most perilous dangers of all--those that await her when she takes to the skies as one of Alaska&s most daring bush pilots 'he only thing missing is a special woman to share it all with, but she&s resigned herself to the fact that few people can thrive in such an e%treme environment $verything 7arla $dwards thought she knew gets called into 1uestion when a series of events turns her comfortable and well-ordered life on its ear )er partner leaves her, her mother dies, and 7arla learns she has a sister in Alaska she never knew ,he takes a leave of absence from her #ob as an $2 nurse in Atlanta and heads to the far north, seeking answers and adventure ,he finds all that and more when she crosses paths with a se%y bush pilot who opens her eyes to new possibilities .ut can she open her heart as well and learn to trust again? Kim Bald/in - Focus of "esire Also featured in 2omance 4olume < below *sabel ,terling isn&t even aware she has been entered in the ,ophisticated Women =Watch >our "reams 5ome 'rue& contest, so it comes as a complete surprise to learn she has won not only a makeover she doesn&t want or need, but also the chance to appear on the cover of a national maga(ine and an all e%pense paid trip for two to e%otic locales 3hotographer !atasha 7ashnikova is a cynical celebrity playgirl who is barreling toward full, midlifecrisis mode when she agrees to take on the ,ophisticated Women shoot as a favor for a friend 7ash is convinced that every woman who shows an interest in her has ulterior motives, so love is not on her agenda--and certainly not with some na?ve romantic during an assignment from )ell Kim Bald/in - 1omances #olume 1 Contains three stories. )unter&s 3ursuit @ A raging bli((ard, a mountain hideaway, and a killer-for-hire set a scene for disaster@or desire@when 7atar(yna "emetrious rescues a beautiful stranger Flight 2isk @ For .layne 7eller, being in the wrong place at the wrong time #ust might turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her Focus of "esire @ *sabel ,terling is surprised when she wins a photography contest, but no more than photographer !atasha 7ashnikova 'heir promo tour becomes a ticket to romance Kim Bald/in - 1omances #olume 2 Contains three stories. Force of !ature @ From tornados to forest fires, the forces of nature conspire to bring Gable -c5oy and $rin 2ichards close to danger, and closer to each other

Whitewater 2ende(vous @ 'wo women on a wilderness kayak adventure@5ha( )errick, a laid-back outdoorswoman, and -egan -a%well, a workaholic news e%ecutive@ discover that true love may be nothing at all like they imagined .reaking the *ce @ !othing is easy about life above the Arctic 5ircle@e%cept, perhaps, falling in love At least thatAs what pilot .ryson Faulkner hopes when she meets 7arla $dwards Kim Bald/in 2 3enia Ale%iou - Elite 4's series, books 2, 7 and 8 ?ethal / airs: $lite operative "omino is no stranger to peril and impossible situations 'rained all her life to be #ust as comfortable fighting terrorists as mi%ing with the gala crowd, she is proficient at playing any role necessary to accomplish her ob#ective and believes the cause sanctifies the means .ut her latest assignment to investigate #ournalist )ayley Ward will test more than her skills, ingenuity and courage, because this time she faces the ultimate dilemma8 a choice between loyalty and love (hie o /lways: ,tealing a diamond to save the world is the easy part -ishael 'aylor takes comfort in speed, racing from one mission to another as Allegro, one of the $lite 9perative 9rgani(ation&s top agents--or from one affair to another, to avoid having to think about the things she&s seen and done 5ocky, confident, and used to winning, -ishael confronts her greatest challenge when she&s assigned to steal the priceless .lue ,tar "iamond from "utch countess 7ristine -arie van der +agt !ot only must she win a high-stakes race with Arab terrorists and !eo-!a(is, she also has to contend with a target who has somehow managed to steal her heart )issing ?yn%: Where do you run when there&s nowhere to hide? When a sadistic serial killer known as the )eadhunter resurfaces, a government blunder forces the $lite 9peratives 9rgani(ation into action 9peration -ask falls to Lyn% ,he has the determination, skills, and most importantly, the right profile, but her youth and lack of e%perience in the field could put more than the mission in #eopardy )er search takes her deep into the #ungles of Asia, where she must battle not only the ruthless purveyors of the international skin trade, but also her growing feelings for a mysterious mercenary with her own agenda for the )eadhunter Ma5is A''le/ater - )his'ering &ines Welcome to Whispering 3ines, built in <BCD by sea 5aptain )oratio ,tratton 9n the morning of 9ctober E<, <B<F, the servants arrived early to discover 5aptain ,tratton alone in the house, sitting calmly in his study and smoking his pipe )is wife and sister were missing, and what the maid found in the kitchen sent her screaming from the house Almost one hundred years later, paranormal investigator ,hawn Williams agrees to spend the night in the mysterious manor ,he finds the stories about Whispering 3ines almost as intriguing as her companion for the evening Faith 5harles, former reporter turned professional skeptic, isnAt thrilled at the prospect of spending the night in a house where strange things have already begun to

happen 'hen again, to spend the night with ,hawn, Faith might be willing to endure anything ,hawn and Faith begin their adventure together, possibly finding love along the way 'he only thing standing in their way is the mystery of Whispering 3ines Ma5is A''le/ater - $em'us Fugit .uchanan )igh ,chool senior $llen "ruette has a secure spot on the 4arsity cheerleading s1uad, a first-string football player boyfriend, and a solid plan for her life 'hen the ,wenson twins sweep into town in their matching 5hevy .el Air convertibles 'all, blonde, and gorgeous, the twins are 1uickly accepted into the cheerleading s1uad, and $llen&s plan begins to unravel 'hough Laurie ,wenson makes the first move on her, it&s Ginny who captures her heart .ut malicious forces are at work in the ,wenson family, and Ginny, their scapegoat, is convicted of crimes she didn&t commit and sent to prison "etermined to prove her lover&s innocence, $llen investigates the case even as she completes her pre-law studies and enters law school .y the time Ginny is released from prison, she and $llen have grown apart 'hey&re still attracted to one another, but neither is confident of the other&s feelings Are they really in love, or are they #ust very good friends? Against the turbulent, psychedelic backdrop of the ,i%ties, $llen and Ginny drift in and out of each other&s lives as they strive for the courage to reveal their hearts Ma5is A''le/ater - My ister6s Kee'er !othing is ever easy for policewoman +enny +acobs ,he #ust wants to be in love ,ound simple? Well, there&s a catch ,he wants to be deeply in love with someone who is also deeply in love with her +enny must face the past and the present when she discovers her lover&s infidelity and her first love walks back into her life )er life becomes even more complicated when old feelings surface for her first love -- the woman who broke her heart as a teenager, then entered the church and became G,ister 2achelG =ther short stories by Ma5is A''le/ater: ;ust =ne = (hose (hings, and -inding )y "ay part 2 @ 7 Meghan 47Brien - $hirteen *ours *t&s her birthday but lonely workaholic "ana Watts is at the office late, drafting a proposal 'he very last interruption she e%pects comes in the form of the most beautiful breasts she has ever seen 'hese belong to an incredibly hot woman, who is standing in front of her, stripping to music Laurel ,tanley performs strip-o-grams to pay her way through school ,he has never encountered a more ungrateful recipient than "ana 'he uptight pro#ect manager makes it clear that she is furious to be distracted from her work by the GgiftG a colleague sent and e1ually appalled by Laurel&s occupation After "ana is rude and insulting, and insists on escorting Laurel from the building, the two women take an elevator ride that changes everything ,tuck with each other for thirteen long hours after the elevator breaks down, they discover how wrong first impressions can be and how right two strangers can feel together Mia .herish 2 !ac8ueline 9uaid - Garden *ouse 5lancy 2osabel had no intention of

