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Human Resource Management Semester II

Course Description: Human Resource Management outlines the importance of HRM and its different functions in an organization. It examines the various HR processes that are concerned with attracting, managing, motivating and developing employees for the benefit of the organization

Textbook: Human Resource Management. A South Asian Perspective by Robert L. Mathis, John H. Jackson and Manas Ranjan Tripathy (Cengage) Personnel/ Human Resource Management by David A Decenzo & Stephen P Robbins (Prentice- Hall) Human Resource Management by Gary Dessler (Prentice-Hall) Managing Human Resources by Wayne Cascio (TMH)

Journals: Academy of Management Journal Academy of Management Review Journal of Management Organization Science Organization Studies Journal of Organizational Behavior Human Resource Management Journal International Journal of Human Resource Management

HRM Session plan S. No. 1 Sessi on No. 1-2 Topic Cases

Introduction to HRM: Role of HR 1. Microsoft Indias HR Practices Executives-HRM Functions (ICMR CASE) Challenges of Human Resource ManagementNew Challenges for HR Executives. Quality of Work Life Emerging Trends: The Concept of Quality of 2. SAS Inc. Working the good life (ICMR CASE) Work Life (QWL) - Strategies for Improving QWL, Family integration processes



Job Analysis and Design: Concept 3. Test book Case- the reluctant of Job Analysis and Design, Role receptionist (Page No. 159-160) analysis Methods of Job analysis Job Description - Job Specification Modern Management Techniques: Job rotation job enlargement Job enrichment. 1.Xerox focuses on HR Human Resource Planning (HRP): 2. Where do you find the bodies Definition Need and Importance Text Book Cases(p.79-80) of HRP- Process of HRPLevels and Types of HRP Forecasting Demand for employeesForecasting supply for employeesBalancing supply and demand considerationsHRP Model, Rightsizing


Recruitment and Selection Process: 4. Recruitment & Selection Definition and concept of 4 caselets Recruitment - Factors Affecting Recruitment Sources of (ICMR CASE) recruitment Information technology and HR recruiting on the net (E-recruitment) -Methods and Techniques of recruitment Selection Process- Person Job Fit Person Organization Fit Elements of Selection Process - Steps in the

Selection Procedure Various types of Tests Selection Interview: Methods and Process (including reference check and medical examination) - Placement and induction. 6 12-15 Performance and Potential 5. Text Book Case Study Performance Appraisal at Cola Magic Drinks ( Page No: Appraisal: Concept of performance 671-674) management and performance appraisal - Objectives of Performance Appraisal - The Appraisal Process -Traditional Methods and Modern Methods of Appraisal, (including MBO, 360 degree, Assessment Centre, Balance Scorecard, etc) Appraisers: Manager/ supervisor, Self, Subordinate, Peer, Team and Customer-Pitfalls in Performance Appraisal Potential appraisal
6. Test

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16 17-18

Employee Training and 7. Training & Development GE Way Management Development: (ICMR CASE) Importance and objectives Distinction between Training and Development Principles of Learning E- learning, Assessment Center, Types of training and development Training need analysis - Systematic approach to Training and Development Evaluation of Training Managing Careers: Concept 8. Text Book Case Study Career at PRCL Career stages -Career Anchors (Page No: 665-669) Career Development Cycle Benefits of career planning to individual as well as organization Internal mobility: promotions, transfers, Separation and Succession planning, downshifting. Compensation Management: 9. Compensation Objectives - Methods of Job (4 Case lets) evaluation Factors determining Management




compensation and pay rates Current trends in compensationPricing managerial and professional jobs. Minimum wages Act, Types of pay structures Wage and Salary Administration Nature and Purpose Minimum Wage, Fair Wage, Living Wage Basic Kinds of Wage Plans Elements of a Good Wage Plan, Rewards and Incentives - Shortterm Plans - Long-term Wage Incentive Plans Requisite Guidelines for Effective Incentive Plans - Non-monetary Incentives Employee Stock Ownership Plans, Payment of bonus Act, Payment of Gratuity Act 11 25-26 Grievance Handling: Grievance Causes/Sources of Grievances Grievance Redressal Machinery Model Grievance Procedure Legislative Aspects of the Grievance Redressal Procedure in India. Domestic enquiry, Discipline and disciplinary actions Dismissal and Discharge of an employee. Reading: The Journey from Industrial Relations to Human Relations: Sharing the Experience-By RP Singh



Employee Relations and Collective 10. Video Clippings and news articles on Bargaining: Concept and purpose workers unrest at Maruti. Industrial Relations - Collective Bargaining - Types Process -Prerequisites - Issues Involved Worker Participation in Management, Trade Unions, Trade Union Act, Industrial Disputes Act, Factories Act, Workmens Compensation Act. Test 2



Evaluation Components: 1. Class participation CP110% CP210%;

CP3 10 % 2. Class Test 3. Class test 4. End Term Exam 15% 25 objectives and 5 short questions

15% 25 objectives and 5 short questions 40%

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