Reg. No: 7 7! T.P"one#$a%: &'(-!)-!!!!* +

"arch ,, 2%1+ President: Dr. J. P. Jeyadevan (prince@jfn.ac.lk, thevi123@gmail.com) Vice-President: Dr. P. !iman (a!iman@jfn.ac.lk) General Secretary: "r. #. $arathan (varathan1%@gmail.com) Assistant Secretary: Dr. ("r&.). '. (ajk)mar (go*ri+,%@yahoo.com,) Treasurer: "r. . -. .havaranjit (an)jiranjit@gmail.com) Committee Members: Dr. ". (. (. /oole Dr. #. 0ivapalan "r. . 1aheetharan Dr. 2. 3. . -harle& .he -hairman and "em!er& of the 4'(ejection !y 4niver&ity of Jaffna of pplication for the Po&t of 0enior Profe&&or !y 0enior Profe&&or 0.(./. /oole D0c (1ond.), 56222 -on&idering that Prof. /oole7& ca&e ha& !een dealt *ith at the level& of the 4'-, 40 8 and /i& 29cellency the Pre&ident7& office *riting to the 4'-, it i& proper that o)r appeal in thi& in&tance &ho)ld !e addre&&ed to yo). :e )nder&tand that having, on 3%th Jan)ary, con&idered the application of Prof. 0.(./. /oole for the po&t of 0enior Profe&&or of -omp)ter 0cience at the 4niver&ity of Jaffna, the &election committee did not recommend the candidate7& appointment ;a& the candidate had not o!tained the re<)ired minim)m mark& for .eaching, 0cholar&hip and cademic Development, and -ontri!)tion to 4niver&ity, #ational=6nternational Development.7 .he !ia& in the 0election -ommittee report i& already evident from the fact that it refer& to him a& Dr. /oole, altho)gh he ha& !een profe&&or in &everal recogni>ed in&tit)tion& for many year&. /o*ever, Prof. /oole, D0c 1ondon (1??3), 5ello* of the 6n&tit)tion of 2lectrical and 2lectronic 2ngineer&, 40 , (1??,), Profe&&or of 2lectrical and -omp)ter 2ngineering at "ichigan 0tate 4niver&ity and &)pervi&or of &everal doctorate& in -omp)ter 0cience and 2ngineering, ha& the kind of *idely recogni&ed attainment& that are inval)a!le to o)r )niver&ity, and *o)ld give confidence to yo)ng lect)rer& and &t)dent&, *ho *o)ld !enefit from g)idance in re&earch and international contact&. -)rio)&ly, the &election !oard, *here Peradeniya *a& repre&ented, doe& not appear to have a&ked ho* he in 2%%2 *a& made &enior profe&&or at that )niver&ity. & &omeone *ho ha& !een academically active he &ho)ld certainly have had more point& in 2%11 *hen he applied. "oreover, ho* co)ld &omeone *ho i& profe&&or at the *ell@reno*ned "ichigan 0tate 4niver&ity *hich ha& an active programme helping Jaffna7& gric)lt)re 5ac)lty !e )n<)alified for JaffnaA 6t i& a matter of common &en&e the man@on@the@&treet )nder&tand&, apart from the credit hi& attainment& have !ro)ght to the co)ntry and the val)e of hi& &ervice& in advancing o)r learning and re&earch environment. :e *ill take a <)ick look at ho* Prof. /oole7& application& *ere dealt *ith over the year& !y the 4niver&ity of Jaffna.