following her sorority presidentAs order to steal flowers from L;onor GriffinAs e%1uisite courtyard in the Garden "istrict $veryone knew L;onor was the legendary .elle -adame, a vampiress as well-known for her seductive effect as her intolerance of Hbad elements I !o indeed 5lancy would march right up to LeaAs courtyard and ask for the flowers instead: 'he price of the flowers is a vampireAs kiss Lea Griffin found the innocent underdressed woman tugging at her garden gates appealing but she never imagined initiating 5lancy into feminine sensuality and vampire love would leave her body and her fangs eager for so much more )er feelings grow possessive as she seduces 5lancy further into her own world .ut she must be careful not to take more from 5lancy than she can reasonably e%pect such a young mortal to provide *s L;onor ready to embrace 5lancy fully and look forward to lasting love, or will she keep the girl as a pretty pet in her garden house? !ean 1edmann - Micky Knight eries A mystery series whose main character, -ichele G-ickyG 7night is a hard-boiled detective ,eries regularly tackles difficult topics, such as abortion rights in "eaths of +ocasta /<BBJ0 and child prostitution and pornography in 'he *ntersection of Law and "esire 1ea'ers+ 0nc: Brigit6s .ross 1ea'ers+ 0nc:- Brigit6s .ross is the beginning episode of .rigit -alone, a thirty-something lesbian, that is accidently killed on the eve of her tenyear anniversary to her partner, -aggie "evon When .rigit is offered a position with 2eapers, *ncorporated-- the firm that actually handles the business of passing souls to their final #udgments-- she takes the position in order to keep her promise to -aggie to always be with her, thus, beginning her new career and adventures of being a Grim 2eaper 3 Meagher - All $hat Matters Life is going damned well for .lair ,pencer ,heAs a very successful real estate agent, happily married to a man who encourages her to live the independent life she loves@and theyAre actively working to have a baby 'he wrench in the works is that .lair favors adoption, while her husband "avid desperately wants to have a biological child 'he fates are against them, and they finally seek the help of a group of reproductive specialists 9ne of the doctors, a surgeon named 7ylie -acken(ie, eventually becomes a good friend to .lair And she needs all of the friends she can get when things start to go horribly wrong at home As her marriage teeters on the brink of collapse, she relies more and more on 7ylieAs friendship 7ylieAs happily gay6 .lairAs happily straight .ut the way they structure their relationship leads friends and family to privately 1uestion whether the pair is setting themselves up for heartache 'hey eventually come to a crossroads, which could either destroy their friendship or turn it into what each of them has been seeking 'he 1uestion is whether each woman can change her view of herself and her needs 'he answer is all that matters

3 Meagher - Arbor #itae $ven when you&re not e%pecting it, love can find you 'he flames of passion can ignite so 1uickly that all of the impediments to love can seem immaterial 'hey&re not 9vercoming differences in age, se%ual orientation, social status and familial e%pectations is daunting, but if it&s right, love will find a way. 3 Meagher - 0 Found My *eart in an Francisco series. >ooks 2,6 =ther works by 3 Meagher6s (he *ight (hing and Aignette

BAnthology; - .atherine -ake 2 <airne *olt= - <o Margins /n anthology o stories and e%cerpts rom i teen o Canada#s $ery best lesbian writers. >Anthology; - Andi Mar8uette and 1: G: Emanuelle , +kulls and Crossbones Contains 74 stories 2aise the sails: Ad#ust the thrusters: 3repare to embark on courageous adventures on water, land, and sky From 4iking battles of revenge and high sea betrayal, to modern-day piracy and space banditry, these twenty tales con#ure up our inner pirate +oin the crews of women pirates who triumph in victory, face the gallows, and become unlikely heroesKwomen who follow the code of the ,kull L 5rossbones >Anthology; - tacia eaman 2 1adclyffe - tolen Moments Erotic 0nterludes 2 >Anthology; - .atherine M: )ilson - )hen )omen )ere )arriors , >ook 2 'he classic hero of myth and legend is defined in masculine terms )ow, then, can there be an authentic female hero - a hero who is both authentic as a hero and authentic as a woman? While the hero&s #ourney is one of the most ancient and most popular themes of world literature, casting a female protagonist in this classic form is fraught with difficulty 'he heroic archetype portrays the hero as the embodiment of the masculine ideal .ut to #udge a woman by the strengths and virtues of the typical male hero does her an in#ustice, because women have strengths and virtues of their own 'he hero of When Women Were Warriors becomes a hero, not by defeating her enemies in battle, although she does that too, but by learning to master herself and to understand the human heart ,he becomes, not a powerful person, but a person of power Ann 46-eary - -etting Go At EB years of age, Laura seemed to have it all - a beautiful home, her own advertising agency, and a stunningly beautiful lover And in business where luscious legs and a da((ling smile can make the difference between winning and losing a new account, Laura won lots of new accounts .ut something was missing from her life )andsome and charming, barhopping 7elly is absolutely irresistible to all women, including herself $veryone knows that when 7elly sets her sights on someone it is only a matter of time before she gets her way And she&s got her sights set on Laura A successful commercial artist who does business with Laura&s firm, 7ate has also done well for her JE years ,he has brains, looks, talent - and a secret crush on Laura .ut Laura has no intention of mi%ing business with pleasure - especially not with a Gbaby-

dyke G Ann 1oberts - Beach $o/n 7ira "rake lives in the closet to protect her skyrocketing movie career 5ontrolled by her mother and her domineering agent, 7ira&s love life consists of hidden affairs and short liaisons ,he is miserable until a location shoot takes her to 9cean .each, 5alifornia, an idyllic seaside town Away from her mother and agent, 7ira savors her freedom and is charmed by the liberal locals who seem to embrace everyone Flynn -cFadden, a veterinary student and surfing instructor, 1uickly catches 7ira&s eye, and the women fall for each other almost immediately .ut when 7ira&s mother and agent discover their relationship, a plot is hatched to break them apart 7ira soon reali(es she must choose between her love for Flynn and the reali(ation of her dream Anne -aughlin - #eritas When the hallowed halls of academia become the stage for murder, newly appointed "ean .eth $llis&s search for the truth leads her to une%pected discoveries about her own heart Blayne .oo'er - *ard $imes >ears ago, Lorna -alachi, a frightened teenager, was plunged into a nightmare called .lue 2idge Women&s 5orrectional Facility 'errified and desperate to belong, she sold her soul one piece at a time ,he survived to sit atop the ever-shifting trash heap of prison society Lorna has learned the hard way not to trust anyone, particularly penal system virgins like 7ellie )olloway, her unrepentant new cellmate .ut 7ellie&s pride and cluelessness guarantee that without help, she won&t last long 'ogether, 7ellie and Lorna navigate through an oppressive, hidden world where the lines between right and wrong blur, se%ual passion is forbidden but e%plosive, and love is the biggest risk of all Blayne .oo'er - tranded 2achel -ichaels is at the top of her profession, but she&s grown tired of trading barbs with her co-hostMe%-husband on their popular morning radio talk show $ager to stretch her wings, she takes a second #ob as the color commentator for "enver&s new professional women&s soccer team Along with her new #ob comes an e%citing assignment, travel to 4ene(uela to profile the team&s si((ling star recruit, -iranda Gutierre( .ut 2achel begins to long for a little of her old routine when her boss forces her to e%tend her stay to accompany team big-wig, !ora .utler, and the headstrong player on a GbondingG adventure 'heir #ourney gets off to a bad start, and things go downhill from there All three women are tested mentally and physically as they fight for their lives 'hey must learn to depend on each other, shape their own destinies, and, ultimately, risk everything for what matters most

