Sherri Rutherford – Director of Law City of Chillicothe Ref: Opi io !

March 3, 2014

" ha#e tried to co tact you o !e#eral occa!io ! a$out differe t le%al i!!ue!, $ut to o a#ail, due to your &u a#aila$ility'( " rece tly left you a #oice )ail re%ardi % a pe di % law!uit a%ai !t Officer Charle! Ca)p$ell i hi! official capacity a! a city police officer, !i ce you wa! u a#aila$le a%ai for le%al ad#ice( Officer Ca)p$ell wa! al!o u a$le to co tact you a d left a )e!!a%e with your !taff re%ardi % the law!uit a d hi! re*ue!t for repre!e tatio $y the city law director( Officer Ca)p$ell ad#i!ed )e that your !taff co !ulted with you a d you ad#i!ed that Officer Ca)p$ell !ee+ le%al repre!e tatio $y the ,(O(-( .hat wa! a u accepta$le a !wer fro) you, !o " left you a #oice)ail /!i ce you are ot a#aila$le for i))ediate co !ult o city le%al )atter!0 re%ardi % )y o$1ectio to your opi io that your office will ot repre!e t a city police officer i a law!uit re!ulti % fro) their official dutie!( " recei#ed a #oice)ail fro) you !tati % that you co tacted the city i !ura ce pro#ider2! le%al cou !el a d they will $e repre!e ti % Officer Ca)p$ell( 3ou we t o to tell )e how you did ot appreciate )e telli % you what your 1o$ i!(( Si ce you are a attor ey a d the &elected Director of law' " a) !ure you are aware of your dutie! a! outli ed i 405(11 6illa%e !olicitor or city director of law 7 dutie!( .he #illa%e !olicitor or city director of law !hall act a! the le%al ad#i!or to a d attor ey for the )u icipal corporatio , a d for all officer! of the )u icipal corporatio i )atter! relati % to their official dutie!( 8e !hall prepare all co tract!, $o d!, a d other i !tru)e t! i writi % i which the )u icipal corporatio i! co cer ed, a d !hall i dor!e o each hi! appro#al of the for) a d the correct e!! thereof( 9o co tract with the )u icipal corporatio !hall ta+e effect u til the appro#al of the #illa%e !olicitor or city director of law i! i dor!ed thereo ( 8e or hi! a!!i!ta t! !hall $e the pro!ecutor i a y police or )u icipal court, a d !hall perfor) !uch other dutie! a d ha#e !uch a!!i!ta t! a d cler+! a! are re*uired or pro#ided( 433(51 -ower! a d dutie! of city director of law( .he city director of law !hall prepare all co tract!, $o d!, a d other i !tru)e t! i writi % i which the city i! co cer ed, a d !hall !er#e the !e#eral director! a d officer! pro#ided i .itle 6"" :4; of the Re#i!ed Code a! le%al cou !el a d attor ey( 1

.he director of law !hall $e pro!ecuti % attor ey of the )ayor<! court( =he the le%i!lati#e authority of the city allow! a!!i!ta t! to the director of law, he )ay de!i% ate the a!!i!ta t! to act a! pro!ecuti % attor ey! of the )ayor<! court( .he per!o de!i% ated !hall $e !u$1ect to the appro#al of the le%i!lati#e authority( 433(53 Dutie! a! to !uit!( .he city director of law, whe re*uired to do !o $y re!olutio of the le%i!lati#e authority of the city, !hall pro!ecute or defe d o $ehalf of the city, all co)plai t!, !uit!, a d co tro#er!ie! i which the city i! a party, a d !uch other !uit!, )atter!, a d co tro#er!ie! a! he i!, $y re!olutio or ordi a ce, directed to pro!ecute( 8e !hall ot $e re*uired to pro!ecute a y actio $efore the )ayor of the city for the #iolatio of a ordi a ce without fir!t ad#i!i % !uch actio ( 433(54 City director of law !hall %i#e opi io !