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Rich in Vitamin D and Calcium!
INGREDIENTS: Certified organic pasterized cream (derived from milk) Sea salt DISTRIBUTED BY CLOVER-STORNETH FARMS, INC. PETALUMA, CA 94952 MFD. BY PLANT # 06-17425. CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY QUALITY ASSURANCE INTERNATIONAL www.cloverstornetta.com



39% Vegetable Oil NET WT 40 OZ (1.2 LB)

Redesign Plan
Product Name: Country Crock Butter Target Group: Male and Females ages 21-100 Brief History:
Country Crock is a Unilever brand. The brand has had a promise of good quality products for over 25 years now. It has been America’s favorite brand since. Country Crock is helping families make good habits more delicious. Country Crock spreads have at least 70% less saturated fat than butter and 60% fewer calories which sets the brand apart from all the rest.

Big Idea:

Country Crock is a brand that almost every American knows. It is a popular butter brand that many already prefer. Over the years, this brand has not done much to change along with the times. The logo has remained the same which gives the company it’s face. The face shouldn’t change at this point since the brand is so highly recognizable. The packaging however is a bit overwhelming and hides the logo. With a more modern yet simple package look, it will help increase the likeability of the overall company. Keeping the colors and logo while just changing the package look, it will only inhance the Country Crock brand of butter. The second matter of importance is the packaging itself. The packaging of butter is tricky. There isn’t a whole lot you can do. So far, Country Crock has done a great job of reducing their package size down for convinenance. Although it is important to keep convinience and room in mind, it is also important to thnk about new inivative ideas for the overall use of butter. This is why using the same packaging as deodorant will help increase the uses of butter. This will then in turn, increase the sales of butter. To a customer, saving money is key. If the customer is using a package that will get them the most of their money, they are more likely to buy it. Having the butter in a compartment that can be twist up to the top will allow for each little bit of the butter to be used. Not only will customers get more fot heir money but they will have more room in the refridgerator and find ease while rolling on the butter to what they choose.

Style Guide
Country Apple Red #e50010 RGB: 229,0,16 CMYK: 4,100,100,1 Pantone: 485C Black #000000 RGB: 0,182,63 CMYK: 0,0,0,100 Pantone: 361C Dark Gray #414042 RGB: 65,64,66 CMYK: 0,0,0,90 Pantone: 7C Light Gray #9a9a9b RGB: 154,154,155 CMYK: 21,17,17,18 Pantone: 7C Marketing: Font titles: Bakersville Old Face 72 pt. Red Font body/copy: Abadi MT Condensed Light 12.5 pt. Black 15 pt. Red -MAIN POINTS Packaging: Tagline/Information: Times Body: Abadi MT Condensed Light

The color logo is what will be used mostly. The colors are a big part of the recognizability of the overall brand. The black and white logo will only be used if neccessary. The color logo will continue to be the face of the company and be used on all marketing pieces to distinguish from other brands.

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