.ate .ul'e''er , (he (ristaine +eries 2,4 Contains books: (he Clinic, >attle or (ristaine, (ristaine *ises and :ueen o (ristaine. 'he 5linic K When freedom can only be achieved by rebellion, +esstin leads the warriors of 'ristaine into battle, and .renna, a young 5linic medic, must weigh love against loyalty when she chooses to #oin in their struggles .attle for 'ristaine K Five fugitive Ama(ons are hiding in a high mountain meadow, healing from the wounds inflicted by a posse of 5ity soldiers, when word reaches +esstin and .renna of a grave danger threatening the Ama(on village 'ristaine 2ises K +ess and her warriors fight a ghostly army in their new mountain stronghold where a battle rages for the lives and souls of the Ama(ons of 'ristaine Nueens of 'ristaine - When a deadly plague stalks the Ama(ons of 'ristaine, two warrior lovers must return to the place of their nightmares to find a cure .ate .ul'e''er - $he $ristaine eries Book ? , Fireside 'hree e%traordinary women share friendship, heal old wounds, and discover love while defending their own -ac, a therapist, Abby, a nurse, and 5leo, an attorney, bring their skills and dedication to Fireside, a domestic violence shelter in rural 4irginia 'he shelter, far more than #ust a Gplace,G offers its residents a safe haven in which to heal and a community of women who will stand for them until they can stand for themselves -ac and Abby, devoted to those they serve, discover e1ual passion for each other while fighting to protect all they love Fireside is a story of friendship, healing, and finding love .hristina toke - /eet -esbian $/ist .laire 1ooney - .olor of "ust Finally, fortune--and a woman--smiled on her -ore than ready to make a change in her life, 5arrie .owden has discovered a family, received a valuable inheritance and been handed a chance to start over in a new town, in her own mansion 'hat the interior of her new home is covered with a half-century&s worth of dust doesn&t daunt her rising sense of adventure Gillian "umfries, the local anti1ue dealer, is among the crew of eager helpers who want the old mansion restored to its glory days 5onstantly begrimed and disheveled, 5arrie is still aware that the furniture isn&t the only thing being inventoried by Gillian&s eyes Oncovering art pieces, classic furnishings and old books leads to discoveries--not always welcome--about the mother 5arrie doesn&t remember and the grandmother who refused to go into those dust-choked rooms for fifty years -emories of the past stir as the haunting truths of an elegant, but repressive era leave 5arrie agitated and an%ious Gillian--confusing, attractive, une%pected--doesn&t understand 5arrie&s increasing fears

.ut it&s the warmth of Gillian&s hands that 5arrie knows she much reach for when the cold-hearted evils of the past threaten to claim her sanity as their latest victim " - -ine - 4n "angerous Ground What happens when the right thing to do is the wrong choice for your heart? F.* Agent 'erri -c7innon always knows the right thing to do ,he is a decorated officer who knows procedure like the back of her hand ,he is, in a word, unflappable@until she meets "r +ennifer 2osenberg, a college professor with a 1uestionable past, who may also be a key witness in a series of violent crimes 'he last thing +en wants is a by-thebook cop in her life, but fate has other plans 'erri is drawn to the unconventional "r 2osenberg and the attraction appears mutual, but the rules are clear@this woman is off-limits 5an 'erriAs well-ordered life stand the whirlwind that is +en 2osenberg? -ore importantly, can 'erri protect her when +enAs past comes back to haunt her? 9r will Agent -c7innon find herself 9n "angerous Ground? "!ackson -eigh - Bareback .etrayal is a wound that rarely heals A devastating accident that claims the life of her 9lympic-bound mount lands +essica .lack and her new stallion at 5herokee Falls $1uestrian 5enter, where she is teamed up with an arrogant, womani(ing trainer ,kyler 2eese is a former gold medalist, now blacklisted as a professional rider 'he sparks that fly between the two women are anything but friendly at first, but the heat between them changes to passion as ,kyler helps +essica prepare for the upcoming competition ,till, a dark secret +essica is hiding threatens both her bid to win a spot on the O , $1uestrian 'eam and ,kyler&s triumphant return to the eventing circuit E A Gray - *ea5en6s *ell What do you do when your e% is sabotaging your working life, your current gf isn&t 1uite what your loyal sub#ects were e%pecting, and you discover there&s a coup d&etat planned right under your nose? "id * mention your e% is Lucifer, your current is only newly dead, and the coup d&etat is from the Ama(ons? >our allies are really your enemies, your mother e%pects absolute perfection, and there&s a darkness waiting to e%plode into brilliance .eing God isn&t working out like you thought it would Welcome to the )eavens )$A4$!&, )$LL e%plores the intertwining nature of salvation and damnation, where good people do bad deeds for the right reasons and bad people do good deeds for the wrong ones Erica -a/son - &ossessing Morgan !ew >ork 5ity, in the height of summer 5rime seems to have taken a holiday, and "etective -organ 9&5allaghan is bored, bored, bored 3aperwork is mating and multiplying on her desk, and even a #aywalker is starting to look good Anything to get her out from behind her desk: $nter Andrea Worthington, 5harleston socialite and all-around rich girl, right down to the wealthy fianc; ,he&s also the new Assistant "istrict Attorney assigned to -organ&s precinct 'heir first meeting is like two freight trains crashing head on 'hen a high profile, career make-or-break

murder case throws them together again 'he investigation has barely begun when Andrea becomes the target of a nearly fatal hit-and-run .ut was it really aimed at her? 5an she and -organ find the common ground they need to solve the case and stop the attacks, or are the gaps #ust too wide to bridge? Erin "utton - Fully 0n5ol5ed A love that has smoldered for years ignites when two women and one little boy come together in the aftermath of tragedy An early morning hotel fire turns out to be anything but routine, and firefighter 2eid Webb&s best friend and partner, +immy Grant, dies Guilt-ridden and grieving, 2eid feels responsible for her partner&s young son, 5hase ,he would do anything for him, even if that means spending far too much time in the company of the woman she&s harbored feelings for since high school *sabel Grant doesn&t know anything about raising children .ut when she returns to her hometown to assume custody of her orphaned nephew, she gets a crash course *sabel&s struggle to keep her footing in the midst of chaos is further complicated by her growing attraction to 2eid, a woman whom *sabel blames for her brother&s death Erin "utton - e8uestered *earts+ A &lace to 1est+ "esigned for -o5e Contains 8 stories. ,e1uestered )earts - A popular artist suddenly goes into seclusion6 a reluctant reporter wants to know why6 and a heart locked away yearns to be set free ,ometimes the greatest test of love is the willingness to take a chance when there are no guarantees At the peak of her career, painter 5ori ,a%ton&s life changes irrevocably With her future suddenly uncertain, she seeks refuge at her country home in Opstate !ew >ork where she successfully manages to shut out most of the world--until #ournalist .ennett -c5lain is assigned to get the story ,oon 5ori has to remind herself that the charming reporter is simply there to do a #ob, even though something about the woman makes her want to reveal all her carefully guarded secrets When .ennett accepted the assignment, she didn&t e%pect to find 5ori so attractive, on so many levels 5ori&s intensity and energy are more appealing than down-to-earth .ennett cares to admit .ut when .ennett discovers the truth behind 5ori&s seclusion, she is torn between a desire to soothe away 5ori&s pain and the instinct to flee that is born of her own painful past A 3lace to 2est - ,awyer "rake has never known what she wants ,he has spent most of her life bouncing from #ob to #ob in an effort to avoid taking her place running her family&s restaurant !othing has ever kept her attention for very long !othing, that is, until she meets shy pastry chef, +ori "iamantina +ori, on the other hand, has no intention of risking the #ob she loves, especially when ,awyer doesn&t seem to know e%actly what she wants from +ori "esigned for Love - +illian ,ealy and Wil +ohnson don&t much like each other but they do have to work together, at least long enough to rehab an historic house +illian ,ealy is not running away from her life, she&s sei(ing a business opportunity

