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ZEPHYR System Package Includes

● Camera Mounting Chassis (Sled) ● Telescoping Centerpost ● Active Matrix 16:9 / 4:3 Color LCD monitor with anti-reflection coating ● 5lb. to 24lb. Camera Capacity Iso-Elastic Arm ● Lightweight Zephyr Vest ( Compact Vest optional ) ● Battery Mount ( IDX V- mount, Anton Bauer ) ● Docking Bracket ● 12V Power Cable ● 3 ft. light weight BNC video cable ● Dovetail Plate ● No-Tools Vernier Stage ● HD Ready ● Tango Compatible ● Hard Case with Handle and Wheels ● BNC to RCA Adaptor ● RCA to BNC Adaptor ● EFP Instructional DVD ● Owner's Manual

Catalog No. Description Standard System - Standard Vest - Standard Definition Monitor
ZEBASDBVZZ ZEBXSDBVZZ ZEBASDBCZZ ZEBXSDBCZZ Zephyr System: Sled/AB Battery/Arm/Vest(std)/Hard Case/Accessories Zephyr System: Sled/V-Mount/Arm/Vest(std)/Hard Case/Accessories Zephyr System: Sled/AB Battery/Arm/Compact Vest/Hard Case/Accessories Zephyr System: Sled/V-Mount/Arm/Compact Vest/Hard Case/Accessories Zephyr Hi-Def System: Sled/AB Battery/Arm/Vest/HD Monitor/Hard Case/Accessories Zephyr Hi-Def System: Sled/V-Mount/Arm/Vest/HD Monitor/Hard Case/Accessories Zephyr Hi-Def System: Sled/AB Battery/Arm/Compact Vest/HD Monitor/Hard Zephyr Hi-Def System: Sled/V-Mount/Arm/Compact Vest/HD Monitor/Hard Case/Accessories

List (US$)
$8,995.00 $8,995.00 $9,245.00 $9,245.00 $12,495.00 $12,495.00 $12,745.00 $12,745.00

Standard System - Compact Vest - Standard Definition Monitor

High Definition System - Standard Vest - High Definition Monitor

High Definition System - Compact Vest - High Definition Monitor
Note: To be operational, requires "C" Stand (601-7910) and Battery/Charge System

Battery/Charger Power System
FFR-000053 FFR-000040 FFR-000048 FGS-900077 FGS-900095 FGS-900059 Steadicam Power CubeTM - IDX V-Mount PowerCube Starter Kit (2 Batteries/1 Charger) Anton Bauer Dionic 90 (LiIon) battery Anton Bauer Hytron 50 (NiMH) battery Anton Bauer Dual charger – Titan Twin Anton Bauer Quad 70 watt charger with LCD Display $473.00 $1,325.00 $499.00 $299.00 $795.00 $1,595.00

802-0106              RED Power cable on Archer/Clipper/Flyer LE       802-0107              RED video cable                                                                078-7393-01 078-2038-01 802-7417 300-7901 011-0430 Low Mode Kit (required for Low Mode Operation) Video Low Mode Cage (Optional) for Low Mode Operation) Camera Dovetail Plate- Long (Spare) “F” Bracket-Low Mode (use with cage) Hard Case for Zephyr System with Arm and Vest Hard Case for Zephyr Sled Only to be used with Tango Hard Case for Zephyr Arm and Vest Only to be used with Tango Hard Case for Tango Black T-Shirt - Steadicam Logo (S, M, L, XL, 2XL) Tool Kit Bag-Steadicam Logo Saddle Bag-Sand Bag/portfolio-Steadicam logo Heavy-Duty "C" Stand Video Cable BNC-BNC                                                    12 Volt Power Cable (Spare) Camera Screw (Spare) 1/4-20 Camera Screw (Spare) 3/8-16 $295.00 $165.00 $395.00 $550.00 $350.00 $199.00 $695.00 $695.00 $695.00 $1,195.00 $19.95 $19.95 $24.95 $325.00 $68.00 $155.00 $16.00 $16.00

011-0435 011-0440 011-0450
FFR-000015 FFR-000013 FFR-000014

078-4122-01 078-7351-01 078-1121 078-1122

*Note: Minimum order - $50.00 USD
Limited Warranty : The Tiffen Company warrants each Steadicam product manufactured by Tiffen to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal conditions of use and service for a period of one (1) year for parts and six months for labor from the date of purchase. Tiffen’s obligation under this warranty is limited at its option to either repair or replace the defective product. If the product has been superseded, warranty replacement can be made with a current model of the same quality performing the equivalent function. This warranty does not cover cosmetic refurbishment on any STEADICAM model. This warranty does not apply to any Steadicam equipment that is subject to misuse, abnormal service or handling or which has been modified or changed in design or construction. Warranty claims must be submitted to the factory for verification or to an authorized distributor designated by The Tiffen Company. Repairs by unauthorized parties will void this warranty. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE LIMITED TO THE TIME PERIOD SET FORTH HEREIN. The Tiffen Company shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages. All shipments of Steadicam equipment must be insured during the warranty period .

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