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8 theSun | MONDAY OCTOBER 12 2009

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Boyzone singer Nobel committee head defends award of peace prize
OSLO: The head of the Nobel Peace Prize of the peace prize who is more in line with en international diplomacy and cooperation
Gately dies committee on Saturday defended its con-
troversial decision to give the award to US
Alfred Nobel’s will.”
Jagland, a former Norwegian prime min-
between peoples.”
The committee attached “special impor-
in Spain at 33 President Barack Obama, saying his work
so far justified the honour. “He could have
ister, said “we are capturing the spirit of the
times, the needs of the era.”
tance to Obama’s vision and work for a world
without nuclear weapons.”
MADRID: Boyzone singer Stephen Gately also had it too late,” Thorbjoern Jagland told He and the committee’s four other The award for the first black US president
(pix), 33, died on Saturday while on holiday reporters. members caused shockwaves on Friday by sparked both praise and criticism, with many
in Majorca off the coast of Spain, the Irish “Can someone tell me who did more than announcing that Obama had won the Nobel, saying he has not yet done enough to deserve
band with a string of hits in the 1990s said him this year? It is difficult to name a winner praising his “extraordinary efforts to strength- it. – AFP
on its website.
“Stephen tragically died whilst on holiday

Obama vows to end
with his partner Andrew in Majorca,” the
site said yesterday.
The Boyzone mem-
bers, including lead
singer Ronan Keating,
were heading to Ma-
jorca following news of

restrictions on gays in forces
the death.
The circumstances
surrounding the death
remained unclear but
(Britain’s) News of the Making
World reported he died after a night out.
“We’re all absolutely devastated,” Boyzone Sens: WASHINGTON: President trated he has not moved more “Do not doubt the direction of their sexual orientation.
manager Louis Walsh told the tabloid. Rubber Barack Obama, speaking on the quickly to carry out promises, we are heading and the destina- The House of Representa-
“I’m in complete shock. I was only with regains its eve of a major gay-rights march, such as overturning the “don’t tion we will reach,” said Obama, tives passed the bill last week
him on Monday at an awards ceremony. We told gay supporters on Saturday ask, don’t tell” policy and re- who made history as the first and the Senate is expected to act
don’t know much about what’s happened bounce he would fight for their causes pealing the Defence of Marriage African American president soon. Obama last week nomi-
yet ... He was a great man.” pg 11 and renewed a pledge to end Act, which bars the federal and compared the push for gay nated an openly gay lawyer,
Speaking to the newspaper late Saturday, restrictions on their service in government from forcing states rights to the struggles in the David Huebner, to serve as his
band member Shane Lynch said: “Me and the US military. To a standing to recognise gay marriage. 1960s to end discrimination ambassador to New Zealand and
the boys are flying out in the morning. We ovation at a dinner held by the Activists plan to march in against blacks. Samoa. Lane Hudson, a blogger
just need to get over to where he’s passed Human Rights Campaign, a gay Washington to urge action on “My expectation is that and activist who attended the
and work out what we need to do.” advocacy group, Obama said those issues. At the dinner, when you look back on these Human Rights Campaign event,
Gately, who married his partner Andrew he would “end ‘don’t ask, don’t Obama acknowledged that years, you will see a time when said while Obama’s speech
Cowles in a civil union in 2006, sent ripples tell,’ That’s my commitment to work on those issues was “tak- we put a stop to discrimina- was well-received, it probably
through the pop music world 10 years ago you.” ing longer than you’d like” as tion against gays and lesbians, would not erase doubts about
when he announced that he was gay. Obama, who was referring the push to overhaul healthcare whether in the office or on the his commitment to fulfilling his
He joined Boyzone in 1993 after an- to the policy prohibiting openly and dealing with the economic battlefield.” campaign promises.
swering an advert in Dublin to audition for gay people from serving in the crisis dominate his domestic Obama touted his decision “It was the kind of feel-good
Ireland’s first boyband. US military, was seeking to agenda. to extend some benefits to part- speech we are used to from the
The band went on to enjoy huge success shore up his support among But he promised “unwaver- ners of gay federal employees president,” Hudson said. “It
with six number one singles in Britain, but gays and lesbians who backed ing” support for broadening the and said he hopes to soon sign lacked any specific details on
split up in 2000. They reunited seven years him strongly during last year’s rights of gays and lesbians and a bill that would broaden the fulfilling his promises and he
later, but their recent 19-date Better tour presidential campaign. said he would not allow the is- definition of hate crimes to in- failed to say anything new at
failed to fill stadiums. – AFP Many gay activists are frus- sue to be sidetracked. clude attacks on people because all.” – Reuters