'hat&s what she tells herself when she moves to a rural 'ennessee town to flip a nearly century-old house .ut the pro#ect gets a bit more interesting when she meets her devastatingly attractive contractor, Wil +ohnson When +illian seems to think she has Wil all figured out from nearly their first meeting, Wil wants nothing to do with her Wil has spent most of her life being underestimated by her neighbors because of where she came from, and she&s not about to get involved with a big-city snob who does the same Forced to cooperate for the sake of the pro#ect, +illian and Wil find that what they desire most is not what either of them had planned E5elyn .ulber - -ucy Lucy, a young, bright art director with a successful advertising agency, suddenly finds herself facing an unreal and completely une%pected dilemma +on1uil, her boss&s gorgeous wife - and partner in the agency - gives her a stark choice of a sound spanking on her bare bottom or a black mark on her employment record 2eluctantly, Lucy submits to the humiliating punishment, but to her surprise she finds she gains far more than a clean slate After a second spanking she begins to come to terms with the submissive side of her nature, and a sudden windfall allows her to buy a remote cottage in the country, where she gradually gives full rein to her feelings Fran *eckrotte - olaria 'he first awareness of e%istence was a chaotic flash of colors, meaningless and yet in an odd way logical6 why, she wasnAt sure .irth is the most significant event in life, and yet it is never memorable6 at least not for the newborn6 but then she really wasnAt a newborn, even though it was the first day of her life ,he was <APJF, the first of her kind, an artificially intelligent blend of technology and biomechanics 5reated to serve humans, ,olaria and her A* programmer, 5arley, soon discover the company funding the )ubot 3ro#ect had more sinister motives *f ,olaria is to fulfill the hopes of the woman who had given her e%istence meaning, she would have to become the human her programmer had dreamed of and take down Future "ynamicon, the company that created her Gabrielle Goldsby - $he .aretaker6s "aughter When .ronte agreed to marry +ohn .aptiste, she did not have any of the idealism of most new brides 'heirs was a marriage of convenience Lord +ohn .aptiste needed an heir, and .ronte&s family needed a 1uick answer to their financial woes Onfortunately, the marriage was not the answer any of them had hoped for *nstead, it becomes the catalyst for a chain of events that could prove fatal Almost immediately, .ronte reali(es there are many strange happenings at -arkby $state, the least of which are the actions of its servants Addison Le 5laire is the enigmatic and volatile caretaker&s daughter who, though illeterate, has been singlehandedly running -arkby $state since her father&s death months before Addison discloses to .ronte that she has stayed at -arkby because she wants to make e%tra money for a trip to 3aris to study art *n truth, she is looking for clues to her mother&s disappearance JJ years before Amidst the backdrop of a nineteenth century $nglish country estate, two women struggle

to find love - and the truth that could either bind them together or tear them apart Gabrielle Goldsby - 1emember $omorro/ 'wo women find that creating a successful relationship rests in remembering the mistakes of the past 5ees .annigan has all the materials needed to build a happy life-a successful home improvement television show, a new house, and the attention of an intelligent and beautiful woman ,o what is she doing at the hospital bedside of Arieanna ,immons, the love who had abandoned her a year before? When she discovers what is behind Arieanna&s precipitous withdrawal, 5ees must decide if past betrayals can ever be forgiven, even for the promise that tomorrow might hold Georgia Beers - $hy <eighbor6s )ife Ale% Foster&s life is e%actly as she wants it ,he&s 1uit her #ob as an $nglish teacher and has decided to hole up in her newly ac1uired lake house for the summer to try her hand at writing a novel ,he has close friends6 she has her dog6 she plays volleyball ,he is content +ennifer Wainwright is a young, wealthy suburbanite whose life is e%actly as she e%pected it would be ,he&s married to her high school sweetheart who is about to inherit his father&s law firm ,he has friends And she has the whole summer to work on decorating the new house on the lake she and her husband have #ust purchased as their summer home ,he is content A chance meeting over a runaway pooch is the start of a #ourney for each woman 9ver the course of one unbelievable summer set on the beautiful shores of 5anandaigua Lake in upstate !ew >ork, these two women will teach one another, learn from one another, 1uestion their own beliefs and e%pectations, and unwittingly fall in love Gerri *ill - Gulf Bree=e "r 5arly 5ambridge, wildlife biologist, returns to the 'e%as Gulf 5oast to manage the latest )abitats for !ature pro#ect, restoring the woods and wetlands to their natural state ,he is devoted to the environmental cause with a passion usually reserved for a lover K something she hasnAt had since a disastrous love affair ten years earlier )aving sworn off women and relationships, 5arly is perfectly content to live her life alone while she focuses on her latest pro#ect Wildlife photographer 3at 2yan is duped into volunteering her talents to the )abitats For !ature cause, but she wants no part of the over(ealous "r 5ambridge While they spend most of their time sparring and bickering, an early season hurricane finds them fighting nature K instead of each other K to save the wetlands and the birds that brought them together ,oon 5arly finds her heart opening, little by little, and struggles to ignore the feelings that are growing between them And 3at, always searching for that certain someone to take her breath away, canAt believe for a moment that the woman sheAs been waiting for could possibly be 5arly Gerri *ill - <o trings Osed to the busy playground of Winter 3ark, police chief 2eese

"aniels is shipped off to sleepy Lake 5ity, 5olorado ,he takes the #ob of sheriff seriously, but is clear to one and all8 this year is #ust a blip in her life When it&s done, she&s gone Forest 2anger - Q -organ has lived in Lake 5ity long enough to be considered a local 'he pace, the 1uiet and the many friends make life there well worth the lack of dating material A girlfriend would still be nice, and the new sheriff is easy on the eyes *t&s entirely natural for -organ and 2eese to be friendly, but 2eese&s repeated reminders that she&s not sticking around makes it impossible for anything more between them 'hat is, until they strike a Gno stringsG bargain ,ome guaranteed e%change of heat as the long winter sets in seems #ust what they need to pass the time ,o what if it&s the best se% they&ve ever had? *t&s still only temporary 'hey won&t mistake se% for more, even if it only gets better, month after month After month !o ,trings--it seemed like a good idea at the time Gerri *ill - $he $arget ,ara -ichaels is the daughter of a prominent senator who has #ust announced his candidacy for 3resident of the Onited ,tates--the same senator who has been receiving death threats against his family ,ara -ichaels is also the owner of a self-help clinic and is hell-bent--despite the F.*&s warnings--on leading a group of ten women on a two-week so#ourn through the 2ocky -ountains *n an effort to protect ,ara, the F.* recruits homicide detective +aime )utchinson to infiltrate the group and secretly provide the protection they are so certain ,ara will need After some clever maneuvering, +aime finds herself welcomed by the ten conservative women--who soon begin playing matchmaker with ,ara and +aime .ut then +aime is reminded of the reason that she has #oined this group of women when she&s forced to lead them out of the mountains and away from a sniper&s bullets Will ,ara finally figure out who is behind the death threats? And will +aime reali(e the truth--and be able to save ,ara before it&s too late? Gina Glass - 'itfire ! " Glass - American Goth ! -ee Meyer - Fore5er Found When fate takes a wrong turn, even a romance written in the stars can be destroyed ,oul mates from preschool, "ana 2yan and 7eri Flemons are separated by tragedy when they are eight years old 'wenty years later, fate throws them together again "ana is a retired pro-soccer player and a rookie sports photographer, and 7eri has reluctantly assumed control of a professional football team after her father&s untimely death When 7eri offers "ana a position as a photographer for a team pro#ect, an opportunity that would make her career, "ana is faced with the challenge of working with the woman whom she holds personally responsible for most of the heartbreak in her life "espite

