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iVIEW Maximizes Collection Understanding in Latest XERA Release iCONECT Development LLC showcases iVIEW in its XERA Review

Platfo m! iCONECT"s c#stom$%esi&ne% vis#ali'ation en&ine( availa)le at no a%%itional cost( #ses #ni*#e & aphin& tools to ma+imi'e the val#e of the %oc#ment collection( %iscove ,e- facts a)o#t %ata( an% eview co%in& activit- to *#ic,l- meas# e p o.ect stat#s an% es#lts! Demonst ation we)ina on on /on%a-( /a ch 01th at 02noon E3T! Las Vegas, NV, March 0 , !0"# $$ iCONECT Development LLC, technology leaders who reach beyond the status quo with an intuitive and fle ible document review platform that wor!s the way you thin!, showcases i"#E$% in its &E'( 'eview )latform* iCONECT+s custom,designed visuali-ation engine, available at no additional cost, uses unique graphing and charting tools to ma imi-e the value of the document collection, discover !ey facts about data, and review coding activity to quic!ly measure pro.ect status and results* iCONECT+s product e perts at /0122noon E3T on 4onday, 4arch /5th, as they demonstrate i"#E$, and additional features and benefits of the latest &E'( product release* Clic! here to .oin http166www*iconect*com6events6iconect,webinars6 i"#E$ introduces the ability to view document information in graph format, allowing reviewers to -ero in on significant details that may be missed when wading through volumes of data* )ro.ect managers can !eep on top of pro.ect status using the 4etrics option in i"#E$ to trac! review progress, utili-ing the same fle ible and interactive charting capabilities* #mmediate insight can also be gained when reviewers and pro.ect managers add graphs to &E'(+s tiled )ro.ect Dashboard, since reviewers do not have to open another view to review !ey pro.ect facts* 7i"#E$ enables reviewers and pro.ect managers to understand data within seconds, rather than minutes,8 states #ram (rras, iCONECT+s "ice )resident of )roduct 3trategy* 7#ntuitive graphing and built,in filtering capabilities ma!e it easy to quic!ly assess metadata and coding progress for optimal understanding*8 Once pie charts or bar graphs are built, reviewers and pro.ect managers ali!e can share their insight through &E'(+s unique built,in collaborative layer which allows data and pro.ect status results to be shared with pro.ect members or clients* 7$ith the release of i"#E$ built right into the &E'( platform, we+re staying true to our commitment of providing intuitive and usable tools to reduce the time and cost of the review process,8 (rras adds* Other significant enhancements to coding wor!flow, search history, and document type identification are also part of this build, which is a simple upgrade to all &E'( systems* To register for the 4onday, 4arch /5th webinar, please clic! here http166www*iconect*com6events6iconect,webinars6* 9or additional &E'( product information and interactive videos, please visit http166www*iconect*com6products6 era* Clic! here http166www*iconect*com6products6product,demos6 to schedule an &E'( demo* A%o&t iC'NEC( )e*elo+ment, LLC, iCONECT Development, LLC is a global mar!et leader in developing innovative legal review software, services and programs that empower people to complete comple legal review pro.ects more cost effectively* (s early innovators of eDiscovery review software since /:::, and with the release of its revolutionary web,based, &E'( eDiscovery 'eview )latform, iCONECT continues to

raise the bar for advancements in developing intelligent, easy to use tools that help hosting providers, law firms, corporations and government agencies worldwide optimi-e wor!flows and manage big data more efficiently* iCONECT+s corporate headquarters are based in Las "egas, Nevada, with satellite offices in Los (ngeles, California, 'eston, "irginia ;$ashington, DC<, Dallas, Te as and London, Canada* iCONECT, the iCONECT logo, &E'( logo and all related names, logos, product and service names, designs and slogans are trademar!s or registered trademar!s of iCONECT Development, LLC or its affiliates in the =*3* and other countries* Other names may be trademar!s of their respective owners* Contact , >ail 4arshall iCONECT ?22 3* )acific Coast @ighway 3uite ?,A2B 'edondo Ceach, C( :2055 B/2,ABD,?E22 gmarshallFiconect*com http166www*iconect*com