( =he a officer of a city e tertai ! dou$t! co cer i % the law i a y )atter $efore hi) i hi! official capacity, a d de!ire! the opi io of the city director of law, he !hall clearly !tate to the director of law, i writi %, the *ue!tio upo which the opi io i! de!ired, a d thereupo the director of law !hall, withi a rea!o a$le ti)e, reply orally or i writi % to !uch i *uiry( .he ri%ht co ferred upo !uch officer! $y thi! !ectio e>te d! to the le%i!lati#e authority of the city, a d to each $oard pro#ided for i .itle 6"" :4; of the Re#i!ed Code( " )y 23 year! a! a police officer for thi! city, " ha#e e#er wor+ed with a Law Director that will ot )a+e the)!el#e! a#aila$le to police per!o el duri % $u!i e!! hour!( Si ce your electio , you ha#e re*uired )y officer! /a! outli ed i 433(54 ORC0 to !e d a writte re*ue!t for a le%al opi io o all )atter!( ?! to )y + owled%e, you are the fir!t to i)ple)e t thi! policy for the police force( " %e eral that )ay wor+ for the le%i!lati#e $ra ch, $ut the police force who at ti)e! re*uire! i))ediate acce!! to our le%al ad#i!or /3ou0 at all hour! of the day a d i%ht, that i! ot accepta$le( ?ll re*ue!t for le%al opi io ! are re*uired to $e appro#ed $y )y !uper#i!or! !o a! to li)it the u!e of your ti)e( @ut there are ti)e! whe a opi io i! eeded i))ediately, !uch a! o !ce e opi io ! of a cri)i al ature, !earch warra t %uida ce, policy or le%al directio that ha! to $e i)ple)e ted i))ediately to protect the citiAe !, police officer! or the city fro) lia$ility( ?! the Chief of -olice, " a!!ure you that if you call )e, " will a !wer i))ediately or re!po d a! !oo a! " ca , )eeti %! or ot, 24 hour! a day, 4 day! a wee+ a d 3B5 day! a year( " a!!ure you that " will drop what " a) doi % to re!po d to your *ue!tio ! or to a!!i!t you i a y way po!!i$le( .hat i! the re!pect that " %i#e to the elected official! that !er#e the citiAe ! of thi! co))u ity, a d i! )y duty to the citiAe ! to a!!i!t local %o#er )e t( " a) appalled i the lac+ of re!pect for )y officer! a d )y office( ", alo % with )a y of )y officer! ha#e had to re!ort to co tacti % the Ro!! Cou ty -ro!ecutor, who !ee)! to )a+e hi)!elf a#aila$le all hour! of the day a d i%ht, without a writte re*ue!t( " we t to your office today to tal+ to you a$out the ha dli % of a cri)i al co)plai t at 10:00 ?M i the )u icipal court( 3our !taff a!+ if " had a appoi t)e t( Of cour!e " did 2t !i ce " 1u!t left the court hou!e( " a!+ your !taff to ha#e )e !cheduled for the e>t ope i % you had today a d to call )e with a ti)e a d " %a#e the) )y cell pho e u)$er( "t i! 4:00 PM a d " ha#e yet to recei#e a call fro) your office( So " will type what " could ha#e !po+e to you if you could ha#e %i#e )e 15 )i ute! of your o#er !cheduled day( .he ca!e i #ol#ed Michael Col#i a d hi! 1u + #ehicle! that wa! !et a! a .(@(C( today( 8e wa! ot repre!e ted $y cou cil a d the char%e wa! &Cu + )otor #ehicle!'( " ha#e recei#ed u)erou! co)plai t! a$out Mr( Col#i par+i % 1u + #ehicle!, #ehicle! with e>pired ta%!, ru i % a u lice !ed $u!i e!!( etc( .he -olice Depart)e t ha! e>pe ded u)erou! )a hour! i #e!ti%ati % cri)i al co)plai t! i #ol#i % Mr( Col#i o#er the year! a d he ha! a e>te !i#e cri)i al hi!tory a! a di!orderly citiAe that ha! o co cer for hi! ei%h$or! or the ordi a ce! of thi! city a d the law! of 2

thi! !tate( My!elf, Captai =a!h$ur a d S%t( Cu i %ha) appeared a! directed $y your !taff to pro!ecute Mr( Col#i i a trial $y court( Mr( Col#i appeared late, $ut the ca!e wa! heard( 8e e tered a &%uilty' plea a d it wa! e>cepted( Cud%e Street !e te ced hi) to a !u!pe ded fi e a d pay court co!t( =hy wa! there a plea a%ree)e t i! $eyo d )e, !i ce the city had all of the !u$poe aed wit e!!e! pre!e t i cludi % )y!elf, who i! al!o #ery $u!y with )y daily dutie!