their rocky history, as time passes their attraction grows@until the past resurfaces to threaten the shape of their future ! $ -angdon - *ard $ime When reporter +essie Greyhorse learns a dead man was trying to get in touch with her the day he was murdered, her personal interest leads to incarceration and se%ual slavery in a women&s prison When a clue sends her to the $astman Women&s 5orrectional Facility, she finds it is a privately owned prison with the unwanted nickname the *nferno, where the murder victim worked as a prison guard With the help of the "istrict Attorney +essie goes inside the *nferno undercover with #ust three days to gather whatever information she can on prison abuse and corruption +essie 1uickly learns that prison is a different world with its own set of rules, where humiliation, domination, and se% are the weapons of choice used to break the spirit of the inmates sent there 'hough +essie is determined not to let the *nferno break her, she learns a horrible secret, one that makes her wonder if she will ever get out of prison alive !ane Fletcher - $he )rong $rail Knife 'he absence of men on the planet doesn&t mean that there arenAt any problems *ndeed, ,ergeant R5hipA 5oppelli has seen more than her fair share of them ,he escaped her family&s manipulative plots by running away to #oin the militia After nine years in the elite 2angers, fighting thugs and wild predators, 5hip has learned to spot trouble coming 7atryn !agata #oins the JErd s1uadron under highly unfavourable circumstances 7atryn is clearly worried, and not ready to tell anyone why 'he first time 5hip sets her eyes on 7atryn, she knows trouble is on the way .ut 5hip wasnAt e%pecting murder !ane Fletcher - $he E%ile @-orimal6s .halice &art 4ne! 'he 1uest for the stolen chalice is a sham - her family&s way to banish 'evi from the island without causing a scandal ,he soon discovers that the outside world is a dangerous and confusing place .andits and monsters are the least of her problems ,omeone is prying into a long hidden secret and 'evi is about to get caught up in the deadly conse1uences +emeryl has her future planned out A future that will, hopefully, involve the minimum contact with ordinary folk who do not understand sorcerers )er ambition lies with the 5oven and the study of magic )er goal is to rise up the 5oven hierarchy and someday become ruler of the 3rotectorate *t is all very straightforward - until she meets 'evi 'he fate of the greatest civilisation the world has known is at stake 'evi and +emeryl will have to risk their lives in the race to uncover the traitor and retrieve the chalice *f this is not enough, they will both have to re-evaluate their assumptions about society and their places in it, and then figure out e%actly what they want from life and each other !ulie .annon - Ancharted &assage 'wo women on a vacation that turns deadly face down one of nature&s most ruthless killers--and find themselves falling in love 2efusing to allow her absent lover to ruin her vacation in an e%otic corner of 'hailand, $mily ,tone determines to set her private disappointment aside and en#oy herself--until a

natural disaster strikes and turns her world upside down -a#or )ayden 5aldwell plans to escape the restrictions of her #ob for a rare few days of freedom when she and $mily are forced into the fight of their lives 'ogether, )ayden and $mily face death, disease, despair, and imminent death, and find in themselves and each other the strength to deny the tsunami two more victims .ut can their intense bond survive outside of the e%treme situation in which it was forged? Karin Kallmaker - !ust -ike $hat ,yrah Ardani tried independence - but the call of the !apa 4alley hills and rolling vineyards of her familyAs winery have brought her home again ,he is content with her ordered world until she learns that her fatherAs feckless management has put Ardani 4ineyards into receivership 5orporate turnaround specialist 'oni .lanchardAs arrival is preceded by tales of her slash-and-burn techni1ues "etermined to meet this soulless corporate raider head on, ,yrah proudly prepares to do battle for her home and family business 'oni has reason to retreat from a high-pressure -anhattan lifestyle, not the least of which is a bitter break up ,heAs been told that ,yrah Ardani is attractive and single, but 'oni never mi%es business and pleasure 'oniAs father wants her to save his old friend from bankruptcy 'he court has appointed her to safeguard the creditors 'he creditors clamor for a 1uick sale and payment 'he beautiful@and hostile@,yrah wants 'oni off her land and out of her life 'heir clashes smolder with distrust and resentment, but also threaten to light a completely different kind of fire -ost dangerous of all is the one thing 'oni canAt control@the way her heart reacts when ,yrah looks at herS #ust like that Kate .hristie - olstice 9n the longest day of the year, anything can happenS ,am "elaney has all she asks from life8 a #ob and a place of her own arranged e%actly the way she likes it 'he death of her older brother, and her parentsA denial, have left her shaken and grateful her simple needs are being met ,heAs not looking for the future@ today is all she needs *tAs the last summer $mily -ac7en(ie will get to spend hanging out with friends, soaking up the sun and checking out the women on ,eattleAs sporting fields 5ome fall, sheAs an assistant soccer coach with responsibilities ,heAs planning on making every day of summer count When their paths cross, $mily is surprised ,am remembers her >ears ago, they played soccer on the same high school team, only ,am was the star and $mily the new kid 'heir youthful camaraderie had been simple, but under the warm ,eattle sun, simple is the last word that describes their feelings Kate /eeney - )inds 4f *ea5en After the untimely death of a former lover, 5asey .ennet receives a letter from +ulie&s lawyer, begging 5asey to help +ulie&s partner, Li( 7ennedy, and their adorable, yet precocious three-year old, ,kye, who are now alone

An avowed bachelorette, 5asey has no idea what&s in store when she grudgingly agrees to help Li(, who, by the way, is also pregnant and due in four months Kenna )hite - (ours for the Asking 'he responsible one 'he steady, reliable one Lauren 2oberts has had her fill of it 2unning her bed-and-breakfast like clockwork and hosting her younger, glamorous, songbird sister for the holidays only underscores Lauren&s choice of order over risk 7elly&s vibrant and impetuous nature doesn&t stick to anything--or any one woman--for long 'hat includes an old girlfriend of Lauren&s who was da((led by 7elly, then dumped, shortly after Lauren stepped aside 9ld memories are sharply painful with 7elly under her roof With the inn full, Lauren&s patience and control is stretched to the limit When 7elly brings home Lauren&s friend Gaylin )art, Lauren reali(es 7elly has again laid claim to something she might well have wanted for herself *t looks like history might repeat itself--if Lauren lets it KG MacGregor - umter &oint Audie 3ippin is a JT-year-old veterinary technician at the animal shelter in ,umter, 'ennessee, a suburb of !ashville )er carefree life includes friends, mari#uana, margaritas, and casual se%--until all of it is #eopardi(ed by her grandmother&s failing health .eth )ester is a EE-year-old nurse at the long-term care facility where Audie&s grandmother is admitted after a serious stroke ,he&s down to earth and mature, her career and financial investments meticulously planned 5ompared to Audie, .eth doesn&t know the meaning of fun 'hrough Audie&s daily visits, they forge a friendship that draws .eth into a celebration of the fun side of life while opening her eyes to innocent, unselfish love As Audie surrenders her heart to .eth, she begins to distance herself from the reckless habits of her youth +ust as they&re ready to meet in the middle, their future is thrown into doubt by a duty .eth can&t ignore *t all comes to a head on the river at ,umter 3oint Ki $hom'son - *ouse of .louds A sweeping saga of an impassioned romance set amidst the upheaval of a nation under siege and a way of life threatened with destruction 'he American 5ivil War creates enemies of lifelong friends and allies of strangers, but no relationship is more unlikely than that of a passionate !orthern Onionist and a loyal 4irginia sympathi(er Actress and !ortherner +ordan 5olfa% is hired by Allan 3inkerton to spy on behalf of the Onion When she meets 5onfederate sympathi(er, Laura ,t 5lair, whose father is military aide to +efferson "avis, the perfect opportunity presents itself .ut when the truth about +ordan&s real intentions are discovered, their growing love is put to the ultimate test - the result of which could mean the difference between life and death 5an a ,outhern belle and a >ankee spy overcome their differences or will divided loyalties keep them apart? Kira .hase - $he &ri=e For two years -icki has tried to convince ,tarlyn, the beautiful

