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KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: This Contract of Lease, made and entered into this _________________, at Manila, Philippines by and between: __________________________________, Filipino citizen, married with residence address at _____________________________________.____, now and hereinafter referred to as LE !", #$% __________________________________, Filipino citizen, married with residence address at __________________________________________, and herein referred to as the LE EE, &'T$E T(:

T(#T F!" and in consideration of the payment of the rent and of the compliance of all conditions hereinafter contained the LE !" has a)reed to lease *nto the LE EE, and the latter to lease, the property with postal address at __________________________ ___________________ with an area of _____ +M more or less, owned by the LE !". $!&, T(E"EF!"E, for in consideration of the fore)oin), the parties hereto ha,e a)reed as follows: -. TERM . This C!$T"#CT !F LE# E shall be for a fi/ed period of one 0-1 year, commencin) on ________________and shall e/pire on midni)ht of ________________. The amo*nt of rent specified in this contract shall be re,iewed and a)reed *pon by both LE !" and LE EE at the end of the lease. 'n case the LE !" and LE EE fail to a)ree on the new rental rate, this contract shall be deemed terminated witho*t pre2*dice. The term herein a)reed *pon is for the benefit of the LE !". ho*ld the LE EE terminate this contract before the e/piration of period stip*lated, the LE EE3 deposit shall be forfeited in fa,or of the LE !" and the LE EE remains to be liable for all bills, char)es, d*es of whate,er nat*re that may arise from his *se and occ*pancy of the premises. 4. RENTAL . The LE EE shall pay a monthly rental of _________________________ _______________ 0Php 1 !$L5, Philippine C*rrency, 6pon si)nin) of this Contract, the LE EE shall pay the correspondin) sec*rity deposit herein described on the followin) para)raph, to)ether with the first month rent. The LE EE shall pay the monthly rent e,ery _____ of the month. 7. SECURITY DEPOSIT . The LE EE shall pay to the LE !" the s*m of __________________________________________________ PE ! !$L5, Philippine C*rrency representin) Two 041 months deposit. This sec*rity deposit shall be ref*nded to LE EE *pon termination of this Lease only after f*ll settlement of any rent in arrears, bills for *tilities, and dama)es to the premises ca*sed by LE EE on the leased premises and s*ch other costs as may be char)eable a)ainst LE EE *nder this contract. 8. UTILITIES . #ll e/penses for water, electricity, telephone, and s*ch other *tilities shall be for the acco*nt of the LE EE. 9. PURPOSE OF THE PREMISES . The premises s*b2ect of this Contract shall be *sed by the LE EE for the "esidential p*rpose only and LE EE shall not alter the *se of the leased premises nor s*blease the premises or any portion thereof witho*t the prior written consent of the LE !". LE !" shall rescind this Contract in case the leased premises are s*bleased or *sed for p*rposes other than that stated abo,e.

:4: ;. IMPROVEMENTS . The LE EE shall not ma<e any str*ct*ral chan)es, alterations or impro,ements in the leased premises witho*t the written consent of the LE !". 't is a)reed that any ma2or repairs=impro,ements which are non:mo,able ob2ects or thin)s made or introd*ced by the LE EE with or witho*t LE !"3 consent shall *pon termination of the Lease Contract in*re to the benefit of the leased premises and become property of the LE !" witho*t any obli)ation on the latter3s part to pay and ref*nd its ,al*e or cost to the LE EE. $o si)ns, billboards, str*ct*res, constr*ction or alterations of any <ind whatsoe,er shall be made by LE EE on any part of the premises witho*t the prior written appro,al by LE !", and LE !" shall ha,e the ri)ht to remo,e any s*ch si)ns, billboards or str*ct*res placed by LE EE, witho*t need of notice or reimb*rsement for its cost. >. SANITATION AND REPAIRS . The Lessee shall <eep the premises in clean and sanitary condition. The LE EE hereby e/pressly ac<nowled)es that the leased premises are in )ood and tenantable condition and a)rees to <eep the same in )ood and tenantable condition. #ny pro,ision of law, present or f*t*re or any stip*lation in this Contract to the contrary notwithstandin), the LE EE hereby a)rees and binds itself to *nderta<e thro*)h ?*alified wor<men or contractors and at its own e/cl*si,e e/pense, all repairs, necessary or otherwise, s*ch as to maintain the leased premises in practically the same condition as it was *pon the commencement of the lease contract. 't shall be the obli)ation of the LE EE to notify the LE repair before any wor< is cond*cted thereon. !" of the need for

