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Planning in COPA SAP

Planning in COPA can be made at various levels. SAP allows to plan: 1- By manually inputting figures for segments. You need to create planning layout in KE14, this can be used then in KEPM (Planning framework). 2- By manually inputting Sales Quantity only, and rest of valuation would be done using valuation strategy as configured in IMG (KE4U) & Revenue would be planned using costing sheets. First method is quite straightforward; where there is a lot of manipulation of data, as required. However in second method; only quantity is planned; rest of valuation is done automatically. For second method it is required to configure in different areas in IMG to work, below is detailed working step wise: Manual & Automatic Planning (Point of Valuation 03 & 04) in COPA In IMG; assign valuation strategy to point of valuation (Transaction code: KE4U)

Input Point of Valuation 03 (manual planning) & 04 (automatic planning) against version, where you want to valuate your planning data.

In IMG: Select "Assign costing keys to Material Types" in order to assign point of valuation (03 & 04) & to relevant material type (Transaction Code: KE4J):

Input point of valuation 03 & 04 for record type F "Billing Data" against material types relevant for costing (say FERT & HALB) for relevant plan version.

In IMG: Select "Assign value fields" in order to assign Point of Valuation (03 & 04) to cost component structure (Transaction Code: KE4R):

Input Point of Valuation 03 & 04 for all cost components, for which you want to valuate planning data.

In IMG: Check "Valuation Simulation" to verify the configuration made in above steps (Transaction Code: KE21S):

Select any posting date; Record Type "F", point of valuation 03 0r 04 & version for which you are planning your data.

Input Parameters in Selection Screen (e.g Company Code, Product & Plant etc)

Input Sales Quantity with unit of measure & click on valuation icon above

You can see the results in level 2 under After valuation; that means valuation is done successfully.

For automatic valuation, you need to tick automatic valuation option in planning framework (tcode KEPM). Whenever you would plan data in this framework; it would be automatically valuated.

Maintain COPA Costing Sheets for Sales Revenue Planning

You have two options regarding costing sheets; either you use costing sheet created in SD or you create in COPA. In order to create Costing Sheet in COPA; Please follow following steps: In IMG: select condition tables; condition tables are used to identify fields, for which you want to plan data i.e. Sales Revenue or Deductions/Surcharge or other cost segments. (Transaction Code: KE4A)

Enter Code for table between 501 & 999

Select fields (Characteristics) by double clicking

In IMG: Select Access Sequence for table created above

Please be aware that! Creation of Access Sequence is Cross Client Activity.

Create Access Sequence and define accesses for same

Enter table created above.

Here you can see fields selected in table

In IMG: Select Condition Types and Costing Sheets to create condition parameters and condition records for costing sheet (pricing procedure)

Click on Create button ( ) under condition types menu (on left side) & give condition type & its description (on right side). Choose Access Sequence created in previous step.

Select Prices in Definition of Condition Type

Select Price with change in Quantity in Prices options:

Click on Records for Condition Type to enter planning data

Enter Planned Data in form

Now click on Create Button under Pricing Procedure Menu to create costing sheet

Enter relevant name for Pricing Procedure & Description and input condition type created above in table below

In IMG: Select Define and Assign Valuation Strategy in IMG menu to assign costing sheet to valuation strategy

Input Costing Sheet against Application Class "KE", however if you want to use costing sheet from SD, you will assign same against Application Class "V".

In IMG: Select "Assing Value Field". For COPA costing sheet, you have to assign condition type to value field

Input Value Field against Condition Type here (Transaction Code: KE45)

After all above settings; simulation can be checked to verify results (Transaction Code: KE21S)

Select any posting date; Record Type "F", point of valuation 03 0r 04 & version for which you are developing planned data.

Input Parameters; i.e. Company Code & Product/Plant

Input Quantity with Unit of measure & Click on valuation

A new line has been generated in valuation analysis with valuation method "Costing Sheet", please click on analysis icon to check results

For Amount planned for product, you can see revenue calculated:

Under Results of Valuation you can see assignment of condition type against value field.

You can maintain table fields; for faster/most granulated input (Transaction Code: KE4A)

You can enter condition records (say planned price) using transaction code KE41.

Please use KE42 to change & KE43 to display planned inputs.