manager of the popular club, '-&s, to go out with her, but ,tarlyn has adamantly refused - When '-&s holds a contest for charity with the pri(e being a date with ,tarlyn, -icki reali(es that if she can win the competition, ,tarlyn will have no choice but to go out with her -isa Girolami - 1un to Me .urned by the four-letter word called love, the only thing .eth ,tandish wants to do is flee for--or maybe from--her life *n the middle of the night .eth takes her favorite running shoes and a flyer for the upcoming ,an Francisco half-marathon, and drives to the 5ity by the .ay )oping to escape the ruins of her relationship, .eth intends to run thirteen miles straight into ,an Francisco&s famous fog When an insightful woman named Alder .eckman comes to her rescue, .eth feels that maybe she&s found the calm sanctuary she so desperately seeks .ut .eth&s calm is soon turned on its ear when she is pursued by an arousing and wild woman named -ary Walston, who has relationship ghosts of her own *t 1uickly becomes apparent that neither Alder or -ary intend to let .eth disappear into the fog that easily Will .eth be able to run fast enough to keep ahead of love, or will it overtake her in the home stretch? -ori -ake - Gun eries Book 1 - Gun hy While on patrol, -innesota police officer "e( 2eilly saves two women from a brutal attack 9ne of them, +aylynn ,avage, is immediately attracted to the taciturn cop - so much so that she #oins the ,t 3aul 3olice Academy As fate would have it, "e( is eventually assigned as +aylynn&s Field 'raining 9fficer )aving been burned in the past by getting romantically involved with another cop, "e( has a steadfast rule she has abided by for nine years8 5ops are off limits .ut as +aylynn and "e( get to know one another, a strong friendship forms Will "e( break her cardinal rule and take a chance on love with +aylynn, or will she remain forever gun shy? -ori -ake - Gun eries Book 2 - Ander Gun +eCuel to Dun +hy -ynette Mae - Faithful er5ice+ ilent *earts "evon +ames is a young military intelligence officer learning that finding love under any circumstances is difficult .ut when your love is e%pressly forbidden by regulations and you are pursued by a relentless (ealot, it can seem impossible When "evon&s assignment takes her to the war torn -iddle $ast in the early days of terrorists targeting Americans, then things really get interesting -ynn Ames - *eart ong After three years spent mourning the death of her partner in a tragic climbing accident, "anica Warren has re-emerged in the public eye With a bestselling memoir, a blockbuster movie about her heroic efforts to save three other climbers, and a successful career on the motivational speaking circuit, "anica has convinced herself that her life can be full without love When 5hase 5rosley walks into "anica&s field of vision everything changes "anica is suddenly faced with 1uestions she&s never pondered

*s there really one love that transcends all concepts of space and time? 9ne great love that #oins two hearts so that they beat as one? 9ne moment of recognition when twin flames #oin and burn together? Will "anica and 5hase be able to overcome the barriers standing between them and find forever? And can that love be sustained, even in the face of cruel circumstances and fate? Marianne Gar5er - 4ctober6s &romise Libby +ackson is living a satisfying, if une%citing, life in !ew >ork 5ity as an advertising e%ecutive When someone she has never heard of leaves her some property in 'urtle 5ove, !ew )ampshire, it seems like a good way to get away for a few days ,he 1uickly finds herself surrounded by mysteries Why does the town seem familiar? Who is the stranger who left her his property? And #ust who owns this strange dog that keeps showing up and guiding Libby in making decisions? Nuinn .arnett likes being a free soul ,he goes where she wants, does what she wants and has no interest in settling down ,he&s #ust planning on passing through 'urtle 5ove when she meets Libby who seems to need help with a lot of things Libby can&t start her car Libby gets locked in a basement with no one knowing she needs help Libby needs to fi% up some property And then there&s this darn dog that won&t leave Nuinn alone and always seems to know when Libby is in trouble !either woman has plans to stay in 'urtle 5ove, but the scenery is beautiful and the people in the town are friendly -aybe it&s time to make some life changes for both women .esides, doesn&t one of them have to take care of that dog? Megan .arter - &assionate Kisses ,ara ,tockton, 'aylor +enkins, and +ames $dwards have been best friends since pre-school 'heir strong bond earned them the nickname of the 'hree -usketeers When 'aylor turned fourteen and announced she was gay, +ames and ,ara stood by her When +ames and ,ara began dating, 'aylor hid her love for ,ara and moved on with her life !ow, fourteen years later, ,ara and +ames are about to be married and 'aylor is trying to deal with the upcoming wedding by rushing into a new relationship As ,ara and +ames begin to face the truth about their relationship, ,ara begins to reali(e who her love interest really is Will ,ara and 'aylor hide their feelings for each other to protect their friendship or will they reali(e they canAt run from love? Megan .arter - &lease Forgi5e Me Laurel .ecker is on the verge of losing the two most important things in her life--her current lover, $laine Ale%ander, and the Lavender 3age bookstore After intercepting a message from a co-worker, Laurel #umps to the conclusion that $laine is having an affair and heads to the local bar to hide behind a beer

*n her search for Laurel, $laine passes by the bar and sees her car and soon finds out that Laurel left with a woman Assuming the worse, $laine goes home and packs her suitcase and goes to a hotel Will $laine and Laurel manage to work through their misunderstandings and rebuild their life together? <ell tark - *omecoming Love is thicker than blood When >ale student ,arah ,torm comes out to her parents, they disown her and withdraw all support for her education A few days later, ,arah&s long-term girlfriend breaks up with her and ,arah loses everything that matters--family, future dreams, and love Forced to leave >ale with only the contents of her dorm room and the boat of a car be1ueathed to her by her grandmother, ,arah scrambles to get her life back on track at the Oniversity of 2hode *sland .urying her hurt and disappointment, ,arah throws herself into both her classes and social life ,truggling to put her last relationship behind her, ,arah dates, and fre1uently, but no one she meets is 1uite as intriguing as 2ory, her new--an apparently straight--roommate When it becomes clear that her attraction to 2ory is mutual, however, ,arah begins to fear that history will repeat itself and she&ll end up alone Will ,arah be able to put aside the betrayals of those she loved and trust again? 9r will the conse1uences of her own coming out e%perience get in the way of a new chance at happiness? &aisley mith - First $aste Eote: Fespite the misleading co$er, it looks like a solid -&short erotic story. *t&s !atalie&s ten-year high school reunion and she&s reluctantly #oined the planning committee 'hings start to look up, though, when she finds that )aley -oore is on the committee-and she&s even more gorgeous than !atalie remembered 'en years before, !atalie and )aley had e%perimented se%ually together, but when high school ended, they went their separate ways 'heir une%pected reunion finds them ready to make up for lost time, both in bed and out 1achel 'angler - -earning .ur5e Ashton 5larke, a local 5asanova with a long history of falling into bed with a different woman every night, is perfectly content with her free and easy e%istence until she gives in to her best friend&s re1uest to spend an evening helping out at the local gay and lesbian youth center 'here, Ash meets 5arrie Fletcher, a women&s studies professor who not only intrigues Ash but causes her to 1uestion the direction her life has taken As if this dis1uieting attraction isn&t aggravating enough, Ash is forced to deal with 5arrie&s teenage neighbor 'ess, whose bad attitude and biting wit seem to complicate every situation Ash doesn&t want to be attracted to 5arrie, who isn&t looking for a relationship with anyone, and 'ess is angry at the world, but especially, it seems, with Ash "espite resistance on the part of all three women, it soon becomes obvious that the trio&s destinies are hopelessly intertwined and the lessons in store will change all their lives (Eote: (he rest o this series has already uploaded by me in collection G2!