@. FIRE HAZARD AND OBNOXIOUS SUBSTANCES . The Lessee shall not <eep, deposit or store in the leased premises any obno/io*s s*bstances or any flammable materials or s*bstances that may constit*te fire hazard. A. TAXES . "eal Estate Ta/es shall be for the acco*nt of the LE !". #ny other ta/, d*es, assessments or char)es that may be imposed by the b*ildin) administration, or by the national or local )o,ernment in connection with the *se of facilities and other *tilities or occ*pancy of the leased premises shall be for the sole acco*nt of the LE EE. -B. CARE OF THE LEASED PREMISES/INSPECTION . The LE EE shall always maintain the said premises in )ood and tenantable condition and for this p*rpose, the LE !" or his=her appointed representati,e=s reser,es the ri)ht at reasonable times to enter and inspect the premises and to inform the LE EE of the necessary repairs to be *nderta<en by the LE EE. --. SALE, TRANSFER OF LEASED PREMISES . 'n the e,ent of sale, transfer, mort)a)e or any other enc*mbrances of the leased premises, this contract shall be )*aranteed and respected and made a part of s*ch sale or any other transfer of interest. -4. DAMAGES, INJURIES IN THE LEASED PREMISES . LE !" shall not be liable nor responsible for any in2*ry, loss or dama)e incl*din) wron)f*l death, which LE EE, his relati,es and=or other )*ests may s*stain within the lease premises, appliances, f*rnit*re and fi/t*res and other effects, li<ewise s*stained within the lease premises ca*sed by b*t not limited to the followin)C 0a1 the presence of b*)s, roaches, ,ermin, ants, termites and other <inds of insectC 0b1 the fail*re of disr*ption of water s*pply and=or electric c*rrentC 0c1 fire d*e to fa*lty electrical wirin)s, f*ses, installations, etcC 0d1 defecti,e pl*mbin) or pipes, b*rstin), lea<in), destr*ction or clo))in) of any cistern, tan<, washstand, water closet, waste or soil pipe, etcC 0e1 lea<a)e of water or the elements from the roof or any part of the b*ildin) d*e to rain, typhoon, flood, earth?*a<e, repairs or other constr*ction wor<, etcC 0f1 loss of any article deli,ered to or left with any party of LE EEC 0)1 robbery, theft or any other crimesC 0h1 acts of ne)li)ence and=or ,andalism of LE EE or its )*est0s1C or 0i1 for any ca*se whatsoe,er not d*e directly to the fa*lt of the LE !".