( .here i! a repeated patter of di!)i!!i % fi e! for a %uilty plea( City re!ource! are !pe t to i #e!ti%ate a d e force the city ordi a ce! a d law! of thi! !tate( My officer! ha dled thou!a d! of co)plai t! a year( " a) co fide t that if the trial wa! co ducted a! !u$poe aed, Mr( Col#i would ha#e $ee fou d %uilty $y the court( " $elie#e pre7trial! are for plea e%otiatio ! a d deal!, ot trial! $y court whe the officer! a d )y!elf are !u$poe aed a d it appear! to $e a #ery !i)ple ca!e to pro!ecute( Mr( Col#i ha! three pa%e! of )u icipal court ca!e! that ha#e $ee filed a%ai !t hi) i the pa!t( Do you really thi + he lear ed a le!!o D More ta> dollar! will $e !pe t $y the police to i #e!ti%ate co)plai t! re%ardi % Mr( Col#i ( 8e i! o e of )a y that co !ta tly re#ol#e throu%h the Law Director2! office a d the )u icipal court to o ly $e !lapped with court co!t a d a !u!pe ded fi e, or char%e! reduced or di!)i!!ed( My depart)e t i! al!o u der !taffed $y 13 police officer!, 1 di!patcher, 2 cler+! with !e#eral officer! o re!tricted duty fro) day to day fro) i 1urie!, yet we co ti ue to !tri#e to pro#ide the !a)e *uality !er#ice to the citiAe ! of thi! city a d elected official!, a! they de!er#e( =e !er#e u)erou! failure to appear warra t! i!!ued fro) the court( Ofte ti)e! cha!i % the!e !a)e people throu%h !ide yard!, !treet! a d hou!e! while placi % citiAe ! a d officer! i da %er of life or i 1ury, o ly for the) to appear $efore the court to $e relea!ed the !a)e day !o we ca cha!e the) a%ai whe they fail to appear( 3ou )a+e e>cu!e! that your office ha! $ee cut !taffi %, !o you ha#e reduced your i #ol#e)e t i a!!i!ti % i other le%al )atter! of the city that are clearly u der your !tatutory duty( "t loo+! %ood o paper that your office ha! a hi%h co #ictio rate( 3our office i! the fir!t to otify )y office if a officer )i!!e! a !cheduled court ca!e !o you !taff ca di!)i!! the ca!e a d $la)e it o the officer( " do 2t )a+e e>cu!e! for their a$!e ce a d they are di!cipli ed, $ut )ay$e your lac+ lu!ter approach to pro!ecuti % the!e ca!e! or de!ire for a u)$er! co #ictio rate affect! their de!ire to lea#e their fa)ilie! to appear i court to ha#e the ca!e co ti ued, di!)i!!ed, reduced or pled to a le!!er char%e or o fi e at all( .he!e ca!e! co!t the ta>payer dollar! a d pro#ide )o ie! for the %e eral fu d to !upply your office a d )i e with !taff a d e*uip)e t( .he court rarely if e#er wai#e! the court co!t, which " !u!pect i! do to the )a1ority of the court co!t %oe! i to their $ud%et that o ly they co trol( .he cri)i al! !hould pay for their )i!co duct whe co #icted, ot the ta>payer( .he court! a d your office co)plai a$out $ud%et !hort fall!, yet whe it co)e! to recoupi % the co!t of e>pe ded city ta> dollar! throu%h the fi e! for their )i!co duct, e>pedie ce appear! to $e the priority( "t i! $etter for a plea deal for u)$er! !a+e, the to pro!ecute the cri)i al!( "f they ca 2t pay, let the) wor+ it off, or loc+ the) up( Mr( Col#i i! o e of tho!e people( " a) al!o a ta>payer a d " e>pect )ore fro) )y elected official!( 3our office a d the court are ot u der the daily !cruti y a! )y officer! a d "( " would thi + that if )ore atte tio wa! paid to your office a d the court2! ha dli % of !o)e of the!e ca!e!, you would truly !ee a pu$lic outra%e( My officer! a d " will ot $e the !cape %oat for politic! or the lac+ of de!ire for o e to fulfill o e! elected duty( Cri)e i! all o#er thi! co))u ity a d it i! ti)e that you a d our ELEC.ED official! %et with the pro%ra)( ?%ai , " would ha#e lo#ed to !po+e to you i per!o , a d ot $y letter, $ut !i ce you wa! !o $u!y with city $u!i e!! today a d !cheduled !o ti%ht that you could ot !ee )e or call $ac+ for a appoi t)e t, "2ll )a+e it a pu$lic recordF Good day( Chief Ro%er ?( Moore 3