1adclyffe - > afe *arbor BC; torms of .hange Amidst war abroad and upheaval at home, 2eese 5onlon and 'ory 7ing face their gravest challenge to their life together 5an love and passion survive the unforgiving storms of change? *n the continuing saga of the 3rovincetown 'ales, 2eese 5onlonAs obligations to family and country are put to the test as war engulfs the -iddle $ast, while her partner 'ory 7ing must chose between her career and motherhood when her family is disrupted While friends and family struggle with the fears and uncertainties of a world in strife, the small seaside town is rocked by a series of crimes that suggest newly arrived real estate entrepreneur, 2icarda Grechi, may have connections to more than #ust the business world ,tate 3olice "etective 5arter Wayne intends to find out 1adclyffe - > afe *arbor B?; )inds of Fortune 'he winds of fortune are fickle guides and happiness or heartbreak may be the destination For 3rovincetown local "eo 5amara, the only winds that have ever blown her way have been cold and lonely, and she doesn&t e%pect things to improve when she is drawn into a family crisis against her will "espite a decade of estrangement, however, "eo can&t turn her back on the call of blood, no matter how high the price in heartache "r .onita .urgoyne is pleased with the changes she&s made in her life she has a rewarding new #ob and is looking forward to renovating the historic sea captain&s house she has #ust purchased ,he&s content, and that&s all she needs to be, or so she thinks until she hires "eo to head up the renovations 'hey have nothing in common e%cept a shared legacy of betrayal by those they&d trusted the most, and an impossible attraction they would both prefer to ignore -eanwhile, .onita&s new associate "r 'ory 7ing and her partner, 2eese 5onlon, must cope with the aftermath of the winds of war and the approaching fury of a very real gathering storm 1a'hael .arter - $he Fortunate Fall *n JErd-century 2ussia, where the G!etG is at once a source of freedom and a means of control, -aya Andreyeva is the perfect reporter 'he chips hardwired into her brain allow her to detail not only what she sees but what she hears, tastes, smells, and feels, all in resonant virtual reality When clues turn up pointing to a massacre and a cover-up, -aya, the ultimate #ournalist, is compelled find the truth Along the way she discovers answers not only to the pu((le she has set out to solve, but to secrets about her own life 1obbi Mc.oy - )alt=ing at Midnight 'rying to fill the empty places left by children going to college, +ean "avis decides to get out of the house and volunteer in the local mayoral campaign *t soon becomes obvious - though not to +ean - that she has a ma#or crush on the candidate, 2osie -onroe 'hrilled by the e%citement of politics and strangely flustered every time 2osie calls on her for help, +ean has never felt more alive 2ising to every challenge with newfound passion, she surprises everyone, including her husband, by flourishing under the stress of the hard-fought campaign When dirty tricks by the other side damage 2osie&s reputation at the worst possible

moment, +ean finally reali(es that her feelings are not entirely about the thrill of the #ob 'wo decades of doing what was e%pected of her are abruptly turned upside down, and she reali(es she may #ust be in love - for the first time in her life 1obbie .ollins - Mystics eries >ooks 2.8 and 4 1obin Ale%ander - Murky )aters 5laire -urray thought she was leaving her problems behind when she accepted a new position within ,uare( 'ravel and relocated to .aton 2ouge )er e%citement 1uickly diminishes when her mysterious stalker makes it known that there is no place 5laire can hide ,he is instantly attracted to the enigmatic 'ristan "elacroi%, who becomes more of a mystery to her every time they meet 5laire is thrust into a world of fear, confusion, and passion that will ultimately shake the foundations of all she once believed 1onica Black - "ee' Book 1 - 0n $oo "ee' $rin -c7en(ie, a newly promoted homicide detective, lands the assignment of her career when she is chosen to investigate $li(abeth Adams, the number one suspect in a slew of serial murders Adams, elusive and devastatingly beautiful, is not only an accomplished seductress but also a lesbian $rin, straight and married, needs a crash course in more than #ust undercover detecting With 3atricia )enderson, a fellow homicide cop and Adams&s former lover as a mentor, $rin embarks on the #ourney of her life with love and danger hot on her heels 1onica Black - "ee' Book 2 - "ee'er Former homicide detective $rin -c7en(ie couldn&t be any happier with her new life and her fianc;e $li(abeth Adams--until the not so distant past comes knocking at the door $rin&s former colleague "etective 3atricia )enderson--the woman both she and Li( have intimate ties to--shows up with a fresh crime scene photo that looks all too familiar 'he body of a man discarded in the desert, genitals mutilated, pants down around his ankles, is a near carbon copy of the murders $li(abeth was previously accused of 'o make matters worse, the victim is an actor who works for Li(&s movie production company, and she had argued with the young man on more than one occasion $rin can&t believe it&s happening again ,oon the police are all over Li( about her missing sister&s whereabouts and the Adams& name is once again at the center of a high-profile investigation 'he new murder resurrects old 1uestions and when Li( all but sends her packing, $rin can&t help but wonder what her lover is hiding Lost, alone and frightened, $rin finds herself back at the very place where her emotional #ourney began, with 3atricia )enderson When two more murders occur, both implicating the Adams&s, $rin is once again caught in midst of it all, and no matter how hard she fights it, she&s where she never thought she&d be deeper 1o%y *arte - *eart of .hange After the truth comes out about her age, forty-something porn star ,imone ,inclair is handed her walking papers, ending a career that has

become more e%treme sport than art form 'he final straw is her long-time partnerAs idea to start their own international studio with a marriage proposal tossed in to sweeten the deal After two decades of waiting for him to deliver the white picket fence, itAs not e%actly the offer she was e%pecting At least she doesnAt need a man to answer the alarm of her biological clock And when she shares a dance with Geri, one of her lesbian gal pals, she discovers she doesnAt need a man to fulfill other fantasies, either .ut GeriAs not interested in touch and tease@she wants more than ,imone is ready to give 'orn between three dreams@a post-retirement career, a family, or lasting love@,imone retreats to get her head on straight, coming to one conclusion ,he canAt have everything .ut two out of three is worse than nothing at allS andra Barret - -a5ender ecrets $mma Le4anteur has written off any chance of true love and is focused on her graduate thesis, when !icole "avis, a beautiful .ritish instructor, turns $mma&s world upside down $mma thinks she can finally break out of a comatose love-life, but when !icole convinces $mma to help with her upcoming wedding, $mma&s brief hope for romance seems lost .ut is it? !icole "avis is marrying into a socialite family .ut $mma&s friendship pulls her in another direction, sending her tumbling into a world of undeniable longing Will !icole give up her picture-perfect future to gamble on feelings she can barely comprehend, or will she stick with the life she&s always known? hamim arif - 0 .an6t $hink traight 'ala, a London-based 3alestinian, is preparing for her elaborate -iddle $astern wedding when she meets Leyla, a young .ritish *ndian woman who is dating her best friend ,pirited 5hristian 'ala and shy -uslim Leyla could not be more different from each other, but the attraction is immediate and goes deeper than friendship As 'alaAs wedding day approaches, simmering tensions come to boiling point and the pressure mounts for 'ala to be true to herself haron Maria Bid/ell - 9ueen6s Mo5e 'ressa, the ,within Nueen, doesn&t always manage to act as a lady should )er marriage is one of duty, though not without love $ven so, -arkis, her husband, is happy for her to try a softer, feminine touch, if it means that 'ressa finally finds true love -eira is half ,within and even though she&s a great healer, some look upon her heritage with suspicion ,till, she&s stronger than that6 what others think of her has never mattered so why is it suddenly important to her that 'ressa looks at her with love? Why does she want to protect 'ressa even if it means possibly failing to do the right thing? Will the nation be able to stand up to the two women? $ven more importantly, how will 'ressa and -eira manage their dominant natures between the sheets?