:7: -7. RETURN OF PREMISES/RENEWAL . !ne of the essential conditions of this lease that ind*ced the LE !" to lease the premises to the LE EE is the latter3s promise to abide by the terms hereof faithf*lly. Th*s, at the e/piration of the term or termination of this Contract, that is on ____________________, the LE EE shall ,acate immediately the leased premises and ret*rn the possession thereof to the LE !" in as )ood condition as were fo*nd at the be)innin) of the lease, reasonable wear and tear permitted. ho*ld the LE EE ref*sed to ,acate the premises, LE !" shall ha,e the ri)ht to pad loc< the leased premises witho*t any consent from the LE EE and LE !" shall not be liable for whate,er losses or dama)e the LE EE may inc*r with its=his personal properties. -8. ABANDONMENT OF LEASED PREMISES . 'f d*rin) the term of this lease, the premises shall be deserted or remain *nocc*pied for a contin*o*s period of Forty:Fi,e 0891 days, the LE !" shall ha,e the ri)ht to enter the premises as a)ent of the LE EE and to recei,e the rent and apply the same to the payments of the rent d*e for the whole term of this lease, holdin) the LE EE liable for any deficiency. #t its option, the LE !" may lease o*t the premises, witho*t notice to the LE EE, to any s*ch party and *nder s*ch terms it may decide. The LE !" shall also ha,e the ri)ht to retain the properties in the premises owned by the LE EE as sec*rity for the payment of the LE EE3 obli)ations *nder this Contract, which properties the LE !" may, as attorney:in:fact, of the LE EE, dispose of at p*blic a*ction or by pri,ate sale, the proceeds to be applied to s*ch obli)ations and the e/cess to be t*rned o,er to the LE EE or whoe,er is entitled thereto or place the same on deposit, if necessary, witho*t pre2*dice to the ri)ht to the LE !" to collect the deficiency, if any, from the LE EE. -9. FIRE . 'n case of dama)e to the leased premises or its app*rtenances by fire, earth?*a<e, typhoons, riots, ci,il commotion, or any other *nforeseen ca*se, the LE EE shall )i,e immediate notice thereof to the LE !". 'f the leased premises shall be dama)ed by fire, or other e,ents ca*sed by the LE EE, the dama)e shall be repaired at LE EE3 e/pense 0witho*t pre2*dice to the LE !"3 ri)ht of action a)ainst the responsible party0ies1. 'f the premises is dama)ed by earth?*a<e, typhoon and other calamity beyond the control of LE EE, the LE !" shall ha,e the option to repair or not to repair the dama)es. The monthly rentals to be paid by the LE EE shall be red*ced in proportion to the area not s*itable for occ*pancy *ntil the repairs shall ha,e been completed. D*t if the b*ildin) or the leased premises are so nearly *ntenantable, either party may demand the rescission of this Contract, and the LE !" shall ret*rn any *n*sed ad,ance rental, incl*din) any ref*ndable deposit made by the LE EE. $o compensation or claim shall be allowed a)ainst the LE !" by reason of incon,enience, annoyance or in2*ry arisin) o*t of the necessity of repairin) any portion of the b*ildin) howe,er the necessity may arise. -;. MISREPRESENTATION . #ny misrepresentation by the LE EE as to his act*al occ*pancy of the leased premises or as to his identity and a*thority to si)n this contract shall be a )ro*nd for cancellation thereof and the e/ercise by the LE !" of the remedies *nder para)raph -> hereof. ->. BREACH/PENAL PROVISIONS . 't is hereby a)reed and *nderstood by both parties that all the co,enants herein contained are the primary considerations for enterin) into this a)reement and breach of any one of the abo,e conditions is made by LE EE, LE !", shall, may, at his discretion cancel and e/tra2*dicially terminate this Contract and e2ect the LE EE from the premises. ho*ld the LE !" be compelled to see< 2*dicial relief a)ainst the LE EE, the latter shall, in addition to attorney3s fees and costs of the s*it pay an amo*nt e?*i,alent to 7BE of the amo*nt claimed in the complaint as and by way of penalty and li?*idated dama)es.

:8: ho*ld the LE !" e/tra2*dicially terminate or cancel the Contract as pro,ided herein, *pon notice deli,ered or mailed at the leased premises, the LE !" may forthwith loc< the premises and e/cl*de the LE EE therefrom. 't is *nderstood that LE EE shall be liable for any and all dama)es act*al and conse?*ential, res*ltin) from s*ch defa*lt and termination. '$ &'T$E &(E"E!F, the parties hereto ha,e si)ned these presents on the date and at the place abo,e written. 0Lessor1 0Lessee1

'F$E% '$ T(E P"E E$CE !F



#CG$!&LE%FEME$T "EP6DL'C !F T(E P('L'PP'$E 1 M#$'L#, P('L'PP'$E 1 . . DEF!"E ME, a $otary P*blic for in Manila, this _________________________day of __________, 4B-B personally appeared to me the followin) with their respecti,e Comm*nity Ta/ Certificates: $#ME C!MM. T#H. CE"T. $!. %#TE I PL#CE ' 6E%

#ll <nown to me and to me <nown to be the same persons who e/ec*ted the fore)oin) Contract of Lease consistin) of Fo*r 081 pa)es, incl*din) this one, si)ned by them and their instr*mental witnesses and they ac<nowled)ed to me that the same is their own free and ,ol*ntary act and deed and of the corporation0s1 herein represented. &'T$E written. %oc. $o: _____ Pa)e $o: _____ Doo< $o: _____ eries of 4B-B. M5 (#$% #$% E#L, at the place and on the date first abo,e