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Student Name – Varnica Nagar

School Name – Seven Oaks School
School Address – Garhi Cantt., Dehradun
Class – XI A, 2005

Name of the proposed club: Modern Magic Club

1. To make all students realize that it is a club for real fun and not a place to
horrify them with equations and complicated words. All we get here is fun
with structured information with repeatable results. It will make them
realize that ‘science’ is just a name of easier way of understanding things.
2. To remove myth that science is for scientists and computers are truth
speaking type writers or fun machines or magic boxes. The club will be
equally enjoyable for students who like science or arts or are curious to
learn just anything they want.
3. To let the student judge that learning science is far cheaper than arts, only
thing to be understood that nothing is useless and the most complex
things consist of basically simple ingredients.
Identification of problems: We have been asked to start a science and
computer club in school. Even senior students took it as ‘Hi funda’, ‘Hi cost’ thing,
the contents of which require a genius. Only positive thing they thought of that
they can play games, use e-mail and write letters & application forms.
• This situation is directly linked with objective 1. For that we will use
display board of school and local newspaper with some funny drawing
displaying real life examples or toys which can explain complex
processes (learn with fun) to attract readers of all age groups towards fun.
• We will direct our activities to make a club considering three age groups
of students, i.e. sub-junior, junior and senior group with parallel

• Then we require upper layer which we require for knowledge base,
guidance and overall personality development. For that we can contact
school teachers, local scientists, engineers, artists and even mechanics.
• If there is time constraint with people of upper layers, senior members of
the club can function as knowledge transporters and facilitators.
• Traditional education converts an inventor or an artist into expert. This is
exactly reverse what we really need. Almost all the children love to watch
programs like ‘Junkyard Mechanics’, which state that everything is useful
just by creative thinking.
• Using the same theme junkyard scientific toys will be prepared and upper
layers of the club will help in explaining the complex science behind those
toys in simple ways for junior ones. (mic from pencils, cell from lemon,
microscope from fused pencil torch bulb, invisible ink, pin hole camera
and ‘Do It Yourself’ kind of simple things).
• At later stage all the members will be requested to prepare and deliver
some small lectures, using multimedia, with scientific toys prepared by
them in front of upper layer people consisting critics, for our total growth.
• Since everybody needs appreciation and probably motivation, for that
small scientific fun mela (magic festival?!!) can be arranged. Small
science articles can be published in local newspaper under the guidance
of upper layer and media.
• In present day world the costliest thing is information. For that one
multimedia computer with internet and educational computer games for
juniors are required. However slowly one junior science library can also
be built up with individual contribution or donation, if need be.
• Skill and talent is never restricted in big cities and school. So once we
learn the art of learning and effective communication, all members of the
club will be requested to visit schools in surrounding villages having poor
• The visiting member will identify their needs, think about the instant
solutions, come back to club, enter the information in data base of the

computer and discuss it with club members. Efforts will be made to find
different ways by which suitable skills of solving problem can be
generated in the sufferers themselves, using available minimum
resources. It will give them pride and relief and the surrounding areas will
get their own group of problem solvers. It will start a self-healing process.
• If the requirements of resources are beyond the capacity of the club, the
requirement of resources along with problem analysis and possible
solutions will be presented before suitable administrative forum using the
upper layer.
• Once the surrounding areas are comparatively free of problems, the
children of those areas will be invited to the club, we will help them in
understanding why, how and what we are doing here. We will assist them
in making their own club using minimum local resources and spread out
practical scientific solution in their surrounding.
• We will request our teacher to teach us how to evaluate our data base,
our progress, our faults in early stage itself and mid- course correction
whenever required.
• In our e-database we will also include local knowledge of villagers and old
wise men. This will be analyzed by the upper layer. This may result into
very cheap natural medicine or a cheap technology even for an advanced