usan mith - &ut A/ay )et +ocelyn G+oeyG Fellows is having a bad day At JT, she&s a college dropout who #ust got savagely dumped by her e%, 3sycho .arbie +oey works as a waiter in a pretentious, er, upscale .uffalo restaurant, the )eritage 2oom, with her best friend ,teve ,teve is a gorgeous serial dater, gay man candy )e&s had enough of +oey crying in her beer over 3sycho .arbie, and convinces her to get back on the horse +oey is adamant that she doesn&t want a relationship, as her first lasted four years and destroyed her8 3sycho .arbie shredded her self-esteem, deflated her bank account, and pressured +oey to drop out of college and work in the restaurant full time to support her, all while cheating on her +oey needs time to heal and find out who she is ,teve informs her that she can find herself and get laid After two bottles of red wine, +oey goes online and posts a personal ad on a dating site8 !ewbie seeking erotic adventures, good-hearted, would-be ethical slut with no e%perience seeks e%perience !o men, no cheating, no relationships +ust good clean se%ual fun +oey ends up going on 1uite a few adventures, and along the way discovers a #oy in se%uality, a new sense of self, and a woman, Leela, who teaches her how to embrace life, lust, and laughter usan 3 Meagher - .herry Gro5e When )ayden rented a house in 5herry Grove on Fire *sland for the summer she was looking for nothing more than a 1uiet place to write Accessible only by ferry, the island promised to give her the solitude she needed .ut she hadn&t counted on the allure of the ferry driver6 a headstrong, proud, prickly woman named Gina Gina is happy with her life , and she&s not 1uite ready to get into another relationship .ut )ayden gets under her skin, and they wind up making a very 1uick trip to bed 9nce that itch is scratched the women have to decide if there&s more between them than lust 'hey&re both fairly certain that their lives are too different to really mesh, but still there&s something that keeps leading them back to bed *s steaming-hot se% enough to build a relationship on? usanna #alent - 9ueen6s la5e )oman Book , - 'he ,haming of +endri .ooks one and two in series are in an earlier collection from me 'o save her nation from the tyrannical 7&$ndarra Golgathe%, Nueen of Asperia, +endri 4errian, once the proud, young General of the Armies of the 9bduria, has remade herself into the perfect slave *n reward, she is wedded to 7&$ndarra as the Nueen&s 5onsort .ut now a rival for the Nueen&s affections, 4&Anekka appears ,oon the Nueen is completely enthralled with her newest slave )ow far into ,apphic .L" will +endri have to go to win the Nueen&s affections back? usanna #alent - 9ueen6s la5e )oman Book ? - 'he Abasing 9f +endri !ote8 .ook T is missing from collection +ealousy among slaves +endri 4errian, once the proud, young General of the Armies of the 9bduria, has remade herself into the perfect slave to save her nation from the tyrannical 7&$ndarra Golgathe%, Nueen of Asperia !ow 7&$ndarra has taken a second wife, and +endri begins to compete with her co-spouse to see who will submit most completely to the Nueen&s punishments and demands

$ara )ent= - $raffic to' ,ergeant 2yan 'homas thinks a traffic stop is nothing more than the mundane routine that fills her isolated life *n truth this particular traffic stop is actually a moment in time that will change the course of her life "r 'obi "re%ler, comfortable in her stable life as a radiologist, suddenly finds her life about to take a different road which ultimately will lead both women into an adventure that will test them as never before Amidst the beginnings of their new relationship, there is a malevolent force that is determined at all costs to e%act revenge )e has an agenda, and one of them will pay, and pay dearly From beginning to end, you will meet a myriad of unforgettable people6 people whose lives mingle and intersect Will one of them be responsible for the turmoil and danger surrounding 2yan and 'obi? $racey 1ichardson - ide 4rder of -o5e $very week millions of viewers tune in to watch Grace Wellwood transform basic ingredients into delicious cuisine )er latest cookbook is flying off bookstore shelves and her trendy .oston restaurant is booked months in advance ,he knows how to cook up success, but overlooks the basic ingredients to transform her private life into anything delicious -- or even remotely satisfying Grace is deeply annoyed when a long overdue vacation is interrupted by catering a women&s pro golf tournament 'orrie 5annon, the 'our&s young hotshot, takes one look at the famous chef and embarks on her usual plan of seduction -- hot tonight, gone tomorrow 'orrie&s bewitching charms are undeniably enticing *n spite of the si((le between them, however, Grace is done with fast food relationships What Grace wants is the one thing that has never been a specialty on 'orrie&s menu8 love # K &o/ell - Fe5er )ired gun Lenne% 5hambers e%pects to provide a simple escort service to philanthropist ,ara Ambrosini, but nothing is as simple as it seems, especially love Lenne% 5hambers is a disillusioned hired gun who longs for a connection with life beyond her sat-phone and assignments she can&t share with anyone )er boss lines up a cushy escort #ob to Africa to give her time to refocus .ut the country she loved as a child holds memories she isn&t ready to face Adding to her ambivalence about returning is the immensely attractive ,ara Ambrosini, head of Ambrosini 3hilanthropic, who sees everything through the rose-colored glasses of wealth and privilege Lenne%&s task is to provide security for ,ara until they reach the future site of her primary school for tribal children in the bush country .ut Lenne% soon discovers that ,ara&s stubbornness and independence aren&t the only obstacles to the success of her assignment !othing is as simple as it seems, especially love # K &o/ell - us'ect &assions ,ydney 5abot doesn&t trust uptight attorney 2egan "esanto, who is assigned to defend her in a civil suit, and the feeling is mutual--but ,yd&s career is in the balance and her libido is sending signals that are impossible to ignore 5ity Attorney 2egan "esanto moved to town a year ago after her partner of twenty years dumped her for another woman All she wants is to be near her ailing grandmother and

to work ordinary, boring municipal cases until she can get her life back together .eat officer ,ydney 5abot is a chronic serial polyamorist who craves the adrenaline rush on and off the #ob ,he has never wanted to be or tried to be faithful to one woman When ,yd is slapped with a wrongful death suit, 2egan, the most uptight, controlling, and monogamous woman ,yd has ever met, is assigned the case 'hey don&t much like each other, but they have to work together--and what&s even more of a challenge, they have to figure out how to defuse their growing attraction )illa 4kati - $e%as $ea @ e5en "eadly ins and #irtues - .hastityD -addy&s worked damn hard to get where she is in life ,he&s turned her back on her .ron% roots and moved down to the oil-rich fields of 'e%as where she can be somebody and make something of her life 'he one thing missing is what she claims she doesn&t need8 romance ,he doesn&t count on being strangely attracted by Lissy, a pi%ie-like waif of a woman who walt(es into her life and turns it upside down From unsnarling some terrible dreadlocks to sharing a passionate kiss for all the world to see, -addy and Lissy do it all Eane - &ur'le &anties What happens when G'he Finest -anG you have ever laid eyes on is a woman? What happens when a woman comes home to her man after a hard day&s work with GLipstick on )er 5ollar?G What happens when a married woman runs across the love of her life -- another woman -- who insists that G*t&s All or !othing?G *s there such a thing as playing too G)ard to Get?G What happens when G-om&s !ight 9utG turns into group se%? What happens when you discover your true se%uality GAt Last?G All of these 1uestions and more are answered within the pages of 3urple 3anties -----------------------------------------------'es, yes they#ll e$entually will be a collection ?. .ither (hanksgi$ing break or Christmas break. Collection release dates always depends on how much material I ind or it and when I get a chance to content check and get the summaries or here up. Note: Fue to the remo$al o collection 8, I ha$e strongly considered making a site or releases. /nd i I should switch rom torrent to host links. "hether I end up doing this depends on this collection. I#m going to make a google contact group so I don#t ha$e to keep pming e$eryone manually on the noid. I you wish to be added to such an email group drop an email saying such to sil$ with1 rom the email address you wish to add. I do not send wd emails nor will I gi$e your email address to anyone else. / ter this collection I will stop alerting commenters to new collections and will only noti y anyone by one mass email to people who joined said contact group. Ilease keep up the same good work rom last time and seedJ! /nd i there#s any sort o problems please mention them in a comment.

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